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Revenge of the Sith | Tidbit Tuesday | The Art of Getting Burned

The application process of the prosthetic makeup took over 3 hours and had to be repeated each time it’s used because the pieces were very delicate and couldn’t be re-used. The prosthetics were made of foam latex, which is a very soft, spongy material, and the edges were tissue thin so that the make-up artists could lose them into the skin. They had to meticulously put it all in like an artist would paint an oil painting. Because skin is translucent and foam latex is opaque they had to trick the camera into thinking that it could actually see all the blood beneath the surface of the skin, and all the veins, freckles and so on.

When the makeup was removed at the end of the day, the whole piece was destroyed including every piece that they stuck on that was meticulously artworked and detailed with highlights and shadow.  

devilangel657  asked:

Obi wan goes undercover wearing mando armor. He comes back to his lovers who think it is hot. Obi wan/Cody/rex or just codywan. Especially as he speaks mando too.

Mando-speaking Obi has always been a guilty pleasure of mine so, though the drives to write died because of asshole bosses, this one still managed to be finished :)

Cody was doing his best not to stare at Rex as they ordered a drink. It was weird, looking at his brother, and not see the exact same face as he’s used too. One that is like his own, but for the minutes twitches and signs that are Rex’s.
But they are in Mandalorian space, right now, and Jango Fett’s face is far too recognizable. So small skin prosthetics and makeup it is, for both of them, until they don’t look like clones or the dead bounty hunter if anyone looks too closely.

It would probably have been easier to send someone else, but the only language spoken around them is Mando’a, and Cody gets the feeling that normal sentients speaking Basic would attract far more attention that somewhat familiar persons speaking Mando’a.
Besides, they are here to meet the envoy from Obi-Wan and both of them are dying for news of their lover.

Obi-Wan has been undercover on the planet for close to a month, now, without any kind of contact beside the small message telling them to meet him here for a report and they both are worried for and missing him.

When the Mando in full armor enters the bar, they only spare him a glance -he’s not the first and won’t be the last, though the full armor is not common- and only pay attention when the man sits in front of them.
They have but a second to recognize that paldron, who used to sit on Rex’s shoulder, that vambrace painted with 212th gold, before the Mando removes his helmet and they are faced with Obi-Wan Kenobi in full mando’ade gear.

It’s… seeing their lover with parts of their armor on him was already the most massive turn on ever, but full Mandalorian gear ?
It’s ridiculously hot and they are only aware that they’ve been staring once Obi-Wan raises an eyebrow at them.

Then he speaks, in Mando’a, his voice somehow lower and deeper with the language than in Basic with the Coruscanti accent they’re used to, and their control snaps.


Curled up between Cody and Rex, the three of them spent and sated, Obi-Wan chuckles.

“Well, at least you’re holding up the very Mando’ade tradition of almost ravishing someone in public once they’ve caught your eye.” he smirks, and he’s still speaking in Mando’a.

Both his lovers are doomed, they know he will use this newfound advantage to torture them once they are back in Republic Space.

Everyone in the crew has their own individual roles right? Like Jack’s on flight duty or takes on the role of getaway driver, Michael’s got explosives on lock, etc. etc. 

While Mica helps out with a lot of different areas of the crew, I like to imagine Mica’s the sole person in charge of disguises.

She’s got everyone’s measurements practically memorized for custom pieces (Ryan’s shoulders are often too broad for jackets, Michael’s calves are tight in a lot of jeans, Jack values comfort above all else and lots of clothing binds in awkward places).

Whenever they need to go undercover, or simply want to hide their identities while out and about, Mica’s easily their go-to. Her proficiency with makeup and prosthetics, not to mention her arsenal of wigs and accessories, would make the top Hollywood makeup artists envious. With relative ease (though she needs time), she can make the crew completely unrecognizable. During downtime, Jeremy tries picking up on the basics of it all,  just in case they need a second person.

She’s also a great voice coach and knows more accents than she could ever care to count. (She knows a bunch of languages fluently too but, kind of aside the point)

Also, please imagine how bomb-ass Halloween heists would be.


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So I’m finally free to start commissions for Props, Costumes and Wigs again! Above is some of the work I’ve done and if you’re interested in commissioning me, please email at

If you could reblog this just to get the word out that would be more than amazing! Thank you so much and if you have any questions or anything feel free to send an ask.

And this is just another day in the makeup trailer.

Image: the incredible makeup transformation of actor Benicio Del Toro as a werewolf in the movie THE WOLFMAN (2010) by Rick Baker and Dave Elsey. The entire makeup session took approximately 3 hours to apply and 1 hour to remove.


Prosthetics Made Easy! Plus a **DISCOUNT CODE**

As many of you know, I am a fully trained ‘Media Makeup Artist’. The media part refers to being qualified in various areas of makeup, such as body painting, special FX, sculpting, wig making, airbrushing, generic beauty makeup, etc… 
And SFX makeup is probably one of my favourite things to do. For anyone who does not dabble in makeup SFX can appear very impressive yet difficult to do / recreate, but in actual fact, it doesn’t need to be, nor is it hard to do at all.
At least not when the hard part is done for you - sculpting and making the moulds. 
You can purchase pre-made silicone molds of cuts, burns, scars, bites, bullet wounds, etc… that will give you the most realistic effects! 
Halloween for instance is a busy time in most media makeup artists schedules, and we don’t have time to be sculpting and moulding for every clients requirements, so it’s ideal to have a couple of these assortment molds from PAM in our kit. 

MEL Inc specialise in SFX, and produce the pre-made silicone molds as well as the materials required to fill them. They also have a host of pre-made made silicone appliances that are ‘ready to apply’ if you prefer not to make them yourself. 
It’s a very simple process to produce the prosthetic pieces as MEL Inc have made it easy with the use of their MELGEL Prosthetic Cream.

You simply apply a small amount of Vaseline to your silicone molds, and then fill the mold using some of the Prosthetic Cream - if you are familiar with Probondo then you’ll see that the MELGEL Cream works in the same way. You could also use cap plastic instead of Vaseline as this will allow you blend away your edges with acetone once you’ve placed onto the skin.
You need to make sure you press the cream right into all the crevices of the mold so that it picks up all the detail.

The next step is to scrape along the mold with a credit card, or something similar that has a straight firm edge to it. This will clean up the surface, ensuring a flat base, and that the edges will be completely thin so the appliance will be seamless on the skin.
Then you just need to wait for it dry - I always place mine above the radiator or in the airing cupboard. Make sure not to place it anywhere that dust is going to settle on the surface.  
Once it’s set you’ll have a tacky surface ready to adhere to the skin! 

The fun part is colouring your appliance. I always prefer to use Skin Illustrator palettes as they are alcohol activated paints, so they are waterproof - no fear of the colour flaking off or running in the rain. 
I like to purchase the smaller ‘on set’ palettes as they are cheaper, and as I don’t use them too often, this size is ideal for me.
I will be doing a tutorial on how to use these products in the new year. 

SO… I have a 20% discount code for you to shop at PAM which will run for 1 week starting from today! The code is ‘shonagh20′ be sure to type it in at the checkout to receive money off!