When my boyfriend and I went out for our belated valentine’s dinner on Friday night, I had no idea that he put in a note for our reservation that we were also celebrating my acceptance to the PhD program. Only thing is I hadn’t heard back yet (and even if I had, there was no guarantee of that their decision was in my favor). So of course my jaw dropped when the waitress came by with two champagne glasses and a “congratulations” when I was still waiting on that darned email.

Well, the email came in as I was walking out of class this afternoon. Y'all. God took my dreams and made them bigger than I could have ever imagined. I’M GETTING MY PhD IN NURSING. I am overwhelmed with joy. I have the opportunity to be a person of influence in my profession by delving further into end-of-life care; my hope is that our elders will not only live well, but die well also. This is a place not many are willing to go, but I’m going to pave the way in faith– after all, the One who gave me these dreams has already gone before me.



I often get asked how I shape my eyebrows, so I decided to create this tutorial showing you the easy process in 6 steps;

* Guideline
* Shaping
* Filling In
* Set In Place
* Clean Up

You can purchase all the products I’ve used here:

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* Optional * Eyebrow Stencil
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* Tweezerman Tweezers
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* Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors
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* MAC 212 Flat Brush
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Let me know how you get on trying these steps.

Shonagh x