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Handcuff MakeUp Challenge!

 The film makers of the new comedy, Hot Pursuit, starring Reese Witherspoon & Sofia Vergara, challenged myself & Laura Bubble to see if we could do each other’s makeup handcuffed!

If you need a bit of a laugh, then definitely check this video out.
We had so much fun making it. The blooper reel would have been just as funny - but it contained a few too many naughty words! It’s safe to say that it was definitely harder than you might think!

 Enjoy :)

When girls spend hundreds of dollars on anti acne treatments but NEVER clean your makeup brushes. Your brushes end up festering in germs, bacteria, dead skin, etc and CLOG UP YOUR PORES and leads to acne. No matter how good a cleanser or product is, if you’re still putting the same junk on your face, you will still break out. 

One deep cleaning session for your brushes a week (if you only use your brushes for personal use) is enough and I will bet you that you will see a huge difference in your skin.

A Bewitching Manicure - Legendary makeup man, Charles Gemora, puts finishing touches on the rubber gauntlets worn by Karen Dolan for the 1962 action fantasy film, Jack the Giant Killer. Gemora died from a fatal heart attack a few months after his work on the film in August 1961. (AP photo via Flashbak)

Philippine-born Charles Gemora’s 40-year career span in Hollywood was remarkable and diverse. He worked in set-design and/or sculpting on films like Victor Hugo’s, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923), Douglas Fairbanks’ The Black Pirate (1926), and Universal’s Nightlife of the Gods (1935). His research and expertise in ape costuming designs and portrayal gave him the moniker, Hollywood’s Gorilla Man - his work in this area is a signature of his career. Gemora’s makeup work was creative, inventive, and influential. He tutored Harry Ray on how to makeup Dorothy Lamour in The Jungle Princess (1936), and assisted fellow artists Jack Dawn, Cecil Holland, Robert Schiffer, and William Tuttle, when Caucasian actors were to portray Asians for The Good Earth (1937).  His work with Barbara Stanwyck in The Great Man’s Lady (1942) is considered one of the most realistic age makeups ever placed on celluloid. One of the most interesting of Charles Gemora assignments was his creation of the three-eyed Martian in the sci-fi horror classic, War of the Worlds (1953) - at the last minute it was decided that the creature/costume was too large, Gemora, with the help of his daughter Diana (age 12) rebuilt it overnight. Gemora performed as the Martian the next day. Gemora also was an inventor - his accomplishments in that area include his work in the development of 3D cinema.  

Charles Gemora entering the Martian suit he designed, built, and wore for War of the Worlds (1953). (image via

Softly diffused winged eyeliner!

I love to sport a diffused winged liner with top & bottom lashes, and minimal face makeup for a subtle glam look. 
Many of our female celebs are photographed on the red carpet wearing what appears to be minimal makeup, yet they still look manage to look glam - how? Well it’s all about the eyes!
If you take a closer look, they usually have on a nude / subtle shimmery eyeshadow with winged eyeliner & lashes, and minimal face makeup.
Such celebrities include Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone and iconic model, Kate Moss

The above image is a close-up of my eye makeup from a recent tutorial I created - ‘Diffused Winged Liner with Bright Lips’ 
You can either wear this eye makeup with a nude lip for that celeb inspired subtle glam look, or swipe on a bright Coral colour to bring some Summer fun to your face. 

If you would like to see how to recreate this beautiful eyeliner, then go checkout my ’Diffused Winged Eyeliner’ tutorial on my channel.  

I’m wearing Velour Lashes in ’Doll Me Up’ for my top set. And ’Keep It On Low’ for my bottom set. You can use discount code ‘SHONAGHVELOUR’ for 15% off at the Velour checkout (excluding Cluster-holics, Custom lashes, Red boxes and Lash sticks)