“Do my new cheer clothes make my butt look big?” the high school cheerleader asked, sighing slightly as she tilted her head, sticking her butt out a little and wiggling it from side to side as she bent over slightly. “I can never tell with these darn thin’s- it’s behind me, how am I ‘spose’ta see it properly?”

Note: I’m open to literally everything on this, you could be her boyfriend, best friend, father, stepfather, uncle, older family friend, teacher, coach- literally anything. Throw all of the connections at me.

EXO reaction to their gf having messy hair with big curls

A/n: My dream hair tho? like those curls are soooo nice it’s gonna look sexy


*admires how you look every morning* *bites lips as he finds you sexy*

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*plays with your hair while you are sleeping or cooking idk* My natural hair is also curly, but it makes my head looks huge..

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*bites lips as he sees you in his large white shirt with your hair messy* wow babe.. 

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*helps you tidy your hair when it gets in your face*

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Baobei~ If your curls and messy hair is annoying.. do you want to go to the salon and straighten your hair? I do like your hair but if it is annoying you, you should straighten it.. *caring yixing*

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*makes your hair messier everytime and gets a beating from you*

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*tries to comb your hair but it gets stuck* =.=‘ 

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*plays with it once in a while*

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*tries to tie your hair but he does not know how to tie*

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*snuggles and sniff your hair* what shampoo did you use.. it smells nice

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*loves how you still look so beautiful*

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My hair is nicer than yours :P *but he loves your hair*

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