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“Ear to Ear” by Patrick Demarchelier with styling from Sara Moonves x the May 2016 Issue of American Vogue

Models: Lizzy Plapinger, Imaan Hammam,Frederikke Sofie, Chaerin Lee, Grace Hartzel, Tinashe, Karlie Kloss, Vanessa Axente, Fei Fei Sun, and Zoe Kravitz

Hair by Duffy and makeup by Sally Branka

Some DolLiz Headcanons

because i have become obsessed with doll x lizzy im going to make a list of hc’s so hopefully i can convert more people to it so i dont have to suffer alone :)

- lizzy taking doll dress shopping because she think’s that pink would be more her colour but when they get there they realise that yellow is her colour

- lizzy buying her a lot of sundresses. knowing full well doll wouldn’t wear them often, being more comfortable in casual clothes but lizzy splurges anyway

- doll teaching lizzy how to perfect her makeup. even though lizzy is very girly doll knows her fair share about makeup, having to have it almost perfect every night before performing.

- dominant!lizzy and submissive!doll. yes.

- every time doll’s hair grows out lizzy puts it in a little ponytail until they find the time to get it cut. and when she hugs doll from behind it tickles her face so she stalls the haircut for as long as possible.

- lizzy cuts doll’s hair confirmed 2k17.

- ciel appreciates doll and lizzy’s relationship because now lizzy has stopped spontaneously decorating the Phantomhive Manor

- ciel liked doll before she started dating his cousin but he’s happy now that he doesn’t have to pay attention in his dance lessons because lizzy can just dance with her instead

- dolliz and cielois double dates

- doll not used to being called ‘my lady’ and getting really shy hen Paula or any other of the Midford’s servants calling it her because she doesn’t feel worthy of the title

Im definitely going to do more of these because i love doll x lizzy so much

Triangle part 1

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Tom Holland x Reader

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A/N: Welcome one, welcome all to my new series! I am feeling quite blocked with Dugan atm, I’m sorry but I got this idea during break and I cant stop thinking about it. It’s a love triangle between Seb, Tom and reader.

Summary: Seeing Sebastian after all of these years hurt. But seeing Tom doesn’t hurt at all, what to choose?

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