makeup nails forever

SUB ROSA: BRYNN, you’re not nominated for any awards tonight, but we have to say you look stunning !! who are you wearing ??

BRYNN HOLLOWAY: ralph and russo. their new collection is amazing.

SR: and your jewelry ??

BH: [smiles sheepishly] i honestly couldn’t tell you. they’re vintage pieces, but loans from my mother.

SR: she’s away in europe, is she not ??

BH: yes, she’s filming her latest movie.

SR: will you be joining her once lesliean finishes filming season four ??

BH: i plan on working on my own projects, so probably not.

SR: you know, looking at you now, it’s almost uncanny how much you look like her.

BH: [clears throat] you know, i should probably be heading back to my boyfriend now.

SR: wait, what boyfriend–

BH: [walks away]