makeup addicts

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Ships are open! Yeet! So for Star Trek (aos) i'm the girl in my profile picture. I'm on the soccer team, a baton twirler & on the academic team. I'm kind of addicted to makeup and I love hanging out with my friends... I'm also quite lonely haha... And my personality is loud, sweet, pretty insecure (whoops), crazy, nerdy and I love to laugh. Also my zodiac is a leo. :3 Thanks!

I Ship you with Captain Kirk!

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If there was one thing James T. Kirk liked to do,  having a good time was at the top of the list. And with you, he never was disappointed. He loved being around you, watching you socialize with his friends. Your personality would shine through as you laughed a little too loudly at Scotty’s horrible joke. Jim would watch from afar, as you threw our head back, roaring in laughter. His heart would skip a beat when you’d meet him with a smile, leaving him to wonder how he got so lucky to call you his.

ships are closed.

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