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Could I get Reaper and 76's reaction to some guy having the biggest crush on their s/o (having no clue that they're with someone) who ends confessing to them and kissing them completely taking their s/o off guard? Pretty please?

(You get four from this, since Gabe/Jack before the end of Overwatch would definitely be different than after. ALSO; if you want a more ficlet type of deal with these, please let me know! Sorry if it sounds silly? I kind of wrote like I was thinking as each version of the character, so it sounds kind of silly to me.)


  • Would have probably kept distance between his S/O and this person for some time since he didn’t want that prick thinking he had a chance
  • During the incident at hand, it probably would have happened when Gabe was doing something for his S/O (making dinner, helping with laundry, something mundane that caused him to have his back turned for like two seconds)
  • Guy walks up and confesses his undying love or some BS (Gabe didn’t have the patience to listen)
  • As he turns around to see this douche kissing his S/O, his fist would be applied to his cheek faster than you can blink“If you still want the ability to have children then get the fuck out of my sights.” and probably some cursing in Spanish
  • Would immediately as his S/O if they were alright and if they wanted to press harassment charges, etc. He’d be super protective after that.


  • Gabe’s always been kind of clingy to things he can call his, since a lot of what he wants or has had is or has been taken away from him
  • So he’d be ESPECIALLY protective of his S/O, since if someone can find a monster like him attractive, then they must have a heart of gold and is too pure for this world
  • This would probably never end up happening in front of him, since anyone who looks at his S/O twice is usually threatened with a bullet up the ass
  • He would end up finding out later on through his S/O that this happened (congratulating them on giving the dude a broken nose)
  • He would then go find this person to kill them–or tell someone else to kill him—and if for some reason he felt it was absolutely against him to kill this dude (S/O would be mortified/super upset or whatever) then he’d have him shipped off to another country–reminding him that if he ever came back he’d be ball-less.

Jack Morrison

  • Jack’s kind of naive, yo. He’d probably be super blind to the dude having like THE BIGGEST CRUSH ON HIS S/O.
  • S/O would have to express concern for this dude before he would ever know, besides now.The two would be enjoying something like a cheesy picnic on the lawn of the base, probably not the most romantic but whatever, when the dude was all like ‘YO ILY BBY’
  • This is where Jack’s like ‘wait what’, but before he gets a chance to respond dude’s like ‘lemme kiss you real quick’.
  • Then he’d be all “Soldier!” all sternly, this dude freaks out because that’s JACK FUCKING MORRISON commander of overwatch omg.
  • Even if this dude’s not part of Overwatch, he’d probably still react the same–especially with being threatened to be fired if he didn’t apologize and excuse himself.

Soldier 76:

  • Sad, lonely, and pretty grumpy honestly. He still ends up being a superhero in the eyes of many, despite everything.
  • He’d cherish his S/O and protect them at all costs, keeping a close eye on them whenever they’re somewhere that’s not 100% safe
  • He’d probably leave his S/O to go get some coffee or tea or something for the two of them, when the dude approaches
  • All this dude hears after kissing said S/O is — “I’ve got you in my sights.” since he lacks all shits to give

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