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Lizzie Loves

Instagram: @lizzieloves.x

ive never given any info abt the blooperz characters soooo heres just some basic facts abt the main crew:

 bree is a spunky, bubbly girl who’s obsessed with max. she’s absolutely crazy about him, and will do anything to be his gf. she’s not dumb, but shes v naive tho. bree loves anything brightly colored and also helping friends!! sometimes tho she can be selfish and let her interests get in the way of others, but in the end she’ll appologize

 max is p much everyone’s favorite dude tbh. hes not v bright but hes cool. his fave things include dank memes, nachos, n gaming. he’s ridiculously cluzty but he means rlly well. hes at the studio bc his sister mackenzie (a lead producer on a show there) needs to watch over him

 lizzie is a pro effects makeup artist at the studio. lizzie’s very blunt, sarcastic, and has a dark sense of humor. she doesnt like annabelle bc she thinks shes annoying

 therry is there for an internship in costume designing. she’s very patient due to being used to how meticulous and long making outfits can be… tho she also doesnt tolerate any bs either, and its very outspoken/quick to act when there’s smth she thinks isnt ok

 ben.. hes kinda like max, only he hates him. max is rlly happy-go-lucky and is oblivious to the fact that ben has no interest being his friend at all and hates him. often times he’ll get stuck in the middle of the problems max causes or get blamed for them, sadly. Ben however is also a dj-in-training (and is atually rlly good at making music) n helps w/ music a the studio

 annabelle is perfect in every way, pretty much. she wants everyone to “get along uwu” and “omg pls not fighting!!!! no”… she’s too nice for her own good tbh. she’s there to be an actress. she kinda means well but not a lot of ppl like her bc sometimes she can come off as too helpful/annoying

 remmy is a v sweet guy… he’s a camera guy at the studio. he used to have a huge crush on lizzie, but after she told him she was ace, they just became friends (which he’s p happy with now; in fact, now, him n lizzie are actually really good friends). he’s pretty much the complete opposite of her, tbh. he’s kinda of meek and shy, but he’s super nice and a great guy to get to know. he’s also a NERD AHAHA

 jenny’s melody’s gf!! Jenny may seem kinda ditzy, but she’s actually like,, super smart??? she’s on of the ppl who deals with the techy stuff on the set. she‘s going to school for computer science and coding near the studio, so being on the tech crew is only temporary. she is a also a HUGE GEEK and loves to play video games w/ max a lot

 melody is jenny gf, who is a self-proclaimed psychic… how true it is, is debatable, but she’s into a ton of astrology, the paranormal, cryptids, and some other spooky stuff. she loves to entertain ppl with her stories she makes up lol. she’s friends w/ lizzie.. not best friends, but they get along. melody can appreciate lizzie’s dark sense of humor, but doesnt rlly like that lizzie can be cruel sometimes

 i gotta add bios for the others but yea thats it