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Confession: I’m so tired of instagram makeup beauty culture. There is so much pressure on girls now to have their contouring perfect, nice brows, matte lips, etc that wasn’t there before. What is the purpose? Nothing good is ever going to come out of teaching girls they need to look like models to be worth something. Also, it alienates poor women because it glamorizes spending $60 for an eyeshadow pallet or a blush. People act like it’s just a fun hobby but if we don’t wear makeup we’re not taken seriously. What about all the black women who are pressured into wearing lighter makeup or contouring their noses smaller? Why should I have to take an hour every morning to look “presentable” when men don’t? I love makeup too, but don’t act like it hasn’t created a toxic culture.

I think being misgendered is the shittest feeling in the world bc you aren’t mad at the person who misgendered you (if it was accidental; purposeful misgendering is fucked up) but you aren’t mad at yourself. You’re just mad and hurt that you’re appearance isn’t coming off as the gender you are.

You all know what I want?

Makeupless amazons.

•Wonderwoman coming out of her house makeupless and the media going wild.
•Women magazines praising her.
•Men magazines scolding her.
•Wonderwoman not caring and stuffing a burrito through her makeupless lips.
• “Lmaooo this is why you take ya girl swimming on the first date!”
• “Good luck finding a date in the first place.”
•Artemis confessing she never uses makeup either.
•Cassie confessing she and Diana use makeup a lot because it makes them feel good (they trade tips) and trying to explain it’s not always necessary to wear makeup 100% of the time to male reporters.
• “NO, we’re not tricking you.”
• “YES, it is not your business.”

the world figuring out that themyscira doesn’t have makeup because while they like wearing pretty clothes and items sometimes, they never saw the need to put things on their face AND ALSO THEY’RE ALL BADASS WARRIORS

•Diana putting makeup on Billy Batson AND THE MEDIA FLIPS ITS SHIT

Bonus bonus:

Bonus bonus bonus:


So I’ve stopped wearing makeup. Literally threw it all away. I’m a senior in hs and I just moved to another school. I stopped wearing makeup in the summer so no one has saw me without but the people at work… I then decided on the first day that i wasn’t going to wear any. In this generation I just feel makeup seems to be so important. I know many women don’t wear it but all over social media women wear it. I didn’t feel like it was a problem at first but then I started to see how insecure makeup made me. I couldn’t go anywhere without doing my makeup. I felt I was covering up my flaws .. Which I was… Then social media screwed these boys head up… Like men are afraid of natural beauty… Natural black beauty.. I’m not talking soft bouncy “a” curls but kinky curly hair (all hair types are beautiful ) and no makeup. Even in hs these girls look 20 and UP!!! I want to preserve my face and I want to look my age and I had forgotten that MANY TEENAGERS HAVE ACNE!! I felt self-conscious at first. Now I don’t care and I’m embracing my flaws. I’m way happier with myself… I go out without makeup and feel normal. I’m not reapplying makeup or worrying about being oily… Or worrying about hugging people and getting makeup on them. although at school I do feel boys won’t speak to me because I don’t look like the other girls but then I’m like I don’t care lol I go to school for education and if a guy falls in love with me I want it to be for my natural beauty and my mind. What’s inside ( sounds cliché ) but that’s how I truly feel. I want someone to look beyond the exterior ( what many young adults don’t do ) but It does make me happy. I don’t feel confined to society’s standards of beauty. I wish I had friends who embraced their natural beauty unapologetically.

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Texts, Reactions, Snaps, Imagines, MTLLT, and Aesthetics Masterlist!

Okay, so, maybe there is a specific reason, or maybe it’s just my own stupidity, but I can not find a way to link two or three different Masterlists to my Tumblr bio (is it not allowed, or…?), so I decided to take down the link to my fan fiction masterlist and put it all on a separate page (, and I will put the link to this masterlist, which will basically be everything else, on my bio!

Okay, so, here is my masterlist!


  • BTS Reacts to Reading Fan Blogs/What Fan Think About Them.
  • BTS Reacts to Smut
  • BTS Reacts to Seeing Their Girlfriend Sitting by an Open Window During a Rainstorm with a Blanket
  • BTS Reacts to Seeing You Crying On a Bench Alone in a Park (high school au)
  • BTS Reacts to Having a Crush on a Popular Girl At School
  • BTS Reacts to Getting Caught Watching You Dance and Sing in Your Dorms
  • BTS Reacts to You Kissing Them First/Randomly
  • BTS Reacts to a Cute Surprise Date on Valentine’s Day
  • BTS Reacts to You Having Trouble with Homework
  • BTS Reacts to Accidentally Walking in on You in the Shower/Bath
  • BTS Reacts to Teaching You Their Choreography
  • BTS Reacts to You Reacting Badly to a Drunk Hookup
  • BTS Reacts to You Falling & Getting Badly Injured
  • BTS Reacts to You Hurting Them While Playing Tennis
  • BTS Reacts to You Wanting to Travel the World With Them
  • BTS Reacts to Them Being Your First Boyfriend
  • BTS Reacts to You Accidentally Confessing During a Fight
  • BTS Reacts to You Messing Up a Special Meal
  • BTS Reacts to Meeting You For the First Time and Falling For You
  • BTS Reacts to Spilling a Drink Down Your Shirt During a Date
  • BTS Reacts to You Eloping With Jungkook
  • BTS Reacts to You Signing for a Deaf Colleague at Work
  • BTS Reacts to You Sitting on Their Lap With a Book While They Play Video Games/Work
  • BTS Reacts to You Liking Video Games
  • BTS Reacts to Seeing You For the First Time in a Long Time and You Jump Up On Them
  • BTS Reacts to You Falling Down the Stairs (Again)
  • BTS Reacts to Finding You Singing in the Middle of the Night Because You Can’t Sleep
  • BTS Reacts to You Still Sleeping with a Stuffed Animal
  • BTS Reacts to Finding Your Poetry About Them
  • BTS Reacts to You Getting Insulted and Hit by a Fan at a Fan Meeting
  • BTS Reacts to You Wanting Something Expensive but Being too Shy to Ask
  • BTS Reacts to You Getting in a Car Accident and Having to Stay at the Hospital
  • BTS Reacts to You Being Pregnant
  • BTS Reacts to You Not Being Able to Get Pregnant
  • BTS Reacts to You Being Pregnant & Getting Kidnapped
  • BTS Reacts to a Miscarriage
  • BTS Reacts to You Having Separation Anxiety
  • BTS Reacts to You Having a Weird Laugh
  • BTS Reacts to Your Child Disrespecting & Insulting You
  • BTS Reacts to Your Younger Sibling Not Liking Them
  • BTS Reacts to Loosing You in a Big Crowd of ARMY’s
  • BTS Reacts to Coming Back From Tour and Seeing You Waiting for Them and Crying
  • BTS Reacts to You Being So Short You Can’t Reach the Top Shelf in the Kitchen
  • BTS Reacts to Finding Out Their Crush Breeds Kittens
  • BTS Reacts to Your Best Friend Telling Them He Likes You, and They Should Leave You
  • BTS Reacts to You Being Bullied Online by Fans
  • BTS Reacts to You Loosing a Important Sporting Event
  • BTS Reacts to the Other Members Wanting to Play a Prank on You With Something You Are Really Scared Of
  • BTS Reacts to You Having a Bad Migraine
  • BTS Reacts to You Wanting a Piggy Back Ride
  • BTS Reacts to You Waking Up From a Nightmare
  • BTS Reacts to Finding Out You Stopped Doing a Nervous Habit Because of Their Comments on it
  • BTS Reacts to Your Younger Sibling Being Mad at Them Because They Made You Cry
  • BTS Reacts to Your Friend Cutting Ties with You
  • BTS Reacts to You Trying to Speak/Learn Korean and Pronoucning the Words Cute (Taehyung, Jimin, Jungkook, and Yoongi)
  • BTS Reacts to You Being in the Hospital Because You Got Hit by Gangster
  • BTS Reacts to Wanting to Meet Your Parents, But They Were Abusive
  • BTS Reacts to You Telling Them You Suffered From a Eating Disorder/Depression/Social Anxiety
  • BTS Reacts to You Singing and Rapping
  • BTS Reacts to You Being as Strong/Stronger Than Them
  • BTS Reacts to Seeing You Cry
  • BTS Reacts to You Not Being Able to Stay Mad
  • BTS Reacts to a Handsome Guy Flirting with You
  • BTS Reacts to You Not Wanting Them to Get Out of Bed
  • BTS Reacts to You Feeling Dizzy and Passing Out
  • BTS Reacts to You Singing Them a Sweet Song
  • BTS Reacts to You Having a Hard Time Saying “I Love You”
  • BTS Reacts to You Not Talking to Them After a Fight
  • BTS Reacts to You Being a Sports Fanatic
  • BTS Reacts to Your Comfort Food
  • BTS Reacts to You Unkowingly Being Touched by Your Personal Trainer
  • BTS Reacts to Falling For Their New Makeup Artist
  • BTS Reacts to Being an American Celebrities Crush
  • BTS Reacts to You Being Loud in Bed
  • BTS Reacts to Their Friends With Benefits Confessing Their Love
  • BTS Reacts to Another Idol Dissing You Because You Don’t Fit Korean Beauty Standards
  • BTS Reacts to You Having a Belly Button Piercing
  • BTS Reacts to Realizing You Haven’t Been Eating
  • BTS Reacts to Celebrating Their First New Years With You


  • Jimin Reacts to You Getting Breast Reduction Surgery
  • Picking Flowers For You
  • Adoping a Kid
  • Proposal
  • Kidnapping Prank


  • Cheering You Up When You Have Stage Fright
  • Hyung Line Is Your Best Friend But They Are In Love With You and You Go On a Date With Someone Else
  • Cheering You Up When You Trip in Front of the Whole School
  • BTS is Sick and Begs You to Take Care of Them But You Have School/Work
  • Trying to Make You Laugh During Class Because You Embarrassed Them (-Namjoon)
  • Asking You Out Nervously
  • Trying to Buy Makeup
  • Being Cheesy Randomly
  • Confessing.
    Part 1
    Part 2
  • Texting You Because They Lost Something
  • Accidentally Texting You
    Part 1
    Part 2
  • Trying to Seduce Their Noonas
  • Texting You Random Questions in the Middle of the Night Because They Can’t Sleep
  • Trying to Out What Food to Get You From the Other Members
  • You’re Horny and Telling Them to Come Home
  • Comforting You While Your Relative/Close Friend is at the Hospital
  • Trying to Find a Vacation Spot
  • Fighting For Your Love After You Try to Break Up With Them Because of Fans Comments
    Part 1 (Yoongi & Jimin)
    Part 2 (Hoseok & Namjoon)
  • Texting You When They’re Horny (Jungkook, Yoongi, Taehyung)
  • You Ignoring Them After a Fight
  • Yoongi Texting You How Much He Loves You Before Bed
  • Big Brother Jungkook
  • Trying to Make You Feel Better After Breaking Up With Your Boyfriend Who Only Wanted Sex
  • Comforting You Before Your Exams

Texts AND Snaps

  • Texting You Sweet Things While You’re at Work (Yoongi, Jungkook, Hoseok, Taehyung)
  • Everyday Texts and Snaps
    With Jungkook
    With Seokjin
    With Yoongi
    With Hoseok
    With Namjoon
    With Jimin
    With Taehyung
  • Helping You With Depression/a Eating Disorder
    Part 1 with Maknae Line
    Part 2 with Namjoon and Hoseok
    Part 3 with Yoongi and Seokjin
  • You Coming out as Pansexual
    Part 1 with Seokjin and Yoongi
    Part 2 with Hoseok and Namjoon
    Part 3 with Maknae Line


  • BTS is Away and Misses You
  • BTS Finds Out You and Hoseok are Having a Baby
  • Maknae Line Teasing You About Your Crush on Hoseok
  • Cheering You Up When You’ve Been Crying


Married Life

  • Married Life With Jungkook
  • Married Life With Yoongi
  • Married Life With Hoseok
  • Married Life With Namjoon
  • Married Life With Jimin
  • Married Life With Taehyung
  • Married Life With Seokjin


  • Marrying Yoongi
  • Marrying Taehyung
  • Marrying Seokjin
  • Marrying Jungkook
  • Marrying Namjoon
  • Marrying Hoseok
  • Marrying Jimin

Family Life

  • Family Life with Seokjin
  • Family Life with Yoongi
  • Family Life with Hoseok
  • Family Life with Namjoon
  • Family Life with Jimin
  • Family Life with Taehyung
  • Family Life with Jungkook

Being Pregnant

  • Being Pregnant (Jungkook)
  • Being Pregnant (Yoongi)
  • Being Pregnant (Taehyung)
  • Being Pregnant (Namjoon)
  • Being Pregnant (Seokjn)
  • Being Pregnant (Hoseok)
  • Being Pregnant (Jimin)

Trying to Woo You

  • Seokjin Trying to Woo You
  • Yoongi Trying to Woo You
  • Hoseok Trying to Woo You
  • Namjoon Trying to Woo You
  • Jimin Trying to Woo You
  • Taehyung Trying to Woo You
  • Jungkook Trying to Woo You


  • Sex with Seokjin
  • Sex with Yoongi
  • Sex with Hoseok
  • Sex with Namjoon
  • Sex with Jimin
  • Sex with Taehyung
  • Sex with Jungkook

On Your Period

  • On Your Period (Seokjin)
  • On Your Period (Yoongi)
  • On Your Period (Hoseok)
  • On Your Period (Namjoon)
  • On Your Period (Jimin)
  • On Your Period (Taehyung)
  • On Your Period (Jungkook)

First Date

  • Your First Date with Hoseok
  • Your First Date with Yoongi
  • Your First Date with Jungkook
  • Your First Date with Jimin
  • Your First Date with Taehyung

Poly Relationship

  • A Polyamorous Relationship with Hoseok & Yoongi
  • A Polyamorous Relationship with Jungkook & Yoongi
  • A Polyamorous Relationship with Taehyung & Jimin
  • A Polyamorous Relationship with Namjoon & Jungkook
  • A Polyamorous Relationship with Hoseok & Jimin
  • A Polyamorous Relationship with Hoseok & Jungkook
  • A Polyamorous Relationship with Hoseok & Taehyung

First Time

  • Your First Time with Seokjin
  • Your First Time with Yoongi
  • Your First Time with Hoseok
  • Your First Time with Namjoon
  • Your First Time with Jimin
  • Your First Time with Taehyung
  • Your First Time with Jungkook


  • Jealous Namjoon
  • Jealous Seokjin
  • Jealous Yoongi
  • Jealous Hoseok
  • Jealous Jimin
  • Jealous Taehyung
  • Jealous Jungkook

MTLLT… (Most to Least Likely to)

  • Date a Girly Girl
  • Date “One of the Guys”
  • Date a Shy Girl
  • Date a Guy
  • Date a Girl With a Master’s Degree
  • Want a Fancy Wedding
  • Buy Their Girlfriend Expensive Things
  • Play with their Girlfriends Hair
  • Enjoy a Lot of PDA
  • Give Their Girlfriend Their Jacket When it’s Cold
  • Be Awkward Around the Girl/Guy They Like
  • Be Annoyed When Their S/O Doesn’t Reply to Texts
  • Date Someone Who’s Already Dated Another Member
  • Like/Love Freckles on a Girl’s Face/Body
  • Go to the Gym With You
  • Liking Walking in the Rain
  • Help You Cook
  • Be Strong
  • Make the First Move on the First Date
  • Be Jealous/Over Protective
  • Dance Romantically With You
  • Watch Anime/Read Manga With You
  • Lie in Bed and Listen to Music With You
  • Be the Dominant One in a Relationship
  • Talk a Lot on a First Date
  • Be Clingy when Jealous
  • Like Their SO Being a Foody
  • Dance Weird With You
  • Date Someone Who is Usually Outgoing, but Shy to Ask for Something
  • Wear Couples Shirts
  • Date a Girl with Colored Hair


  • Boyfriend Yoongi
  • Couples Tattoos
  • Engagement Rings
  • Boyfriend Jungkook
  • Husband Jimin
  • Wedding Day Jungkook
  • Wedding Day Yoongi
  • Parenting with Jungkook
  • Night with Jungkook
  • Cuddling
  • Perfect Date with Jungkook
  • Perfect Date with Jimin
  • Jealous Jungkook
  • Wedding Day Jimin
  • Favorite Sleeping Positions
  • Camping with Jungkook
  • Camping with Hoseok
  • Camping with Yoongi
  • Holding Hands
  • Favorite Positions
  • Making Out
  • Small Things
  • Dancing with the Boys
  • Turn Ons
  • Hugs
  • Bubble Baths
  • Expensive Gifts
  • Baby Girl Clothes
  • Small Things with Yoongi
  • Couples Items

General Aesthetic Colors

Picture Reacts

  • Couples Tattoos

Other Cool Things That Don’t Fit In a Category

  • Why BTS Would and Wouldn’t be Good Boyfriends

man, teenaged girls aren’t allowed to have a genuine interest in anything without being ridiculed for it. if a girl likes ugg boots and starbucks she’s stupid and stereotypical, but if she likes combat boots and obscure coffee houses she’s a hipster wannabe and is trying too hard. if a girl listens to boy bands and other popular artists she’s a dumb follower, if she reads comics or plays video games she’s a poser/fake geek girl, if she likes sex she’s a slut but if she doesn’t like sex she’s a prude, if she wears makeup she’s fake but if she doesn’t wear makeup she’s a slob, if she has low self-esteem she needs to learn to love herself but if she has high self-esteem she’s overconfident and vain, if she’s interested in politics she’s a crazy social justice warrior but if she prefers to stay out of social matters she’s a dumb airhead. girls are literally mocked for every single thing they like or do, no matter what those things are, and i’m really really sick of it