makeup artists meet

Don’t actually “Meet the Artist,” she’s a sweaty, awkward loudmouth who will probably go in for a hug when you try to shake hands and think about it for four days straight.

Not Shown: tissue packs, nail clippers, bobby and safety pins, wound gel (listen, I come prepared), prob a bag of chips or some snacks, a fuckton of receipts and trash (that I hoard for absolutely no reason), pens and mechanical pencils, a mini sketchbook, a Galaxy Tab and Wacom stylus, and a switchblade (for good luck).

Artist Not Shown To Scale.  Artist May Look Larger in Mirror.  Use Hazard Lights When Approaching.  Do Not Wash With Bleach.

I spent way more time on this than was necessary. x_x

I chose to dress myself in my typical look when I go out, instead of the usual unwashed hairbun and long t-shirt get-up. Most people think I worship the dark forces instead of video game fanfiction, and that is A-ok with me. 

and I had a hard time coming up with things I don’t like since I prefer to keep my mind occupied with things I enjoy. ^_^

anonymous asked:

Can you please write sth about y/n being a makeup artist and harry meets her through Lou and asks her out.

You were never this much of a mess heading to work. You were always organized and ready to go, you always left with enough time to not be late, however, today was not that day. Your friend, Lou Teasdale had called you about an hour and half ago asking you if you could help her with a job tonight. Her assistant was sick and she needed your help. 

You, of course, said yes because you were still trying to get your name out there  and tonight would be a huge night for you because you were getting the boys of One Direction ready for the Brit Awards. 

You had all your things in a bag and you rushing into where you at to meet Lou. You were walking so fast that you didn’t evens see that there was someone in front of you until you ran smack into their back, dropping your bag and practically all of its contents. 

“Woah, there.” Someone with a thick accent says turning around. 

They leaned down to help you pick everything up, when you saw familiar tattoos on the hands and arms that were helping you. It was Harry Styles. You ran into Harry Styles and you were going to be getting him ready for the show tonight. You instantly blush and stand up quickly. 

“I’m so sorry.” You say. 

“It’s fine.” He laughs. “You in a hurry?” 

“Actually, yes.. I’m uh.. I’m helping Lou today, which was last minute, so I’m running late.” You say. 

“Oh, well I’m Harry. Nice to meet you.” He says holding out his hand. 

“Y/N.” You smile. “Nice to meet you too, although I wish it was under better circumstances and not me running into you.” 

“Well, it makes it very memorable.” He smirks. 

The rest of the afternoon, you talked with Harry has you styled his hair and got him ready for the Brit Awards. Lou would smirk over at the two of you and when it was your turn to work on Liam, Harry went over to talk to Lou. 

“Is she seeing anyone?” He whispers to her, while she was styling Niall’s hair. 

“Nope.” She says. 

“Do you think she’d go out with me tonight?” He asks. 

“Don’t know, you’ll have to ask her.” She smirks. 

He groans and looks over at you. 

After all the boys were ready to go, you all took pictures of them. They were just about to leave when Harry walks over to you. 

“Hey, are you doing anything tonight?” He asks. 

“I’ll probably be at home watching the Brits on my couch.” You laugh. 

“Well, how would you like to watch them live… with me?” He asks. 

“Are you asking me to go to the Brits with you?” You ask. 

He nods. “Yeah, what do you say?” 

“Well, I’m not exactly dressed to go to an award show…” You sigh. 

“You look great… “ He blushes. “But I mean.. if you don’t want to go…” 

“No! No, I uh.. I’ll go.” You smile. “Let me just freshen up a bit.” 

“Okay.. cool.” He smiles. 

Behind The Scenes part 1

Steve, Bucky

Summary: Bucky is an actor who’s just starting out. Steve is a makeup artist. They meet when they work on the same production and Bucky’s role requires him to have his body painted. Surely it’s hard to not become close if you have to stand half naked while someone paints on you everyday.

A/N: Based on this.

I don’t know if I want to make this a series, or just keep it as a one shot. On one hand, making it a series would give me the opportunity to explore this ‘verse more and develop Bucky’s and Steve’s characters, but on the other hand we all know that I can rarely keep a series good because I get bored easily. What do you guys think? Maybe I can add chapters when I feel like writing them, instead of forcing myself to write them? Any thoughts?

Edit: ^ Lol

[Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4[Part 5[Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 9.5] [Part 10] [Christmas Special] [Sequel series]

Words: 1 502

Bucky knew that being an actor was hard, but being an actor at a small theater was even worse. It was almost always crowded, people were either too relaxed or too tense, they couldn’t always afford all the props they needed, and to top it all off, because they were all just starting out they had to spend more time trying to make everything perfect just in case someone big came to watch them.

It was all very stressful, and Bucky wouldn’t have it any other way.

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