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Going Bare

Bucky x Reader

Summary: based on this ask from @bucky-plums-barnes

Word Count: 1.8k+

Warnings: fluff, fluff, and more fluff

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

I sighed as I slowly got ready for one of Tony’s wretched galas. I hated them more than paperwork after a mission. My hands run over the crinkles of my suit and I adjust my tie for the umpteenth time. I huff out a breath, running a hand through my hair. A frown etches its way onto my face as I move to shut the light off in the master bathroom. Y/n pops in, still in her underwear. I try to hide my frown, but nothing gets past my wife. She rests her chin on my back. Her arms wrap around my waist, and I know if I wasn’t wearing this fancy suit, I’d be able to feel her mouth press against my skin.

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etsyfindoftheday 5 | 4.13.17

theme thursday: hella colorful bath and body

vibrant lip items by skinfoodbyab

my final colorful bath find for you guys today comes from a fave shop, skinfoodbyab — check out all their natural beauty items, including this pair of lip tints made with lush ingredients and all-natural colors, like these beautiful, earthy, orange-y tomato and lemon balm options!

So about my rare-pair....

For @thinkoutsidethelovesquare

Peering into the spot-streaked (ugh, school bathrooms were the worst) mirror, Chloe frowned as she took stock of her mid-day makeup. Don’t ask her how she’d managed to leave her touch-up bag at home; She couldn’t begin to tell you why she’d suddenly decided to leave her fifth most prized possession sitting on her vanity, but at this point she would have honestly rather given up a kidney instead. 

At least that way she would have looked glamorous as she died a slow, organ-failure-related death, instead of going out cakey in a dimly lit public restroom.

 Sighing, she ran one manicured fingernail along the edge of her lips, hoping to salvage what was left of her icy pink lip stain, however it wasn’t looking promising. The color bunched unevenly to the small grooves of her lips, concentrated around the perimeter and nonexistent in the middle. And her foundation? In this August heat? 

Oh that was a goner. 

A splotchy, splotchy goner. 

Chloe held in a groan, balling up a handful of paper towels before thrusting it beneath the faucet. Leaning towards the mirror once more, she dabbed furiously at the worst of the damage, and had just began contemplating whether the eye shadow was worth saving or not when-

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