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Their Favorite Ship (jughead x reader)

Prompt: Hi ! Could I request a Jughead x (plus size)reader ? Maybe something like, they’re dating and are super cute and Betty and Veronica ship them super hard. Maybe just some cute moments of them together and/or with the others ? Thanks so much ! Xx 

 A/N: This is so cute! I hope you like it! Requests are welcome! 


Their favorite Ship (Jughead x Reader)

One of the things that attracted Jughead to you, was your fuck it attitude. (as well as your love of food but he’s refuses to believe it)

He first noticed you when you decided to wear a cute tight black dress with blue tights and your favorite combat boots.

The dress had shown off your curves and you strutted down the hall to find Cheryl and her little vixens standing in your way.

“What the hell are you even wearing?” She made a snide remark which you had replied with a “Screw off, Princess. You wish you could pull something like this off.” and walked past her.

Betty and Veronica had watched him stare at you every chance he got that day.

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Remember, I Love You: Part One - Stiles Stilinski AU

Author: @susybird

Relationship: Stiles x OFC

Description: Fluff, angst, all the good stuff. Stiles looks back on his past.

Word count: 2106

Authors Note: So this was meant to be a one shot but I found out I am incapable of doing one shots so… there will be a part two (possibly three) at some point. Thank you to the amazing @redstringlovers for proofreading and helping me with absolutely everything!!! Please let me know what you think.

Part Two

Part One

Originally posted by vampira-de-atena

Stiles sat down next to the hospital bed with a sigh. She looked at him through hazy eyes, her gaze brightening slightly as she saw him.

Stiles leant over and took her hand in his, rubbing circles into the back of it.

“You asked me to tell you a story. So, I’ve got the best love story of all time for you. Are you ready?”

She nodded, leaning backwards into her pillows, eyes half closed in concentration.

“It begins, as all good love stories do, with two people who meet in a fateful act of destiny…”

“Stiles stop being so nervous!” Malia snapped at the extremely fidgety young man.

“I can’t, Malia. I mean I gave up the FBI for this…”

“Actually, you got kicked out of the FBI for helping an alleged mass-murdering criminal,” Scott pointed out, his chin resting on his girlfriend’s shoulder, his arms wrapped around her stomach.

Stiles glared at his best friend and deliberately ignored his comment. “And then Lydia and I broke up.”

“Because we’re better off just as friends,” Lydia said from her perch behind him, her nose buried in a book.

Stiles nodded his head in confirmation before continuing his tirade. “And then we worked so hard to all get into the same college. I just want this one thing to work out for us.”

Scott straightened and gripped Stiles’ shoulder. “This year is going to be perfect,” he assured the anxious young man.

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Also on AO3.

Adrien massaged Hugo’s tummy, chanting in a sing song voice.  "Waterwheel, on the tummy, waterwheel on the tummy.“  He switched to another technique.  "Sun and moon, sun and moon.”

The toddler giggled, waving his arms happily from his spot on a towel between his father’s spread legs.

“Almost done, darling boy,” he said, checking the olive oil on his hands to make sure there was still enough.  "I… loooove… yoooooou.“  This one was always a big hit.  "I… loooove… yoooooou.”  He wiped his hands on a towel and helped his son with his pajama shirt.  "Okay, what’s next?  Do you remember?“

"Teef!” Hugo shouted.

“Bedtime voice,” Adrien reminded gently.  Early on with Emma, he’d made a conscious effort to be as different as possible from his own father.

“Teef,” Hugo said, just this side of a shout.

“Yep.  Have at it.”  He got up from his spot on the floor.  "Emma, sweetie, where are you at?“  His little girl was so good at following her bedtime routine.

"Reading,” she replied.  That meant the living room, where they kept a shelf of kids’ books.

“Great job, sweetie.  Hugo and I will be in, in a few minutes.”  He found Hugo pushing the step stool in front of the bathroom sink.

“Papa,” Hugo said, waving a tube at his father.  "Toof pates.“

"I’m going to help you with that, sir,” he said, easing the tube out of his son’s chubby fingers.  "You like to squeeze on way too much.“

Hugo giggled in agreement.

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Award Show ~ Shawn Mendes Imagine

Request “Hi, I was wondering if you could make an imagine where Martin Garrix is Y/Ns ex, and Shawn isn’t too fond of him after they meet each other and gets protective and jealous and stuff? Thanks!”

I hope you enjoy.

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Shawn had been invited to the VMA’S to celebrate the success that he had achieved throughout the year.  You were over joyed for him, considering this was the first time you have ever been to a high profiled event you were also slightly apprehensive.  This wasn’t the first time you had been to something like this. Considering your ex was also a high profiled celebrity you were quiet used to the scene.  But, this also was what worried you.  Pap’s would be there, watching every move that you and Shawn made. Watching for you to mess up somehow like they did before with you and Martin.

That was one of the main reasons you both broke up, considering he believed a lot of things that were stated in the media.  But, you did not want this with Shawn.  Your relationship with him had so much meaning and worth for you, and the thought of history repeating itself was on your mind for the past week.  You knew you had to be there to support Shawn and you really wanted too.  Even if it meant that you would have to endure some awkward stares from passers-by who may have known you when you were with your ex.  

Shawn had also assured you that nothing bad would happen or be said to you if he was with you.  So, with that you began getting ready for the night.  It all started off simple, you and Shawn waking up early to make sure everything was organised for tonight.  Double checking the cars, makeup artists and hair dressers.  You both had to look pristine considering this is going to be aired on TV for the world to see.  You showered and departed from yours and Shawn’s shared apartment to get prepared for tonight.  

The first stop was to pick up the dress you had brought, it had been tailor made just for you which you were very excited for.  You made sure it was a dress that you could wear again, hating the fact of spending so much money on something to only wear it once.  This then being followed with the hair stylist and then make up.  You felt completely like a princess, and you were excited for Shawn to finally see you when he came back from his meetings.

Every award ceremony Shawn had to have a meeting before, his management made sure to prep him for any upcoming questions and what could happen later tonight.  They did not want him to slip up, mainly for his image as a down to earth kid that he always has been.  You were proud of Shawn, mainly because he hadn’t ever changed from who he was before.  When you go home with him he’s the same outspoken boy as he was here.  This warming your heart.  But, just in case he said something he did not mean he needs to know ways to get himself back.  This being easier for him to do when you were with him, considering he was more relaxed whenever he was with you.

You slipped on your dress and shoes before making your way down to the living room to wait for the car to come and collect you.  Shawn would already be in there when it came, which excited you so he could see you finally with everything completed.

It was only a few minutes before a knock was placed on your front door with made you shoot up.  Grabbing your phone and keys placing them in your clutch bag.  You looked down to your feet as you opened the door and slowly looked up to be welcomed with Shawn’s perfectly structured face that was lifted into a smile.  His eyes scanning over you multiple times, unable to take all your beauty in.  

“Y/N, my lord you are so beautiful.  I’m going to have trouble getting people to not look at you” Shawn half joked while you smiled back at his compliment.  

“Oh Shawn, thank you” You really wanted to cry from how he was looking at you with so much love, but considering your make up was way too expensive to ruin it before you both got there you held it back.  Shawn came close to give you a peck on the lips which you quickly pulled away from, this receiving an uncomfortable look from Shawn. “We all know it won’t just be a peck Shawn and I can’t have you ruin my lipstick” you pointed at him while laughing.  He nodded with agreement and decided it was best to just leave a kiss on your cheek. Your hand intertwined with his as you both walked towards the car that would transport you to the VMA’s.

“Are you excited?” You asked Shawn as you began your journey

“I am don’t get me wrong, but I am also nervous.  I have been waiting so long for this and I just feel like I am going to ruin it you know?” Your thumb slowly glided over Shawn’s hand to reassure him.

“It’s going to be fine babe, I promise!  Plus, I am here with you.”  He nodded towards you before resting his eyes for a few moments, mainly to calm himself down. You looked out of the window at the passers-by, all doing their own thing.  Some going for a coffee, others coming home from work after a busy day at the office.  You always wondered what your life would have been like if Shawn hadn’t have come into your work that day looking for your boss.  Would you have been going on a coffee date with a self-absorbed scumbag and wasting your time on things that didn’t matter.  All the endless possibilities but your life had landed you in the best one. In Shawn’s.

The driver finally announced that you were only a few minutes away and your nerves finally decided to return. You began to pick at the skin at the inner side of your thumb which was what you usually did when you were nervous. Shawn looked over at you and took your hand in his before giving it a light squeeze.  You placed his hand in-between both of yours and placed it on your heart before taking in a breath.  “I love you” you announced to Shawn as you rolled up to the red carpet.

“I love you my darling” Shawn retorted placing a final kiss on your hand before he stepped out and you followed.  Your vision was consumed with flashes of lights, you were dazed for a moment until Shawn’s hand slid into yours.  You quickly looked down and smiled towards Shawn before making your way towards the interviews.  

After those took place you made your way into the arena to be welcomed by a few other celebrities, such as; Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and some others you couldn’t quiet name.  You both got pointed towards the table you were going to be situated on and made your way over.  This was until your name got called behind you from a familiar but distant voice.  As soon as you turned around you recognised him completely.  Martin was smiling at you and Shawn while he made his way over to you.

“Wow, Y/N how have you been? You are looking really well” Marin stated at you before looking you up and down just like Shawn had done when he first saw you.  This making Shawn’s hand clench onto your hand a little bit too tight for your liking.

“I’ve been good Mart how have you been.  How longs it been?  Like almost a year?”  The nickname you used to call him slipping out of your mouth before you realised.  You heard Shawn scoff behind you, before you felt his hand slide around your waist.  Making sure Martin saw his movements.

“Yes, it must have been. But, how rude of me not to say hello to you Shawn.  How long have you both been together?  Must not have been long after we broke up, hm?”  Martin asked as you looked down at Shawn’s arm around you.  You knew this was surely going to piss Shawn off and you were going to hear an earful as soon as you got to your table.  

“Must have been, but that doesn’t really matter right now.  Me and Y/N need to go to our table, I’m sure you do too Mart” Shawn said in a much calmer voice than you expected him too.  

“Ah yes, well it was nice talking to you Y/N.  We must catch up some time.  See you both” he gave you both a nod before moving away into the crowd.

“What a dick” You heard Shawn scoff before he walked off in front of you.  

You both were seated for a few moments, having ordered your drinks when Shawn started raging about what had just taken place.  “The fact he had the nerve to check you out.  What is that guys problem.  Acting like I am the rebound.  I can kindly assure him he has nothing on me in any department.  I mean the guy couldn’t even make you come for Christ sake”

“SHAWN!”  you quickly tapped him on the side.  “This is something that we disgust at home.  Where only we can hear ourselves, not thousands to possibly millions of people”

“I am sorry Y/N, its only how can that guy think you are going to meet him after what he put you through. And the way he was looking at you, I knew I was going to have trouble tonight.  I mean you look fit as fuck and now you have your ex practically eye fucking you”

“So?  Shawn, you know you mean more to me than he ever did.  Out of anyone he is not the person you should be jealous over.”

“Well at least I have the decency to not be rude to his face like he was to me”

“I completely agree my love. Now please no more until we get back, tonight is meant to be happy”

“Okay, but only for you Y/N.” You nodded at Shawn before placing a peck on his cheek which made him inhale your scent.  

After that Shawn relaxed, it was though he forgot all about it.  That was until you got home, and well you knew you were his after that.

Okay I am proud of this OMD, honestly holy balls.  Anyway, that was sick love JEALOUS Shawn he is my Dad. Okay bye see you again.    

anonymous asked:

74 w/ Jungkook pleasee (:

Here you go anon! Let me know if you liked it!

Member: Jungkook

Prompt Request: “You should marry me.”

Genre: Fluff

Imagine Summary: A scenario about Y/N walking in on Jungkook practicing his proposal.

Word Count: 778

Jungkook paced the space around his bed, ruffling his hair and squinting his eyes in deep focus. He turned around abruptly and zeroed in on the small blue box that sat on his bed. The velvet fabric sparkled in the sunlight seeping in past the closed curtains.

Jungkook looked away with a loud groan and turned to face the mirror in the corner of the room. It was a large full length mirror that sat next to your makeup-dresser. Jungkook smiled, remembering how the two of you had had a disagreement over the purchase of it.

“Jagi, do you really need a makeup table. Actually, do you even really need makeup? You are already so beautiful without anything on.” He had said pulling you close and playing with your hair as you waited for the Ikea employee to retrieve your set.

You placed your palm on his cheeks and held him, shaking him a bit teasingly.

“Oh Kookie, you are so sweet.” you said planting at quick peck on his lips.

“But we are getting that table. I’m comfortable without makeup but I prefer it. It’s almost like a fun hobby for me than it is a self-esteem booster.” I said pulling away and moving the cart closer to the employee who was now carrying a heavy box which Jungkook quickly moved to go help with.

Jungkook just smiled and shook his head. Makeup or no makeup, I love her always he had thought.

With that memory Jungkook stood a little straighter and closed his eyes.

“Y/N, I planned this- No I um.. I wanted to tell you. .” He stuttered, not truly being able to find his words.

Jungkook opened his eyes and looked towards the table the two of you had had so much fun putting together.

“Y/N, I love you. I love everything about you. Your smile, your laugh, your voice, your eyes, your hair- actually let’s just say I love your whole body.” He laughed and smiled to himself.

“I’m not here all the time. I’m always traveling or practicing and I know you feel like you have to share me with the whole world but you don’t because in my heart there is only you. You will never have to compete for my affections or my love because it’s yours; I’m yours.”

He sighed.

“There is no real reason for why you should marry me, other than the fact that I’m just a guy who loves you with everything he has and you would be making me the happiest and most grateful person alive if you did. Y/N, will you marry me?”

Jungkook tried hard and managed to not choke up during his speech so when he heard a small sob coming from behind him, his body froze. He shifted his eyes to the mirror and saw you standing there with tears in your eyes.

“Jungkook..” You said softly.

“Jungkook turned around to face you.

“You weren’t supposed to hear that…yet.” He said smiling sheepishly but his eyes were darting all over you, trying to read your body language; were you upset? Were you happy? Would you say yes?

All of his questions were answered when you threw your arms around him and placed a passionate kiss on his lips. Jungkook quickly recovered from his shock and responded by kissing you back and wrapping his arms around your waist.

You pulled back for air and held his face between your palms. You looked deeply into his eyes as you said, “Yes. I will marry you.”

Jungkook’s eyes began to water and he pulled you back into a kiss and as if it were possible, deeper this time.

He swiftly picked you up in his arms and laid you on the bed gently, not breaking the kiss.

“Ow!’ You yelled into his lips though the sound was a bit muffled. You reached behind you to find the object that had pointed into your shoulder and found the velvet blue box. You looked down at it and smiled excitedly.

Jungkook quickly got off you and took the box. You were about to protest but then he got down on one knee in front of you.

“Y/N?” He said grinning.

“Yes…” You said suavely.

“Will you…”

You pouted slightly; He was teasing now

He laughed and finally said. “Y/N will you marry me?”

“Yes!” You said and he flipped the cover of the box to reveal the most beautiful ring you had ever seen.

“Oh Jungkook, it’s beautiful.” You moved to sit on his knee as he placed the ring on your finger.

“I meant everything I said earlier. I’ll love you forever.”

You felt your heart warm with a happiness you had me ever experienced before.

“And I’ll love you forever.”  

——- A/N: Thanks for reading! If you liked this send me a request or use my prompt list here:
Skillz //Colby Brock

Request: Colby imagine where you show off your flipping skills

Warnings: fluff ;), swearing possibly?

A/N: another will come out tonight :) again I’m sorry for not posting yesterday! Also yes I do realize this doesn’t have a title. Tumblr hates me

Tag(s): @honeycombharrison

I pulled on my black bikini and pulled my hair into a high pony. Height was never a fear of mine thankfully. I claimed the tall ladder and stood at the edge, breathing in then throwing myself forward. I flew through the air and flipped before I landed into the cold water.

“Wow you’re better than Sam.” I heard a voice when I had resurfaced. “Well duh he couldn’t even flip off the 4 foot.” I laughed, grabbing Colby’s hands that he had out for me to grab. I pulled myself from the cold water and smiled at him.

“Go get your bathing suit we can flip together.” I smiled and ran back to the ladder. “Okay I’ll be out in a minute.” I nodded and continued doing random flips, landing them all almost perfectly. I used to be in cheer so it came naturally.

A few minutes pass and the whole house walked out, dressed and ready to swim. “Hey look who it is!” Elton pointed the camera at me and I hid my face with my small hands.

“Come on do a flip!” Elton yelled to me and I groaned. I back flipped off and then resurfaced to clapping hands. “Damn Sam can’t even do that.” Elton laughed and Sam pouted.

“Are you forgetting I’ve cheerleaded almost my whole life?” I asked and went to the edge of the pool and pulled myself out. “Oh yeah.” He nodded and turned the camera to Corey who was now on the platform.

“You look good in that.” Colby winked down at me. “Oh do I?” I asked sarcastically and once I knew nobody was jumping in I grabbed Colby’s waist and moved so I could fall into the pool, pulling him along.

“Y/N!” He groaned when we both swam to the top. “It was so tempting.” I smiled kissing his cold cheek. “Yeah I bet.” He smirked and pushed on my head so I went under the water.

“Elton!” I gasped for air and he turned toward me, camera still in hand. “He tried to drown me!” I yelled and Colby laughed along with Elton. “Youre both just jealous that I’m better than you.” I pouted and got out of the pool, leaving my best friend behind in the water.

“Move.” I pushed Elton out of the way and climbed up the platform. I did a double back flip and resurfaced to everyone, jaws dropped. “Suck it.” I stuck my tongue out and swam over to a pool floatie and held onto it.

“I can go better!” Colby said climbing the ladder. “Oh really?” I smirked at the boy and leaned forward on the pink float. “Is that a challenge?” I smiled and he nodded. “Double back flip.” He said and jumped off, only getting one and a half.

“Ha you suck!” I yelled smirking and hitting the floatie with excitement. “What is the prize if I win?” I asked when he finally came up from the very bottom of the pool.

“Whatever you want.” He said and got out of the water. “I’ll figure it out once I win.” I smirked following him out and to the ladder. “Elton! Put the pink flamingo like right there and try to keep it there please.” He nodded and handed Sam his camera.

“Colby back out now.” Sam called to his best friends and Colby scoffed. “You’re supposed to believe in me!” He hit his thighs in disbelief. “I do every other time but everyone knows she will win.” Sam laughed and I shushed the two boys so I could focus.

I breathed in and ran, pushed off the edge and flipping twice, surprisingly landing in the middle of the float. I didn’t think I’d make it. “Yes!” I yelled and hit the water with my small hands.

“Dammit.” Colby groaned and climbed down the ladder. “You win.” He put his hands up in defense and fell like a whale into the pool. “Y/N wins!” Elton and Sam jumped around. “Its not like its a surprise.” Corey laughed and jumped off the 4 foot into the water.

“What do you want from me?” Colby asked, a look of defeat on his beautiful face. “You’ll see later.” I smiled and climbed out of the pool, grabbing my towel and going inside to shower and get ready.

“So you never told me what you wanted. ” Colby walked in a few hours later as I finished off my dark red lipstick. “Oh yeah.” I said remembering. I walked over to him and kissed his lips softly. He was surprised but kissed back.

His arms found their way around my waist and pulled me flesh against his body. I pulled away and smirked at him. “Thats all. You’re free to go now.” I smiled and he looked at me stunned.

I’ve never been a confident person but around Colby I was for some odd reason. I was just as surprised as he was when I kissed him. I didn’t expect him to kiss back.

“Wait thats all?” He grabbed my hand, stopping me from leaving the room. “Yeah.” I nodded, suddenly nervous that he didn’t like it or something. He smiled and brought me closer, kissing my lips again. This time I was the one in shock.

“I have been wanting to do that for years.” He said and pecked my lips again. “Too bad it happened when you had that lipstick on.” He said and wiped his lips in disgust. “Ah you’re all right just go clean it off with water.” I smirked and kissed his cheek, leaving a red mark.

“Thanks a lot.” He groaned and grabbed one of my makeup wipes from my dresser, roughly wiping at his cheek. I sighed and took it from his hands, lighting wiping it off. “Being aggressive won’t help.” I laughed and threw the stained towel in the garbage.

He grabbed another and went to wipe at my lips but I grabbed his wrist stopping him. “What the hell are you doing?” I furrowed my eyebrows together. “I want to kiss you again.” He said and broke from my grasp, wiping at my lips.

“There all better.” He smiled down at me and dropped the towel, grabbing my cheeks and pressing his lips to mine. “Yeah all better.” He laughed and kissed me again.

Mine-Daniel Seavey

Summary: You’re a model and your first bikini shoot is right around the corner. You did everything to prepare yourself for this day both mentally and physically and you can’t contain your excitement. Your boyfriend Daniel, however, isn’t too excited to see you posing half naked with male models. 

Requested: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥

“I’m telling you, I’m coming with you tomorrow.” Daniel warned, waving a finger in your face. “Babe that’s unprofessional.” you groaned for the third time from your spot on the couch. 

You and Daniel had been playfully arguing about your photo shoot for about an hour now, and it was getting old. Since the photo shoot was in L.A., you figured you’d just stay the night with Daniel but he was making you regret that decision.

“Daniel.” you said firmly, getting his attention as he looked away from the television and his eyes met yours. You scooted closer to him on the couch and he put on arm around your shoulders. 

“Yes, (Y/N)?” “This is my job.” you reminded him, putting as much emphasis on the word job as you could. “Yeah but you’re my girlfriend and it sucks when guys are constantly drooling over you.” he whined.

“Mhmm. Sound familiar?” you raised your eyebrows and he sighed before admitting his defeat. “Okay, okay. Just come here.” he said and pulled you closer to him.”

“You can come if you really want to but you have to act completely professional.” you said. “Can you do that for like two hours max?” you asked and he nodded excitedly. “Anything to see you in a bikini.” he said with a smirk.


“Y/N) wake up!” Daniel said, rocking you by the shoulders and pulling you from your slumber. “Good morning Daniel.” you said as you forced your eyes to open. 

“Did we sleep on the couch last night?” you asked as you felt around for your phone. “Yeah you fell asleep during the second movie. I didn’t want to take a chance on waking you up because you seemed so nervous about today.”

“Aww, thanks babe. And yeah, I am really nervous. It’s my first bikini shoot, you know.” You explained as you sat up on the couch. Daniel joined you before saying, “I get it but you’re beautiful and I know you can do this.” 

“So what’s the plan for today?” he asked after kissing you on the cheek. “Okay, so it’s nine now and I need to be there at eleven since the official shoot starts at noon.” you began and Daniel listened intently.

“So I need to go shower, get dressed and then leave.” you finished and Daniel chimed in shortly after. “I’m driving you remember?” he said and you smiled at the thought of him wanting to be with you for this.

“Right, sorry. So we both need to be ready by like ten fifteen okay?” After receiving a nod and some kisses from Daniel, you headed upstairs to the bathroom to begin getting ready.

You figured the other boys would still be asleep for a while but you were quiet anyway as you grabbed your robe and your toiletry bag and slipped into the bathroom. 

You took a quick shower and Daniel showered after you. While Daniel was showering, you put your hair up and applied light makeup. Now, it was time to decide what to wear.

As a model, you didn’t need to show up to set looking gorgeous-in fact, anything more than a little makeup and natural hair was usually frowned upon-but you were still to look somewhat put together.

About ten minutes was done going through your suit case before settling on a pair of ripped light wash skinny jeans and a white off the shoulder top; your outfit made complete with a small Tiffany&Co. necklace given to you by Daniel.

When you were fully ready, you went downstairs to find Daniel completely ready and waiting for you. “You look great, (Y/N).” he complimented. “All set?” he asked, dangling his keys in the air and you nodded with a grin.


The drive was nice and fairly quick, you and Daniel talking and singing a long with the radio the whole way. Before you knew it, you had arrived at your destination and the butterflies began.

“Wait, you’re doing a photoshoot at a hotel?” Daniel asked with amusement as he pulled into the parking lot of the Bel Air hotel. “Yeah, I must have forgot to mention it.” you shrugged and waved at your manager, Sarah.

“Yeah, apparently you forgot to mention a lot of things…” Daniel muttered and you looked to see what he was on about. Sarah pulled into the spot next to you and you and Daniel hopped out to greet her but she wasn’t alone.

“Hi, (Y/N)!!” she exclaimed, getting out of her vehicle along with a handful of male models. “Hi, Sarah. This is my boyfriend Daniel. You haven’t met.” you said quietly and the two of them shook hands and exchanged greetings.

You pointed to the muscular boys that stood behind her and tried not sound rude with your next question. “I, uh, I thought it was going to be an all girls shoot?” you asked and Daniel cleared his throat softly.

“Change of plans!” was all she had to say before she grabbed your hand and led you inside, Daniel following closely behind. “I’m sorry.” you mouthed in his direction before Sarah dragged you to hair and makeup.

You couldn’t tell whether the expression on his face was hurt or jealously and you didn’t ask either. Your prep team had been making small talk as you sat in the chair and Daniel stayed silent across from you.

“Okay, meet us outside in five minutes!” Sarah said before rushing outside herself, your hair dresser and makeup artist leaving as well so it was just you and Daniel.

“Are you mad?” you asked softly, standing up to meet him half way. “No.” he said, pulling you into a hug, careful not to ruin the work your prep team had just done on you.

“Okay, let’s go then.” you said and gave him a quick peck on the lips but as you went to leave he pulled you closer to him. “Just remember, (Y/N), you’re mine.” he growled in your ear, leaving you excited to get home the rest of the day.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author’s Note: I changed the request a bit just to make it a little more realistic. Originally, the reader was supposed to be a VS angel about to walk her first runway show but I made her going to her first bikini shoot!

Rhythm - 4

(part 1) | (part 2) | (part 3) | (part 5)

summary: you want her, you need her, and i’ll never be her
warnings: swearing, alcohol 
word count: 1892
a/n: so this is the final part to rhythm. thank you so much for the wonderful and positive feedback to this series. 

You want to strangle Bucky with every fibre of your being. This man, this– this stupidly– ungraciously – good looking man, makes you want to pull your hair out. He kissed you, fucking put his hands on your waist and his mouth on your lips and your jaw and your neck, and then kicked you out of his fucking room.

And now, he does this incredibly annoying thing where he watches you. You can feel his gaze on you all the time: when you’re watching a movie, when you’re making coffee, when you’re cracking jokes with Sam and Rhodey. He watches you, and when you look at him he pretends to be doing something else, like he’s a thirteen-year-old kid.

Like right now. You’re pouring yourself a cup of coffee and he’s sitting on the bar stool with his S.O. beside him, and you can feel his eyes on the back of your head and your grip on the coffee cup tightens until your knuckles blanche because the least he could do is show his girlfriend he cares about what she’s saying. You take a sip of your coffee, hands shaking in annoyance, as you listen to them talk to each other.

Suddenly they cease talking, and you turn around to see the two of them making out, in the kitchen, in front of you, except – Bucky’s eyes are open. And they’re trained on you. He watches you as he kisses his girlfriend, and you narrow your eyes at him and your empty hand clenches. Then he closes his eyes and deepens the kiss, head tilting away from you.

You take a sharp intake of breath and bite your tongue, stalking out of the room.

The next time you have to deal with them, together, in front of you, you’re watching a movie with Sam. They walk in, holding hands.

“Mind if we join you?” You want to say yes, you do mind, but Sam beats you to responding.

“It’s a free country.” You only just stop yourself from swearing.

They sit down on the two-seater; closer together than you’d asked to see, and you play the movie, watching them out of the corner of your eye. They’re not even paying attention, choosing instead to whisper to each other during the movie. You’re clenching your jaw.  

At some point Sam gets a call that he leaves to take, and you’re stuck watching Bucky attempt at cuddling with his girlfriend. Part of you wishes that could be you. The other part is disgusted at how cheesy he’s being, and how his fucking eyes are glancing at you every now or then. You’re trying to ignore him.

When the movie ends and you’ve had enough of listening to their annoying, loud whispers about stupid things like what to have for dinner, you get up to leave the two of them alone on the couch. You’re almost out of the room when you hear his girlfriend speak up. It’s a quiet whisper, and you barely hear it:

“I love you, Bucky.”

You leave without waiting to hear Bucky’s response, heart clenching and the back of your eyes burning.

Clubs aren’t really your thing. The loud music, the alcohol, the sweat, all of it usually makes you want to scrunch your nose in disgust. Usually. So the entire team is shocked that you’re here.

Maria, Nat and Wanda are dancing; Sam and Tony are trying to beat Steve in a drinking contest; and Bucky’s sulking at the bar, girlfriend nowhere in sight. And you? You’ve had five drinks, maybe six? – definitely more that you should be having. You’re on top of the world, and you’re not going to get down any time soon.

The guy beside you is hot. He’s no Barnes, but his jawline is about as sharp with just the right amount of stubble and hair long enough to run your hands through. The best part? He’s alone and interested.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” He asks.

You stand up and grab his hand.  “That doesn’t matter.” The guy’s eyebrows shoot up as you pull him towards the dance floor, standing right in Bucky’s line of sight. You can see the scowl on his face, and it makes you smile wider, despite the ache in your chest.

You’re dancing and then he’s pulling you towards the back doors, hands on your hips, mouth on your neck. Then you’re outside, back against the brick exterior, and you’re kissing this guy, hands tangled in his hair, down his back, up to his chest. His mouth leaves sloppy wet kisses along your face, then your neck, on your shoulder, slowly inching towards your chest. Your head leans back against the wall, eyes rolling up to the back of your head and then closing. Your knees go weak as his hands travel to the back of your dress, clasp on to the zipper, then–

There’s a strangled yell. The guy is pulled back, and then there’s a hand on your arm, pulling you away. The fuck? “C’mon, we’re going home.” Barnes. He’s got the deepest scowl on his face, jaw clenched in anger.

You pull your arm back from his grip as the guy you were making out with runs away, cursing at you.

“What the hell, Barnes?”

He scowls even deeper, (you didn’t know that was even possible), and grabs your arm again. “You’re drunk, an’ I’m takin’ you home. That’s enough.” You push him back, fuming, then he’s pushing you back, slamming you into the wall. (Again.) “What do you think you were doing?” His voice is dangerously low, and if you hadn’t known him, you would have cowered away.

You get it then. The eyes trained on you, the constant sour mood, the creased brows, the tight grip, it all makes sense. You let out a short, humourless laugh, then narrow your eyes, your own voice dropping to match his tone. “You don’t get to do that.”

“Do what?”

“This!” You’re yelling at him, again. It’s all you ever seem to be doing, but god, he’s just so– so infuriating. And the only thing that’s stopping you from kissing him again is the anger you’re feeling. “Control me!”

He steps back, mouth agape, eyebrows scrunched. He begins to say something, but you cut him off.

“You don’t get to do this!” Your eyes are wet and burning and your rub them hastily. “You don’t get to kiss me, and– and then run back to your girlfriend like nothing happened, okay?” He reaches out to touch you but you swat his arm away. “No, I’m not finished. You don’t get to pretend like it never happened and then stare at me all the fucking time. You don’t get to be jealous! Alright? Because at the end of the day you go back to her and I go back to my life. And that’s fine. If you don’t want to be with me, that’s okay,” your voice drops to a resigned whisper and your face is wet.  “I’m okay with that. But you don’t get to be jealous when you have her. You don’t get to stop me from living my life.”

You’re full on crying now, thanks to the alcohol. Bucky gazes at you intensely, then gently pulls your arm, guiding you to the parking lot. “It’s late, we should get back.” The anger from his voice is gone, and he doesn’t say anything more the entire way back to the tower.

That night, Bucky’s screams echo through the halls of the tower. You lay in bed like you have every night since he kissed you, staring up at the ceiling, waiting for his girlfriend to wake him up. The alcohol you had earlier has worn away, and you’re a tired mess now. Bucky didn’t say anything when you got to the tower, only went back to his room, leaving you awake to think about everything you’d said. You close your eyes and groan.

Another scream reverberates though your room. It’s louder and heart wrenchingly painful, and you find yourself pushing your blankets aside with a resigned sigh and walking towards him room. His door is unlocked for the first time since you stumbled in on his girlfriend waking him up, and you push it open to see him thrashing on his bed. His hands are clutching his sheets and he’s losing his voice from screaming so loud. His girlfriend is nowhere to be seen.

You rush towards him and his screaming stops abruptly, though his breathing is still as heavy. You touch his shoulder, shaking him gently. “Bucky, wake up.”

Both his hands grab yours, squeezing tightly. “Пожалуйста, сделать их остановить,” he’s mumbling now, eyes squeezed shut. “Я не хочу, пожалуйста.”

Then his eyes shoot open, gasping for air, and his hands let go of yours, falling back to the bed. You rub your wrist as he closes his eyes again, breathing for a moment. Then–

“I’m sorry.”

You stare at him intensely for a couple seconds, then finally ask, “I’m sorry, what?” The disbelief in your voice is unmistakeable. So is the eye-roll he gives you in response.

“I said I’m sorry,” he says, voice raspy from yelling. “For earlier.”

You can’t believe it. This total jerk, apologizing, to you? You raise your eyebrows in disbelief and he rolls his eyes again.

“Take it or leave it.”

You ignore him, glancing around his room instead. It’s bare. Unlike the last few times you’d been here, there are no indications of his girlfriend around. No makeup on the dresser, no clothes lying around. You turn back to Bucky. “Where is your girlfriend, anyway?”

He tenses for a moment, gaze hardening and fingers tightening around the sheets again, then he looks away and relaxes. “We broke up.”

You choke on your spit. Wasn’t it this morning that they were making out and confessing their love for each other? You cough, and then, “I’m sorry.” It’s clipped, because you don’t know how you feel about the situation. You want to be happy about, because your chances are increased, right? But she was sweet and kind and nothing short of nice, and the guilt you feel is so much greater.

“We need to talk, Y/N,” he says, eyes back on you.

Your gaze flits over to him. He’s looking at you intently, blue eyes boring into yours. His fingers skim over your hand, which you realize is still on his shoulder. “No, no.” You pull it back, and then you’re scrambling out of his bed because you know what’s happening, and you’re not going to let it, not right now. So you push yourself off of his bed and make your way to the door, while Bucky questions you.

“What? What happened? Y/N!”  

You stop when you get to his door and look back at him, hand hesitating on the doorknob. Bucky’s sitting up, staring at you with wide eyes. “I like you, Bucky,” you say. “I like you more than I should, and you have no idea how much I’ve wanted this.” You open the door as you speak:

“But get this: I’m not going to be your fucking rebound.”

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Easy There Sweetheart [dark/wilford]

‘easy sweetheart, just relax’ with wilford or dark bc sAME


It was your first hunt with him and it was obvious how nervous and unprepared you were. As you were first starting out and new to this whole demon thing, you were totally unaware of what all had to be done and what you could just fuck off with, and Dark was the perfect person to ask. 

He knew you were nervous, he could practically poke you and you’d fall over. He stands behind you to the side, surveying your work and watching you slowly loose your mind over what you had just done. His eyes went from your face to the corpse in front of you. 

Easy sweetheart, just relax,” he whispered in your ear as his arm wrapped around your shoulders. You seemed to ease up at his touch, breathing in deeply and taking a very much needed shake of the head. “You’ll get used to it, darling.” 


It was one of his most important interviews, one that could make or break him in the news industry. He was almost embarrassed to be so nervous but you kept reassuring him that he was fine. He kept looking at you, as if he needed something firm to latch onto before he lost it due to his nerves. 

He paced his room, his hair in a mop atop his head and his bow tie still on the makeup dresser. He had told his producer he wanted you to do his makeup and get him ready for tonight because let’s be honest; you were an awesome makeup artist and the best at calming him down. 

“Wil, honey sit down so I can put your tie on,” you told him, standing by his chair with the makeup brush in your hand. He snapped his suspenders at his shoulders, giving a short huff before striding over to plant himself in his chair, giving you an almost stern look in the mirror.

You glared right back at him, combing his hair neatly. Once you had his bow tie straightened and nice, you gave his a sweet kiss before pressing your forehead to his gently. He seemed to stare in your eyes forever, holding onto your hands softly. 

Easy sweetheart, just relax,” you told him, squeezing his hands. “You’re going to do fantastic.” 

anonymous asked:

One of my fantasies that'll never happen is with V. I'm his makeup artist, dresser, hairstylist or whatever. I like him, i'm thirsting for his ass (AND GODDAMN THAT ASS I FEEL MOST PEOPLE ARE SLEEPING ON HIS ASS HIS ASS SHOULD BE A KINK HIS ASS SHOULD BE PRAISED) Anyhow everytime i work with him like "checking his hair" just because we look deeply into each others eyes, sharing this huge sexual tension! One night before heading to stage he quickly puts a piece of paper in my bag..

I feel like you’re writing this girls story:

Originally posted by qweentae

I also feel like he dicks down every new stylist/hairdresser 😂

One Sided//Cole Sprouse (part three)

Prompt: Hi can you write something about Cole like mangers let the reader & cole date only for fame and the reader would fall in love with Cole and do everything to impress him but he doesn’t love her back ., but then he’ll love her 😂😂 it’s complicated ik but you’re amazing and you can work it out haha

Words: 769

Warnings: none

A/n: I’ll have a lot of downtime tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get an extra long part four for y'all.

You adjusted your Serpent jacket nervously as you walked with Cole onto set, not really prepared for your scene. It seems the producers have been doing a lot of last minute things to make you and Cole grow closer.

“Alright,” the director clapped,“We’ll run through the script a few times and then we’ll start shooting. Sound good?” You and Cole both nod with nervous glances. “And … Action!”

*Weird thing where it switches back and forth between like it’s a Jug fanfic but it’s just scenes?? Idk lol and the character you play in the show, her name is Blake*

“Jughead, what the hell are you doing here?” You march up to him in the hallway, figurative steam shooting out of your ears.

“I got transferred. Why do you care?” He rolls his eyes and starts to walk past you.

You turn around,“Can you please stop acting like I’m the bad guy? I am not the one who left.”

He turns to face you once again,“Don’t even play that, Blake. It was a long time ago and I still regret it.”

You step up even closer to him,“Yeah? Well, it doesn’t seem like it.”

And then it gets silent, and you know that you’re way too close to each other. You feel his breath on your face. And you wait for him to make his move.

He grabs your face and pulls you in for a 5 second kiss, like the script calls for.

You back up from him, shaking your head and walking out of the shot.

“And cut! That was great guys. You can definitely do that without the script. And actually, y/n, we have a solo scene for you and some extras. But it’s not until tomorrow. Let’s run through again, just like last time guys!”

You walk back into your positions, and go through the entire scene again, this time with the camera on and with no scripts.

“Thanks guys, you can go change now. You have an interview tonight, you should probably start getting ready,” a producer says.

You and Cole look at each other, sharing knowing glances. Neither of you have been previously made aware of this interview, and frankly you were both tired of all of the pop up announcements.

“Good luck,” you say as you make your way to your dressing/makeup.

“Ditto,” Cole says and begins to walk away, when he stops and turns to you. “We should have a hand shake.”

You can’t help but let out a giggle, but he just raises his eyebrows at you.

“Wait, you’re serious?” You question.

“Duh I’m serious. All the cool fake couples have cool handshakes,” he replies with a cheesy grin and walks over to you.

*20 minutes of different forms of hand clapping later*

“Yes! We are the best!” You say after ending your handshake perfectly for the third time.

“Damn straight,” he looks at his watch,“Okay, well we’ve burned twenty minutes of interview preparation, so perhaps we should actually prepare.”

“Whoa,” you look at him,“Too many Pre’s.”

“Technically one was a Per.”


“Y/n! Cole! Dress and makeup, now!”

You have never been so stressed in your entire life.

You didn’t understand why this specific interview is making you so stressed. You’ve had interviews before. Though, those were with the whole cast. Not just one very, very attractive member.

“Honey, I’ve showed you four different outfits. What’s wrong?” Your wardrobe, makeup, and hair dresser looks at you, placing a hand on her hip.

“There’s nothing wrong, Bonita. Just stressed,” you grumble and run your hands through your hair.

“About the interview? Or about a certain fake boyfriend?” She raises her eyebrows with a knowing grin.

You feel your cheeks grow warm and you groan,“I can’t like him. I can’t!”

“Of course you can. Why can’t you?” She retorts and continues looking through outfits.

“Because it’s fake. He doesn’t like me, and I’m not supposed to like him. We have a fake couple handshake for God sakes!” You throw your hands up, groaning even louder as you flop on the couch.

“Hun, as far as I know, there’s not a rule book to dating. Especially your situation,” she finishes putting together another outfit, waving it in front of you.

“Fine, I’ll go with this one,” you sigh, sitting up.

“Finally, we still have to do hair and makeup. Please don’t have a crisis during those, they’re a bit harder to change,” you giggle at Bonita, grabbing the outfit.

“Bonita, keep me in your thoughts during this interview. I’m going to need it.”

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Did you find your general tastes in life changed after you became vegan? Because I feel like loads about me has changed since becoming vegan, not bad things at all! For example I used to be OBSESSED with Zoella, and while I still like her I kind of view her videos as unsustainable/unethical now in like, do you need a whole dresser of makeup/constant shopping etc? And I'm struggling with working in a pub because of the food/meat and wastefulness etc? Or is it just the research opening my eyes?

Totally! I feel going vegan is really the first step to seeing the world through new eyes. It’s so so powerful. At the beginning it was very overwhelming for me, like I was almost mad at everything… but that isn’t a good way to go about it either haha.

It’s great to be passionate and want change but I’ve found at the same time you can’t let it ruin your daily life and create stress. 👌🏼