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Bts reaction to their s/o randomly shouting at them for being hot


Hey so I would like to ask if you could do a bts reaction of there s/o just randomly out of the blue just shouting at them on how hot they are lmao, that’s kinda weird I’m sorry xD

haha omg this is such a good idea! thank you for the request :p


You two where sat watching Spring Day, this was the first itm you had watched it as Jin wanted to see your reaction however he did not expect you to suddenly start shouting in frustration at how good he looked. The frustration in your voice only made it cuter as Jin tried to hold in a laughter but couldn’t and burst out laughing.

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You two decided to have a lazy movie day and so you decided to put on no make up, stay in your pjs and tie your hair up. You was surprised when you went to open up your door to see a nicely dressed Jimin holding bags of crisps and popcorn ready for the movie. When you let him in you suddenly started shouting telling him this was a lazy day and he shouldn’t have dressed so attractively as you “looked like a potato”.

This shocked Jimin and he couldn’t help but giggle at your angry compliments before returning the favour “but y/n there will never be a day where you dont look beautiful to me”

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You decided to surprise him at one of his dance practices. He had just been looking after you the week before as you had really bad flu and he saw you at your absolute worse. You figured that it would only be fair if you saw him at his worse too and decided that sneaking in during his dance practice when he was in his sweats, all red faced and humid would be the best time but to your disappointment he looked even more attractive. The sweat gave him a warm glow and you shouted in frustration only causing him to laugh.

“baby im beautiful. im jungkook” he says striking a pose

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You was with the rest of the members as v was showing you a video of jhopes practice. Jhope was on the other side of the room talking to jungkook when he heard you shouting at Vs phone about Jhope looking so hot. He would look at V angry that he showed you that performance as he did not think it was clean enough for him to be proud of yet and also looking at you, heavily judging you for getting so verbal about him in a video.

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You two had one for a stroll in the park when you told him you wanted to take a selfie. After a few shots, at a few different angles suga said you had  taken enough and one of them will be good enough when you protested suddenly asking him to pull a ugly face so you can look a little better when compared to him. 

Without you saying another word he just pulled a confused face at you before saying “you’re so strange sometimes” dismissing your comment to take another photo before walking ahead on the path.

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V was asleep when you decided it would be a funny idea to put makeup on his face. You gave him eyeliner and started to put on the lipstick when he woke and began tackling you giggling. In retaliation you smeared the lipstick all over his face and when he let you go from under him you stood up ready to look at the laugh at the mess on his face when you realised he still looked just as good looking as before.

“god damn it tae! why cant you be ugly for once! even with that all over your face and you still look fucking adorable!” you cried out. 

Tae just giggled at you “why thank you, i may keep this look” he said before showing you a silly face and running off.

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Rap monster:

You was nursing a hangover when you walked into the kitchen in the morning to get some breakfast. You expected Namjoon to be in the same situation if not worse as he had had a few more drinks than you but to your surprise when you walked i the kitchen you saw Namjoon sitting on the table with a cup of tea on his phone looking fine as ever. “are you joking?” You said before going into a big rant about how it wasn’t fair that he looked so good even after a drunken night out.

He immediately burst into laughter going bright red with embarrassment. “ahh y/n you’re so adorable when you’re angry”

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