makeup pouches

100 Art Objects, Historical Artifacts, and Miscellaneous Loot
  1. A marble bust of a large-nosed woman
  2. A richly woven carpet with nautical patterns
  3. Soft, clean bedsheets sewn with golden thread
  4. A portrait of a bashful looking tiefling
  5. Eight matching silver cups
  6. A ceremonial helm with a daisy motif
  7. A coil of silken cable, intricately braided and tasseled
  8. An ancient fertility sculpture
  9. A nautilus shell
  10. A stack of fine vellum
  11. Richly embroidered blue sleeping robes
  12. A huge tortoise shell
  13. A polished silver looking-glass
  14. A set of gem-encrusted cutlery
  15. Silk handkerchiefs
  16. A necklace thickly adorned with bright feathers
  17. A small dragon skull
  18. A collection of beautiful glass bottles of all colours
  19. A snake skin of tremendous length and quality
  20. Well preserved tapestries depicting an important historical event
  21. A set of fine jewelcrafting tools
  22. A chess set of excellent quality
  23. A set of non-magical but intricately etched daggers
  24. An ermine coat
  25. Soft doeskin boots beautifully crafted for small feet
  26. A collection of flags and banners once flown by nations now extinct
  27. White silk gloves
  28. A satchel made of glossy crimson leather
  29. A rattle made from a cloven hoof
  30. Paper pouches full of dried herbs and spices
  31. A red and silver scepter
  32. A porcelain doll garbed in a beautiful ballgown
  33. A large bismuth crystal
  34. A box containing several elaborately decorated animal masks
  35. A glass orb containing a tablespoon of quicksilver
  36. A vase containing numerous exotic feathers
  37. A golden ceremonial shield featuring an unfamiliar charge
  38. Ten large glass marbles of various colours
  39. A richly illuminated, leather-bound manuscript of local history
  40. A rare coin collection
  41. A massive scarlet crustacean claw
  42. Pots of powdered henna, turmeric, and indigo
  43. A long spiral antelope horn, polished and banded in silver
  44. Two oblong pearls of modest size
  45. An exquisitely preserved fish fossil
  46. A set of lavish quills and two pots of deep blue ink
  47. Three canopic jars, and the broken lid of a fourth
  48. A hand-carved, gold leaf frame, sans painting
  49. A masterful portrait of a stern couple, sans frame
  50. Beautiful horse tack
  51. A glass jar filled with layers of sand of various colours
  52. A snow leopard skin in fine condition
  53. A huge vanilla scented candle
  54. A wooden case containing two dozen bars of sealing wax
  55. A hand-carved mash paddle made from black wood
  56. A silver locket containing a lock of silver hair
  57. A crystal bottle of perfume
  58. A carving made from jet featuring the head of a gorgon
  59. Twelve fine drinking glasses wrapped in cotton
  60. A brass cast of a skull
  61. An ancient ceremonial sword of a powerful queen, its blade half rotted away
  62. A silver flask
  63. A wooden frame containing a complex gear mechanism of unknown purpose
  64. Pouches of very rare seeds that grow into valuable plants
  65. A geode
  66. A tome of forgotten ballads written by a legendary bard
  67. A terribly gaudy cuckoo clock elaborately inlaid with silver and gold
  68. A half-finished bolt of patterned cloth, still attached to the loom
  69. A large tangle of coral
  70. A church bell featuring a religious tale in bas relief
  71. Gold candleabras
  72. A brass statuette of a religious figure
  73. Two oak barrels of alcoholic spirits
  74. A sack of bathing salts
  75. A box of lace
  76. A folder stuffed with dwarven beer recipes
  77. Spools of excellent leather cord
  78. Medicated creams and ointments
  79. A box of colourful makeup
  80. A pouch full of glimmering pearlescent fish scales
  81. A silver dog whistle shaped like a howling wolf
  82. Ivory spice shakers
  83. A jar of herbal honey
  84. A large incisor on a leather thong
  85. Powdered animal parts
  86. Gold false teeth
  87. A bulk lot of mundane smithed items, including locks, hinges, etc.
  88. An empty silver lockbox with key
  89. Elegant red skates
  90. Blue suede shoes
  91. A dried caul
  92. A taxedermied platypus
  93. A censer
  94. Three wax likenesses, one slightly melted
  95. A telescope
  96. A set of tinkling hand bells
  97. Coffee beans
  98. Tortoiseshell combs
  99. Copper bottom cook pots
  100. A flanged steel plug of some kind
Creepypasta #1116: I Can See Your Demons

Length: Short

It can help in social situations and it makes people watching a bit more fun, but it’s unsettling as you can imagine. The worst part is everyone has one, so I see them everywhere. Honestly, I’m just glad the demons don’t seem to realize I can see them.

Oh, and if you’re curious, I have tried to see my own demon, but I’m pretty sure it’s stuck on my back or something so using a mirror can’t really help. Not to mention they never show up in photos or videos.

Anyway, I’ve had this gift since I can remember, though fortunately my parents never took me seriously about it. The only person I’ve really opened up to is Sally, a nice little blonde girl in my 6th grade math class. She likes to hear about what the demons look like and hopes one day we can write a comic about it.

The most common one is addiction. He’s a tiny, thin little man-imp with a bulbous head and unkempt hair who twitches around a lot. He looks paranoid and whispers in the afflicted person’s ear constantly, sitting on their shoulder and wringing his seven-knuckled hands together.

Then there’s anxiety, a sort of shadow-clown who mimics someone’s steps in the most ridiculous fashion. She’s almost like one of those wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube things, if they were evil and never left you alone. I’ve learned quickly that laughing at them - as much as they can be funny at times - really hurts the person’s feelings, though it does make anxiety act even sillier.

Depression is a small little leech that sucks on the head, drooling over everything and never opening its eyes. It floats along when the person moves, never letting go. Sometimes I think I can see the tail ghosting into another dimension, as though it’s trying to pull the person away.

Eating disorder is a short, naked, hairy, fat man who walks on backwards hand-feet, staring at his victim while patting his belly and licking his lips. He moves his eyebrows around a lot, which is kind of weird, but it’s worse when he rips off his arm and eats it like his life depends on it. It grows back, but still.

Sally’s demon is abuse. I’ve seen it on others, but I haven’t told Sally - I’m sure she knows, anyway. She’s a gaunt blue fairy who flitters around with a little pouch putting makeup on Sally and herself. She always looks worried, even when she pauses to smile nervously.

Sally and I got to class a little early today and were chatting when a new classmate walked in. I couldn’t help but stare. He was the only person I’d ever seen without a demon attached. He took a seat a row or two away from us and looked straight at me, never once blinking. When I didn’t respond to one of Sally’s questions, she nudged me.

“What are you staring at?”

Credits to: Zchxz


→ immortal!reader x exo; aeon’s lovers

prologue - chapter 1 - chapter 2 - chapter 3 - chapter 4

warnings: mentions of cigarettes and smoking.

You chuckled humorlessly. “I suppose the word ‘fled’ is getting a bit old, isn’t it?” You then shrugged, moving forward in your seat to take a sip of your tea, the hundred years of memories flooding over you and leaving you dry in the mouth.

“But it was the only thing I did,” You continue. “there was no other way but fleeing.”

Detective Do stayed silent, eyes fixated on you, and solely you.

“I fled San Fransisco and took a bus across the country to New York in 1956. New York was intimidating, to say the least, but I had just been shot in my thigh, I had fled China during the civil war, I had survived a fatal car crash 22 years earlier, I was immortal, so after a few days—New York was intimidated by me.” You were too oblivious to notice Detective Do gulping.

“”Fresh-out-of-college-me” was hired at a travel magazine office and became the assistant to one of the busiest writers there, working and traveling alongside him for six whole years—until the editor-in-chief spotted me and assigned me to be his assistant instead. He became my second fiance.”

New York City, USA, 1963

It was spring when Minho came into the office an usual Monday morning, hugging you as he usually did and sat down on his desktop, sipping the tea you had made for him as usual–just as usual. But things weren’t as usual; Minho looked gloomy and his voice was soft and almost weak. He fixed his tie, tugging slightly at his blazer before looking up. 

A little weirded out by his sudden change in demeanor, you fixed on your new peach tailored jacket, toying slightly with the white accents around the breasts pockets, running your hands over your matching skirt–maybe Minho would compliment your new clothes and then you could continue your day like usual? Maybe he would say you looked just as fabulous as Jackie? Just like usual?

You should have known, though; your life wasn’t bound to be usual.

“You’ve been promoted, Y/N.” Minho finally sighed sadly. Your heart fell in your chest. You wouldn’t be able to work with Minho anymore. After six whole years of seeing the Caribbean, South America, and Europe together, writing together, you would be promoted? You hadn’t seen this day coming, much less wanted this day to come. Minho continued on, losing the empathy in his voice with every word he said;

“Please pack your things, Ms. L/N, and take the elevator up to the top floor. There, you will meet your new boss. It was a pleasure working with you.”

The elevator doors opened with a sharp ‘pling’ and you hugged the box holding your things close to your chest as you stepped out into the vast space. The top floor was just one large office, and as you stepped out of the elevator you stepped out into a makeshift hallway with a large opening to the actual office. The office of the editor-in-chief.

You had never met the man, and the only thing you knew about him was that he was a man. And now you were about to become his assistant.

You didn’t knock on the wall to signal your presence, you figured the clicks of your high heels against the marble floor would be signal enough. You walked from the elevator, through the wide opening and into the large office room of the editor, eyes wide as they took in the large windows that were more or less the walls, overlooking the concrete jungle that was New York, and again after 7 years in the city, you felt intimidated yet again. The floor was black marble and the furniture was wooden and golden. The desktop was placed furthest away and before it was several sofa chairs and coffee tables lined with older issues of the travel magazine.

The man by the desktop had turned his chair so that you could only see his shoulders, his neck and the back of his head. He was dark haired and had beautifully tussled hair instead of the usual slicked-back look most men wore. He was seemingly clad in a normal black tux–not much of a fashionista, you internally mused. 

Just as you paused by his desk, the obnoxious clicks of your heels ceasing, the man turned. He was unexpectedly young with friendly brown eyes and his tussled hair that looked soft, begging for you to comb through it with your fingers. His facial features were God-given and he smiled up at you with pearly teeth.

“Welcome, Ms. L/N, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” He spoke, words flowing out into the room with a beautiful tone. “I see you’ve got your things, you can make yourself at home over there.” He points at the smaller desk to the right, facing the center of the room just as the editor’s did. You nodded and did as he said, sitting down in your new chair and placing your items around; your little pouch of makeup for touch-ups and sanitary items in a drawer, a small pile of documents in another and the framed picture of you and Minho in Rio on the dark desktop.

“My name is Junmyeon, by the way, Kim Junmyeon.” The man introduced himself, standing up and walking over to your desk. He smiled widely, reaching his hand out and taking yours, placing kisses on your knuckles. You couldn’t lie, you were enjoying Junmyeon so far. Maybe being promoted wouldn’t be so bad after all, nothing bad with a little bit more money either.

You smiled and nodded dismissively as you continue settling in only to drop the item you were holding on the floor. As you bent down to pick it up, you were unaware of the calloused, jealous hands picking the framed photo up and taking it, throwing it away later that day.

New York City, USA, 1965 

The elevator doors opened with the same sharp ‘pling’ and you stepped out, your heels clicking against the marble floor as you made your way into the office, quickly dumping your small purse at your desktop before hurrying over to the windows. You peered out into the gray, stormy clouds of the sky before looking down to the sidewalks where small crowds of protesters rioted before the storm arrived. You stared intently, only looking away when arms enveloped around your waist and a chin rested on top of your shoulder. 

“They’re protesting again,” You clarified to your fiance. “against the war.”

Junmyeon hummed, and lifted his arms into the air, grinning lightheartedly at you. “As long as it’s not me they’re protesting against, they can do whatever they want.” He then kissed you on the lips, shortly, before walking over to his own desktop. You shot the crowd underneath you, far down there on the sidewalk, a last look before sitting down as well.

“What do you think about the war, baby?”

Junmyeon frowned. “About the war?” He fished out a cigarette and his lighter out of the pocket in his gray tweed blazer. He hummed as he placed the cigarette between his lips and lit it. Huffing the smoke out and moving the petite cigarette between his fingers, he answered with confidence;

“I don’t like it. Don’t like it at all.”

You frowned, growling under your breath as your fiance smoked his cigarette, the toxic gray clouds mingling with his actual breath. Just for a split second, Junmyeon looked like Yixing. You shook your head and rubbed your eyes while stilling minding your eyeliner and false lashes.

“Jun,” You warned. “you need to stop.”

He smiled sadly. “I can’t stop.”

You divert your eyes off him, and down to scan the latest issue in your hand, the paper still fresh in your palms. Two years ago, you had been promoted to become the editor-in-chief’s assistant. A few months into it, you had been promoted from assistant to girlfriend. Three months ago, you had been promoted from girlfriend to fiance as he dropped to his knees and asked for your hand in marriage. You would have been a fool to say no. Alongside Junmyeon, your life would be comfortable, exotic and luxurious.

How could you say no?

Huffing, Junmyeon sat back comfortably in his tall-back, army green chair. “Does it look good?”

You skimmed the pages of the issue. “It does.” 

“What about the next issue? Do you have any ideas, any thoughts? The creative corner is really running out of ideas, I mean-”


The office became filled with his gray coughs. Whether it was the shock of your words or the smoke that did it, you didn’t know. “Vietnam?” He croaked out between coughs. You nodded sternly at your fiance, and once he was done coughing his lungs out, he stared dumbly at you.

“Baby, are you telling me to send travel-writers down to Vietnam right now to take pictures?”

“No, alright, listen; you were in Saigon in ‘53, right? With your father before he resigned?” You stood up, tugged down your miniskirt and moved over to his desktop, falling to your knees by his archive-drawer. You quickly found the issue you were thinking about–the August ‘53 issue, with the headline;

“Forget Havana, take the longer route to Saigon and discover a new pearl before anyone else!”

“Let’s revamp this issue; recycle the pictures, rewrite the articles…” You suggest and watch as Junmyeon’s eyes widened with every word you say. He grins, stomping the cigarette in the ash tray in front of him before scooping you up into his embrace, placing you onto his lap. “My baby girl is the smartest,” He chuckled, before placing his lips against yours. “really the smartest. Let’s do that.”

A satisfied groan leaves Junmyeon and you press your hands against your warm cheeks. “I can’t wait to make you my wife!”

New York City, USA, 1967

You were drowning in lace. Layers upon layers upon layers of lace and other silky white material–you didn’t even know or care. It covered the floor behind you, before you and you wanted to rip it apart. You were suffocating. 

33 years later and you had finally gotten that white dress, that white wedding gown, but you weren’t happy. Four lovers later, four men promising you their name behind yours and you were finally getting what you wanted. But you weren’t happy.

Your maid of honor, Harriet, was just a random girl from the office whom Junmyeon had picked out, given that you had no friends except for Minho. Harriet wasn’t the most beautiful, her brown hair falling flat and lifelessly against her shoulders but she had a warm smile and even warmer brown eyes. She flashed you a short smile, noticing your nervous gulps and wavering eyes.

“Nervous?” She asked, and fixed on her peach colored dress before fixing her sole attention back on you, the bride. Junmyeon’s bride. 

“Yes,” You tried to smile. “very.” Your heart was beating so fast, it was soon ripping itself free from the confines of your chest. You were suffocating. No way could you be able to marry Junmyeon–what had you been thinking? You didn’t need his money, and you especially didn’t need his power. 

What if when ten years had gone by, and Junmyeon would be turning 40 and you would be turning 43 years but in reality, you would be turning 63 years old. Even worse was it twenty years ahead. 73 years old and not looking a day older than 20. The thought sickened you, and you bent your head, signaling for Harriet to get a bucket as you felt immobile in the middle of this sea of lace. Poor, confused Harriet hurried out into the en suite and returned with a small bucket, lining it up to your mouth with wide, terrified eyes. You emptied your stomach and thanked Harriet as she gave wiped your mouth.

Marrying Junmyeon would only be one big lie. You were only one big lie.

“Oh my Lord,” She sighed. “are you alright, Y/N? Maybe you need to sit down.” You waved her off, wiping the tears off your makeup covered cheeks with uncareful hands. Quickly, you moved your hands behind you to pull down the zipper of your dress. You were suffocating and your heart was tearing asunder your chest. “Help me out of this, won’t you, Harriet?” You spoke slowly as if you had everything out of control, despite it not looking quite like that. Your hair was sticking to every direction and your lipstick was smeared.

Harriet, the soft soul, did as you asked her and pulled down the zipper, freeing you of the lace. You stumbled to a small love seat by the window of your hotel room, sweat running down your bare back as you plopped down. Your face contorted in the ‘pain’ that spread out throughout your body and you bent over for further measure. “Harriet,” You wheezed out to the poor, confused girl. “go down and tell the groom I might be a little late. I’m feeling a little…” You trailed off when Harriet nodded repeatedly, already making her way out of the hotel room and down the stairs.

Once she was gone, you sighed out in relief, placing your face in your hands. “Am I really doing this?” You groaned, standing up and finding the bag that had held your shoes, stuffing your jewelry, makeup, and your wallet inside it before pulling the thread and closing it. You spotted Harriet’s colorful, collared dress and picked it up. It didn’t take the many seconds before you had jumped into the small dress and scanned the room, looking for any exit. This had been easier in 1956, given the stairs that had made it an easy flee.

After a while, you realized that the only option was the actual door.

Once out into the hallway, you slung the shoe bag over your shoulder and started running in your white, jewelry lined high heels over the thick green carpets that lined the hallway floors. Miraculous enough, you made it out of the hotel without Harriet, Junmyeon, or your suspicious ex-family-in-law noticing you. You hailed a cab, went home and packed only your necessities and your now large amount of saved money.

The same day you were supposed to become Y/N Kim, you took the first plane back to Beijing.


I finally got around to taking ‘what’s in my school bag’ photos *slow clap*

So, without further ado, this is what is in my (very large, very heavy) school bag on a typical class followed by studying at the library day:

  1.  Binder: the binder I carry depends on the day, but this past week it’s been my MUN binder with all the study guides, ROPs and guidelines for the upcoming conference. On other days, I carry binders of class slides or notes.
  2. Notebook: this is a (very cheap) 5 subject notebook I use to make notes in class for 5 of the 8 modules I’m taking this semester. I decided to use a multi subject notebook since 5 of my classes are concentrated in just 2 days. This way, I only need to carry one notebook and don’t risk losing half my loose leaf notes by the end of the semester. For the rest of my modules, I use either a single subject notebook or binder.
  3. Folder: I always keep a folder in my bag for any handouts, loose leaf notes etc. I might need to carry
  4. Laptop: almost every time I go to the library, I have to have my laptop. I use it to make notes, research, listen to music, access pdf versions of my textbooks etc. I keep my laptop in a snap-on case from eBay and a sleeve by CaseLogic.
  5. Βullet journal: pretty self explanatory. I carry my journal everywhere. 
  6. Wallet: also self explanatory. Always need to have some cash on me! My wallet is from Stradivarius.
  7. Pencil pouch: this is my necessities pencil pouch. I keep basic blue and black pens, a couple of coloured pens, a couple of pencils and a set of skinny highlighters. I carry this pencil pouch everyday, and only if I’m going to the library I might carry extra pens/highlighters (see No9)
  8. Make-up pouch: this is my makeup/necessities pouch. I keep things like lip balm, hand sanitiser, bobby pins, hair ties, lipstick, wipes etc. It looks small but there is a lot in this (seriously, I could make a separate post on all the things in this). This pouch is glittery silver and it’s from Shiseido. 
  9. Stabilo .88 mini set: this is a set of stabilo fineliners I got at the supermarket. They’re very small, compact and neatly organized so if I know I’ll be making notes I will carry these alongside my pencil pouch.
  10. Sunglasses: self explanatory. My sunglasses are by Rayban and they are the wayfarer design. 
  11. ID/cards holder: this is a little notebook style card holder where I keep my ID, student ID, debit card, bus pass, metro card, membership cards etc. This this is a lifesaver - in case I loose my waller or it is stolen it saves me the trouble of re-issuing all of my cards.
  12. Headphones +iPod: self explanatory. My iPod is not pictured cause I was using it to take pictures. 
  13. Phone: also self explanatory. My phone is a Nokia Lumia 930.
  14. Not pictured: travel mug: I cannot live without coffee so my mug goes with me everywhere.

That’s it! This is what I carry with me to uni 99% of the time. I realise this looks like a lot - and it is. But I spend long hours at school and the library, as I can never get work done at home. Luckily, I live close to university, so I only commute for 15-30′ one way - less than an hour total. However, my bags are getting increasingly heavy so I am considering a backpack. So far, I am thinking of getting the Jansport Right Pack. Let me know what you think if you’ve used it - or any similar backpacks :) 

Arranged Love (The Heirs! Lee Hyoshin)

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: idk if you’re actually going to do this req, but how about an arranged marriage with lee hyoshin ( kang haneul in the heirs )

For your father you were a bargaining chip the moment you were around 10 years old. You were able to speak multiple languages, well educated and graduated early, easy to communicate with, and you looked fine as hell in a dress. The comments about how beautiful you were and as you grew older he realized it was more than a comment to make you feel better. You were really a charming and gorgeous girl. You could make almost any man fall for you without truly trying and that’s why he always had offers on the plate for your love. He kept you available longer than you would think, after being offered the chance to have you the wife of many foreign business men who came to stay at your hotel, another hotel owner’s son, a doctor’s son. He oddly picked the son of the Attorney General, Lee Hyo Shin. He was 19 compared to your 21. And neither of you had really met. You saw him when he was a freshmen once in high school but that was it. So you were no longer sure what he grew up to look like.


You stepped out of your car looking around at the Jeguk High School. You have nothing better to do at the moment anyways so why not check out your future husband? “Ahh Y/N. I heard you were paying a visit today” Jisuk, Kim Tan’s step mother spoke as she linked her arm with yours. “I hear you are to marry Hyoshin, if you weren’t married off soon I would have talked Namyoon into allowing you to have Won” she says as you laugh “I think my father thought Won was a bit out of my league. His name never once left his lips” you say as she pats your arm. You offer a smile “I really know nothing of him. That’s why I am here, I was hoping to see him I guess in action. How he is” you spoke as she made a sound. “Only because its you” she tells as you smile “he should be in the broadcasting room. You remember where that is?” she told as you nodded.

Your heels clacked on the overpriced flooring as you felt annoyed by it. Too focused on your feet you managed to loosen the grip on your purse sending things tumbling to the ground. Sighing you bent down to pick them up, your head went to the side as you felt eyes on you but you could mainly feel them on your rear. By the time you turned you saw the male walking towards you “Youngdo” you mumbled as he smiled “long time no see” he says as he picks up the weird fuzzy pen you had in your bag. “Do you carry normal things in your bag?” he asked as you showed him your phone and little makeup pouch. “Why are you here?” he asked “I’m here to see my fiance” you tell him. “Ah has your father finally come around to the idea of us?” he jokes “no he picked Kim Tan” you joke as his smirk dropped “Lee Hyoshin” you say seriously “your father wants you to marry a future lawyer? Weird man” he says as he hands the pen back to you. “Next time don’t stare at my butt” you lecture then out of nowhere. he received a slap on the head before he put his hands up laughing.


You peaked into the room through the little window on the door to see the back of a head. “You could walk in” Youngdo whispers making you jump. Your head bounced off the door as you groaned “get to class” you hiss as he smirks “enjoy” he coos as you looked back at the door and made eye contact with the man in the room. It was Hyoshin. You nearly screamed before you covered your own mouth. He looked confused as he opened the door. “Y/N?” he asked with caution as you nodded. “Hello” you whispered as he let you walk in. “It’s nice to meet you” you tell him as he looks you over. He looked you in the eyes “I’m your fiance” you whisper as he nods. “I know. I’ve seen your pictures” he spoke as you awkwardly laughed. “My father has invited your family over for dinner. Please dress nice” you tell him as he could tell this was as awkward for you as for him. “I hope you and I can get along” he says as you nod in agreement. 


You sat awkwardly at the table as your father made small talk with Hyoshin’s father. “What do you do?” his father asked you. “At the moment my mother is allowing me to manage one of her boutiques in town. In the Gangnam District” you tell him as he nods “what are your future plans?” his mother asked as you glanced at your father who was giving you a look. You smiled lightly “as of the wedding, I plan on being the perfect wife for Hyoshin” you tell her as you look at Hyoshin with a sorry look as he gave a small smile. “Do you plan on having children?” his father asked as you took a deep breath “at least one for your legacy if we’re blessed with another it will be great” you tell as you squeeze your skirt under the table. “Hyoshin you’re going to become a lawyer correct?” your father asked as Hyoshin looked down “of course. It’s what my parents want” Hyoshin responds as your parents share looks. “How about you two go spend some time alone. I don’t believe us being around you will make you two comfortable enough with one another” you father says as you two instantly shot out of your seats. “We can go to the lounge” you tell him as you grab his hand pulling him away from your families as quickly as you could.


You laced your fingers with Hyoshin’s as you tugged him through your home. “I’m sorry” you tell him “I’m sorry our parents control our lives” he told as you pulled him into the lounge. You two sat awkwardly as you played with your fingers. You turned to him “what do you want to do when you graduate?” you ask “I don’t want to be a lawyer” he says “then don’t be a lawyer” you tell him. “My parents would never allow that” he told. “My dad wanted me to take over the hotel business. See how that worked out” you laugh. “Both of my parents are lawyers” he says as you nod.

You pushed your lips against his as you felt his hands on your hips as he deepened it. He pulled away wide eyed “I wanted to change the subject” you tell him as he blushed looking down. “And now I know what my future husband’s kisses are like” you giggle as he smiles lightly. You decided to try it again. Within minutes you were on your back and he was over you enjoying the deep kiss between the two of you. “Oh my” you hear as he launched off of you and looks off to see that your mother was there. She had come to see who her ex-husband had chosen for her daughter “I see the two of you are getting along” she teased as Hyoshin fixed his hair keeping his head down “you must be Lee Hyoshin” she said making her way over and offering him a hand. He shook her hand “I’m sorry you had to see that” he spoke as she laughed. “No it’s alright, you two could at least enjoy one another” she said as you groaned. 


“This seems weird” Hyoshin spoke as you glanced at him quickly before your eyes went back to the road. “What me driving you to school?” you ask as you took his hand lightly. “A little” he responds and squeezes your hand back, you could feel him playing with your engagement ring.  “It’s not that bad. I have to go passed the school. Anyways you said yes to getting a ride” you tell him as he nods. You two had been dating, at least you two would describe it as dating. Since you two were to be married you decided to actually get along and it was weird to think that you two had many things in common and were able to consider it a real relationship. 

You pulled right up to the front and he went to get out before you tugged him back. He looked confused as you did a dorky kissy face as he rolled his eyes and leaned over press in a kiss to your lips before he opened the door and headed off. You rolled down the window “Hyoshin!” you call out as he looks back having others turn as well. His eyes filled with embarrassment as he quickly headed back “what?” he asked as his cheeks were red. You picked up his lunch bag as he sighed “can’t have you going hungry now can I?” you coo as he swiped it from you “please don’t do that again” he asked as you winked “what kind of fiance would I be if I didn’t embarrass you?” you tell him. “Don’t you have to go?” he asks “I do” you say as he pulled away from the door. You blew him a kiss before waving and heading off.

Betrayed [Part 3]

Originally posted by msmichellec

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1,832

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

“If I didn’t know better I’d say he’s flirting with you.”

Masterlist ♥︎


Part 1 ✧ Part 2 ✧ Part 4 ✧ Part 5

A/N: Sorry for the long wait oh my god !! I finished at like 10 at night only functioning on ramen and some crackers so I’m sorry if it sucks and that’s it’s so short. 

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What’s In My Bag Tag

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i’m pretty sure there’s a lot of ish missing since i’m always running around at the last minute, but this is what should always be there.

bunch of chokers, glasses, home keys, dainty jewelry, makeup, spare change in pouch and rest in bag, phone/charger, wipes/tissues/rubbing alcohol and in the corner what i would add for the week… bunch of keys, pass, and pen drive.

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school supplies for this year!
~~I got all my supplies at Staples because that’s where I usually go (besides my pencil case) but other stores definitely have these supplies

•1 clear accordion folder with 6 pockets. I’m planning to use this for extra paper, important papers, but also for my Spanish, English, and Math class folders
•1 Moleskine black large squared journal for my bullet journal
•2 Five star flexible binders for History and Biology
•1 five star 3 subject notebook for APUSH
•1 graph notebook for Math
•1 flexible composition notebook for Biology
•Pencil pouch is from Forever 21 (I think it’s supposed to be a makeup pouch but I’m just using it for my pens and pencils haha)

The Different Shades of You and Me: Flirt Alert

A/N: Hi guys, it’s been a while but, I think I’ve come up with something that you are going to enjoy. It’s a new series that I hope I can complete but, it’s open ended and has no continuing plot line, just a common theme which is the names. Each story is inspired by a shade of paint and each will be named for them. Now enough of my rambling, I hope you all like it.

Flirt Alert

It was a bright Saturday afternoon when Stiles and Lydia went out to the local coffee house. All around them were several high school and college students catching up on their work. The room smelled like fresh brewed coffee and it made Lydia’s stomach make a grueling sound.

Stiles looked at her from above his laptop screen as she clutched her stomach. When she noticed others staring, her face turned red and a sheepish grin crept on her face.

Lydia wasn’t stupid, however. She knew most of the staring girls weren’t distracted by her growling stomach. The boy sitting two feet in front of her was the apparent center of their attention. His focused eyes and dark hair that matched the very coffee they were drinking were hard to miss.

“Stop that,” she said suddenly.

The boy’s eyes traveled to hers again in confusion. “Stop what?”

Lydia rolled her eyes and he chuckled in response before returning to his note taking. She turned in her seat and lifted her bag which was hanging on the back of her chair.

The girl stuck her hand in the tote bag and groped around before wrapping her hand around the object she was looking for. Lydia retrieved her wallet from her bag and hung it back on her chair, trying to make sure it didn’t drag on the ground.

When she unzipped her wallet, Stiles looked up again. “You need some cash?” he asked before lifting his bum from the chair to reach his back pocket. He quickly pulled out his wallet, but only after Lydia had found a crisp five dollar bill.

“I’m okay, but thanks.”

Lydia stood from her chair and smoothed out the wrinkles in her green skirt. It fell a few inches above the knee, but it was long enough that she didn’t have to worry about her butt being exposed. Stiles didn’t have to worry either.

The line for the barista bar was long, but moved quickly. One of the baristas, Kira, was moving remarkably fast, preparing drink after drink.

At the register was an employee named Scott. Lydia could see him from the back of the line, which meant a lot considering her height of five foot three.

When Lydia reached the front of the line, Scott flashed a charming smile and asked, “Hi, my name is Scott and welcome to the Beacon Hills Coffeehouse how may I help you?”

Lydia stood on the tips of her toes to get a good look at everything in the display case. Breads, sandwiches, and  cookies came in different flavors and variations.

After a good fifteen seconds of contemplation, Lydia decided on a bottle of water and buttered croissant. “Name?” the boy asked.


Scott entered her total and she handed the five dollar bill to the boy. He smiled as he worked the cash register and returned the change to Lydia.

Before going to pick up her order, Lydia placed the two quarters in the tip jar and shoved the one dollar bill back in her wallet. “Thank you.” Scott beamed.

Lydia grabbed her water bottle and tapped her freshly painted fingernails on the marble counter as Kira called out several names.

Kira was about the same height as Lydia with short and straight black hair. Everyone had figured she was filled up with coffee herself by the way she was moving. It was only her and Scott but, she was doing the job of three more people.

“Lydia!” Kira shouted before placing the warm croissant in a paper bag and sliding it onto the counter.

Lydia picked up the brown bag and opened it to smell the warm pastry. She closed her eyes and relished in the pleasing scent.

As she made her way back to the table, she spotted a girl walking past Stiles. As she walked, her hand swiped across the side of his laptop. Stiles looked up at her and gave a friendly smile before picking up a note she dropped on his keyboard.

Before he could open it, Lydia had tucked herself back into her seat and was chugging her water. “What’s that?” Lydia asked not so innocently.

“Nothing. Just a phone number,” Stiles shrugged as he threw it in his backpack.
Lydia rolled her eyes in response as she began to devour her croissant.

Stiles felt her envy oozing from her ears. He grabbed her hand on the edge of the table. “It’s nothing okay. I can’t just throw it away when she’s watching.”

Lydia nodded and continued to eat her buttery breakfast. At one point Stiles tried to sneak a piece from her, but he didn’t have to. Lydia broke off a chunk and gave it to the boy voluntarily.

When she was finished, Lydia grabbed a napkin and wiped her mouth, accidentally smearing her lipstick along with the grease. Her reflection in her computer screen angered her as she searched for her lipstick in her bag.

“I’ll be right back,” she groaned as she trotted to the bathroom with her bag over her shoulder.

Lydia looked in the mirror as she cleaned the red streaks of makeup off of her face. Angrily she searched for her lipstick in her small makeup pouch, trying not to drop it.

When she finally felt a tube of lipstick, she read the name at the bottom and popped off the cap. The color, “Flirt Alert,” was just between red an orange, just like Lydia’s hair. It was one of her most favorite and boldest colors.

Using a paper towel, Lydia cleaned the edges of her lips and stuck her makeup back in her tote bag. She fixed her hair in the mirror before pushing the bathroom door open and walking back into the cafe.

When she entered the cafe, the strong scent of espresso that she had gotten used to flooded her senses once again. However, before she could sit down in her seat, she noticed another girl in her place.

The girl was a long haired brunette who was doing her hardest to get Stiles’ attention. He was trying his best to focus on his work without being rude and ignoring her attempts at a conversation.

As Lydia neared the table, the girl noticed and bid Stiles a farewell. He responded, but only looked up at her slightly.

Lydia sat back down in her warm seat and stared down Stiles from above her laptop screen. “What did she want?”

“She said we have AP Biology together and she wanted notes.”

“You don’t take AP Biology”

“Yeah, exactly,” Stiles chuckled.

Lydia was about to respond but she heard the girl and her friends giggling from across the room. They were all looking in Stiles’ direction, but he was painfully oblivious.

In response, Lydia stood and leaned over the table. In one swift motion, she grabbed Stiles shirt collar and pulled his lips to hers. The kiss surprised the boy, but when he got into it, it turned sloppy and hot.

When she was finished, Lydia sat back in her chair and continued working as the girls sat silent in their booth.

On the other side of the table, Stiles was trying to reevaluate his situation. Lydia looked up at him and laughed.

“What?” the boy asked.

Lydia gestured to her own lips before saying, “‘Flirt Alert’ looks good on you.”

Stiles’ face turned red as he found a napkin and wiped his girlfriend’s lipstick off of his face.

Destination Mars Chapter 5 ::Charm::

AUTHOR’S NOTE; Alright guys, sorry this chapter took so long. I was so excited to get it out to you guys because I feel like it’s been forever since I posted something haha! This chapter took so long that I will be pushing out chapter 6 next week to make up for it. I will also be trying to get to a lot of the imagines you guys sent in as well so be looking for those tonight. Chapter 6 is coming fast and should be better than this one. Please remember no messages = no chapters.

WARNING: This chapter contains remnants of bullying and mental illness. Proceed with caution.

^-^ Thanks again to everyone who’s been sending me messages about the fic. Remember messages = chapters. No requests / messages means no chapters. //@iraniq / @myhusbandjared / @sanellv /

It didn’t take long to gather up all the medications that had fallen into the dirt and around my tent floor, but the stinging of irritation that clouded my brainstem remained. How did she even get in my tent without my knowledge? How did she know where to look for these? I laughed at myself, a strange and loud emotional laugh. 

This situation wasn’t funny and there was nothing humorous about today’s turn of events, but the idea of me sitting here in my own self-loathing trying to piece together the thoughts of a heinous tormentor was laughable. I could never understand her actions because I, myself did not come from the same world that she did. People like Angela were among the rich and powerful, the highly adored and envied, pretty rich girls like her didn’t glide to the top in elegance they climbed their way up in heels, no matter who they had to tread on to do it. 

“You really are nuts, aren’t you?” She questioned while narrowing her eyes at me. I had half a mind to say something back, but I felt as though there was no use. What was the point? At the end of the day people like her get exactly what they want, and people like me get the bottom of the barrel. I guess it was about time I learned my place then. 

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This is my “I’m at the mall, why not do my first haul” Haul! I’m super excited that i ended up with this stuff for my first ever lift! I used the dressing room method!!


🍒Holographic Makeup Pouch $8


🍒NYX Micro Brow Pencil $10
🍒NYX Lip Injection Limp Plumper $6


🍒Crew Neck T-Shirts (2) $12

TÖTAL: $36

i can’t wait for my next haul tbh
which might be tomorrow so stay tuned!!

On Tooru's insecurities

My (probably) unpopular headcanon of the day is that Tooru choose to stay invisible because she has dermatillomania or some other excoriation disorder.

And given her most recent interest in makeup and wigs and so on (based on the lovely comics by @smth-about-marie ), everyone in class noticed how pretty she has always been.

Ojiro is even more infatuated with her than before, not because she’s prettier than what he could have ever imagined. But because she looks so adorable and expressive now that…you know, now that he can actually see her eyes and smile.
Also, she always messes up her foundation or smudges her makeup without even noticing. It’s cute.

But someone else is looking as well, considering what would be the right way to approach a particular subject to Tooru…without disturbing her while she’s so enthusiastic and positive about life.

However, the day Shoji finds her crying all her makeup off in the toilets, is the day when the boy decides to act, after weeks of silent contemplation.

He carries Tooru in her own room and gently lowers her down on the floor while he prepares some tea. While they wait for the water to warm up, the boy takes Tooru’s makeup pouch in order to find some cleanser and cotton pads.

They drink their tea in silence, Tooru sniffling still, unaware of the fact that half of her face has little to no makeup on.
When the cups have been washed and dried, Shoji returns to the coffee table and sits right next to Tooru, facing her.

He takes off her wig, placing it delicately on her bed, and then he proceeds to clean her face with the cotton pads, now wet and squishy from the cleansing solution.

He doesn’t have to dwell for long on certain parts of her face to recognize the scars under his touch.

When her makeup-mask has disappeared completely, Shoji takes down his own mask…revealing his lipless mouth, with his frontal jaws and fangs and gums in full display.

The girl doesn’t flinch away from him. Because she knows.

“You picked at your lips…all of your arms picked at your lips.”, she easily guesses, probably having noticed how difficult it was sometimes for Shoji to control all of his limbs a once…especially when he was tired.

“And you pick at your face a lot…and I suppose even other parts of your body as well. I noticed immediately, ever since you began experimenting with makeup in order to be more appealing to Ojiro.”

“How?”, she questions, pretty confused judging by her voice, “I’m invisible, you couldn’t see me without makeup…because I don’t have a face.”

“Hagakure…if I were born with an invisibility quirk like you, and then if I were to develop unhealthy coping mechanisms such as picking at my skin…
In your position it would have been pretty easy for me to just…embrace my invisibility to prevent others from seeing the scars, the blood, the discoloration, and so on.”

Tooru looks at him with a great deal of interest and pity, Shoji can tell just by noticing how messy and crumpled her skirt has gotten in her lap: as if a pair of invisible hands were folding and unfolding on top of it.

He didn’t mind the pity either. She has always been a good kid, unaware of the fact that other kids might have wanted to become invisible more than anything else in the world.

“Ojiro likes you the way you are…but if you need some time before telling him about your little secret, that’s okay.
Keep covering the scars with makeup, keep covering your face with your invisible quirk for now…that’s okay.
And if you will ever make yourself seen by him…remind him that it’s an honor for him to be able to look at you in the first place. Got it?”

Tooru hugs him tight before he can say how beautiful she is.
How beautiful the both of them are.
How beautiful they always have been.
Scars and all.

HI peeps! My name is Tae and this is officially my first post! *woot woot*

So I’ve been commuting to college for 2 years now, so I wanted to share some of my necessities for commuting! (This can also apply to high school and non commuting students)

Book bag- What I normally look for in a book bag:

  • Compartments - Idk if it’s just me but my book bags absolutely have to have a side pocket. It’s good to have your water bottle on the outside so you can avoid spills and have easier access. I also keep my umbrella there. I don’t want it getting anything wet and if I sit it down I am 99% sure gonna lose it before the day is over. 
  • Materials - If you’re in an area that rains and snows you’ll want something water proof (or like that material that water just slides off..that’s water proof..right..carry on)
  • Size - Most book bags come with that laptop compartment. Check the specs and make sure your laptop will fit.
  • Cost - Remember:  You get what you pay for. You should invest in a good book bag that’ll last you. But it doesn’t have to be an arm, leg and your first born.

Phone Charger-

  • Phone charger, portable charger, car charger. You’ll need one with you. Nothing like being an hour away from home on 5% and a panicking mother.

Headphones/Earplugs -

  • I personally prefer earplugs. They’re easier to put away and allows me to still be aware of my surroundings.

Water bottle and snacks -

  • Get a reusable/refillable water bottle, help save the planet and stuff!
  • I STRONGLY suggest that you keep your snacks in a plastic baggy of some sort. Guys. The amount of crumbs at the bottom of my book bag could feed an army of ants. Horrible day that was..

Small wallet/pouch-

  • I have a small wallet that I just keep my IDs, card, and cash in. Got it from Walmart, $4.

***side note** Have at least $10 cash and like $1 of quarters, for emergencies or in case a vending machine is being stupid***

I use one of those little plastic makeup pouches to get my little things like chapstick, mini hand sanitizer and lotion, and feminine products in. So they’re not all over the place and if you need to switch bags BAM. Easy peasy.

I hope you or someone finds this useful! And I would greatly appreciate and add-ons or feedback!

[USUK] Coral and Gloss

“L-Liz, what are you up to?” Elizabetha just pulled Arthur onto his chair during the their lunch break. They just came back from and still have some time left to talk to each other when the beta mentioned about her new makeup products. She asked Arthur to be her model and try out the products on his face to which the omega refused profusely until he was sat onto his office chair forcefully.

“Please. This will be quick.” She would rather menacingly to which the other frowned. You see, Arthur is an omega who’s not into makeup. Hell, he does not even know how to do is own face or even what the products are called. A simple face powder is all he needed. Well, that’s what he convinced himself.

Arthur looked at pictures and magazines of people who looked perfect in to look at. Gorgeous, face of beauty people and he long convinced himself that he is not one of them.

Take his eyebrows into account. He’d been made fun of during his youth and his freckles which looked like grime on his face. Definitely not attractive to look at.

Elizabetha pulled out her makeup pouch which really shouldn’t be a pouch because it’s loaded with products and various brushes.

She lined up her brushes and started to peel off the plastic out of her new products.

“How am I going to make sure that you are not making me turn into a silly clown?” He raised his brown as he pulled out his trash bin and put it in between him and Elizabetha. The beta muttered an excited ‘thank you’ and threw in the small wrappers.

“Don’t be silly! Do you see any funny coloured palette?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Clearly, his face says that he is unfamiliar with the term.

“Oh, Arthur. Just trust me, okay? I’ll make you prettier in a few!” She picked her brush.

“I’m not pretty, Liz, you know that…” He whispered, mostly to himself but Elizabetha hushed him and told him to settle in.

“I love your brows, if that’s what you’re thinking.” She nudged Arthur gently on the shoulder. He just frowned when he felt the touch of brush on his face. He decided to just close his eyes and let her friend do what she wants. He can always rinse his face after.

With his sense of sight turned into nothingness and the gentle touch of Elizabetha’s brush to his face, his thoughts began to drift. His thoughts asked him Why? Why did he exactly agreed to be a colouring book for his beta friend? What for? The other part of his mind unhelpfully supplied that he did this to impress a certain someone.

Someone who’s working at the same floor as his.

Someone who he had talked for several occasion but never had a full, civil conversation before.

Someone who he tipsily admitted to having a 'small crush’ to Elizabetha, in which the other squealed.

That certain someone having a silky blonde hair shining whenever the sun hits it. Perfect blue eyes behind smart looking glasses. A rather fit physique even in that sloppy excuse of a suit and a gorgeous smile that every toothpaste ad needs.

Gods! Why does he have to be perfect?

Why does Alfred F. Jones have to be perfect?!

It’s truly frustrating that Arthur’s mind acts like a lovesick-ed school girl whenever the alpha is around but he never acted upon it. No. Never. He knew that Alfred is out of his league, many ways out of his bloody league.

He can feel some tapping on his cheek to which he opened his eyes and Liz gave his a gentle smile. “Are you done with your clown painting?” He asked in a friendly tone, smiling a bit as the other let out a laugh.

“Arthur, have some confidence, will you?” She dabbed more blush on his cheek. “No, I am not done yet.” She tapped his nose with the brush and pulled out a tube of some sort of clear liquid.

“What’s that?” He looked at it as the beta uncapped the tube.

“Lip gloss! You already have healthy pink lips but let’s make it more eye-catching, okay?” She told Arthur to open his mouth a bit and she applied the gloss on the omega’s lips. He rubbed his lips together to even out the application.

“Wow.” Elizabetha said, even going to the length of wiping a tear on her right eye and sniffling.

“W-what?” He asked self-consciously.  "Do I look ugly?“ He asked as he looked around his desk to find a mirror to which he find none. He forgot, he don’t have the habit of bringing mirrors.

"Here.” The beta giggled, giving the mirror to the other. He looked at himself.

“H-how much makeup did you put in my face?” He traced his cheek. There’s been some nice blush on top of his freckles. He looked at his brows and now it looked neat, brushed up. His lips looked healthy and youthful.

Elizabetha giggled as she tidy up her things. Really, Arthur could be pretty stubborn at things like this. She looked at her omega friend as the other stared at his reflection. “You know, I did not pt that much.” She’s proud of her work.

“R-really?” The other looked shocked, searching the other’s eyes for hints of playfulness but found none. The other just nodded as Arthur looked again at his reflection.

A few more rustling and a zipped pouch later, he heard Elizabetha spoke again.

“Isn’t he pretty, Alfred?” The beta did not even hide the excitement in her voice. Arthur jolted from her seat to look at the pair. His face starting to heat up and his eyes to water.

There, standing with a stack of folder-ed documents is Alfred, who at the moment seemed to be frozen to place.

“I-I, yeah, pretty. You look pretty. Beautiful even!” He stammered as his cheeks grew red. Elizabetha smiled wildly as she slowly retreat at the sidelines.

“T-thank you.” She put down the mirror and a small silence occurred.

He cleared his throat. “I-Is there anything I can do for you, Mr. Jones?” He asked politely while trying to look the other in the eye and failing to do so. Alfred snapped out of his daze and clumsily gave the Arthur the papers.

“Ah-yeah, here are the documents you requested yesterday.” The omega reached for it, almost touching hands with the alpha. They moved quickly and clumsily.

“Thank you. Will that be all?” He started to look at the documents, thinking that Alfred just nodded and left but he spoke.

“Yes, but-” Alfred’s voice grew silent and Arthur looked at him. He hummed to tell the other to continue.

“You know, you looked really pretty today and I’m just wondering if you wanna grab some dinner later?” He quickly said as he rubbed the back of his neck and avoiding looking at Arthur. The omega swear his face has never been this hot before. He just stared to the alpha.

Did he just invite me to dinner? His head starting to ask his in repeat until the alpha cleared his throat and waiting for his response.

“A-ah, yes. That would be lovely.” He just hoped that it did not sound eager.

“Sweet! I’ll wait for you, so we can go to the place together, yeah?” He smiled softly at the other.

“Yes.” Arthur smiled at him. Pouring his adoration to that one smile.

The alpha waved at him while he walked backwards until they cannot Alfred turned a corner. Barely seeing the not-so-small fist pump he did.

The omega’s phone vibrated, Elizabetha sent a message.

From: Elizabetha H.

Tell me the details later, okay?

P.S. You should definitely treat me!

He can clearly hear her voice while reading her text. Now that he noticed it, Liz had been gone when Alfred and him started conversing.

He decided not t reply due to the lack of witty comeback in his mind.

I guess I have to ask Liz for some tips from now on. He thought as he put down his phone. He resumed to his work because the faster he finished, the faster he’ll be on his dinner with Alfred.


Smol usuk interaction. 

“I am cute as hell.”

This is my very first sigil! Statement is inspired @techno-cirque (x). This is for wanting to feel cute and confident!

Use this however you like. On how I use the sigil: I wrote it on a small sturdy paper (spare watercolor paper) then I charge this by spraying rose dew mist, and placed it in my makeup pouch. Another suggestion is to write/tape it on a mirror.