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any skin care tips/products?

  • drink at least 1.5 - 2 litres of water a day
  • use rosewater as a toner. it has so many benefits.  
  • wash your pillowcases regularly to prevent break outs.
  • do NOT use coconut oil as a moisturiser; it’s comedogenic, which means it clogs pores.
  • always apply sunscreen to your face (even if you’re brown) as it lessens the chance of sunspots and deepening already existing pigmentation. 
  • lush ultrabalm is a really good multi-use product! you can use it to heal tattoos, as a lipbalm or to ease dry elbows. i like to apply it to my eyebrows for a naturally done-ish eyebrow look when i’m not wearing makeup. 
  • always double cleanse at night; one time to remove any excess makeup and residue and another time to deep cleanse.
  • exfoliate. i recommend a chemical exfoliation! you can do these at home with dr. dennis gross alpha beta peel ($$) or even the pixi glow tonic to-go exfoliating toner pads.
  • the makeup eraser is a great makeup remover, also eco-friendly. just use water! (although you still need to cleanse afterwards and not ideal for travelling). 
  • DON’T put your face directly towards the shower head when showering, esp if you have sensitive skin. It can irritate capillaries.
  • if you’re looking for a good skincare tool, use a konjac sponge! keep in mind they need to be replaced regularly.
  • wash your makeup brushes regularly! i recommend at least spraying them with brush cleaner after every use. especially with your foundation brushes, as foundation gets caked in and is much harder to get out when you’re washing it!
  • use oils. even if you’re oily. but figure out you skin type first!
  • once you have, check out this article by byrdie for a guide to skincare for every skin type.
  • don’t put these things on your face.
  • invest in your skincare, or if you can’t, at least go for a more natural alternative. some semi-affordable skincare brands i love are pixi, the ordinary and sukin. 
  • use a face mask once a week! i recommend a dry clay mask (one you have to mix with water to activate) because it contains less to no preservatives and is often much more better your skin.
  • charcoal is a great ingredient found in skincare that can help draw out bacteria, dirt etc from your skin. 

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Any tips on how to get your foundation and concealer to not look cakey? I have that problem some times and I'm not sure if it's lack of skill or if I'm missing something. Also any tips for a contouring noob?

*cracks knuckles* Aightsoboom 

PRIMER, PRIMER, PRIMER. Silicon based primers are everything to me. Especially if you have more pronounced pores bc if you put foundation on sans primer it’ll sit in those pores and then you’ll add more foundation to compensate for that which leads to a freshly baked cake on your face. 

Also, I see people putting on a lot of foundation and powder (in real life and online) and yes that may photograph beautifully but in person, it looks cakey. You really don’t need so much foundation for your face.

SOMETHING ELSE I SEE WHICH GRIND MY FUCKING GEARS, is people setting their face with a pressed foundation powder. Now listen if you are one of my beautifully chocolate girls then I get it, translucent powder (and even banana powder) can have you out here looking all types of crazy but there are brands that make setting powders in other shades (I’ll be happy to post some links bc honestly the powders look BOMB and I need some for my clients) but circling back to layering foundations, to do your makeup is to add layers to your skin. putting a heavy powder (or just a fuck ton of powder) on your face over your foundation is to add a layer to your skin which you may not need!

SKINCARE, SKINCARE, SKINCARE. The easiest way to a flawless and smooth foundation is to have a nice, healthy, taken care of base. A lot of times foundation will cling to dry patches on your face (if you have them) or just dead skin that you have on your face so EXFOLIATE, not every day!! At most 3 times a week depending on need, please consult with a skin care professional, I can give you the information of an online one if you would like, she gives a personalized skin care consultation to revamp a routine or help figure out how to deal with any skin problems you may have. She is amazing seriously. (and a personal friend who has skincare down to a science)

Technique!! The technique you use to apply your foundation is a big factor in how the finish will look! I think the best technique is stippling motion, either with a brush or a sponge, really pressing the product into your skin can help it melt and blend into the skin, achieving that flawless finish we all crave.

Concealer, DON’T APPLY TOO MUCH AND ONLY PUT IT ON AFTER YOUR FOUNDATION. Concealer is made for problem areas, and some of these areas are covered adequately with foundation, so put your foundation on first and then take a look, if you can still see redness or breakouts through the foundation then you can conceal them. Also for under the eye again NOT TOO MUCH putting a fuck ton of concealer on under your eye is not only harmful to the very delicate skin under your eye but it causing a lot of creasing as the day goes on. So, conceal sparingly under the eye. Also, try to avoid really heavy or chunky/creamy concealers, I love the Urban Deacy Naked Skin concealers bc they are SO lightweight. 

Contouring is a kind of personalized thing, to adequately advise on that I’d need to know your face shape and undertones.

I hope this helped!! Ask me to elaborate on anything that isn’t clear! 

Talk to me about makeup guys!!


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N E W     P R O D U C T S   -   B L E N D E R E L L E 

On a weekly basis I’m fortunate enough to receive new products to test out from various companies within the beauty industry. But due to my busy lifestyle I don’t always get a chance to blog about each individual item, and I as I don’t want you to miss out on all the best ones I decided to filmed a video featuring some of my current LOVES, LIKES and a couple of dislikes.

One of those LOVES being this little gem featured above!!! The Blenderelle.
If you’re using a beauty sponge within your makeup routine then you NEED this in your life! 

FYI, I will continue to blog about my favourite new products as and when I get a chance to sit down and snap some images, but so you don’t miss out here is my video! 


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Hello!!! Since you seen like the perfect person to ask could you recommend some Indian makeup artists to follow on instagram? There's way too many white girls on mine 😔 thank you!!! 😊

unfortunately i don’t really follow any indian makeup artists on instagram or youtube. most of them do the same type of “instagram” makeup which i don’t care for. i try to find editorial makeup artists that know how to do makeup un darker skin tones instead. hopefully in the future i’ll find some south asian makeup artist to follow but for right now here all the makeup accounts i follow: (makeup inspo account)

if you know of some makeup artists of color that i would like please send me their handles and what not :)

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Hi Meghal! I recently did a subscription purge on YouTube because none of my subs have been inspiring me lately. I'm happy to say you and Natasha have though and I always enjoy the content you ladies put out! With that said, I desperately need some under-appreciated POC beauty YouTubers in my life! Do you have any favorites or recommendations for me and others who may be in the same boat? Thank you for creating wonderful content and I wish you and Natasha all the best!!!

Hi Alina! Thank you for the support and I’m glad you like our videos!

Here are some amazing creators we follow:

The Pastels:

Kaya Empire:


Vogue Hawaii:

Rian Phin:


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yes but can you confirm that kic Victor has Dad Handwriting (TM)??? I like that headcannon. Like when he writes where anyone will see it it's elegant and nice because he's trying, but birthday cards and shit are all dad script

i was picturing victor with super elegant handwriting but honestly this is such a fun headcanon!! like maybe this is why victor prefers to have secretaries who take notes for him?? because he hates his dad handwriting and hates having to put effort into having pretty handwriting?? dfjdkfjd

“It was on the note,” Victor protests. “Didn’t you see the note I left on your pillow?” 

Yuuri casts his mind back, scrunching his nose. “You left that note? I thought that was Phichit.”

Victor pales. Oh no, his secret. His well-guarded secret. It was to come out today. He sucks in a breath. “Yeah, Yuuri. That horrible Dad Handwriting™? That was me.” 

At seeing his shoulders tremble, Yuuri steps forward and touches his arm. “Victor–” 

“That was all me,” Victor says, tears brimming his eyes. It was a good thing he had decided to wear YSL’s waterproof Everlong Mascara that day.  

I’ve been seeing this stuff all over the damn place lately and was 100% skeptical about using it as a primer. But earlier this week I was in the men’s shaving aisle at Target, waiting for Devin to pick out razors and this stuff caught my eye. And so for $5.54 I figured, what have I got to lose?

I’ve been wearing it under my foundation for the past three days and oh. my. gosh. The hype is so real! I usually have a problem with my foundation looking really cakey in between my eyebrows, around my nose, and on my top lip and it usually wears off on the tip of my nose after a few hours. But when I use this, not only does it make my foundation lay better and look super smooth on the skin, even in my problem areas, but it keeps it on all. day. long. It smells a little manly at first but otherwise, 10/10 do recommend, pick this stuff up next time you see it!

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Can you please give me some recommendations for fashion or beauty accounts on tumblr or youtube (either or both, as you prefer/can manage) by POC? Im brown and I am literally just beginnig to realise how many creative POC channels there are. I am just now finding blogs and channels like yours and damn this brown girl is soooo happy. Cant believe im so late to the party haha. If your followers have recs that would be amazig as well. Thank you a hundred times in advance 😆😍

here you go:






Where My Magical Makeup Gurus At!?

Okay so im feeling the itch to up my makeup game and to actually be able to use all the awesome makeup I have! Sooo i need all the advice, tips, and recommendations you all have! What youtubers and blogs should i check out? What advice can you give me? What are the must have products? Honestly anything! I still consider myself a beginner so any info is helpful!! Thanks everyone!!

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Hi! Recently a girl group said that their makeup artist puts a lacquer over their eye makeup (eye liner and mascara) to prevent it from smudging. Have you ever used anything like this or would you maybe know what product they're talking about? Thank you ^-^

this is called a “sealant” or a “finish”. 

it is often times, used in conjunction with a primer that is applied before the eye shadow is applied. the primer assists with preventing creasing, smearing, smudging, and enhances the blend-ability, pigment vibrancy, and longevity of the eye shadow itself. 

the “sealer” functions in much of the same aspect assisting with sweat-proofing and waterproofing the eye shadow. 

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills: Beauty Genius Waterproofing Gel
  • Makeup Forever: Aqua Seal
  • Kryolan: Cel Sealer
  • Cinema Secrets: Eyeliner Sealer
  • Aneley Cosmetics: Eyeshadow Sealer
  • Inglot: Duraline Liquid Sealer
  • ELF: Eye Primer & Liner Sealer

note: several of these products can also be mixed with powder eye shadow and other powder products to create a gel or cake to further assist with pigmentation intensity and longevity. 

I absolutely love this Illamasqua foundation! It’s so velvety smooth and blends so well!

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basically im a sucker for a good trans bokuto hc 

based on this fic by @tivruskis, check it out !


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M.U.I   M A K E - U P   M A G A Z I N E  

If you’re into all things makeup then I can’t recommend this magazine enough!

From reading my creative makeup breakdowns to watching my makeup tutorials you’ll know I’m an avid fan of Kryolan UK products.
My makeup kit originated in college back in 2003 and everything was supplied by Kryolan Professional Make-up, that’s where my love started.

On the walls in our makeup classroom hung posters of wild and wacky makeup looks by Kryolan artists. Everything they produced left me feeling inspired as a makeup artist, and the brand still has that effect on me now.
Whether it’s the content created for this magazine, or, the astounding creations for their annual calendars, you will always be left in awe by the talents that represent Kryolan. 

Back in my college days Kryolan were apart of Charles Fox and I used to visit their Covent Garden store (which is now their Kryolan Store) and I was like a child at Christmas. My eyes would light up and I would feel giddy with excitement as I perused the shelves desperate to play with every single item.
I have always gravitated towards the SFX (Special FX) products more than the beauty ones. Something about seeing fake moustaches and foam latex noses lights a fire in my belly, and the inner artist in me instantly want to completely transform someones face! There’s no place like Kryolan at Halloween… Oh, except for my makeup room of course ;) 

SO… Kryolan have released issue 4 of their M.U.I magazine and it’s brilliant, especially if you’re looking to further educate yourself on makeup or just learn more about the brand.
Paul Merchant (Head of Make-Up and Make-Up Design at Kryolan UK) has created some inspiring looks within the magazine and has produced a step-by-step guide on how to achieve these looks. 
I’d recommend it for both aspiring MUAs and industry professionals alike, it’s packed full of tips and tricks.

I’d personally recommend reading the article about ‘Skin Tones and Skin Undertones!’ as it’s very informative, and important if you’re looking to get into makeup or brush up on your colour theory. Even if you’re just a makeup lover, when it comes to choosing the right foundation for you it’s essential you understand the undertone of your skin.

M.U.I magazine retails at just £5.95, and for the invaluable information it provides you with it’s a bargain! 

This is not a sponsored post, I just felt it was well worth sharing with you all. 
You can purchase the magazine in-store or via their website ‘here’.

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hiii I love and appreciate your blog ❤️!! I was wondering if you can do a hc where both jimin and jungkook are popular but hang out w diff people but they have a thing for eachother they just haven't made it official and everyone just knows they're pining for eachother and ship them sm!! can you maybe do suuper nice and angelic jimin while jungkook is all sports and stuff <3 happy ending please 💞

thank youuu ofc i will do my best! i hope you don’t mind, but i’m gonna take some liberties with this and make it into a social media thing! where they both run popular youtube channels and they both like each other and all their fans and friends think they’re cute and ship them lmao. i may be inspired by jo’s social media/vlogger au ( @shyjimins thanks ily) PS - this might be really long, i’m having fun. update: it’s so fucking long i sorry.

+ “TAEHYUNG HOLY SHIT!!” jungkook called out. “dude i’m right here why are you yelling??” taehyung said. jungkook turned his laptop screen around showing taehyung what he was so excited about. 

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