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I want to celebrate reaching 2.5k followers here. It’s amazing, I honestly thought I’d stop gaining followers when I reached 10😂 I want to thank you guys for your love and support. I’ve seen how you have enjoyed my blog and this is just a little something I want to give you as a big thank you❤️

I’m giving away these 14 things:

•two Lush Bath Bombs
•St.Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub
•a Cucumber Cooling peel-off mask
•L'BEL Hydra Calme moisturizing refreshing eye gel
•L'BEL deep moisturizing facial lotion spf 20
•Nourish Organic pure Hydrating Argan Face Serum
•Cover FX Mattifying primer
•Too Faced Better than Sex mascara
•VS Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist
•CyZone Invisible Mascara and Brow Gel
•VS Amber Romance fragrance mist
•Clinique Makeup Pouch
•The Gospel according to Coco Chanel by Karen Karbo


In order to enter you must:
•be following me
•like and reblog this post
•reblog 2 of my original posts (excluding this one and ask/answer posts)
•I will have to contact the winner so make sure your inbox is open😌

Yes it is international.

I’ll be choosing the winner on March 1st💖

“I am cute as hell.”

This is my very first sigil! Statement is inspired @techno-cirque (x). This is for wanting to feel cute and confident!

Use this however you like. On how I use the sigil: I wrote it on a small sturdy paper (spare watercolor paper) then I charge this by spraying rose dew mist, and placed it in my makeup pouch. Another suggestion is to write/tape it on a mirror.


Twitter 17/02/07

I changed my makeup pouch to a bear one (゚ω゚)

The zipper on the Sailor Moon pouch I had used up to now broke, so thanks for the substitution.

If a pouch is cute, then surely the cosmetic products inside will be cute 〜♪( ´θ`)

Twitter 17/02/07

When I was a child I dreamt of buying a ton of neru neru nerune.

Now that I’m an adult I bought three.

If there was an all-you-could-eat for neru neru nerune I would go.

(That would never happen)

school supplies for this year!
~~I got all my supplies at Staples because that’s where I usually go (besides my pencil case) but other stores definitely have these supplies

•1 clear accordion folder with 6 pockets. I’m planning to use this for extra paper, important papers, but also for my Spanish, English, and Math class folders
•1 Moleskine black large squared journal for my bullet journal
•2 Five star flexible binders for History and Biology
•1 five star 3 subject notebook for APUSH
•1 graph notebook for Math
•1 flexible composition notebook for Biology
•Pencil pouch is from Forever 21 (I think it’s supposed to be a makeup pouch but I’m just using it for my pens and pencils haha)

  • despite being his makeup artist since debut, he cant help but smile every time he sits in his chair, barefaced
  • cute jokes in between touch ups
  • playful smacks to his shoulder as he’s applying concealer
  • “why is your skin changing every other day it’s hard to match foundation you asshole try and be considerate now it takes me twice as long to do your makeup”
  • “oh well, i guess you’re stuck with me”
  • late night texts asking about makeup when in reality he just wants an excuse to talk to him
  • “he’s literally just standing with makeup brushes in a pouch around his waist yet he manages to look cute im yelling”
  • telling him about his favorite products at the moment and his regretful brush purchases
  • “hyung can you fix my forehead i sweat too much”
  • *pulls out 57th napkin along with a powder brush* “you’re fucking gross you know”
  • when applying lip tint he cant help but take his time and stare only wishing he could one day taste them himself
  • in return he stares at his eyes watching every ounce of concentration divert to his own lips admiring the focus and passion he has for his job
  • them admiring each other from afar yet so close
  • flirty glances in between shots

etsyfindoftheday | wedding week curation | 6.16.15

curation request: bridesmaid gifts under $35
category: personalized, custom, or initial/monogram gifts
featured items:

  • personalized letter/monogram tapestry makeup bag by aiyshop
  • customized initial jewelry or ring dishes by thebrickkiln
  • orchid druzy necklace with personalized stamped brass bar tag by lemonsweetjewelry

          Park Shin Hye - Mamonde Cover Power Cushion CF
          (Short) Bathroom Selfie 

          Park Shin Hye - Mamonde Cover Power Cushion CF
          (Short) The makeup pouch’s only product