themaskismyface  asked:

Human s/o please

Can I get mer!optimus courting and romantic headcanons?


  • Mer courting is really just looking appealing to each other, but this isn't’ even fair.
  • You’re not trying and he’s already fallen into the deepest deep sea trench for you.
  • He’s really polite and offers to help you with anything. He’ll go out of his way to see you.
  • another thing mers do, they catch fish for each other. And this is his biggest excuse. When he can, he’ll go out to find two big-ass fish that could probably feed a family of four.
  • He brings them to you and you cook them up. This is as romantic a dinner date get’s for the both of you. actually, it’d be really nice and he’d try to be charming, but it’d come off as nervousness but you’d still love him for it (bc I say so.)
  • If you seem to got be getting it, he’ll begin to become desperate and ask his pod mates for help.
  • Oh boy.
  • Cheesy pickup lines that make you laugh so hard you end up a wheezing mess on the floor. 
  • So,,, did he do good??? He’s confused.
  • you weren’t expecting such a thing from a mer like him. oml.