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Take note folks, this is how you appreciate a culture without appropriating it. 

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge wanted to honour the centennial of Hindi cinema by doing a look inspired by Madhuri Dixit from Devdas. She used an actual South Asian model, did not do any commodification, and just executed the video so beautifully and respectfully. 

So no, you are not being barred from participating in cultural appreciation- you just don’t know how to do it.

Professional Makeup Artists on Youtube

If you’re anything like me… You probably watch a million and one beauty videos a day on Youtube. Although self taught MUA’s and every day people are knowledgeable and enjoyable to watch, there is something super satisfying about watching a professional makeup artist. Learn professional tips, watch tutorials on models… just sit back and observe art being made.

Charlotte Tilbury. Creator of the luxury cosmetic line Charlotte Tilbury, she started out as a makeup artist to the stars. An expert at glam looks.

Monika Blunder. A celebrity makeup artist with clients such as Jessica Alba, Amanda Seyfried and Rosie Huntington. 

Lisa Eldridge. Celebrity makeup artist and author. Her videos are great for the every day girl who prefers a more natural look or anyone looking to gain more information and insight to all things beauty.

Jordan Liberty. Pro makeup artist in NYC. Has worked in Fashion Week, with magazines, celebrities, designers. 

Natasha Denona. One of Israeli’s most influential makeup artists and owner of a makeup line.

Pixi Woo. Creators of popular brush line Real Techniques and trained makeup artists. 

Youtube Videos by Professional Makeup Artists

As most of you know, Youtube is a huge platform in the beauty industry where people can post beauty videos such as product reviews, makeup tutorials, etc. While many of the beauty vloggers/youtubers are self taught and usually young there are quite a few professional, celebrity makeup artists to learn and draw inspiration from! While I watch (and love) many of the self taught, younger beauty vloggers it’s refreshing to watch and learn from people with years and years worth of skill and talent! Just though i’d share of few of my favorite makeup artists to watch on Youtube!

P.s how awesome is technology and the internet that we can learn tricks from celebrity makeup artists while sitting at home in pajamas… anyways..

Check out

Monika Blunder - Celebrity Makeup Artist 

Wayne Goss - Professional Makeup Artist

Charlotte Tilbury - Celebrity Makeup Artist/makeup brand owner

Jordan Liberty - Professional Makeup Artist

Lisa Eldridge - Celebrity Makeup Artist

Pixi Woo - Professional Makeup Artists (sister duo)

Look from Monika Blunder’s Megan Fox Teen Choice Awards 2014 Makeup Tutorial 

irenebadler  asked:

For anyone who was wondering how to get Adele's signature makeup look, Lisa Eldridge invited Adele's makeup artist to do a tutorial on her YouTube channel and it's amazing and very easy to understand and later on do yourself ❤️

I saw that! Here it is for anybody who’s interested…

- Suzannah