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EYES: Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance Palette
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Who would be interested in an alternative lifestyle & fashion blog from someone who is on a super low budget? Most of these blogs incorporate higher prices name brands, while there are few that highlight thrift stores, ebay, and making your own clothing, ect. The blog would also follow my misadventures as an alt model and makeup & hair artist within the NYC goth scene.

I’m still making it regardless, I just was curious to see who would actually be interested.


This is my kind of makeup tutorial. I’m unveiling this painting at Curvy AF and she does not go on sale till after the event! Song by: @kevincooksceo_hmo
If you have music you’d like me to use, please let me know.
Curvy AF, Nov. 4th tickets in bio and on sale now.

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Professional Makeup Artists on Youtube

If you’re anything like me… You probably watch a million and one beauty videos a day on Youtube. Although self taught MUA’s and every day people are knowledgeable and enjoyable to watch, there is something super satisfying about watching a professional makeup artist. Learn professional tips, watch tutorials on models… just sit back and observe art being made.

Charlotte Tilbury. Creator of the luxury cosmetic line Charlotte Tilbury, she started out as a makeup artist to the stars. An expert at glam looks.

Monika Blunder. A celebrity makeup artist with clients such as Jessica Alba, Amanda Seyfried and Rosie Huntington. 

Lisa Eldridge. Celebrity makeup artist and author. Her videos are great for the every day girl who prefers a more natural look or anyone looking to gain more information and insight to all things beauty.

Jordan Liberty. Pro makeup artist in NYC. Has worked in Fashion Week, with magazines, celebrities, designers. 

Natasha Denona. One of Israeli’s most influential makeup artists and owner of a makeup line.

Pixi Woo. Creators of popular brush line Real Techniques and trained makeup artists. 

Contouring 101

It always surprises me that for most women, contouring is often a skipped step. When you apply foundation to your entire face, you’re creating a blank canvas, making it critical to go back and add the dimensions back in. Technically, contouring is about shadows and light; if you’ve ever taken an art class you’ll remember that you use darker shading to push an area inward and lighter shading to pull an area outward. This is great for creating the appearance that you have a stronger jawline, more defined cheek bones, and a slimmer face.



Sponge or Foundation Brush

Bronzing Powder or Cream Bronzer

Flat-headed Bronzing Brush

1.     Apply foundation all over face and neck with a sponge, foundation brush or fingers.

2.     Look in the mirror and suck in your cheeks.  This will instantly show you exactly where your cheekbones are.  Sweep bronzing powder/cream bronzer with a flat-headed bronzer brush just slightly under cheekbones from the hollows to your ear.

3.     Sweep bronzer in circular motions directly on temples.

4.     Contour along the hairline.

5.     Contour directly underneath your jawline.

6.     Blend edges with a sponge.

1. Cheekbones (powder blush): Look for natural hair bristles and an angled tip to perfectly sculpt and shape cheekbones. To find where yours are, look in the mirror and suck in your cheeks, then work the brush directly on them using short strokes as you make your way across towards your ears.

2. Apples (powder blush): Look for natural bristles and a plump body with a pointed tip for the best precision when applying blush to the apples of your cheeks. To find where yours are, look in the mirror and smile; your apples will literally pop out like little golf balls. Swirl the blush in circular motions directly on top of them.

3. Stippling (cream blush): Look for synthetic bristles in two layers that are different colors, a dark set that is dense and short and a lighter set that is long and sparse. This design picks up two layers when you gently dip it in your cream blush, allowing for different outcomes when swirling it from the apples across your cheekbones (light pressure = sheer finish, heavier pressure = satin finish). Then blend edges with your fingers.

4. Contouring (cream or powder bronzer): Look for synthetic bristles if you are using a cream bronzer or a cream foundation three shades darker than your skin tone; look for natural bristles if you are using a bronzing powder. Using short strokes, trace the product directly under your cheekbone in the hollows of your cheeks, up to your temples, across your hairline and under your jawline. For a refresher course on contouring, click here to see Lauren’s demonstration in six steps.

5. Highlighting (loose or pressed highlighting powder): Look for natural bristles in a fan shape that feel light and airy on your skin. This design is perfect for sweeping a shimmery highlighting powder directly above your cheekbones using light, downward strokes. Bonus: Fan brushes were originally developed to “dust” away excess powder or shadow particles, so next time you create a smoky eye and there are little black shadow droppings that have fallen on your cheeks, use your fan brush like a duster to sweep them away.

6. Bronzing (loose or pressed powder bronzer): Look for natural bristles with a rounded head for the most even application. Unlike using bronzer for contouring, here we’re using it to look sunkissed, so this brush design is ideal to evenly distribute, diffuse and blend the powder as you swirl it all over your face and neck.

7. Blending (everything!): This Botan Brush by NARS is the only one of its kind out there and a must-have splurge for serious make-up artists. It has short and dense natural bristles that cover almost two inches in diameter and is the ultimate blender to use following blush, bronzer or powder application. Bonus trick: If you use a foundation or bronzer that comes in a spray can, instead of applying it directly to your face, spray it in the palm of your hand, dip the Botan Brush in it then swirl it all over your face and neck for an airbrushed look that is simply gorgeous.