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The Make Up Artist part.1

Word count: 795

Warnings: Some swearing


Being 5 seconds of summer’s make up artist is literally my life. I started working for them when they first toured with One Direction, the boys are my best friends and they mean the world to me. The only annoying thing is that I have a stupid crush on the one and only Luke Hemmings. Since I was a year younger than Luke the boys treated me like a baby for the first year or so, which was pretty annoying.

Right now we are in the US in the beautiful city New York. I was helping out around set since the boys were doing interviews and I didn’t need to do their make up until later on in the evening. I’ve made a couple of new friends amongst the crew which is pretty nice since I don’t find it easy to make new friends. Right before the guys got back from all their interviews I was chilling in the makeup area, while playing with some of the makeup, since that is what I like to do. I was almost done applying some dark purple lipstick when the boys stumbled into the room.

“Hello Chipmunk” Ash smiled as he stood behind me, looking in the mirror.

“Hello Ashton” I said as I put down the lipstick on it’s right place. “How did the interviews go?” I asked as I turned the chair around.

“All good, all good” He smiled at me as he grabbed a water bottle from the fridge.

“Done anything new today Y/N” Michael asked as he threw himself on the sofa

“Same old Michael, helping with the stage, playing around with the makeup” I laughed as I grabbed my bottle of water from my bag on the floor. After a while of chattering I walked over to the speakers to plug in my phone, but before I could do anything Calum grabbed my phone and held it over his head.

“Calum for fuck sake, give me my phone” I Said under my breath as I tried to reach it. The worst thing about being 5’2 is being around guys who are +6 foot and the tend to abuse the fact that they can hold up my things so I can’t reach them.

“No, you’ve been looking sad for a week, tell us what’s up” He said

“The sky is up Calum” I said as I tried to grab my phone again.

“No, now stop it and sit down” He said as he grabbed me by the waist before sitting me down on the sofa between Luke and Michael. So something might have happen but I’m not talking to anyone if Luke is going to be here.

“I’m not saying anything if Luke is here” I said as I tried to stand up, but only being pushed down by Cal again.

“Tell. Us.” Michael said with his adult voice as I like to call it, he sounds more professional when he uses it and quite scary to be honest.

“Guys, let me go” I whined as I stood up, grabbing my phone so I could leave the room

“Why won’t you tell us anything” Calum whined, I looked over my shoulder but I didn’t say anything, I only grabbed my jacket and my bag and walked out the door.

You’re probably pretty confused right now. Well you see, you know that I like Luke right. But he is apparently dating some girl, but I donät know if it’s true or not. And he knows that I like him since I told him like last week, 


“Luke can I talk to you?” I asked as I walked into his hotel room.

“Yea! What can I do for you?” He asked as he sat down on his bed

“Um,, I don’t really know how to say this Luke”

“Just tell me, It can’t be that bad right?” He smiled

“Okay, so” I had to stop so I could take a deep breath “I like you Luke”

“Well, I like you too” He chuckled

“No Luke, I like like you” I said as I slowly backed up against the door so I could run, when I looked at his face he was just staring at me, he didn’t say anything, he didn’t move, nothing, he did absolutely nothing.

“You know that I have a girlfriend right?” Was all he said, or that was all I heard since I was already halfway out the room when he said it.


So now you know why I won’t talk to Luke, I’m not mad at him or anything, I’m just sad. When i reached the door I looked over my shoulder and to my luck, no one was there.

“ I prepare for the noble war. I’m calm, I know the secret. I know whats coming and I know no one can stop me, not even myself. ”

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Oooooh Anita's latest tweet. She said "Cape Town here we come". I think they're leaving very soon, possibly even today or tomorrow. Why Cait's MUA would be needed if Cait herself wasn't there, right?

I think Cait is there. It doesn’t take weeks to set-up the makeup area. And if she’s going, then chances are good they’re filming too.

That's Mine: Boys Republic Minsu Smut

Sorry this took so long; I really hope you enjoy it (°∀°)b 

The set was busy, with the staff rustling around putting the stage lights in place; and the stylists fitting the clothes on the members and fixing their makeup. 

You panned the area for your boyfriend. When you spotted him he was being fitted for the concept outfit. A man in a suit always made your knees weak but your boyfriend Minsu in a suit almost made you fanit. He turned around as the stylist slipped his jacket on; shaking it by the front so that it fit in all the right places. You stood there, lunch bag in your hands, staring at the way he fixed his collar and the cuffs on his suit. 

You almost lost your footing when you watched his tongue poke out of his mouth. Showing how focused he was, looking in the mirror. When you stumbled over your feet almost losing the lunch boxes to the floor; that’s when he noticed your presence. And so did the rest of the staff.

“Oh shit” you mumbled. Catching yourself and the boxes of food.

“Y/N?” He giggled as he saw your stumble and noticed your blushing cheeks.

“I wanted to surprise you” you stated and showed him the food you brought. He kissed your cheek and sat you down.

He inspected all the food and smiled at your thought and effort. “This looks really good, but I’ll eat it after this scene okay” you nodded your head accepting and watched as Minsu and his members finished getting ready.

It seemed you showed up right when they were going to shoot the dance scene. 

If it wasn’t the suits, it was the dancing; because you couldn’t help but feel flustered. Just by looking at him smile made your heart race, but the way he was dancing really made you go crazy. But if it wasn’t the dancing it was the song, the lyrics was as if it was depicting this situation right here. My breath sure did stop; I did feel it deep in my heart; and it did feel different.

You needed him. As soon as possible; but that wasn’t going to happen. You waited patiently and his as much as you could your lust for Minsu. 

When it was over you watched him eat the food you made, smiling at you from stuffed cheeks. He finished eating, throwing his utensils down and running a hand through his hair. Damn that hair; you wanted your hands through that hair. 

“You okay?” He asked, breaking you from you lustful daydream.

“Mhm” you answered. And he chuckled, making your cheeks heat up. You felt his eyes on you; it seemed like he already knew. As if he saw through your facade and knew exactly what you were thinking. 

He smirked and sat back in his chair. 

“Food was good, I really enjoyed it, but…” He was talking but you really werent listening. You were to busy thinking about how sexy he looked in his suit. And the way his parted hair looked so soft. Your core began to burn at the thought of you taking off his clothes. 

“I got to go” you kissed his cheek quickly and raced out of the set. You tried to be as shuttle as possible, hoping not to raise and flags with Minsu. But you needed to get far away from him as soon as possible. You need to calm you lusting body down.

The walk to your apartment was short, and it wasn’t enough to cool yourself down. You entered your apartment throwing your shoes and handbag to the floor. Walking straight into the shower. 

“God, he looked so good” you said to yourself as you tried to wash the dirty thoughts from your mind. 

When you finished your shower, which did little to nothing to clear your mind. It had been a while since you and Minsu had been intimate, because of his groups preparations for a comeback. The constant studio visits and dance practices; you barely got to even talk to each other. And it will only get worse when he started promoting. 

You laid on the bed with a huff; your damp hair falling in your face. You whined; you still couldn’t stop thinking of him. Your thighs began to rub together unconsciously; the little friction was causing you to get worked up. The was a pulsing in your core from the lack of contact. Your hands began to snake their way down your stomach. Your breathing became heavy as the images of Minsu ran through your mind. His name fell from your lips as you began to work at your folds, your fingers ghosting over your clit. You became wetter and wetter at the thought of Minsu here. If he had seen you now he would have been angry. He would have told you, “That’s mine”…

But that was no longer a thought. Because you had actually heard those words at this moment. You thought you could have been imagining, but the slam of the bedroom door said otherwise. When a hand gripped your wrist pulling you from your fantasy; your eyes flew open and you knew it wasnt just your mind. 

Your eyes landed on the person who interrupted you.

“Don’t touch what isn’t yours” It was Minsu, throwing your hand away from your center. You gasped as you tried your best to cover yourself, as your towel had unravled and you couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. 

“Minsu I-I…” You were cut off by him throwing you back down to the bed. Looking up at him, he was still in his concept clothes; he must have followed you back home worried. He threw his jacket off and undid his tie.

You were startled by his actions. His hands worked there way down your thighs, pulling them apart. He stared intently at your soaking core; you knew better than to say or do anything. So you kept quiet, your breath building up once again in anticipation. 

His hands maneuvered to your bottom as he tugged you toward the edge of the bed. 

He placed a kiss on you folds; his tongue darted out towards you clit. And you hissed as he swiped his tongue up your folds. When his lips wrapped around you clot, sucking as fast as he could; your head pushed back into the sheets. Your hand moved to his hair, it was soft  to the touch. ‘Finally’, you thought. Your moans filled the room and he looked up at you to see you a withering mess. Your stomach contracted, your chest heaving up and down, Ndand your face flushed. It was a beautiful sight to him. 

His lips and tongue stayed in your clit, while his fingers moved inside you; curling up to hit that spot. You legs were becoming weak, it was hard for you to keep them open any longer. Your hips were unconsciously pulling away, as the feeling of pleasure was too much. But he was in control, so he wrapped an arm around your hips, pulling you closer forcing you to stay. His fingers moved inside you at an unexplainable place. When he felt your was contracting he moved his tongue in place of his fingers. Feeling his warm muscle inside you, Caused your orgasm to take over. Your body burning as he licked up all your juices. 

He moved on top of you, forcing you into a kiss. You accepted glady, tasting yourself on him.

“You shouldn’t touch whats mine” he spoke on your lips, “and you should tell me when you need something” he smirked as he pulled away from your lips. He crawled off of you. Brushing off his clothes and grabbing his jacket from the floor. 

“Where are you going?” You asked, still catching your breath.

“Gotta go back to work. I did just leave to see if you were okay, to find you…” His eye hazed slightly and he smirked, thinking about how he found you. You blushed, and walked up to fix his tie. 

You looked at him worried, noticing the bulge in his pants. “Don’t worry you can make it up to me later” he smacked your ass while turning to leave the bedroom. 

“Bring the suit” you spoke to his back, he stopped and looked down at his attire. He chuckled and huffed realization coming over him. He walked out the apartment and you sat in your bed still trying to figure out what had just happened. And thinking about what you would do to him when he came back home.


here i am taking selfies while i’m still sick… but i gotta go out today


Prosthetics Made Easy! Plus a **DISCOUNT CODE**

As many of you know, I am a fully trained ‘Media Makeup Artist’. The media part refers to being qualified in various areas of makeup, such as body painting, special FX, sculpting, wig making, airbrushing, generic beauty makeup, etc… 
And SFX makeup is probably one of my favourite things to do. For anyone who does not dabble in makeup SFX can appear very impressive yet difficult to do / recreate, but in actual fact, it doesn’t need to be, nor is it hard to do at all.
At least not when the hard part is done for you - sculpting and making the moulds. 
You can purchase pre-made silicone molds of cuts, burns, scars, bites, bullet wounds, etc… that will give you the most realistic effects! 
Halloween for instance is a busy time in most media makeup artists schedules, and we don’t have time to be sculpting and moulding for every clients requirements, so it’s ideal to have a couple of these assortment molds from PAM in our kit. 

MEL Inc specialise in SFX, and produce the pre-made silicone molds as well as the materials required to fill them. They also have a host of pre-made made silicone appliances that are ‘ready to apply’ if you prefer not to make them yourself. 
It’s a very simple process to produce the prosthetic pieces as MEL Inc have made it easy with the use of their MELGEL Prosthetic Cream.

You simply apply a small amount of Vaseline to your silicone molds, and then fill the mold using some of the Prosthetic Cream - if you are familiar with Probondo then you’ll see that the MELGEL Cream works in the same way. You could also use cap plastic instead of Vaseline as this will allow you blend away your edges with acetone once you’ve placed onto the skin.
You need to make sure you press the cream right into all the crevices of the mold so that it picks up all the detail.

The next step is to scrape along the mold with a credit card, or something similar that has a straight firm edge to it. This will clean up the surface, ensuring a flat base, and that the edges will be completely thin so the appliance will be seamless on the skin.
Then you just need to wait for it dry - I always place mine above the radiator or in the airing cupboard. Make sure not to place it anywhere that dust is going to settle on the surface.  
Once it’s set you’ll have a tacky surface ready to adhere to the skin! 

The fun part is colouring your appliance. I always prefer to use Skin Illustrator palettes as they are alcohol activated paints, so they are waterproof - no fear of the colour flaking off or running in the rain. 
I like to purchase the smaller ‘on set’ palettes as they are cheaper, and as I don’t use them too often, this size is ideal for me.
I will be doing a tutorial on how to use these products in the new year. 

SO… I have a 20% discount code for you to shop at PAM which will run for 1 week starting from today! The code is ‘shonagh20′ be sure to type it in at the checkout to receive money off! 


Sitting on the floor of the makeup area eating chips from catering while watching Raw… don’t ask me why. The floor is just so comfy. ✌️