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Group photo with the lovely @lovenikkidressupqueen

Your dress was so pretty that nothing I had compared! I tried by best though, and mostly ran with the purple theme! I know how much you love the little devils, so I made sure they all fit into the collab perfectly!

I really loved how this turned out! So much so that I changed my competition outfit to it this (after optimised myself I wouldn’t change it 😅)


bluebell’s icecream shop… 

The best ice cream in Sunlit Tides can be found by the lagoon, at Bluebell’s Icecream Shop! This vintage caravan has been delightfully renovated to serve yummy handmade gelato, in a waffle cone or sundae glass, with iced coffee as well! A favourite with local and tourists alike, food-loving visitors Pia, Katy and Beau decided to drop in ❤ 

Katy (@pottery-sims) is honeymooning at Sunlit Tides so her awesome buddies Beau (@something-wicked-sims) and Pia joined her, because best friends don’t let you go on your honeymoon without them :D Anyways, I redecorated @rubyred-sims adorable Caravan Love into an icecream shop for this special collab! I think it turned out cute despite my game deciding this was the perfect time to start crashing on me again >.> 

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Another Look at the Too Faced Cosmetics/ Kay Von D Beauty Collaboration, Better Together.

The collection includes-

•A Double sided palette that connects magnetically and can be taken apart in halves, with NEW eyeshadow Shades + a FULL SIZE Better Than Sex Mascara and a Tattoo Liner.

•Another set that includes Better Than Sex Mascara and Tattoo Liner

•The Cheek and Lip Makeup Set with mini Love flush blush, Everlasting Liquid Lipstick and a studded kiss lipstick. A full size candlelight glow highlighter all in a cute bag!

Cruelty Free
Limited Edition

Available in the U.S & Canada December 26th exclusively at Sephora!

Available Internationally Valentine’s Day/Feb 14th

anonymous asked:

1. You're gorgeous 2. can u show us what makeup layers the collab sim is using? she is stunning and I love the highlights on her face

Thanks and no problem. :) I used some photoshop magic there too but it was just a little bit here and there. With the makeup I always match colors to the skin tone and lower the opacity.

Can’t find the download link for contacts, sorry. I’m not sure who made them (thumbnail says “flavorpixels”).