Hundreds attend vigil for man who died after confrontation with Ottawa police
Abdi’s cousin, Sameera, thanked all those who attended, and said the family was touched by the support they have received.
By Canoe inc.

It was a sombre scene at Somerset Square Park on Tuesday evening as about 500 people gathered to show their support for the family of Abdirahman Abdi, and to express their outrage at his death.

The vigil was held just steps from where the 37-year-old was killed in what Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit is calling a “confrontation” with police.

The incident Sunday morning has sparked outrage across the community, regardless of age, race, gender or creed — and that was pointed out several times Tuesday as speakers thanked the diverse array of supporters who attended the vigil.

People scrawled slogans in chalk on the street, and as the vigil grew in numbers, the throng spilled over to 55 Hilda Street, where a makeshift memorial now stands near the spot Abdi was killed.

Coun. Jeff Leiper, who has been outspoken about Abdi’s violent arrest and death, said the evening was about “coming together as a community” rather than fiery speeches.

“We’ve lost a neighbour,” he said. “We’re shocked, we don’t know why this happened, but we wanted to come together. … That’s one of the most important things we can do as a community over the next several weeks — talk to each other.”

Leiper said grief counsellors would be made available to those who need the service.

Abdi’s cousin, Sameera, thanked all those who attended, and said the family was touched by the support they have received.

Imagine calling on the boys for an unusual case...

You swallowed hard. Never before had you believed in Karma (definitely with a capital K), but today was a day full of surprises. Really shitty surprises admittedly, but they were surprises none the less.

“So you’re telling me she bit your arm?” Deam scoffed.

“That is exactly what I’m saying, yes, keep up.” You snapped, wincing as your arm shifted in its makeshift sling.

“A woman bit your arm so deep you can’t move it properly. And she wasn’t a vamp or anything,” he reiterated, a smile twitching at his features, “Just some normal, crazy ass-”

You pursed your lips, resisting the urge to roll your eyes. “This isn’t a joke. Remember that guy who asked me on a date a few weeks back? And I told him I’d meet up when the weather was better?” You said, watching as Dean nodded in agreement. “The weather got better and I never replied. I thought I was letting him down easy but apparently Karma came back and bit me. Literally.”

Dean opened the door the the motel room and let you walk straight in. Sam was stood back further in the room looking nothing short of confused. However, you had to admit you were relieved you weren’t going to have to stand on the doorstep anymore because the next bit was going to sound insane. You sat on the edge of the closest bed quietly fuming until the boys came and stood in front of you.

“Karma is a bitch.”

Sam blinked a couple of times, before narrowing his eyes and beginning to speak, “What do you-?”

“Karma is a 5"4, 20 yr old redhead with a vengeance against me… Guys, I’m really going to need your help on this one.”


Went out in public feeling pretty masc, came back and took selfies only to discover my makeshift multiple-sports-bras binder hadn’t gotten me nearly flat enough to actually look masc.

On a more positive note, this is my new favorite hairstyle.


A makeshift school has been set up by displaced teachers and UNICEF at our peacekeeping mission in South Sudan’s (UNMISS) Tomping camp in Juba to provide basic education to about 900 displaced children and adolescents.

Since fighting broke out earlier this month some 3,000 civilians have taken refuge in the Tomping compound with another 29,000 in and around our UN House in Juba. Our peacekeepers are patrolling both areas to ensure the safety of displaced civilians and working with other agencies to make sure basic needs are met.

The Posse Niger The Red Planet Photo Hugh Ardoin

The roadside in the desert is so vast that it touches every horizon

The road is like a knife cutting into the crust of caked sand

It draws separation lines and frontiers of arbitrary

A ribbon that unfurls along the landscape

In the desert, it holds the landscape together and ties the sky with the horizons

All this exists and does not exist, the desert is a powerful enhancer of reality

Scattering  shimmering mirages in the distance, imitating the wake of a departing ship

Women with children move along the road like some important posse running after a most wanted social event

The clouds in the sky move their shadows on the desert’s makeshift chessboard in an endless game

Hugh Ardoin Niger The Red Planet Gallery

you know college roommates are really on that Extra level when they push their beds together.. like, they just dont give a fuck anymore. theyre so comfortable with one another that they can spend nine months of the year sleeping in a makeshift queen-sized together all because having the beds next to each other frees up extra dorm room space to use. truly amazing

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Imagine de-aged luke (like 2 years old) is upset that his father has found him and insists on carrying him around everywhere. Eventually he gets used to it and although he would never admit it, he kinda enjoys feeling so protected. Vader literally brings him everywhere except for on the battlefield (then he'll leave him in his makeshift cot and have someone on the executor watch him while he's gone)

Mmm, anon, this is super-adorable (and questionable as always because Vader, pls calm down this isn’t going to help you charm Luke), but I am really uncomfortable with a character being aged down that far - I start to hit a line somewhere between 5-10 when it comes to aging down someone who’s an older teenager-adult.

I wonder what the devs think of McCree/Hanzo

They probably look at the mountains of story and all their plans, which is void of any interaction between the two, and go: “What the fuck? How did you get here? We didn’t drive you here. We didn’t give you a map. There isn’t even a road leading from Hanzo to Mccree. No voice-lines, no lore, nothing.”

And the fandom just stands there at the end of a fucked up makeshift hiking trail, armed with only a single shoe and a pair of pants. They’re nailing a sign into the ground. McHanzo, it says.

The devs say, “That isn’t even a stop on this tour. You can’t just make up stops like that.”

The fandom does not care. Soon, they have built a small civilization. They analyze the meta. “It’s possible,” they say, “To get here based on these in-universe principles. With their backgrounds, they may have known each other.” There are archives. Art galleries. Civilization.

“Stop it.” the devs say, “Get back in the goddamn car.”

The fandom says “Not until they kiss.”

The devs slam their faces into the car horn continuously for the next six hours.


She scratches marks into the rusty wall. Another mark; another day. And there are thousands of marks. A sizzling sound over: A dried desert flower in a rusty engine piece. A rough, stuffed handmade doll, made from what looks like orange Rebellion flight suit material and twine. Rey’s lonely, ramshackle dwelling. Everything reclaimed. She cooks for one. Does everything for one. She opens the powder, moves to the makeshift wok, where the green meat sizzles. Pours the powder into milky water in a tin. Stirs it. It grows into a loaf as she puts the meat on an old plate. Grabs the loaf. Rey sits, eats like a starving child. Every last drop.

Thunder Buddies

Summary: Steve comforts you when you become scared of a thunderstorm.

Word Count: 1,300

Warnings: None.

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Steve looks up from the report he has been reading, signing the bottom line absently as his forehead creases and his mouth sets in a thin, straight line. He had left the curtains parted, never quite getting tired of the beautiful Manhattan skyline visible from this far up in Stark’s tower. The city had grown so much since Steve last remembered.

But today, his eyes narrow and he sets his pen down. Dark grey, ominous clouds loom just close enough to know that a storm will hit within minutes. Steve gets on his feet and turns his body towards the door. He knows you’re somewhere around the floor. Last time he had seen you, you had been holding a lively conversation with Sam. He smiles, glad that you had effortlessly become an essential part of his makeshift family.

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Wait no I have a head canon that Keith and lance's first kiss will probably be right before they go into battle and Keith is all "let me do this just to be safe" and like kiss lance.

There are explosions ringing in his ear, like sirens vibrating the entire ship from the other side of the barricade they’ve erected, a makeshift one comprised mostly of debris that was knocked loose from the first blast. His bayard is heavy in his hand, his suit clinging uncomfortably to his body like a thick second skin. Lance isn’t much better off, he’s sweating so heavily his hair is plastered to his face, and sweat is dripping down his face is fat rivulets that momentarily distract Keith from the chaos behind the rubble.

“On my count,” Lance says, and he shifts to one knee like he’s going to jump up any second. The sight panics Keith’s already rabidly beating heart. If Lance leaves, if they separate, they might not come back to each other, this might be the last he saw of Lance - when they were both terrified and alone, and ready to die. 


Irritation crosses Lance’s face as he looks over, like he expects Keith to protest and tell him his plan is stupid. He starts to speak, but never gets the chance, because Keith pushes all of the bravery he has into swallowing the space between their bodies and letting his chapped lips touch Lance’s. 

There’s only a single moment between the start of the kiss and Lance reacting, where Keith is holding his breath and grabbing Lance’s face, pulling him impossibly closer. Only a single moment before Lance drops his bayard and takes two violent fistfuls of Keith’s suit and lunges into the kiss like it’s the last one he’ll ever have. They both do.

It doesn’t last, it can’t, because their coms are stable enough that they can hear Shiro screaming on the other end of them, desperately trying to guide Hunk through a mass of sentries. They pull away shaking. Lance’s hands are still buried in Keith’s shirt, but Keith can’t be sure because his vision is obstructed by a wetness that clings to his lashes and clogs his throat. 

“Just to be sure,” He croaks. 

This is from last night and doesn’t even begin to show the amount of people that were at this tiny park near campus. There are 5 pokestops all in sitting distance of each other (one by the creek so water pokemon) and when we pulled into the parking lot last night it was almost completely full. There were probably 50 people all wandering around together. A dude brought out a table and set up a makeshift pokemon center with refreshments etc. and a sign people could write their name on under team alligiences. Everytime something cool popped up everyone would let the other players know where to find it. When it got darker, someone went around with bug spray to keep everyone safe. Parents came with little kids and played alongside them.

If you don’t think pokemon go is a great thing you can get right out of my face.

BTS reaction to finding you dancing and singing in a goofy way while doing chores

Let me just say I have been caught on numerous occasions dancing around embarrassingly. I’ve been caught dancing while doing the dishes, singing while vacuuming (loudly). Apparently cleaning is equivalent to my own concert in my head. I guess I’m just saying I can easily be in these shoes.

-Admin Gray

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Jin: His head tilted, taking in the amusing sight of you sweeping. And no, it was not because you were completing a chore, it was because occasionally you would pick that broom up and it would become a makeshift guitar. If it wasn’t that, it would become your microphone as you belted out whatever song came into your head. Cackling at your jamming, he started to clap along, as well as move without any sort of rhythm. When you noticed him, you shrieked in terror, previously thinking you were alone, and even more horrified that he had seen your little concert. Shutting off the music, you spoke softly out of embarrassment. He only winked at you, smirking as he exclaimed, “Let’s jam out more together. It’s nice to see you let loose.”

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Suga: Blinking rapidly, he wasn’t exactly sure how to react to your antics as you danced around in the midst of washing the dishes. Typically he isn’t around when the dishes get washed, so he’s never one to see your behavior, but the moment he caught you rapping along and wiggling your body, he couldn’t help but regret not walking into the kitchen whenever you washed them. Pulling out his phone, he began to record you, chuckling underneath his breath as you continued to do crazy dance moves in front of the sink. At one point you even used the sponge as a microphone. “This is going to be good blackmail,” he uttered, feeling amused and a little bit of second hand embarrassment.

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J-Hope: Getting home earlier than usual, he quietly made his way to the sound of music, knowing full well you liked to blast music whenever you were busy with something. Assuming you were either showering or cleaning, he slowly pushed the bathroom door open, his eyes widening in surprise as he saw you scrubbing hard at the tub. But that wasn’t what had him so surprised, of course- you were singing quite loudly and obnoxiously as you scrubbed away, even timing the lyrics to your movements. Not able to contain himself, he doubles over in laughter, alerting you of his presence. You were not amused that he was laughing at you, and he noticed soon after, so he decided to sing just as loudly as you had, picking up another sponge and taking the spot beside you.

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Namjoon: Figuring he was off reading somewhere, you decided to play your music at a low volume in order to dust around the house. But since your playlist was on shuffle, you couldn’t control how excited you became when your hype song came on. Jumping along to the music, you started spitting out the lyrics, halfway dusting the blinds of the window and halfway twirling the duster as if it were a baton. Wanting to know why you had suddenly gotten loud, Namjoon sneaks to the living room and spots you acting like a madwoman, your hand movements sporadic as your duster became some sort of weapon. “Hey babe,”you shrieked out in surprise, straightening upon seeing him, “Remember, the duster is used to clean, not to rap.”

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Jimin: While you made the bed, you gasped as your song selection switched to something slow and sensual, a song that always made you body roll- even if it wasn’t great. Not being able to help yourself, you felt your body’s usual urge and you gave in, doing more dramatic body rolls than usual. In the middle of a certain sexy part, you paused the adjusting of the pillows and sang along, wiggling your body in a faux sexy way. Someone sputtered from behind, and you whip around to come face to face with Jimin, wide eyed with his mouth dropped open. Giggling a little, he shot you a smirk and said, “Why don’t you try body rolling with me instead of when you’re cleaning? Maybe you’ll get somewhere.”

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V: It was a frequent occurrence by now, and you couldn’t help yourself as you recognized one of your favorite songs playing before you started up the vacuum. Taehyung would never catch you, because he doesn’t really like the sound of vacuuming and stays away, so you let yourself dance with the vacuum- when you moved forward, your body would strut, and when you moved backward it would glide. It was a constant practice, and you found yourself laughing as you dramatically sang along, pausing in your moments to fake the high note. When you shut the vacuum off, your ears pick up on a slow and almost sarcastic clapping. Shooting Taehyung a questioning look, he just shakes his head and says, “Babe, it’s okay to perform with the vacuum, but I’d rather you perform with me, you know, your singer boyfriend.” The night would then progress with the two of you dancing and singing- mostly laughing- until you collapse.

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Jungkook: Folding laundry was boring to you, and whenever something is boring you use music to spice it up. The problem with this- if Jungkook hears a song he likes, he comes running. His favorite music to him is like a biscuit to a dog. You forgot that, though, and you started to perform along to a song that both you and Jungkook loved singing together. In the middle of your favorite part, you picked up a shirt and made it into a parachute, swirling it around your head. When your eyes refocus, you immediately spot Jungkook’s wide grin, and you can’t help but feel embarrassed. Throwing a shirt at him, he walks away, yelling out, “Wow. I think I’m not the one that should be the performer in this relationship.”