makeshift tripod

Cute Couple Moment (With Imagine)


You and Sam hadn’t seen each other in months. He lived in Nebraska and you lived in Georgia (sorry if you don’t). It had been a complete surprise when you were outside playing basketball with your sister’s boyfriend and Sam came up the drive way. You immediately dropped the ball running toward Sam and wrapping your arms around his neck. In response he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in for a kiss.


You two were at an awards ceremony and you were announcing the category for Best Male Lead. You read out the nominees and afterwards you opened up the envelope to see that it was none other than your boyfriend Cameron. He came up on stage and wrapped his arm around you pulling you in for a kiss.


You and Nash had went out shopping earlier that day. You each bought a pair of underwear to match with who your favorite superhero was. You two jumped around on the bed before Nash pulled out his camera and sat it up on a makeshift tripod and set up the photo timer. You two posed and waited for the timer to go off. You guys continued to take photos the rest of the night and posted some of them on social media. This one ended up on your Instagram.


You and Matt were in New York for your One-Year-Anniversary. Fans had been asking you guys to take pictures, but Matt wasn’t too keen on it. When it came to your relationship, Matt was a very private guy, but after a few nudges from you and the fans Matt gave in. You guys took the selfie and the fans loved it, even though Matt was being stubborn and didn’t smile.

Jack G- 

You, Gilinsky, and your best friend Meredith had been hanging out at your place all day long. The air conditioning hadn’t been working so you and Jack took your shirts off. Meredith teased you two asking if you guys were just going to get naked and have sex on the bed. Jack blushed and you threw a pillow at her telling her to shut-up. She laughed and snapped a quick picture of you two saying that y'all were her favorite couple. A few minutes later she slipped out of the bedroom leaving you two alone.


Jacob had been gone on tour for the last 7 months. You were just itching to see your baby so you offered to pick him up at the airport. When Jacob saw you he immediately wrapped his arms around your waist and you wrapped yours around his neck. Paparazzi was all over the airport and were asking you guys questions. You turned to say something and Jacob kissed your cheek. The next day the photos were all over magazines, but you guys didn’t care. They showed how much you and Jacob cared for each other.


Magcon Miami had been really hectic and you hadn’t gotten a chance to see Aaron at all and with all the craziness happening on you guys’ floor hotel security wasn’t letting anyone up there. Of course you were pissed because security wasn’t letting you go up there. You kept trying to tell security that you were Aaron Carpenter’s girlfriend, but they just thought you were another fan doing and saying anything to get up there to the boys. You called Aaron and told him the situation and he came down ASAP despite protest from security on that floor. Aaron immediately grabbed you and pulled you into him kissing your forehead. He apologized for him not being around and promised to make it up when Magcon Miami was over.


You and Taylor had been invited to attend Vidcon*. You guys were on the top floor with the other Youtubers and you, Taylor, Amanda (makeupbymandy24), and Tre (thisisacommentary) were outside goofing around. Taylor and Tre playfully argued about who was more ripped. Tre started to flex and Amanda went next to him and began feeling on his bicep. “I’d say Tre takes the cake on this one,” Amanda said. You giggled and sat next to Taylor and pulled his shirt to the side. You playfully gawked at his abs and touched them. “No way my Tay has abs of steel you guys.”

*Just pretend that Taylor still makes youtube videos.

(not my pictures)

Leaving My Fingerprints

‘I’m so tired it feels like my eyes are going to fall out.” Chester sighed dramatically as he collapsed face down onto their bed, groaning in contentment.

Grace laughed at his actions, stifling a yawn on the back of her hand as she made a makeshift tripod out of a stack of old magazines left in their hotel room and setting her camera up. When she looked back around, Chester was tucked up cozily under the covers of their bed, sleeping soundly. Grace rolled her eyes at her boyfriend, though she smiled despite herself.

'Good night to you too, dummy.’ She said mockingly, running a finger under her eyes to remove any smeared make up and combing her fingers through her hair to smooth it the best she could, before turning on the camera.

'Come to bed Grace.’ Chester said, his voice low and gravelly making Grace’s head spin. 'Need to cuddle.’ Grace stuck out her tongue in mock disgust at his words but Chester smirked knowingly, fighting to keep his eyes open.

'Gross.’ She said, checking that she would be in frame, and perhaps more importantly checking that he wouldn’t.

'Liar.’ He yawned, the bed rustling as he moved. 'Grace, babe please come to bed with me.’

'Can’t. Need to film the intro for Fridiary tomorrow so I can edit it on the plane..’ Grace could almost feel Chester rolling his eyes.


'Disney boy.’ She teased, quickly shutting him up. The bed squeaked again and Grace presumed that Chester had gone to sleep. Taking a deep breath, she leaned forward to turn her camera on and tried to shrug off the tiredness from a weeks worth of shooting for Hey USA for just a few minutes and transform herself into professional mode.

'Hey guys and welcome to Fridiary! Yet another hotel room because-’ She was cut off at the feel of a pair of strong arms wrapping around her middle, fingers digging into her sides rhythmically as she shrieked.

'Chester!’ She gasped out as he tickled her mercilessly, both of them collapsing onto the bed as Grace writhed. 'Stop stop stop I’m filming right now!’ She shrieked as she kicked her legs hard, attempting to escape his unrelinquishing grip.

'That’ll teach you Helbig.’ He said, lightening off in his ministrations and instead ghosting his fingers up and down her sides, making her shiver. He scooted closer to her so their bodies lay side by side, faces almost touching. 'Knew I’d get you to come to bed.’

Grace pouted and leapt up, straightening her rumpled clothes.

'Jackass.’ She said, taking her seat and composing herself before continuing again in her segment, as Chester sighed and allowed himself to be pulled into sleep once more.


Wake the fuck up, Helbig.


Gracie, you’ve done goofed.

You’ve broken the internet. Eat shit Zalfie.

grace seriously!!


Grace’s heart hammered in her chest as she read through the messages on her phone as she groggily woke up in her own bed the morning after her flight. Chester was sound asleep next to her, his arm a dead weight across her waist. The past twenty four hours had gone by in a blur of early morning complimentary breakfasts, bleary eyed plane editing and a quick upload when she got home before she collapsed into bed, still dressed in her clothes.

Typing out a question mark in response to Mamrie and Hannah, Grace gnawed on her fingernail her mind rife with possibilities. Her reply was instantaneous: Check yesterday’s video.

Feeling her blood run cold, Grace opened up her video on her phone and clicked play, Chester still sleeping soundly beside her. She gnawed on her thumbnail, everything as expected. What were they talking about in the video? As the end card started playing Grace let out a sigh of relief. Maybe she had interpreted the text wrong? Maybe… Oh shit.

Grace could only watch in wide eyed terror as the the scene unfurled. There, instead of her reshot ending, was the raw footage of Chester tickling her. Shit shit SHIT. They’d been so careful up to this point, every segment they put out specifically ambiguous. She felt panic rise in her throat as the repercussions dawned on her. Everything was going to change. The world knew about their little bubble of privacy. Behind her, Chester groaned as he woke up, his sleepy smile dissolving as he noted her panicked stance.

“Grace? Are you-”

“I outed us.” She blurted, covering her face. “Oh god, Chester I left the footage in Fridiary and they know, and there’s no getting it back and I’ve ruined everything and…” She stopped in her tirade as Chester started to laugh. “Why is this funny?”

“Because they already knew, dumb.” Chester said pulling her down onto the bed. Grace relaxed into him. “But now it just means I can hold your hand in public.” He waggled his eyebrows, and Grace rolled her eyes. Pulling out his phone, he kissed her on the cheek and took a picture before Grace could even process what was happening. She snatched for his phone but Chester just laughed, handing it to her with a smirk.

There on his Instagram, was a picture of them looking unbelievably in love. the caption read:

'This dumb made a goof. Oopth. #blessed’