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Tinashe & Jay park romantic night in
Jay Park & Tinashe romantic studio collab
Plus sized black girl w Jay Park, song themed : Get You by Daniel Caesar



Dark skin black girl w straight hair at cafe w/ Bom


Jimin & desi girl song theme : Coming Down by Halsey


Dance practice w/ Zelo & lightskin curly haired girl
Yongguk & Alex Shopping for family
Shopping at market w/ Yongguk
Alex & Yonnguk wedding w/ BAP groomsmen & Rania bridesmaids


A night of luxury w/ Changsun & a dark skin girl


Taehyung wedding w/ Lightskinned afro latina
Yoongi & black girl makeup date
Namjoon & lightskin girl movie date
Thin brown skin girl & sugar daddy Suga
Suga & brown skin girl on trip to Jamacia
Award show dinner w Yoongi & mixed girl
Thin brown skin black girl buying bundles w/ Yoongi
Black girl, curly hair wedding anniversary w/ Jungkook
Lightskin black girl shopping w/ Namjoon
Movie night in w/ Yoongi & kids
Texts w/ BTS trying to make their gf flustered
Black girl getting marries to J-Hope
Performing infront of BTS & Got7 at an awards ceremony
Lightskin girl at the club w/ Jimin
Brown skin girl on the set of a movie w/ BTS
At a concert w/ Yoongi
Black girl w afro at poetry slam w/ Namjoon
Lightskin black girl starting a family w/ J-Hope
A date outfit for at the park w/ J-Hope (Not Today Era)


Peruvian girl & bff Baekhyun at carnival
Video game date night w/ Kyungsoo & nerdy black girl
Kris or Sehun meeting his hispanic girlfriends family
Yifan falling in love w a latina
Double date w Yixing & Dean w/ two black girls


Yugbam roaming korea at night w/ dark skinned petite girl w/ glasses
Yugyeom & petite black girl roaming streets at night
Got7 house party w black girls
Jinyoung & black girl on private jet ride to Paris
Dancing w Yugbam & a dark skin petite black girl
Black girl w braids w/ JB at family cookout
Dark skin black girl w glasses visiting the Hello Kitty Cafe w/ Bambam
Exploring the city w Yugyeom
Stretch mark appreciation w Jackson
Performing infront of BTS & Got7 at an awards ceremony
Exploring & taking pics of the city w w/Bambam & a short plus size black girl
Musiq Soulchild concert w JB a black girl
Spring wedding w/ Jackson (lightskin)
Texts w Got7 about Jackson secretly having a crush on you
Black girl w box braids singing on stage w Jackson
Black girl w/ braids on a beach date w Bambam
Jackson wang family gathering w/ latina
Spa day w/ Jackson & a natural haired black girl
Museum date w all of Got7 w/ black & latina girls
Plus sized black girl going on a walk w/ Yugyeom


Theme park date w/ Timoteo


Chill date w Junhoe & lightskin black girl

Monsta X

Cuddling w/ Jooheon & chubby black girl
Curvy woman w/ relaxed hair having a dance sesion w/ Wonho
Petite shirt brown skin girl in dance studio w/ Shownu


Blasian girl composing music w/ Woozi
Vernon being flustered while talking to a lightskin black girl
Black girl w/ natural hair producing music w/ Woozi


Thin black girl & Dawon at carnival


Minho & mexican gf watching SK. vs Mexico

Topp Dogg

Wedding w/Sangdo


Movie night at home w/ Soohyun

Solo Artist

Baek A Yeon

Adopting a child w/ Baek A Yeon & a fair desi girl


Cheeta & black girl driving around in a mercedes


Double date w/ Yixing & Dean w/ two black girls Going on tour/backstage w/ Dean & a latina w/ curly hair

This will be updated when a request is posted so y'all know when we are almost done/done. 😊

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Girls who wear makeup everyday because they’re insecure about themselves don’t deserve those shitty “take her swimming on the first date” memes more than girls who are confident without it. Girls who wear makeup everyday to cover acne, scarring, birthmarks, hyper-pigmentation, or any combination of conditions that are labeled as being “bad skin” are not liars. They aren’t less beautiful than girls who are conventionally attractive without makeup. Girls who struggle with self esteem and use makeup to help cope deserve respect and positivity just as much as everyone else. They aren’t less intelligent, more shallow, less valuable, or more deserving of cruelty than other girls. We are doing our best to survive in a world that criticizes us for just existing. Let us do what it takes to be comfortable in our own skin.

TL;dr Stop throwing girls under the bus just because they aren’t conventionally attractive and don’t feel confident without makeup.

Youtube AU where Keith has an insanely popular conspiracy theory channel and Shiro has a fitness and beauty channel and they end up as co-presenters during a Youtube awards thingy, fast forward a year later and Shiro posts a “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup” video and all the comments are asking “HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DATING THE CONSPIRACY THEORY GUY WTF”



The tutorial above is for those of you who prefer cool toned eyeshadow looks. Not everyone likes or suits warm eyeshadow - which we have come to associate with Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials nowadays. So this halo effect eyeshadow is perfect for those of you that love a smoky eye with more of a sombre finish. 

My latest tutorial uses the exact same technique as the tutorial above except I’ve swapped the colours from cool to warm, and added in an accent colour.

This tutorial is still one of my favourites! If you’re a fan of colour then definitely check out this tutorial, it will not disappoint. Who says you have to sport Red this Valentine’s Day?

If you prefer something more subtle then take a look at this makeup tutorial. Simplicity at it’s best… but still on trend for Valentine’s! 

Another favourite of mine. This is a look I get a lot of requests for from my clients. If you love to sport a sexy feline eye then you need to try out these techniques! 


Would you like to date this busty lady? 🙄🙄🙄 (sorry no makeup)

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