It’s Good to Have You Close

Alright, @kdanna03, you asked for lunchtime quickie smut between the sheriff and her new deputy, so here you are! I did this quick and dirty (which seemed appropriate), so apologies for any mistakes.

Emma watched, her feet up on her desk, as Killian paced back and forth like an angry panther, his hand resting on his hip and pulling his leather jacket apart while his hook gesticulated wildly. He was interrogating Will Scarlet, who sat slumped in a chair with his wrist handcuffed to it, his large eyebrows parted in such a way as to convey complete and utter innocence.

Innocent or not, he wasn’t about to give himself up, no matter how hard Killian railed him, and Emma watched closely as the furrow between Killian’s brow grew more pronounced. All the lines of his body were taut - the very picture of barely contained fury - as he moved in concise circles, his attention unwavering.

Popping another M&M in her mouth, she watched the scene intently, not wanting to undermine her husband’s authority by interfering. They’d already developed a ‘good cop, bad cop’ routine anyway, and she knew Killian would give her a sign if he required her assistance.

Right now, his back was turned towards her as Will shrugged and made excuses, and Emma watched as Killian’s hand went to the back of his neck, gripping it and then mussing the hair on the back of his head. Then he turned and she caught sight of his jaw clenching hard, the ripple of his muscles discernable even from a distance. Emma felt her pulse tick up a notch.

He was just so….so…angry. And Goddammit if he wasn’t the hottest thing she’d seen since a bad-boy pirate had rocked her world mostly-clad in black leather and eyeliner. Emma bit her lip, half-consciously toying with the top button of her shirt. If only he’d finish lecturing the town thief already and put some of that delicious tension to better use.

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(requested by anon)

word count : 3 487
warning : smut (overstimulation)
summary : Kai sees Reader dancing with another guy and then punishes her.
*not my gif

‘Come to the party with me. It will be fun.’ she had said. And it had been fun when they were dancing together , her hands hooked losely around his neck and her body pressed against his while his hands were holding onto her waist. Kai loved seeing her locks dance around her shoulders , her smile , her wide eyes and hearing her laugh. He spin her around in vampire speed having her press her back against his chest as she’d move up and down to the beat. Kai had gone to get them both beer and a few moments later some old classmate of hers had shown up out of nowhere. Y/N danced with him while waiting for Kai who appeared to have gotten pushed away by the crowd and he ended up having to watch her dance that guy who couldn’t keep his hands off her. Y/N kept pushing them away but he didn’t take the hint and Kai tried very very hard not to act like the jealous boyfriend and rip the guy’s head off in the middle of the party. Not that anyone would’ve noticed if he had. Everyone appeared to be either drunk or high or about to be either of those things. Part of the reason why Kai had agreed to go with her , had been this - to keep her safe from anyone putting something in her drink or anything like that. He didn’t know if it was paranoia or overprotectiveness , he just knew there is no way he’d let anything happen to her. Y/N was everything to him. He loved her with every cell in his body , more and more each day.
Y/N ran her fingers through her hair jumping up and down to the beat with a cup semi - filled with beer in her hands with her back to the guy while he kept placing his hands on her waist pulling her towards him. Her empty cup fell on the ground and she turned towards the guy keeping him an arms lenght from her , glancing at Kai who was standing not too far away with a cup with beer in his hands. He raised his cup for a moment , not taking his eyes off her. Another song started to play and finally Kai couldn’t take another second of it. He pushed his way through the crown and grabbed her wrist pulling her away from the crowd. As soon as they were in the small hallway , he backed her against the wall , bracing his hand on it and leaned towards her. It was hard for him to keep his anger under control but he tried his best to do so. It wasn’t time or the place for him to let it all go.
Y/N was looking at him with wide eyes , lightly slipping down the wall and Kai had to wrap his arm around her waist , keeping her up.
“Whoops.” she laughed. “I m-may have a bit more to drink. I’m not drunk though -”
“I know you are not sweetheart.” he said calmly. “I wouldn’t have let you get drunk even if you wanted to.”
“My knight in shining armour.” she smiled at him , tapping his nose or at least she thought it was his nose. Kai was slightly blurry at the moment.
Kai laughed under his breath.
“You will sober up pretty fast after we get home, trust me sweetheart.” said Kai brushing his fingers against her cheek. Y/N looked at him with puzzled expression and then started to giggle. She wasn’t drunk exactly , more like lightly buzzed. In a few hours it would all be gone and her mind would be clear once again. He smiled devilishly at her and lifted her up bridal style , carrying her to the car. The entire ride home his girl spent singing along to the radio and trying to get him to sing with her too. Except he felt far away from singing with her in that moment. He kicked the gas pedal harshly , breaking all speeding limits and they got home like 15 minutes earlier than usual.
Kai helped her get out of the car and carried her into the house. Her hands hooked around his neck and she tapped his nose , smiling at him. The sound of the front door closing with a bang making her jump up a bit.
“Too loud.” she muttered squeezing her eyes shut for an instant.
“Sorry princess.” he said quietly. “My hands are full. Couldn’t close it quieter.”
“You are so nice to me.” she said starting to wonder why that was. Her mind had started to clear from the colder air outside and very slowly things were starting to figure things out. “Why ?”
Kai reached their bedroom and let her down on their bed gently , taking her shoes off for her. Something was up and Y/N tried to be on alert but it didn’t work out like she had wanted. She ran her fingers through her hair and propped herself on her elbows as he crawled over her until their eyes were on the same level.
“Sweet innocent Y/N.” he said with a devilish smirk on his face , brushing his fingers against her cheek. “Tell me , did you have fun tonight? Because I didn’t.”
Y/N’s mind started to wake up slowly , sensing the danger and anger heating up the air around Kai in that moment. He appeared calm but that just meant he was even more upset with her than she had thought. It started making sense. Y/N had danced with someone else , someone else had put their hands on her body even though she had pushed them away.
“Kai I’m sorr -”
“Shhhh sweetheart.” he shusshed her , brushing her hair away from her face. Kai reached under their bed pulling ot a thin rope. “Seeing you dance with that guy tonight - Even I am surprised how jealous I got , even more surprised at my self control actually.” he thought for a moment. “No one gets to touch whats mine. Or did you think you’ll get away with letting someone get near you like that ?”
Thought had crossed her mind , but Y/N knew better.
“I spent the entire night trying to figure out the perfect punishment for you.” he cooed. “Forbidding you to touch me never works for long. Forbidding you to touch yourself doesn’t seem to get the lesson in your head either. Who knows. Maybe this time , the lesson will stick and after this you will think twice about letting anyone else who isn’t me touch you or even breath near you..”
Y/N gulped but before she had had time to say a word , Kai’s lips smashed against hers and he drowned her in a kiss. He gripped on her dress , tearing it right off her , and pinned her hands over her head while his hand slipped into her panties. His fingers brushed against her clit drawing slow eights with his thumb while pushing two fingers inside her , pumping them slowly. Y/N looked at him with confusion. If that was to be her punishment every time she did something maybe she’d do it on purpose. No , something was not right.
“I’m only warming up , baby girl. By the time I am done with you , you will feel like you’ve been thrown straight into Hell.” he cooed.
“Wha-what ?”
Kai pulled out his fingers , licking them clean and tore off her panties and her bra tossing them on the ground , then used the thin rope he had pulled from under the bed to tie her wrists together. He left sloppy wet kisses all the way down her neck onto her chest making her arch her back. Y/N tried to move her hands and touch him but he pushed them back up almost instantly.
“No , no , no..” he chuckled. “Don’t move your hands or I will have to double your punishment. God, this will be so much fun … for me at least. You will feel quite sore in the morning.”
Kai parted her legs , brushing his fingers across her heat and spreading her arousal around before burying his head between her legs. His tongue lapped around her clit and then straight down the middle. Y/N closed her eyes fighting the urge to reach her hands and tangle her fingers in his hair , pushing his mouth closer to her.
“Am I being punished or rewarded ?” she wondered, only Kai didn’t answer.
At first he went at a slow steady pace , sliding his tongue inside her in and out while his nose brushed against her clit until she reached her first orgasm. Somehow she managed not to move her hands , holding onto the headboard instead as her back ached off the bed. It was all down south from there. Kai placed his hands on her thighs , holding them apart so tightly there were bound to be bruises the shape of his fingertips later on. Kai sucked and tugged on her clit like crazy , devouring her with a knew kind of hunger , turning her moans into small screams before pushing in two fingers inside her , curling them around slowly and pumping them in and out faster and faster each time , digging in deeper inside her hitting her spot almost every time , getting her to lose whatever self control she had.
“Fuck Kai -”
Kai moaned in response , still sucking on her clit while his fingers assaulted her faster and faster , sending her over the edge again. He didn’t stop or slow down. Somehow he had found a way to go even faster. Y/N’s head was spinning or maybe it was the world spinning , she wasn’t sure which one was the truth. Her whimpers were starting to mix with her screams , his names rolling off her tongue the entire time. Her hips pushed down on his face , wanting him to go faster. Kai was driving her completely mad in that moment. Each time his fingers curled inside her it felt as if he had thrown her into a wild fire and was only adding gasoline to it to make it bigger and bigger. Her walls clenched around his fingers again and another orgasm tore through her body , more intense than the previous one. Y/N’s breathing was all over the place and her heart was beating like a hummingbirds wings. Kai’s eyes were fixed on her the entire time , watching her throw her head back , her eyelids drooping constantly while her mouth hung open. He loved the view before him way too much to stop now or ever.
Y/N reached her hands trying to push him away for a minute only , so she can catch her breath but it was useless. First - she wasn’t strong enough in general , let alone in that moment when all her bones felt as if they had somehow melted , second - Kai used magic to pin her hands over her head again before she had had the time to reach him. He wiped his mouth with his thumb , glancing at her. He could hear her heart beating like crazy and see her back had arched so high off the bed there was space under her to place a pillow , maybe even two one on top of the other. Kai placed his hand on her stomach and pinned her down to the bed without stopping for a second.
“K-Kai s-stop.” she whimpered , feeling another release approaching fast. Her walls contracted around him again and the burning feeling between her legs had build up so much there was a chance she might spontaneously burst into flames.
Kai shook his head. “You didn’t. Why should I ?”
“No.” he said sternly , replacing his fingers with invisible ones , only slighly slowing down from the speed he had been going with , as he stripped down quickly. His fingers wrapped around his shaft , pumping himself seeing his girl getting closer another orgasm. A smile spread across his face seeing the wet spot on the sheets. Even with him between her legs cleaning up her arousal , there had been enough of it to drip down. “I might switch up your punishments permanently to this. You look so hot right now , coming undone over and over again under my touch - ”
He crawled over her in vampire speed and entered her at once making her scream out. His eyes met hers for a second here and there as her eyelids kept dropping and her eyes were rolling in her head. Her walls contracted around him again and a groan escaped his lips at the feeling.
Y/N was starting to see white and the world around her slowly started to dissolve as she reached another orgasm coming around Kai , who kept thrusting in and out of her , rougher and deeper each time - cheating every few thrusts using his vampirism to go even faster , hitting her spot almost every time. On top of that , he pressed his thumb on her clit drawing rough eights matching his thrusts , pushing her towards another orgasm. The longer this went on the clearer it got what her punishment was , only somehow it kept slipping her mind until finally the thought pushed its way through to the surface. He wasn’t going to stop until she passed out.
“K-Kai .. I c-can’t” she begged him again , a tear falling down her cheek.
“Should’ve thought about the consequences , sweetheart.” he grunted , his lenght twitching inside her. Kai wrapped his fingers around her neck lightly holding her in place, his thumb lightly brushing her cheek right after wiping the tear away. The closer to her next release she got , the more the world started to dissappear around her. Y/N felt as if she was floating on a cloud made out of fire , an impossible concept but one that felt very real to her in that moment. Her heart was pounding like crazy while Kai kept pumping in and out of her , feeling his lenght twitch almost at the same time her walls contracted around him. Her swollen clit was starting to hurt to the touch and there was a slight pain starting to show up between her legs from Kai’s rough thrusts. It all felt incredible but Y/N’s mind wasn’t clear enough to enjoy it completely. Somehow Kai had managed to cloud it completely. Her hands dropped over her head unable to hold on to the headboard anymore , feeling numb from the strain.
Kai’s next words came to her ears as if from underwater.
“Just a little longer sweetheart.” he said , wiping away another tear from her cheek.
A few moments later another orgasm tore through her body , but she couldn’t keep herself awake anymore and the world around her turned black.
Kai kept pounding in and out of her for a few more seconds until he reached his high , finishing off both of them before collapsing onto the bed next to her. For a few minutes he caught his breath , listening to Y/N’s heartbeat very slowly starting to return to normal. He pulled the covers over them and turned to his side , not taking his eyes off her. His fingers untied her hands and brushed against her cheek for a moment.
“I hate that you made me do this to you.” whispered Kai , trailing her jawline with his fingertips and then her soft lips. “I’ll make it up to you , I promise.”

* * *

A few hours passed and Kai stayed awake watching over her. Not only he had gotten his girl to pass out from pushing it too far , but it appeared he had drained all energry from her body and instead of waking up , she had drifted off into sleep. Y/N woke up nearly at sunrise , squeezing her eyes a few times before opening them only to find her boyfriend leaning over her with a worried look on his face.
“Hey babe.” said Kai softly. “How are you feeling ?”
Y/N stared at him for a few moments , not saying a word. The answer to his question was sore but amazing , but the longer she didn’t answer him the more Kai started to panic. She tried very very hard not to give away her reaction and to keep a poker face. Kai snaked his hand around her stomach and Y/N shivered a little , feeling her skin still super sensitive after everything that had happened the night before.
“I made you vanilla chocolate chip cupcakes with blue frosting and I got you your favourite gummy bears.” he said. “You know , those blue ones. The guy at the store was very upset I had demanded just blue gummy bears. What is it with you and blue food anyways ?”
Y/N bit the inside of her cheek trying hard not to start laughing. It was all because of a book series she liked , somehow it had transferred into reality and now whenever she saw blue food , it would take her back to a happy place and remind her of that book character she loves. However , she had never told him the reason why , not matter how many times he asked her. It was her little secret.
“Anyways , I compelled him and now every single blue gummy bear is waiting for you right there along with a couple of those cupcakes I made you. I even decorated them with tiny white sprinkles and a couple sugar made sea shells.” he said smiling , pointing at her nightstand. “And I’m making you breakfast… and lunch. But I am not letting you leave the bed or touch the gummy bears before you answer my question. H-how are you feeling ?”
“Like I want to bite the head off every single blue gummy bear.” she smiled at him.
Kai sighed and smiled back at her.
“I’m glad you want to bite their heads off and not mine for wha-”
Y/N brushed her palm against his cheek kissing him softly. Kai responded immidiately , pulling her closer to him deeping the kiss. For a moment his girl flinched in pain , clearly a little sore from the night before. Nevertheless , her lips never left his and she kissed him more demanding by the second , as if trying to pull the air from his lungs , tugging at his lip at the end of the kiss.
“Never again.” she said feeling out of breath , gazing into his sexy blue eyes. “I’m never ever again letting anyone other than you get close to me. But you still owe me … like two more packs with blue gummy bears - only.
Kai started getting up and Y/N grabbed his wrist pulling him back onto the bed on top of her. His yes sparkled like never before and he was smiling widely at her.
“Not now.” she laughed , tangling her fingers in his locks. “Pass me a cupcake please ?”
He brushed his nose against hers , kissing her forehead gently and rolled onto the bed next to her , helping her sit up before reaching for one of the cupcakes. Kai picked the one with the sugar sea shells. Y/N reached for it but he didn’t let her.
“Nah-uh.” he said taking the cupcake away from her , watching her pout. “I’ll feed you or you will get frosting all over your face like last time.”
“No , I won’t.”
Kai tilted his head and both of them stared at each other until finally Y/N gave up. He let her take a bite , resulting in blue frosting sticking to her nose. He couldn’t helpt but laugh. “Whoops.”
Y/N swiped some of the frosting from the cupcake with her finger getting ready to tap his nose , reaching his lips instead.
“I love you , I love you , I love you - You are the best boyfriend ever.” she said smiling while Kai licked her fingers clean and wiped the frosting from her nose with his thumb. “Kiss me…”
Kai smiled at her and leaned in towards her , not realising Y/N’s fingers had reached for the cupcake in his hand. In the end the cupcake smashed against Kai’s face instead of her lips. His girl looked at him innocently.
“Whoops. Now we’re even.” she said winking at him. “By the way… what you did last night -”
“Yes?” said Kai smashing his lips against hers in a surprise attack getting frosting all over her face too.
“ - was awesome.” she finished.
Kai grinned at her. “You are not going to get me jealous again just to get me to punish you like that , are you ? Cuz if you want me to set you on fire like that again , all you have to do is ask.”
A mischevious spark flashed in her eyes for a second and she brushed her fingers through his soft hair, seeing his eyes widen with excitement at her next words.
“I’ll keep that in mind for next time.



inuy21  asked:

16. sleepy morning kisses that accidentally turn intense. Please! I'm such a sucker for this trope and I love your Trevelyan x Cullen!

Thank you so much for the prompt and the love @inuy21 - I also love this trope and had so much fun writing this for them! 

- Cullen x Annabel Trevelyan - NSFW -  lazy morning kisses, smut and fluff from Cullen’s POV - what more do you want? Short one off -

Good morning

He’s actually slept well. Or at least he can’t remember waking in the night and it’s now close to noon judging by the angle of the sun slipping through the gaps in his roof. Cullen smiles faintly, wondering if it’s because she’s in his bed.

He can feel Annabel pressed, warm and snug, against his side. Her light breath is against his shoulder, while she sleeps resting her cheek against his pillow, full rosy lips ever so slightly open. She certainly made herself at home, with one dead arm slung over his chest and legs splayed to take up as much space as humanly possible. She insisted that some part of her must touch him, so she knows he’s there, although he’s slipped out the bed many early mornings while she’s been deep asleep and he’s certain she’s never noticed.

Despite the fact that she talks in her sleep, almost as much as he does, that she moves consistently through the night, that she sometimes kicks or smacks him, that she uses him as an extra pillow, and complains when he dares move – he’d not slept better in years.

She’s always soft and reassuring when he wakes from the terrors, no matter what state he’s in or what wild things he said. He’s certain something about her strength of spirit must carry over with him into the fade, as he finds the demons call to him less and less as time passes with her by his side.

Shifting he moves to admire her fully, she stirs and furrows her brow at the disturbance, although her eyes don’t open. Lazily he smiles and leans down to kiss her open lips. For a moment she doesn’t respond, but when she does it’s with a smile against his mouth, then her tongue slipping inside as she presses into the kiss.

Cullen runs his heavy hands with tender lightness down her side, tracing the curves of her outline through the thin silk top and smalls she wears to bed. He continues until he reaches her hip, where his hand changes course and slips behind to squeeze at a luscious cheek.

She giggles into the lazy kiss at his touch, her own hand scraping down his stubble while pressing her breasts to pool against him releasing a deep rumble from his chest.

No words are exchanged, none are needed, instead his hands move, as slow and deliberate as his tongue, until they slip under her smalls. Her own hands run up the back of his neck and he feels her fingers twist around his curls, dragging herself against him. So he continues, running his fingers down to her folds, to rub at her gently. Encouragingly. Her kiss grows in passion against his lips but is still lazy and sensual. Maker he loves her.

The thought has barely passed when a spike of pleasure jolts through and makes his body sing. Her hand is wrapped around his firm morning erection, her thumb circling and rubbing against his tip in a way that makes air hiss out from his lungs. Maker he LOVES her.  

She bites his lip, bringing his attention back to her, and he tugs down her underwear, noting how she wriggles free herself then tears down his sleeping shorts.

“Annabel…” her name is a whisper on his breath as her hand curls around him once more. He wants her to know, he’s told her a thousand times and wants to tell her a million more, he loves her. Adores every single thing about her.


His eyelids crack open to find her smiling coyly and shaking her head. 

No words. 

His amber eyes grow a little darker and he watches her reaction with a naughty smirk as he slips his fingers inside her. She gasps, as she always did, her eyes closing and face pulling tight as he builds a rhythm with the curl of his fingers. Soon she’s soaking wet, pressing her lips against his neck and panting, wanton moans and deep kisses erupting from her as she wakes and comes to life, for him

Bucking her hips into his hand, he knows she’s ready and he curl deeply inside one last time, making her groan and arch her back, as he drags them from her.

Rolling over her he takes a second to note how she fits perfectly under him, her thighs lifting and spreading at his presence, as if its where he belongs. His lips press tenderly against hers, gently moulding them together, as he eases himself inside. He swallows her gasp as she adjusts to him, finger nails drag down his back and to his rear where she digs them in.

Smirking wickedly, he takes the hint and thrusts his hips forward, sheathing deeper inside her. A groan escapes him in time with her explicit cry; the feel of her, so hot and tight around him, slick and wanton. Her own hips grind into his in need as he collects his focus.

He would not disappoint. Slipping his hand down her back he grabs her rear forcefully and tugs to splay her even further until he’s completely buried inside her. Only then does he give a deliberately slow and powerful thrusts. 

Her arms wrap around him and her muscles tighten. Heat stokes his veins as pleasure builds until he’s slick with sweat, each movement inside her pulsing desire through him which he’s forced hold back again and again.

It’s not as wild or passionate as their normal affairs, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less pleasurable. Annabel is not one for remaining still and soon she’s moving with him, her back arching and nails clawing over his heated skin. He’s close, his spare hand wraps his fingers in her long hair and buries his mouth in hers, wanting to tastes her, wanting all of her, nothing less will do. 

Grunting he pounds faster and she moans, her legs clamping tight around his hips and she pushes against him, forcing his next surge deep inside. A broken cry sounds from her throat, he can feel her nails gorge into his back as she finds release. It’s more than enough for him. With another quick lunge he release, spluttering a deep, panted, moan, all his own, as a surge of pleasure soaked bliss sweeps through him with a shudder that racks his entire body.

After a few moments euphoria begins to fade, soaking his muscles in warm contentment as he lays pressed over her, his heart still pounding and his lungs still straining. She hasn’t moved and he nudges her nose with his until she finally opens her eyes with a flutter. They’re truly the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, shimmering brightly with the new sunlight. Or maybe, the most beautiful thing is in fact, the small contented smile she gives him before nudging his nose playfully back.

“Good morning,” she offers all sweetness and light, her fingers tussling the damp curls against his forehead as she gazes up at him.

He chuckles in reply, taking her lips in another leisurely kiss before murmuring his reply against them. “…Good morning, my lady.”


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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 1 424
warning : smut
summary : a pre-quel of sorts to ’Don’t Let Me Go’…
*not my gif

Y/N woke up in her bed , her hand reaching towards Kai finding only messy sheets in his place. She could hear sounds from downstairs. For a few moments she laid in her bed smiling , memories from the night before flashing in her mind - the way Kai’s hands roamed her body while his lips were attacking her , greedier than ever , as he tore apart her clothes. Y/N sat in her bed looking around the mess in her room… she had knocked over her lamp and there were little cracks on the walls where her nails had dig in for support. Her legs had turned to jelly and if it hadn’t been for Kai holding her , she would’ve been on the floor. The bed’s head board was missing a piece of wood where he had been holding onto while his had lenght had been thrusting fast and deep inside her. She got up , her bare feet touching the cold floor making her shiver for a moment , taking a few steps around the room trying to find something to put on … except her clothes were nowhere to be seen or laying somewhere torn to pieces. Her gaze followed the trail of clothes on the floor , finding Kai’s t-shirt. Y/N bent over picking it up , taking in Kai’s scent for a moment before putting it on and tiptoeing downstairs tracing her fingers long the wall on her way.
“Morning beautiful !” Kai said , his hands busy flipping pancakes in one of the pans and turning bacon in the other.  He had heard her coming before she had had popped her head through the door. Carefully he flipped the last pancake onto one of the plates, adding the bacon on the side lifting his gaze towards her , his jaw slightly dropping at the sight in front of him.
Y/N rested against the door frame , Kai’s shirt barely enough to cover her completely. He was wearing only his boxers , looking like a freaking greek god making her lose focus all over again , biting her lower lip a little. His brilliantly blue eyes glowing , widening a little as he saw her. Kai shortened the distance separating them in a second , his hands around her waist pulling her closer to him.
“You look so sexy wearing my shirt …” he whispered , playfully biting her earlobe before leaning in to kiss her , backing her against the door frame , pressing his body towards hers. So close Y/N could feel  the bulge starting to form in his boxers as he grinded against her for a moment. He pulled away , removing a strand of hair from her face , feeling her cheeks blush at his touch.
“Thanks.” she said , pulling him in for another kiss , her fingers tangled in his hair pulling him closer to her again. She hated it when there was distance between them , it felt wrong.
Kai’s hand traced the skin on her arm , all the way from her shoulder to her fingers , glancing for a moment at the stove. His fingers intertwining with hers for a moment before he tossed her over his shoulders making her laugh , his hands on her hips and started walking back upstairs.
“I changed my mind… I don’t want to have pancakes for breakfast.” he said laughing. “I want to have you.”
Y/N blushed all over again hearing his words , feeling butterflies flutter in her stomach and her heart beating faster. He was able to do that just with one look , one touch .. like he didn’t even try , not that he had to. Ever since they had met the attraction between them pulled them together like magnets , always in sync about everything.
Kai let her down on her bed gently , his hands tugging on the shirt she was wearing …
“Ohh … This will have to go.” he said fake pouting , but Y/N grabbed his wrist.
“No. Don’t tear it off.” she said smiling. “I kind of like it…”
Kai laughed. “I don’t know why you bothered putting it on.” he leaned over her , her hands on the back of his head pulling him down towards her.
“To torture you.” she whispered smiling.
Kai looked at her , with a devilish smirk his fingers tickling the inside of her thigh , going up and down before teasing her entrance. He planned on ‘torturing’ her all morning .. all day if it depended on him. She was already starting to get wet , closing her eyes for a moment enjoying his touch.
“Is that so ?” he asked . “Two can play that came , sweetheart.” he whispered in her ear , his breath tickling the skin on her neck as his fingers teased her entrance , going in only an inch before pulling out repeating it over and over again , Y/N letting out a frustrated groan.
Kai smirked , his lips smashing agains hers kissing her deeply before thrusting two fingers inside her , her moan muffled by his kiss.
“You are so … Mmmohhh”
“So what , sweetheart?” Kai said softly pushing his fingers deeper inside her , curling them around at an agonisingly slow rhythm , his thumb rubbing her clit.  He pulled her shirt up enough for him to cup her breasts , swirling his tongue around her nipples before placing sloppy kisses on the way down her stomach. His fingers curled inside her one more time , going faster this time making her arch her back and then he pulled them out , burring his face between her legs his hands on her thighs pushing them apart giving him the access he wanted.
Y/N had completely gotten lost , everything around her was a blur … everything except Kai. He was teasing her , driving her completely insane ..and then he had pushed his fingers inside curling them like that , hitting all the right spots she felt like mush.
“Fuck , Kai ” she moaned grinding her hips on his fingers.
She could feel his tongue swirling around her clit , his lips sucking on it and nibbling every few seconds. He had turned her into a moaning mess , pushing his fingers back inside her curling them slowly before thrusting in an out of her at a steady pace. Her hands reached for his head pushing him closer , her fingers tugging on his hair.
“So wet , just for me.” Kai groaned , sending vibrations directly into her clit making her moan a little louder. Y/N’s moans were music to his ears , getting louder with every thrust of his fingers inside her , his motions getting faster feeling her walls clenching around his fingers. He stopped for a moment pushing a third finger inside her. She let out a small scream , not expecting this. Kai lifted his head looking at her , her hands squeezing her breasts , arching her back with her eyes semi closed and he smirked knowing it was all because of him , then Y/N saw him watching her. Their’ eyes locked on each other as Kai speeded up his magic fingers inside her using his vampire speed on a few of the thrusts turning her moans into small screams. He knew it was cheating but didn’t care cuz he knew she loved it.
“K-Kai I’m close…” she moaned , as he curled his fingers inside her again thrusting in and out at a faster pace.
“Cum for me sweetheart.” he said and a few moments later her body started shaking as the orgasm washed over her , screaming his name. Kai’s fingers still thrusting inside her , his tongue going in a stripe across her clit.
Kai grinned at the sight in front of him. He loved seeing her fall apart because of him.  Y/N pulled him up towards her , lifting herself up enough for her lips to meet his , tasting herself on them.
“Oh baby girl , you have no idea of all the fun I have planned for us…” he said softly ,  brushing her cheek  "but first , you need to eat other ways you won’t last until lunch…“
Y/N laughed covering her face with her hands for a moment.
“I can’t wait.” she said winking at him , a moment later he pulled her up from the bed, turning to walk downstairs. “Hey , Kai ?” she called out after him , making him turn around. “Catch.”
Y/N ran towards him jumping up , wrapping her legs around his waist and her hands around his neck , a wide grin showing on Kai’s face. She smashed her lips against his unable to get enough of him.
“I love you.” she said playfully rubbing her nose in his.
Kai laughed returning the gesture.  "I love you too , princess.“


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


The game

Smutty smut smut. Enjoy!

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Decisions (Part 2)

Teehee this totally didn’t take me two days to write ignore that. I wanted to make this really intimate so it’s kind of slower paced and more detailed and also I wanted to make my writing style a little cleaner and more professional looking almost because I feel like that is the type of guy Leo is. Please tell me if this is bad for reals if you guys don’t like it I won’t write like this anymore ok love you please enjoy bye

It had been a couple of days since Leo had seen (Y/N), he didn’t try to call her or text her, she didn’t either. He just expected her to do what he requested. Leo sat in the kitchen drinking tea, meditating about the situation when she walked into the lair. Her short hair resting neatly below her chin, always with messy bangs. She wore sleek black yoga pants, and a crop top with a little belly poking out. (Y/N) spotted him as she entered the lair. She stood still expecting something, not sure of what exactly that was. Leonardo stood up and quietly walked towards her, stopping several feet away from her.
“I’m sorry.” He stated. She looked at him with her big brown eyes and he just wanted things to be ok again.
“I didn’t think it was fair for me to like someone while I was dating someone else,” she let silence settle into the room before speaking again. “so I broke up with him.” (Y/N) fidgeted with her fingers, avoiding Leo’s glance, only looking up every now and then to see his reactions. He didn’t know what exactly to say, he was just grateful for her presence, and what she had done for him. Leo licked his lips before he spoke.
“So does that mean that we-” he let his words trail off, still afraid of the answer to his question.
“I don’t know,” she paused, rubbing her arm. “does that mean your asking me?” They inched towards each other, painstakingly slow, finally stopping, so close to each other, he could see every little fleck of black in her deep brown eyes. He smiled, bashfully, a look she had never seen before.
“Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked, his words full of innocence and tenderness, making her blush.
“Yes Leonardo.” They both smiled at her response. Leo bent down to kiss her, for the first time. She braced herself for the flood of emotions to come as Leo neared her face, his lips finding hers with no trouble. It was soft and questioning, their hearts racing like horses. They pressed into each other, the kiss moving faster as she coaxed his tongue into her mouth, Leo moaned gripping her hips, alarmed at how good a tongue could feel. He struggled to pull away, biting her lip softly as he parted.
“Not here,” he whispered, looking around, suddenly remembering he had 3 brothers who happened to be ninjas. (Y/N)’s heart raced, as he gripped her hand, leading her to his room. She blushed intensely, her embarrassment setting her face ablaze. She was a virgin but quickly made the assumption that Leo was too. Her mind raced with a million thoughts. Omg I can’t do this, she thought. Calm down yes you can self. She practically squealed with excitement, before telling herself to act normal. Leo didn’t know exactly why he was taking her to his room, but he felt like that’s where they should be. Once they entered, they both awkwardly stood at the door. Leonardo coughed.
“At least now we have some privacy.” He awkwardly sat down on his bed, as she intertwined her fingers placing them in front of her stepping in front of him, sending his heart into a frenzy.
“Maybe we could do more of that kissing stuff?” She bit her lip, her nerves heating the tips of her fingers as she played with her hands. Leo smiled.
“Yeah that would be ok.” She scurried next to him, placing her soft hands on his thigh, looking at him, earnestly. He leaned in again, his heart racing as fast as the first time, still fearing rejection and unsure of what to expect. Their lips touched once again, hearts racing, hands exploring each other bodies, not knowing where to go or when to stop. He guided her to lay down, kissing her more intensely by the second, he couldn’t stop and he didn’t want to. She let Leo take the lead, enjoying every step of the way, trusting him completely with her body. She wrapped her arms around his neck, letting Leo find the tender spots on her neck with his lips. He nibbled and sucked firmly on her sensitive skin, driving her hips into a delirium, thrusting towards him in an unrecognizable angst. She returned the favor, sucking on his neck, biting harder then he had. He squeezed her ass, grunting in pleasure, suddenly aching to know what it felt like to be inside of her. His hand traveled down the center of her body, making her arch her back, struggling to release the energy he was creating inside of her. He tugged at her black cotton shirt, until it gave in and tore. She moaned as he ripped it,
“Oh my god Leo.” He grinned at the sound of his name, craving to solicit it from her again and again. He felt his penis surge with every movement she made, suddenly stopping her.
“Do you want to do this, (Y/N)?” He didn’t want to force her, he wanted them both to be ready for what might happen next. She stopped, for a second, only to respond him.
“Yes Leo.” Her face came crashing down upon his like a wave, ready to drown everything else out. She slid her hand down his his chest, making him shudder under her soft fingers. He made a trail of kisses down her center, eager to see what was underneath her yoga pants. He lifted them off slowly, trying to make sure she wasn’t uncomfortable with the way he was staring. The silence of his room only contributed to their intimacy, as he fully undressed as well. For the first time ever, Leo was unsure of himself, his moves were not meticulous and carefully planned, but graceful and spontaneous. He knelt down bringing his face to the space between her thighs, suddenly thirsting for a taste of her, his desire pounding endlessly in his cock. His face collided with her pussy, discovering that she was soaking wet already. He licked away at her, his hands fastened tight around her hips, pushing her into him, moving faster every time she moaned.
“Do you like that?” He asked, slyly.
“Yes Leo, fuck.” She whined. He smiled, continuing to spread his tongue across her clit, licking the sensitive nub until she was practically screaming. Leo pulled away, desperate to be inside of her, yet still able to control himself, he slipped a finger between her lips, pushing until his finger was wrapped in what felt like wet silk. She tightened her muscles around him, dragging a stifled moan from him. Mmf. She felt so good but he wanted to drive her to the edge and make her beg for him. He twisted his finger in and out, making her whole body writhe in his rhythm. He leaned in to lick her clit, sending vibrations through her body. For a moment, she didn’t feel real, pleasure almost lifting her from the mattress, as Leo continued to work on her. She curved her body,
“Oh Leo,” she bit her lip trying to keep quiet. “Please just put it inside of me, I need you.” He smiled.
“How bad do you want it?”
“Please,” she begged. “I need you.” He flipped her over, her ass waving in the air, awaiting his presence inside of her. He wrapped his arm around her waist, and crossed her threshold with his cock. He gripped her tightly, enjoying how tiny she felt underneath him. A wave of wetness splashed over his cock, as he ground into her, unable to control himself more and more. She tightened her muscles around him again, driving him crazy as he watched her breasts bounce underneath her. She was sweating, working to make Leo cum, while he did the same for her. Her body felt like it was disappearing, chills plaguing her, begging for her release. Her thighs quivered, as heat showered her entire body, she felt the pressure balling up in her pussy.
“Leo,” she moaned. “I’m going to cum.” He slapped her ass, in the heat of the moment. “Fuck.” She yelled, not wanting him to stop. He wanted to command her not to cum yet, but he already felt the his cock pounding, demanding release. They climaxed together, their bodies shaking as they finally relieved something inside of them they had never felt before. They crashed into the mattress together, trying to catch their breaths. Leo wrapped his arms tightly around (Y/N), kissing her forehead, grateful for her warmth and willingness. She kissed him a couple more times before falling asleep next to him.

Rhaegar x Lyanna

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine the love making of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark thus creating Jon Snow.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Rhaegar x Lyanna both love each other a lot and some very very extremely passionate sex between the two resulting in jon snow

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: SMUT ♡ ♡ ♡

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I’m A Gambling Man Part 14

Beginning: I’m A Gambling Man Part 1

Warning: just fluffy this time

I’m A Gambling Man Part 14

Chapter 29

….“Nina, please get back in your booster seat and put your seat-belt back on sweetheart.”…

….“But I can’t look out the back window with my seat-belt on Uncle J”…

….“Sweetheart it’s not safe for you. It’s specially not safe when I’m driving on the freeway, going sixty. Now please get back in your booster seat and put your seat belt on Nina.”….

….“No. I don’t want to.”….

…. “Fine then. Guess I’ll have to put it back on for you.”…

He started slowing down till he was able to pull over to the side on the road. Soon as he turn around to get a hold of Nina, she moved out of his reach. Nina just laugh as he kept trying to get her into her seat. He almost had a hold of her, till he heard screeching of tires. 

Soon as he turn around that’s when he saw it, a driver of a semi was losing control. It was swerving left to right, trying to regain control but there was no use. The straps that held down the pipes he was carrying snapped. The pipes started flying in all directions, including theirs.

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Give it to you.

Ok, here is the Dom!Cassian fic. A big, big thank you to both @saessenach and @acowar for the beta help and for generally putting up with my screaming, ily to both of you. That said, I changed the Illyrian to Latin, to be in line with the Rixalata fic so: “Ego te amo” means “I love you” and “Mea amata Nesta” means “My beloved Nesta”. And people feel free to tell me what you think of it! Here it is:

“Well,” Nesta clicks her tongue, her posture rigid, a Queen upon her throne “Devlon, if you insist on being a thorn in our side, I shall treat you as one.” she doesn’t move, there’s not even a trace of what’s about to come as ice coats Devlon legs and quickly moves up to his torso.

Cassian sees the impressed look on Amren’s face at Nesta’s boldness and he can hear the excited giggles of the little Illyrian girls trying to overhear this conversation from outside the tent.

Bitch,” Devlon mutters and Cassian wants to move, to place his fist in Devlon’s face, but he doesn’t; he waits, knowing that his mate needs to end this by herself.

There will always be time for Cassian to kick Devlon’s ass, but not now.

“So, the Illyrian females will train today, right?” Nesta asks, but it’s not a question, only a way to further humiliate her opponent.

Devlon doesn’t answer right away but Cassian can smell his growing fear as he tries to move his limbs and fails.

“Yes, yes, they can train. Now free me.” he answers and Nesta smiles, a smile that doesn’t quite reach her eyes.

“Do you really need to be freed by a made bitch like me, Devlon? I would have expected better from you.” she says, and looks at Cassian and he can see the doubt in her eyes, even if it’s only for a second.

She rises from the chair and walks away slowly, her back straight and her chin high as she takes Cassian’s hand.

He move his thumb on the soft skin of her hand and she leans into him, breathing him in and he notices, as they walk out of the tent, how her posture relaxes against him, her head resting on his shoulder and he kisses her head, her hair shining with the luminous light of the moon.

“Cassian?” Lucien calls, and it’s like the last seconds never happened: Nesta’s back is ramrod straight again, the hold on Cassian’s hand tightens, and even as tired as she is, every muscle in her body tensed.

Lucien and Nesta look at each other- there’s no more hostility between them, not like the first days when he and Elain came in the camp to organize the strategies, but Nesta still doesn’t trust him fully, still feels the need to protect her sister.

‘’Yes, redhead?” Cassian tries as best as he can to ease the tension, and at least Lucien seems to relax a bit.

“I have news from Tarquin. I gave them to Rhys, and he should talk about it with you tomorrow and I thought that you- both of you, should know.”

Nesta nods and she moves closer to Cassian, just a fraction, a movement he notices only because he notices everything when it comes to Nesta and says “Thank you, Lucien.”

Her voice isn’t soft or nice, but it’s stern and sincere.

Lucien looks surprised but shrugs in response, maybe too scared to break the moment with a wrong word.

As Lucien moves away Cassian holds Nesta in his arms, kissing her temple and then her forehead and she closes her eyes; he can feel them, all the emotions threatening to eat her up, can feel how she holds tightly to her control, trying to rein herself in, to not show too much.

“How about we go home, sweetheart?” he asks.

Their Cabin isn’t so far away from the camps and he would rather fly early in the morning than have to stay in the Camp at all hours and- and he doesn’t want Nesta to sleep on the ground.

She nods and whispers “Winnow.” and Cassian prepares himself for that strange sensation, like diving into complete oblivion.

Nesta holds him so tightly her knuckles turn white, like she’s so afraid to lose him in that void that she holds onto him with everything she has.

It takes a handful of heartbeats and they’re home, but Nesta’s hands are not moving, they don’t ease their grasp on him so he takes them in his, kissing her fingers, her palm, moving his hands to entwine their fingers together.

She moves on her tiptoes to kiss him and he draws their joined hands to his chest and she moves, making him walk backwards toward their bedroom.

When Cassian’s legs hit the bed he looks at her, at the raw need in her eyes, at the kissed red of her lips and he asks “What do you need, sweetheart?”

Nesta looks at him, trying to answer him.

What does she need?

“You.” she answers, and that’s the truth, he’s- he’s everything, the only one who can make the storms within her quiet, the only one who can make her feel calm, at peace, with no need to hide or rage or scream or leash herself.

“But you already have me, love.” he answers with a grin and she can see the joy dancing in his eyes.

She holds his face in her hands, completely engulfed by those emotions that she can’t seem to control “I want you, I want to feel you. You and only you.” she says, and she knows, she knows he understands from the way he looks at her, she knows he can see it.

I want-, she tries to say, to shout down their bond, and he lifts her up, gently placing her on their bed, waiting for her to speak, his hands tracing soothing circles on her lower back.

She wants- she wants to give up control for once in her life, to smash her walls and see them crumble, she wants to just feel, she needs it-

But she doesn’t know how, she doesn’t know how to give up something she spent years-her whole life- building, but she also knows that if she gives up her control and gives it to him, to Cassian, he would- he would know what it means, for her. He would know.

Cassian moves closer until their faces are not even an inch apart, and he knows, he understood, heard her shouting down on their thread made of fire and she wants, wants, wants- but she feels his tongue above her lower lip, tracing it slowly, teasingly and Nesta breathes in sharply as his hands move to her thighs, up and down and then move to unbuckle her fighting leathers and he does it slowly, like he is in complete control of the situation and that- it thrills her, it makes a shiver run up her spine that he knows exactly what to do for her, to her, without her voicing it.

“I can take care of you,” he says, his voice low, a rumble in his chest. “but we have some talking to do, sweetheart.” he kisses her again, and opens the first part of her leathers “I will never do something you don’t want and if you tell me to stop, I will do so immediately.” he breathes her in and she notices how steady his movements are, even as his hands shake.

“I would never, ever hurt you, Nesta. I couldn’t live with myself.” he says, and she hears the emotion in his voice, like only the thought of hurting her makes him feel sick.

“I know.” and she believes in every word she says, because she knows, knows this selfless, hard-headed male like the back of her hand and she knows he will not hurt her, she knows it like she knows that he will always try to protect her, even from herself.

He removes her gear and she thinks, for a second, that she should be able to feel the cold but her skin is burning under his touch, as he moves is hands to cup her breasts, his thumbs moving over their raised peak and she moans, gripping his wrists to prevent his hands from moving as she falls on the bed.

He looks at her and then at her hands “Another thing, love. I’ll take control,” he moves his hands away as he speaks, and Nesta starts to protest, but he slowly removes her pants, kissing her navel, his tongue grazing her skin above her hipbone “so you’ll do as I say, or face the consequences.”

Nesta raises herself up a bit to look at him, and the view of his face between her legs makes it hard for her to speak.

“Such as?” she asks, not even trying to hide the challenge in her tone or the way her breath comes in quick gasps.

He smirks and removes her underwear faster than she can blink and his tongue is on her with a slow, sinful lick that has her head rolling back on the pillow and her hands grasping the sheets.

She feels his finger on her, where his tongue was, circling her entrance, rubbing on her sex and her hips snap up, trying to get closer, only to be pushed on the bed by his other hand.

Cassian leaves a trail of kisses as he moves up to her and when she sees how he licks his lips a wave of arousal washes through her, making her stomach tighten.

He kisses her jaw, the side of her face and Nesta wants to turn to kiss him, but the sound of his voice makes her stop.

“I’ll make you come, Nesta,” and as he speaks-his voice is low, firm, the voice he uses on war camps, a voice that is now one of the reasons for  the wetness pooling between her legs-he kisses the shell of her ear as his finger slides all the way inside her, slowly, making her moan and arch her back, her naked flesh against the cold of his fighting leathers, but the movement stops with the weight of his hand on her navel “I’ll make you come until your legs shake and all you can do is moan my name. And even then,” he continues, moving to face her and she can feel is hot breath on her lips, see how the black in his eyes completely devoured the hazel “you’ll beg me for more.”

Nesta bites her lip, reining in the please on her tongue and he smirks, because he knows the effect he has on her, he knows she needs him so much, so much.

His finger moves out of her, stroking the length of her sex once, twice and the sensation of it is like lightening, so sweet and powerful and she looks down, unable to stop herself but his hand moves, and Cassian lifts her face with a finger under her chin.

“Eyes on me, sweetheart. And don’t move.”

She nods, but can’t help the shift of her hips or the way her legs open further, giving him more space.

Cassian laughs softly, shaking his head and adds another finger, making her move even more.

“Sweetheart, you’re really no good at following directions,” he teases while his fingers pump in and out of her, making it hard for her to follow his words while she just wants to get lost in the sound of his voice “but you should learn.”

He looks in her eyes, like he’s searching for something her pride won’t let her show “Next time you move, I’ll tie your hands to the bed. Maybe that will teach you.”

Nesta doesn’t have the time to think, to create a suitable reaction before she moans, right on his lips, moans like she can’t help herself and moves again, trying to get her body to move in time with his fingers.

Cassian looks at her as he gathers both her wrists in his hand, while the one between her thighs moves faster and faster and Nesta can barely breathe as she feels the cold metal slithering from his siphons around her wrists and she comes, comes so hard she’s panting, her body tensing as pleasure courses through her, so intense she feels like she’s flying.

She looks up, to her wrists tied to the bedpost by a thin metal chain, rounded and large enough to let her move her hands, but tight enough so they won’t slip out.

“You like that?” he asks, his hand near her head and when she whispers “Yes” he looks like he is about to crumble.

“Fuck”, he whispers “fuck.” he rests his face in the crook of her neck for a second, but then he goes down again, moving her legs on his shoulders to hook under his wings, his face going once again between her thighs and when his tongue touches her again she feels it a thousand times more, her body still so sensitive from the previous orgasm he gave her,.

“Cassian” she says, calls his name and she’s completely lost, he’s the only thing she can feel, the way he touches her, the warmth of his body, the weight of his palms on her breasts, she can’t think of anything else, it’s just Cassian, her mate, just him.

His mouth licks and sucks, his tongue moving in the most perfect way, leaving her panting and wanting more, more of his mouth, more of his tongue, more of everything that he can give but when it moves inside of her Nesta starts shaking, chanting his name over and over again but he doesn’t speed up his movements, he continues with a slow torturous pace and when Nesta comes again she feels like she might be dying, wave after wave hitting her, engulfing her in a pleasure that seems to never end and he licks her through it, stopping only when he knows she can’t take it anymore.

Cassian lowers her legs on the bed and kisses her thighs, her stomach, trails kisses everywhere “Ego”, he says, placing a kiss under her breast, “te” another kiss, when her neck meets her shoulder, “amo” a kiss on her still open mouth.

He doesn’t speak Illyrian often, not even with the others in the camp, but when he does it makes her feel so loved, because she knows his people rarely use words of affection, words of love, but when they do, they mean it.

“Please,” she says, even as her legs still shake with the aftershock of her second orgasm, “Cassian, please.”

Please what, sweetheart? What are you pleading for?” he asks, his voice stern but he’s trembling and she knows, she knows the effect it has on him, she knows that hearing her beg him will make him lose the control he had till now.

“I want to hear you say it.” he whispers, stroking his thumb on her lower lip and Nesta moves her tongue to lick it and Cassian’s eyes go wide.

“I want to feel you, I want-I want you, I want you inside me, please Cassian, please.”

He doesn’t even breathe while she speaks and then rises himself up to remove his leathers, nearly tears them and Nesta can’t take her eyes off him, at how perfect he is, at every scar, every swirl of his tattoos and he’s so beautiful she can’t believe he’s hers.

Cassian kisses her, cradling her face in both his hands and she moans into the kiss, moans as she feels his cock moving at her entrance and once he moves in she can barely breathe.

She needs to touch him, she needs to feel him, he’s the only thing she needs.

“Cassian, Cassian, the chain, please, I want to feel you, want to touch you.”, he moves the second the words leave her mouth, breaking the chain he crafted and her hands fly to his face, caressing his cheeks, entwining in his hair.

He sets a hard, fast pace, snapping his hips against hers and it’s heaven, the sound of their bodies meeting filling the room “Nesta, Nesta, Nesta,” he moans, “mea amata Nesta.”

His thrusts become erratic, and he kisses her, between moans and gasps and whispered words and when he changes the angle of his hips, thrusting deeper, quicker, Nesta comes again, just a few seconds before he does, and they are moaning in each other’s mouths.

Even as they try to catch their breaths he keeps kissing her and takes her hands in his, massaging her wrists.

“How do you feel? Are your hands alright? Your wrists?” he asks, peppering kisses all over her face and she laughs, feeling lighter than she ever did.

“I’m fine.” she says, her voice tired but happy. He lowers his forehead on hers after kissing her nose, and she can feel how he’s still trembling.

“I think we both need a bath, love.” Cassian says and takes her in his arms; the bathtub is already full of steaming water and soft foam and he walks them both right into it.

Nesta rests her head on Cassian’s chest and looks up at him, at the smile on his face.

“I- the trust you had in me tonight, it- I hope you don’t regret it, Nesta. Because it means the world to me.” he says, not quite looking at her, as if he’s scared of her reaction.

But she kisses him, slow and loving “I love you, and I trust you and I don’t regret it. You know exactly what I need and you’re-you’re perfect, Cassian.”

The smile he gives her is so sweet, so happy that she has to kiss him again.

“When you begged, Mother, you nearly killed me.” he says, holding her in his arms and Nesta settles between his legs, his wings open wide around them.

And Nesta never felt so at peace like she is with him, so complete, with all her emotions sitting in her heart and humming quietly in his presence.

“I know.” she says with a grin as he starts to massage her hair and she feels like she could melt under his gentle touch.

He laughs, and she can’t help but smiles at the sound.

You” he says and Nesta doesn’t have the time to react before Cassian’s hands move to her belly and he starts to tickle her, and she laughs and laughs and he does too, and the bathroom fills with the sound of splashing water and roaring, loving laughter.

It Hurts Like Hell 
                                       - Part VIII
Kai Parker x Reader

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 -   (Part 7)
word count : 2 930
warning : containts smut
*not my gif


Kai wrapped his hand around Y/N’s waist as they walked down the empty school hallways , their steps echoing. He had leaned in whispering in her ear all the things he wanted to do to her when they were finally alone , sending butterflies in her stomach. There was no way either of them could wait until they got home. A few steps away Kai saw the door to one of the classrooms and vamp speed shoved her inside locking the door behind them.
“You are reading my mind.” she said smiling a split second before Kai pinned her to the nearest wall attacking her with kisses , taking her breath away completely. His hands tugging on her shirt before pulling it over her head in a split second.
Kai’s touch felt different , magnified. Everywhere he touched her it felt like fire , sending waves through her entire body. His lips tracing their way towards her neck leaving kisses the entire way.
“Mm that feels so good.” she moaned as Kai’s hands reached to unbotton her jeans pushing them down. He wasn’t waisting a second.
“I’ve been wanting to do this since the second I saw you today.” he said out of breath (making Y/N smile) before his lips found hers again. Y/N’s hands tugging on his hair , pulling his face closer to hers as his hand slided on her back unhooking her bra , dropping it on the floor.
Y/N pulled his shirt off and for a moment she just stood there taking in the view of his bare chest , biting her lip before her hands started exploring his body , as if for the first time , pulling him closer to hers.
Kai pushed down her jeans , his hands agonisingly slowly sliding her panties down her legs never taking his eyes off hers. He lifted her up onto one of the empty desks leaning over her , pinning her wrists above her with one hand while his fingers traced her entrance. She bit her lower lip , a soft moan escaping her lips just as he pushed two fingers inside her in a swift motion.
“Oh baby , you are so wet… ” he said wi licking his lower lip.
Kai started to slowly thrust his fingers in and out of her , making her arch her back , curling them around agonisingly slowly making her beg for him to go faster. He couldn’t take his eyes off her , seeing her coming undone under his touch was turning him on even more and hearing her beg for him was only adding to it. He was enjoying every second , thinking of all the others things he wanted to do to her. Four years in Hell without her had been too long for him now. He pushed her legs open before buring his face between her legs.
“Look at me. I want you to look at me, sweetheart.” he demanded and Y/N more than happy to oblidge. He twirled his tongue around her clit eating her up , humming and moaning softly - the vibrations sending shockwaves of preasure through her body. She burried her fingers in his curls , pushing his head closer while moaning his name. Her legs were starting to feel like jelly already and he had barely started. He pushed in his fingers again , thrusting them at a faster speed feeling her walls contract around them.
“K-Kai..” she moaned , her hands holding so tightly to the desk , her knuckles had turned white.
“Cum for me baby girl.” he ordered feeling she was getting closer, his fingers curling in deeper as she grinded on them. Her hands squeezing her breasts , biting her lip. Kai grinned at the sight of her coming undone , she threw her head backwards arching her back even more as he pushed her over the edge. He kept on thursting in and out as she trashed and screamed his name.
He curled his fingers inside her a few more times before pulling them out and leaning over her bringing his fingers to her mouth for her to clean up.
Y/N waisted no time in unbottoning his jeans , pushing them down as much as she could , pushing down his boxers along with them. Her hand wrapping around his hard lenght stroking it a few times earning a groan from him.
Kai’s lips smashed against hers , the tip of his lenght at her entrance.
“Please Kai. I need you.” she said , her hands reaching for his face pulling him into a kiss just as he pushed in all the way stretching her out , making her moan out louder , thrusting in and out at a slow pace , driving her insane before starting to go in faster and deeper hitting her spot.
“You are so tight…” he moaned.
Y/N wrapped her legs around his waist , pulling him closer her nails digging into his back.
His eyes locked on hers as he kept thrusting inside her , her eyes pleading for him to go faster , soft moans escaping her lips.
He buried his head in the crook of her neck , his hot breath tickling the skin of her neck.
“Fuck.” he moaned , his hand on the back of her neck pulling her lips towards his.
There were a lot of things he couldn’t feel since he had gotten back - he didn’t feel the pain when he had stabbed his hand at the Grill , couldn’t taste the food … but this he felt.
His thrusts getting sloppy, as her walls started to clench around his hard lenght.
“Fuck , I’m gonna cum.” she moaned , catching a glimpse at Kai’s face who had a grin on his face , a few seconds later she tipped over the edge pushing Kai over his , feeling his hot cum spill inside her. He kept on thrusting riding the orgasm out before pulling out.
Y/N cupped his face pulling his face closer , kissing him deeply. “I missed having you inside me …” she whispered , his forehead resting on hers. Kai smiled. “I don’t want to spend another minute without you.”

* * *

Y/N and Kai awkwardly slipped out of the classroom , his hands tightly wrapped around her waist. He could get enough of her or even bring himself to let her go… except in the end of the day he might have to.
They turned down another hallway , nearly bumping into Damon.
“You two had your fun already?” he sounded annoyed. “Keys. Now.”
Y/N sighed and reached into her pocket danging the keys infront of Damon’s face for a few seconds before shoving them in his hand.
“There. Happy now?”
“Not even remotely. Let’s go.” he said , going behind them placing a hand on each of their backs and pushing them towards the exit. “Tell me , of all the places you could go - why your old high school ?” Damon asked suddenly amused.
Kai and Y/N exchanged looks. There was no way they’d spill out the plan ,

“Quit sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong , Damon.” Y/N said , Kai snorted and she had to pinch him.
Damon glared at them for a few seconds, shrugging his shoulders in the end.
“Lets go creeper, you have a promise to keep. Clock is ticking , remember ?” he said.
Y/N glanced confused between Damon and Kai. She had been distracted earlier but didn’t remember anything about any clock.
“What clock?” she asked. “What is he talking about ?”
Kai refused to meet her eyes and just kept looking at the ground as they kept walking. He knew he’d have to tell her at some point , just didn’t want to ruin the memory of their reunion by starting with ‘Hey , I am here now , but I might die all over again in the end of the day. Never mind that , lets have fun.’
“Malachai Parker… what aren’t you telling me ?” she demanded.
“Um no , it’s nothing.” he said. She had been so happy since they had gotten back together , he didn’t want to break her heart all over again. Whatever time they had together , Kai wanted to spend it seeing her happy. Unfortunately clock really was ticking , he was already starting get pulled back. He felt blood starting to drip from his nose and reached to wipe it away before Y/N had seen it , only to end up caughing a second later , blood on his palm.
“Oh God.” Y/N said , pulling his hand down so she could make sure her vampire senses weren’t deceiving her.
“You should’ve told her , twirp.” Damon said and Kai stared daggers at him.
“Shut up , Damon.”
Y/N stopped infront of Kai , his hand still in hers. She looked at the blood then at Kai’s face. His eyes were starting to fill with tears , her mind drifting to what Kai had told her earlier , how he was still half way in Hell …
“You are being pulled back …” she said her eyes widening.
Damon tried to pull her away from Kai , get them moving but she smacked him so hard in the face with her elbow , his neck got snapped again and body fell on the ground with a loud thud.
“When were you going to tell me ? A few seconds before you were gone all over again ?!” she pulled away from him , trying to hide the tears in her eyes. “How could you hide this from me ?”
Suddenly she felt the exact same way she had a few years ago when Kai had died , the hole in her chest opening again as tears started streaming down her face. Kai wrapped his hands around her from the back , she clasped his hands holding on to him.
“I wanted to see you smile , to see you be happy… for as long as I am here.” he said. “Damon told me how much you suffered when I … died and I just couldn’t.” he turned her around , wiping tears from her face. “Don’t cry…I don’t want to see tears in those beautiful eyes of yours.” he said with a small smile.
No. This is not going to happen again. she thought , taking in a deep breath.
“You are not going back to there. I am not going to let that happen.” she said in a tone making it clear nothing was going to stand in her way. “Lets find you someone to eat first, we can deal with everything else after that.”
Y/N cupped his face and kissing him deeply. “We are not going to lose each other all over again.”
She grabbed Damon’s hand and dragged him towards the exit and into the car , leaving him there. Kai had started caughing blood again , barely standing on his feet and her heart startred to break again. None of this was fair. Y/N looked around and saw a couple of millenials down near the stoner pit. Kai didn’t need the extra buzz , she turned to the other side and saw a jogger and vamp ran towards him.
“Hi.” she said smiling to the guy. He stopped abruptly nearly bumping into her. She grabbed his shoulders. “Don’t scream.”
She grabbed him and vamp - ran towards Kai. After everything they had been through , there was no way she’d let him slip away through her fingers.

* * *

“I have a plan , baby girl.” Kai said pulling her onto his lap as they sat on the grass near by the car. “Don’t know if it will work , but it’s worth the try. ” he removed a strand of hair from her face , gently tucking it behind her ear. “I’ll make a deal with Cade … I don’t want to spend another second away from you ever again.” he said smiling.
“I’ll help yo-”
“No.” he interrupted. “You are not.”
“Yes. I am. We are in this together..” she said locking eyes with him. There was something he wasn’t telling her. ‘I am coming with you. It’s not up for discussion.”
Kai laughed , the most beautiful sound Y/N has ever heard , and pulled her in for a kiss. There was no way to push her away this time , so he’d have to figure something else out…She slowly backed him onto the ground refusing to let go off his lips.
“I love you Kai.” she said resting her head on his chest , his hand playing with her hair. He kissed her head.
“I love you too princess.” he said softly.

The sun had started to set when Damon woke up and he wasn’t happy about having his neck snapped again. However he didn’t protest when Y/N sneaked into the backseat of his camaro , refusing to go.
They drove to the Salvatore crypt in the cemetery where Elena’s coffin was currently stored. There wasn’t much space for her to enter so she lurked outside , listening in on their conversation. After Damon had dropped on the ground descicated , she walked in helping Kai take the coffin out. At first Y/N was worried they’d have to carry it into town , but it turned out earlier that day before he had showed up looking for her , he had left a truck nearby. They loaded the coffin onto it and headed the opposite direction of Mystic Falls. Kai took out his phone and dialed an unknown number to her. She eavesdropped on the conversation , her eyes widening when she heard the voice on the other end. Kai had called Cade asking for a meeting. She hadn’t thought he was being serious earlier.
“Are you insane?!” she asked after he hang up. “You really think he’d agree to this?”
Y/N couldn’t look away from Kai.He was rarely scared of anything but now there was fear in his eyes.There had to be another way to do this.Now they were not only crossing the Salvatores but also Katherine , both of which were pretty much nuclear options when it comes to retaliation.
“He already has.” Kai said reaching into his inside jacket pocket pulling out a weirdly shaped dagger. “I want you to keep this dagger safe. It’s the only thing that can kill Cade…and my insurance policy in case ever he decides to send me back… and if the meeting doesn’t go as planned , you can give it to the Salvatores so they can kill him.”
She took the dagger from him , putting inside her jacket pocket , refusing to let the thought things might not work out.
“Okay … but Kai ? … Promise me we are going to leave town as soon as this is all over. Katherine will find a way to burn Mystic Falls and I’d rather us not being there when that happens.” she said.
Kai took her hand , her gaze drifting from their hands together to his eyes. “I promise.” he said.
They drove almost to the quary , meeting Cade in a cave nearby. Y/N got out of the car , helping Kai unload the coffin.
“What now ?” she asked looking around for Cade.
Kai suddenly pulled her into a hug and kissed her deeply. “Now I go meet with the Devil.” he said with a small smile.
It took her a second too long to process his words. He had said I instead of we. She screamed out in pain , dropping to her knees on the ground.
“Stop …! Kai …! Please… !” she begged him , but it was useless.
“I am so sorry for doing this to you.” he said using his magic to cause her a headache. “I love you and unlike last time , I won’t risk you putting yourself in danger.”
He flicked his wrist and snapped her neck catching her before she hit the ground. “Really hope you’ll forgive me for this …” he whispered to her , kissing her forehead before lifting her up and bringing her into the car carefully closing the door.
He took a deep breath , glancing back at her one last time , just in case and headed towards the cave with Elena’s coffin.

* * *

The cave was a few hundred meters away from the spot where Kai had parked the car. He muttered a spell , concentrating hard on it , levitating the coffin into the cave where Cade was already waiting for him.
“Kai Parker…” said Cade , his hands folded in front of him. “I assume this is Elena Gilbert in the coffin ?”
“Yeah , it is. I don’t care why you want her coffin or what you plan to do with her , all I care about is our deal.” Kai said.
“Ah , yes.” Cade said taking a step towards him. “That’s not exactly true is it? You care about your girl , Y/N is it , more that you care about yourself. Interesting. Hell changes people , it makes them give up on everything they’ve ever held dear … but you … you are still very much in love with her. I wondered what you were holding onto so hard , keeping me from breaking you.”
Kai was starting to get nervous , Cade was stalling and now if he went after Y/N … he didn’t know what he’d do.
“Lets talk about our deal. I delivered what you wanted , now it’s your turn.” said Kai. “I want a chance to live , be with my girl maybe start a family or something. I didn’t get the chance before … and if you refuse , give me your word you will keep your hands off Y/N.”
Cade took another step towards Kai , who was very hard trying to keep his mind blank. He opened the coffin , making sure Elena’s body really was there.
“She really is Katherine’s doppleganger…“ Cade muttered under his breath. “Fine. You get your chance to live your life. In the end we will meet again…”


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


I’ll show you who makes you feel good.

Genre : Smut (rated M/MA)

Member : Wonho x 3rd person (no name)

Warnings : explicite sexual content, language, oral, (tiny little bit of bondage?), overstimulation…

Word count : 3164

Originally posted by omgitsallaboutkpop-blog

He had been waiting all night to get her home, during dinner, during the drinks after all he had in mind was her and having his way with her. It didn’t help that she had pulled out that little red dress he simply loved on her and a pair of heels that had his head spinning with all the possibilities. As much as he loved the outfit the looks and stares that came along with it had him clenching his fists to control himself, he didn’t like being overbearing especially when they spent a rare evening out in town, so he took it in strides, tension and possessiveness rising as the night went on. She had been ordering their drinks at the bar, knowing well that she would most likely be served faster than him, when he spotted a guy hitting up conversation with her. It took all his self-control to stay seated and not rush to her side to wrap a possessive arm around her waist and glare at the guy. He saw her smile and was ready to get up when he noticed she was just telling him to back off, in more polite words of course but nonetheless it had the effect that Wonho, getting the male away from her. She came back with drinks soon after and scooted close to her boyfriend who latched onto her immediately. He had pulled her close, his hand resting on her inner thigh, as high as the dress let him and his lips were to her ear. He wanted to go home, immediately.

As the door to their apartment closed behind them, he let her walk in first and followed a smirk painting his lips, he stalked behind her like a feline stalking a prey. He followed quietly as she made her way to their bedroom and as soon as she had walked through the door and passed her vanity he had her pinned to it her back pressing against his chest. He had her locked in place on hand on each side of her leaning on the vanity. He pushed his hands closer to each other as he pushed himself against her, his hips expertly rolling against her ass making her arch her back as she felt his erection pressing against her. She sighed arching her back and leaning her head on his shoulder. This simple move had her already alert and it made Wonho smirk as he finally placed his hands on her body, one wrapping around her waist to rest just below her ass the other settling itself on her shoulder. His lips locked onto her neck and he started kissing and gently biting the skin, occasionally sucking gently until he was satisfied with the mark he left before moving higher and lower. He smirked against her skin and tightened his hold on her already feeling her giving in to him. He felt her struggle to stay up and was fully satisfied with the fact that he was the only one who could make her feel that way with only his mouth.

He pulled away to turn her around pressing her close to him, his hand ghosting on her body leaving fire trails as the other held her up and against him before he pulled down the zipper holding the dress on her body. And there she was, wearing only a pair of lacy red panties and matching strapless bra. He felt himself grow harder if that was even possible at this point. He leaned in to kiss her and as soon as his lips touched her he pulled her up onto the vanity. Her legs immediately wrapped around his waist searching much needed friction, he knew he was driving her mad by dragging it out but he wanted to prove a point, he wanted to reminded her that he was the only one that could make her feel the way she did. Not that she had forgotten but he felt the need to show it after all the stares she had gotten that evening. He pulled away much to her disapproval.

-       Hush now baby, he cooed as he started unbuttoning his shirt.

He quickly shook it off his shoulders revealing his toned and muscular body, no matter how many times she had seen it, she still stared at his sculpted chest, no matter how many times she ran her hand over his insane body it still looked unreal. She reached out to touch him but her quickly grabbed her wrists and pinned them over her head, clicking his tongue.

-       Tsk, tsk, not tonight baby, tonight I think you need to be reminded of who makes you feel good, he whispered before kissing her hard.

His tongue quickly parted her lips and explored her mouth making her moan into his, she was already putty in his hands and he loved his. She caved in so easily, letting him take control of the kiss, gladly handing over dominance to him as he sucked and nibbled on her lips. He eventually pulled back to kiss along her jaw and down her neck his free hand trailing fire down her stomach and finally between her legs. He ran his fingers over her covered folds and moaned in satisfaction against her skin.

-       So fucking wet for me already baby? He hummed. Is that all for me, hm? He asked running his fingers over her wet core making sure he applied pressure on her clit.

The reaction was instant; she threw her head back and moaned loudly.

-       Sorry, I didn’t quite get that baby girl… Who makes you this wet?

-       You, she managed to breathe out as he ran his fingers over her folds over and over.

She started moving her hips against his hand and that is when he pulled away.

-       Tsk, tsk, not yeah sweetheart, not yet…

He let go of her wrist and her arms immediately dropped to his shoulders before roaming his body. He pulled her closer to the edge of the vanity, her legs wrapped around his waist as her reached around her to unclasp her bra freeing her breasts. His hands slid up her sides, up around her shoulders, ghosting around her neck and sliding down to her boobs. He locked lips with hers in a sloppy kiss as he gently pinched and flicked her nipples making her moan and grind against his still clothed hips creating the friction she was desperate for. The rough fabric of his black jeans against the flimsy lace of her panties along with his ministrations to her breasts and his tongue brushing harshly against hers had her getting closer to the edge. She was already so close and he could feel her wetness through his pants and briefs and wasn’t surprised when she pulled away from the kiss, arching herself further into his hands and hips her head thrown back in pleasure as she rolled her hips erratically, panting, moaning, splurging a thread of incoherent words as he watched her reached her peak.

-       That’s it baby, come for me, he groaned out as he bucked his hips against her.

He rolled his hips into hers his hands resting around hers, him too enjoying the friction she was creating. He hummed in pleasure and bucked his hips one last time before she let out a cry, stilling all movement. He pulled away letting her lean back against the mirror of her vanity as she came down from her high and took the time to pull off his pants and underwear. He watched her chest heave up and down rapidly as her head lolled from side to side pleasure painting her features he couldn’t help but wrap his hand around his hard length as he watched her breathing slow down becoming regular. She finally opened her eyes and locked her gaze with his and slid off the furniture before stalking towards him. She ran her hands over his shoulders, down his chest, his sculpted muscled torso rippling under her fingers as she grazed them down lower and lower until her hand joined his around his hard cock, she started pumping her hand along his shaft kissing and nibbling at his neck leaving her own marks. He leaned his head forward savoring her touch, his hands grabbing onto her ass pushing down her panties and she stepped out of them never pulling her hand away from his shaft or her lips from his neck. She eventually pulled away and started kissing down his body, she bent her knees dropping lower and lower until she got on her knees. She licked him from the base of his hard dick to the tip and gently sucked on him taking a small part of him in her mouth. He clenched his teeth and moaned out her name and pulled way just as she was about to take him in deep. Before she could even register what was happening she was on the bed her legs spread wide and his fingers were running between her wet folds.

-       Mmmh, he hummed running his tongue between her breasts. Tonight, is all about showing you who makes you feel good.

He pulled away from her pulling out a whimper from her lips, he leaned over to the nightstand and pulled out a pair of tacky pink fluffy handcuffs, he smirked at her taking her hands and handcuffing her before tying the chain linking the cuffs to the bed’s headboard with a piece of rope. The sight of him hovering over her as he worked on making sure she wouldn’t be able to mover her hands combined with being restrained had her getting wetter and bringing her thighs together to find a way to get some friction but he quickly pulled them apart. Wonho ran his hands up and down her thighs, each time getting closer to her dripping center, when his fingers finally grazed her wet lips she moaned loudly bucking her hips up.

-       Please, she begged her breath ragged.

-       What do you need baby? The man asked his fingers ghosting over her clit.

-       You, I need you… she panted in anticipation.

He hummed at her answer before placing his hands on the mattress on each side of her head, he rested on his elbows his body barely touching hers as he kissed her lips hard and quick before pulling back up.

-       I’m going to need you to be a bit more specific, he whispered into her ear raising his body as she arched herself trying to feel her on him. What do you want me to do?

-       Anything! Touch me please! She begged.

And those words brought a smug grin to his lips.

-       With pleasure, he responded.

He pulled away and she gasped when she felt his tongue lap her juices, he held her hips down as her eagerly licked her pussy, flattening his tongue as he dragged it between her folds up to her clit. She was reduced to a moaning mess, her back arched and he held her hips down with a strong grip making sure they wouldn’t buck up. She moaned and let out little noises as he wrapped his lips around her swollen bundle of nerves and flicked it with his tongue.

-       Aaah, god, oh god, she panted pulling on the restrains wanting nothing more than to grab onto is hair and push him closer to her hot center.

He smirked against her as he sucked gently and pushed in two fingers into her, causing her to scream out his name. She was close, he could feel her shaking, her walls clenching around his fingers as he pumped them in and out faster and sucked on her clit, within a few pumps of his hand she clenched around them hard as she screamed his name. He quickly pulled them out and liked up all her juices as she came on his face. He lapped at her making her tremor and ride her orgasm longer, he lapped until she almost couldn’t take anymore. He felt himself grow harder at the sight of her once again breathing heavily her legs spread wide for him, he wanted to bury himself deep inside off her when he saw her sprawled like that hair fanned around her blissful face. He reached over to untie her and took of the cuffs and as soon as she was free she pulled him down for a kiss. It was nothing sweet it was urgent and wanting and sloppy but he kissed her back with just as much passion bringing them onto their knees, his cock sliding between her legs and sliding between her folds as they kissed hand roaming everywhere, wanting to touch every part of each other, pressing each other closer and close. Her nails dug into his back dragging down as her sucked on her tongue and squeezed her ass.

He couldn’t wait anymore he needed to be buried inside of her, he had grown so hard that it was almost painful. Both knew they wouldn’t last long once her was inside her. He got her on all her elbows and knees facing the mirror as he lined up his cock with her entrance. She closed her eyes in anticipation but they popped open when his hand came down on her ass. She moaned as the slight sting and the pleasure it brought her knowing he would soon burry himself deep into her. He spanked her a couple of times as he slid his cock between her wet folds coating his with her juices and she kept closing her eyes. His hand came down a fifth time.

-       Open your eyes, he commanded and she obey and it sent a wave of pleasure through him making him groan in satisfaction. Look at us, I want you to see how good I make you feel, I want you to see yourself as you clench around my cock, he told her as he locked eyes with her through the mirror.

And he thrusted into her, making them both moan loudly as he filled her. He stilled for a moment but quickly started to thrust his hips when she bucked her hips back against his. He pushed himself slowly deep into her, pulled out almost completely before pushing back deep into her. Her eyes were locked on his as he threw his head back, teeth clenched as he tried to control his moves.

-       Har-harder, she panted out. F-f-Fuck me ha-h-har-der, f-fast-ter.

He opened his eyes to look at her through the mirror and let go his hold on her hips tightened as he started pushing into her deeper, faster. She felt him hit the right spot with each and every hard thrust of his hips, she was reduced to “oohs” and “aahs” as he grunted, feeling climax closing up on both of them he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and brought her back up against his chest, her head fell back against his shoulder.

-       Ugh, ah, op-ah-pen your ey-es, he grunted as he held it in until she did.

When her eyes opened to look at the mirror, she saw his pleasure painted face and the sight of them linked was enough to make her clamp down around his cock. As he thrusted a few times before coming, not stopping his moving hips her snaked a hand around to rub circles on her clit making her come harder. He didn’t stop rubbing circles on her sensitive bud as soon as her orgasm was over she was over taken by another on from his never-ending ministration. He pulled out of her and pulled her down onto the mattress over him as she came down from her high.

They laid there for a while panting sweat covered bodies stuck to each other. He smiled as his arm wrapped around her panting form. After a while their breathing had gone back to normal and he thought she had fallen asleep since her breathing was calm. He looked at the ceiling thinking of everything and anything really, feeling unable to fall asleep, his mind going back to the sensations they had shared just moments before. He felt himself grow hard again at the thought of being inside her, her tight wall clenching around his cock as he made her come. He was brought out of his thoughts by a hand wrapping around his hard member. She pushed herself up and looked down at him.

-       Well, it seems we’re not quite done for tonight, are we? She said smirking as she straddled him. You’re already up for round two? She whispered in his ear.

He shot up sitting straight and moved back so he could lean back against the headboard pulling her along with him. He wasted no time, once he could lean back, he lined himself with her entrance and pulled her down on him as he thrusted his hips up. She slid right onto him grabbing onto his shoulders, she rolled her hips and grinded on him arching her back at the feeling of riding him. He closed his eyes savoring the feeling of his cock being deep into her. Wonho guided her hips just the way he wanted her to move, having her rise and drop back down every now and then. Wonho made her rock her hips back and forth, making sure her clit rubbed against him. She changed it up with his cues, following whatever she felt he wanted her to do, as he guided her so he would hit that sweet spot every time she dropped down. Not long after he made her pick up the pace, feeling his and her climax being close, she was practically bouncing on his dick. Before she could realize what he was doing he had her on her back, her legs over his shoulders as he pulled out completely before thrusting into her hard and deep hitting that spot, he repeated the move over and over until he felt her clamp harder than she ever had this evening, feeling her walls tight around him sent him over the edge and once again he didn’t stop his thrusts as she milked him for all he had. His hand went to her clit again as he felt her come down from her high, he had barely touched her overstimulated bud that she was coming again.

He pulled out and gently got her legs off his shoulders, he got them tucked under the blankets.

-       What got into you tonight? She breathed out when she caught her breath.

He had pulled her flush against his chest and was snuggling into her neck.

-       Too many men looking at you, he mumbled against her skin.

She chuckled at his possessiveness.

-       I love you Wonho.

-       I love you too. God I love you so much.

@kpopersheaven this is locking my spot in hell… 

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Lessons Learned

TITLE: Lessons Learned

CHAPTER NUMBER: 1/1 (Oneshot)

RATING: E (explicit), strong sexual content, keep the mask on!smut, sub/Dom themes

GENRE(S): Reylo; PWP

WORDS: 3,450

SUMMARY: The Finalizer was massive, unfathomable. So awesomely huge that it was really completely ridiculous that he was able to find her. 

But find her he did, rooting around in a control panel, trying to deactivate the doors leading to her. Making it that much harder to follow her. But as she snipped the wire that controlled the dozen doors on this hallway, she miscalculated on two things: that this particular room had a second exit, and that she was alone in it. 

NOTES/WARNINGS: I am just going to level with you here. This was written purely as a vehicle for keep the mask on!smut. If that isn’t your brand of poison, then read no further. If reylo hate sex with the mask on seems like something you’d be into, then welcome aboard!

**As always, special thanks to @southsidestory for beta reading/vetting this for me! I wrote this for her, anyway.

The Finalizer was massive, unfathomable. So awesomely huge that it was really completely ridiculous that he was able to find her.

But find her he did, rooting around in a control panel, trying to deactivate the doors leading to her. Making it that much harder to follow her. But as she snipped the wire that controlled the dozen doors on this hallway, she miscalculated on two things: that this particular room had a second exit, and that she was alone in it.

Rey had known he was close. Ever since their night in the snow she’d been able to feel the slightest pulse of him, stronger when he was in a rage. But being on his ship, being that much closer to him, had intensified that pulse to an outright throb and was likely the reason she was so distracted, why she hadn’t noticed that she was moments from locking herself away in a work room on the Finalizer. She hadn’t noticed that insistent nagging until the door fell heavily shut behind her turned back.

That…wasn’t supposed to happen. She checked the wire she held severed in her fingers, tugged and pulled in a frantic attempt to find where it led. She meant to close all the doors except this one. Was there even a way out of this room?

“Bold choice for a desert scavenger.”

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abraxos-sniffing-flowers  asked:

Nesta being seriously turned on by Cassian using his commander voice in bed. Nesta and Cassian curled on a couch with Cassian's wings wrapped around them. Nesta and Cassian using weird flowers (flowers that neither Elain or Lucien had ever heard of) to apologise to each other. Nessian being so in love and mushy and cute and trusting each other and Nesta letting her walls down and Cassian being a sweetheart all the time. Just... Nessian.

Don’t move.” Cassian says, and she tries, she tries, but the sound of his voice makes her back arch, her head rolling back on the pillow as his fingers stroke between her legs.

“It seems you have a liking for misbehaving today, sweetheart.” he says, in that voice that commands armies and she nods, unable to stop herself and moves to get closer, to feel him, to hear him talk again. He chuckles, a low and raw sound “Maybe tying you up will teach you the lesson.”

Nesta moans in answer.


Neither of them knows if the sun is finally up, if the light is finally coming through the windows, illuminating their little cabin with the light of day. Neither of them moves and Nesta really doesn’t want to, not while she’s covered by the gentle night of Cassian’s wings. 

She hides her face in her mate’ chest, breathing him in and feels as his arms tighten around her.

She feels safe and loved under their little nightsky, with the smell of warm fire all around her and once again, she falls asleep.


He is a prick.

The biggest, most stupid prick Prythian has ever seen.

He didn’t mean to make his mate angry or to make a scene, but he couldn’t help himself.

It all happened at a meeting, him and Nesta on different sides of the room and it was like being in her house in the human realm all over again and seeing her there, with all her walls up and not even looking at him, addressing everyone- people he knows she loves with all raging heart- like they were nothing, nothing but some Faes and Illyrians she met along the way.

He knew it was for the sake of strategy, he knew it was all to make their plans work, but still, it scared him shitless and those walls, those blasted walls inside her head, they were driving him insane and-

And he can’t bear the thought of her looking at him like that, from behind her walls, he just- can’t.

So he is now just outside their cabin, a bouquet of bright red flowers in his hands, the kind of flowers that grows just were the house she was born in were, the flowers that she used to tell him about, the flowers that she and her mother loved so much, but that she never saw again.

He can’t help his throat from closing as her recalls their argument, word for word, every inarticulate word he says, his heart beating furiously

“Don’t-just-please, don’t do that again.”

“You know why I did it. I had to, Cassian.”

“I know -fuck- I know. But- don’t, not with me, don’t lock me out.”

He looks at door of their cabin, counts the steps that he would make if he wasn’t scared out of his wits.

But then he scents her, his mate, his Nesta her and-

She opens the door, her hand gripping a little bunch of flowers so hard her knuckles are white and it’s a wonder those poor flowers haven’t broken under her grip.

He knows those flowers, they are the only kind of flowers to ever grow in the Illyrian steppes in the unforgiving winter.

She looks at him for a second before she runs in his direction, his arms opening on instinct for her and he hears her voice just as he starts to speak

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I was a prick, I should have understood, and-” she kisses him, making him stop talking, stop breathing.

“I couldn’t look at you,” she says “I couldn’t because I knew that if I did, everything would crumble down and I had- I had to shut you out because you-” Nesta lowers her forehead on his, the scent of flowers all around them “I can’t hide myself when you watch me, when I hear your voice.I love you too much, I can’t look at you and hide it.”

He kisses her, kisses her with all the love he has, kisses her while they walk  through the door together, kisses her until the sheets are stained with petals

Owen Shaw - Drive Part 3

Request from anonymous

Imagine: You’re apart of Owen Shaw’s team and you happen to have feelings for him, but he doesn’t seem to feel the same way. Your jealousy tends to get the best of you, every time you see Shaw and Letty together. Shaw notice you get jealous, but doesn’t seem to care. One day, he flirts with Letty, even touching her, and happened you see the whole thing. You finally had enough and you seek attention elsewhere. How will Shaw handle it? Would he continue to do what he wants? Or finally speak up on how he feels about you?

Owen Shaw - Drive Part 3

Smut/smut imagines & swearing

Chapter 5

Reader POV

Without warning, Shaw shoved me down on the hood of the car. He grabbed my hips tight as he pulled me closer to the edge of the car as he lean down, kissing my neck. He started kissing down my body, as he lifted up my mini skirt. Every touch from his hands and lips, made me moan his name, begging for more.

Shaw place my legs over his shoulders as I heard a clicking sound. Then I felt it, his knife gliding up my legs and to my hips. He cut the side of my panties on my right, then slowing glider the blade across my body to my left side, repeating the process. I heard him putting the knife away as my panties fell off of my hips.

Hmm, seems someone is already ready for me.” Shaw said with a low chuckle as he lean down and slightly blow on my wet folds. I moan as I arch my as he tease me with his hot breath on my wet folds. “O I bet your dying for me to taste you, aren’t you (Y/N)?”

“Yes.” I said, looking down at him as he looked up at me. “Please, Shaw. Please taste me.”

“With pleasure” Shaw said, smiling as he took a firm grip of my hips as he started gliding his tongue up and down my folds. “You taste so sweet, (Y/N)”

He started sliding his tongue in and out of me, as I reach down, grabbing the back of his head. He started going faster, as he moved his hand over. He started using his thumb to rub my clit in a circle motion. Then he moved his other hand, sliding two fingers in and out of me, as he blow gently on my skin.

“Owen.” I moan as I started getting closer.

“Say my name again (Y/N)”Shaw said, as he started moving his fingers faster. “I want to hear you say my name when I make you cum” 

“Owen” I moan louder. “Owen just like that. Oh my god just like that.” He started moving his fingers faster and he lean back down licking my clit. “Owen. Owen. Fuck Owen. I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

Chapter 6

Shaw POV

I felt her tighten up that sweet delicious pussy of her around my fingers. Once she stop cumming, I made sure to lick every single dropped. I could feel her starting to calm down, o but I wasn’t ready for her to calm down. I pulled back and grabbed her hips, tight.

She let out a gasp when I use my strength to twist her around and flip her onto her stomach. I pulled her closer to me and grind up against her. “Feel how bad I want you?” I said, pulling her hair and leaning down kissing her neck.

“Yes, god yes.” She said as she pushed her hips back and grind up against me. “Fuck me Owen. Please fuck me.”

I let out a groan when I heard her words. I’ve been waiting since day one for her to say that to me. I pulled back to unzip my pants and pull my dick. I was done teasing her and waited to long for this. I grabbed her hips tight again as I slam my dick into that wet tight pussy of hers.

“Owen” She said, gasping. She reach her arms back to pushing me off. “Your too big Owen.” I started thrusting in and out of her, as she kept trying to push me off. I grabbed her arms with one hand, pinning them to her back. The other hand I use to pull her hair back, making her moan louder and arch her back. “Owen. Owen.”

“Your so tight (Y/N).” I said as I started slamming harder in her. “:We’re going have to loosen you up a bit.” I use my foot to spread her legs wider for me. “Now that’s better.” I started going harder and faster, making her moan my name louder.

“Owen, I’m cumming.” She said, as she started pushing back on me as I thrust deep inside of her. “I’m cumming.”

“Cum for (Y/N). Cum for me again.” I said, letting go of her hands and hair. I grabbed her hips and started slamming into her around.

“Owen. Owen. Fuck. Fuck.” She said as I felt her cumming again. I stayed in deep and move my hips in a circle motion, making her release last longer. “Owen, fuck.”

I pulled out of her and spun her around. I grabbed her legs and wrapped them around my waist as I slam my dick back into her hot wet pussy. She sat up and wrapped her arms around my neck. I reach up with one hand and grabbed the back of her head, pulling her towards me and kissing her roughly.

I put my other arm around her waist and lifted her up. I started walking to the back door of my car and opened it. I pulled back and smiled at her, as I toss her down in the backseat. I moved quickly and spread her legs so I could get back inside her.

I started thrusting in and out of her as I started removing my jacket and shirt. I reach down and kiss her neck as I ripped her blouse off of her. I lean down and started sucking on her breast as she started digging her nails into my skin, and dragging them down my back.

“(Y/N)” I moan her name as she kept clawing at my back. I took her lips again and wrapped my arms around her. I moved around so she was on top of me as I lay down. I ripped her mini skirt off of her and she grabbed my pants and boxers, taking them off of me as I kicked my shoes off. She got back on me and she started riding me. “Your so beautiful and your all mine.”

She let out a gasp, as I grabbed her hips and slam her down on my dick. I thrust up towards her, as I use my hands to slam her back down. (Y/N) started dragging her nails down my chest as she lean down, to kiss me. I ran my hands up her back as she move her hips slowing, making my moan into the kiss.

Her hips, god I love them. The way she sway them when she walked, I knew she would know how to use them during sex. She would slam her self hard down on me and then slowing pull back up, then do it again. (Y/N) started biting my lip, causing me to groan and bite her lip back. She kiss down my jaw and move down my chest, as she moved herself off of me.

Chapter 7

Reader POV

I moved down to the floor of the car as Shaw sat up and moved around so I was between his legs. I lean down and putting his dick into my mouth. He immediately grabbed the back of my head and tried to move me rather down. I moved his hands and pinned them onto the seat.

I looked up at him as I moved my mouth up and down his dick. He toss his head back and let out a loud groan. I started moving faster as he started thrusting his hips up. I let go his hands and took a hold of his dick, as he looked back down at me. I kept my eyes on him as I lick from base all the way to the tip. I started moving my tongue in a circle motion are the head of his head.

“Fuck (Y/N), I knew you were going to be good at this.” Shaw said, as he grabbed my hair and started moving me up and down his dick. “You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to see those lips of yours on my dick.”

He lean his head back, moaning as I use one of my hands to stroke his dick as I started sucking the head of his dick harder. I moved my hand fast as I tighten my grip. He started pulling my hair harder when he looked back down at me.

“Stop.” Shaw said, pulling me off of him. “Come here, I want to cum in that pussy of yours.” He pulled me up on top of him and wrapped his arms around me as he slammed me back down.

Chapter 8

Shaw POV

“We’re not using protection.’ She said, putting her hands on my shoulders, to make me stop. “I could get pregnant.”

“So?” I said, pulling down and kissing her lips gently. “Don’t think I’ll make a good dad?”

“Owen” She said pulling back to look at me .

I place my finger on her lips and shook my head. “What I said to Letty, is what I’ve wanted to say to you.” I said, moving my hand behind her neck to pull her closer to me. “I’ve wanted you for so long (Y/N), so very long. The reason why I push you away is because you became my weakness. And if someone found that out, they would go after you. I couldn’t have that, so I pushed you away. When Letty came in, it was only to use her to protect you. If they saw me with her, they would go after her and not you. I don’t care if she dies, you on the other hand” I kiss her lips again, gently and slowing. “I truly couldn’t bare it.”

“O Owen.” She said, placing her hands on my face and she lean down, kissing me gently. “Are you trying to tell me, that you love me?”

“I’m still not saying it, if that’s what you want to hear.” I said, smiling at her. “Your the woman, your suppose to say it first.”

“Stubborn as always.” She said and then I held her tight as I thrust up into her.

“Always” I said as she started moving her hips up and down, as I continue to thrust into her. “Now, ready to cum again for me?”

“Yes, god yes.” She said as she started moving her hips faster. “Owen make my cum on your big hard cock.”

“Fuck, I love it when you talk dirty.” I said as I wrapped my arms around her tighter as I slammed her harder down on me. “Hmm, I love this tight wet pussy of yours.” She started moving her hips faster as she throw her head back and moan. “Bet no one else could fuck you like this.”

“No. No one. Just you Owen. Just you.” She said, as I pulled her head back towards me.

“I want you to fucken say it.” I said, kissing her roughly. “Say who owns this pussy.”

“You do Owen.’ She said, as she started getting closer to cumming again. “You do Owen. You own this pussy. You own it. You own all of me. Day or fucken night, you can fucken have this pussy.”

I groan loud into her neck as I slammed her hard on me, as I started getting closer. We both started breathing harder and press our foreheads together. I held her close, as I looked into her eyes. I kiss her passionately and pulled back and look at her. “I love you.” I said as I burning my face in her chest, I held her tight as I came deep inside of her.

“O Owen, I love you. I love you.” She said, as she wrapped her arms around me as she came. “Owen. Owen.”

I looked up at her and press my forehead against hers again. We both smiled as we tried to catch our breaths. “Mine. All mine.” I said, kissing her lips gently. “All mine.”

“All yours.” She said, smiling as she place her hands on my face. “Owen?”

“Yes?” I said, pulling back and looking at her.

“I don’t want Letty in our group anymore.” She said, looking down at me. “I’m sorry, but I don’t trust her.”

“Don’t worry babe, I already have a plan to get rid of her.” I said, touching her face. “After this job, we’ll retire anywhere you want to.”

“Really?” She said, smiling at me.

“Yeah, really.” I said, smiling back at her. “Plus if I knocked you up, we’re going to need a steady home to rise the kid.” She smacked my shoulder and I just chuckle at her as she shook her head. “What?”

“O Owen.” She said, as I kiss her gently she pulled back smile at me.

“You know, I have a few fantasies about you too.”

“O really now?” I said, kissing her again.

“Really.” She said, pulling back and touching my face. “I always fantasize you knocking everything off your desk and tying my hands behind my back, as you lean me over your desk, fucking me, long and hard.”

“What a coincidence, I have the same fantasy.” I said smiling at her as I touch her face gently. “How about we go full fill that fantasy of ours right now?”

Sounds good.” She said kissing me passionately. “Sounds real good.”

I got dress and handed her my shirt to wear. We drove off in my car, with smile on our faces. I looked over at her and reach for her hand.

I gave her hand a small squeeze as our fingers entwine.

She looked over at me and smile. “I love you Owen.” She said.

I love you too.” I said, smiling at her and then turning my attention to the road. “Now, won’t you tell me some more of your fantasies.” I turned back to her and saw the biggest smile on her face. O yeah, this was going to be fun.

The End

Hope you guys enjoy this one. This is the first very detail smut I ever did. So I hope it came out good. Thank you for requesting this one, hope to get some more Luke Evans/ Owen Shaw fanfic out there.

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goldcaught  asked:

bless you both tbh: kc (the klaroline bit of these prompts is probs implied, but whatever the format looks better with it than without so we're keeping it) + drink dialing incidents piling up that lead to definitely not drunk hot hot sex and declaration of everlasting ooey gooey feelings

Notes: Kol is alive because reasons. Very fluffy and vanilla. Sorry not sorry. 💙


Klaus groaned as his phone chimed five times in quick succession. It was three in the morning and he’d finally fallen asleep after a particularly trying day. Kol had stolen his phone the day before and changed all his contacts to nicknames from the current teen vernacular (often accompanied by emojis).

He hadn’t had time to go through and change them all back, and there were some he hadn’t been able to figure out because Kol had deleted all of his texts as well, and he didn’t have every number memorized.

He grabbed it and frowned when he saw the name on the screen. What the actual fuck was a ‘Bae’?

Urban Dictionary was immediately opened (thank you, Davina).

Bae: Acronym standing for ‘Before anyone else’.

He snorted. He had a sneaking suspicion now, and googled the area code (which, as he had guessed, was Mystic County in Virginia).

Bae 👑💜: Klllauuusss

Bae 👑💜: Do you still think about me?

Bae 👑💜: Cause I still think about you

Bae 👑💜: Well, mostly your dimples and how good you are in bed

Bae 👑💜: But also you.

Suspicions confirmed. Now, how to answer her questions… She was clearly intoxicated somehow and would be mortified when she sobered up, but he didn’t want her to think that he didn’t love her now that he’d had her. Then again, he also didn’t want to admit his feelings over text. That could go wrong in so many different ways.

Klaus: Are you drunk?

Bae 👑💜: Only a little.

Bae 👑💜: Okay, a lot.

Bae 👑💜: Drowning my sorrows in mai tais. Open bars are dangerous.

Klaus: How many have you had? And sorrows?

Bae 👑💜: 🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹 <– that many

Bae 👑💜: And Bonnie’s gone, Elena’s a witchy drug addict, and Stefan’s AWOL.

Bae 👑💜: I’m bored.

Klaus: Glad to know I’m you’re last resort.

Bae 👑💜: Please. Pretty sure that the only reason I didn’t text you before was because I was sober.

Bae 👑💜: Well, also judgy friends.

Klaus: Is that supposed to make me feel better, love?

Bae 👑💜: idk. Does it?

Klaus: While I am happy that you’ve contacted me, I want it to be because you want to, not because your judgment is impaired.

Bae 👑💜: I do want to. I just wasn’t drunk enough before.

Klaus: Perhaps you should sleep and we can talk about this in the morning.

Bae 👑💜: In the morning I’ll be sober.

Klaus: That’s the point.

Bae 👑💜: No. I’ll feel guilty for talking to you when I’m sober.

Klaus: Well, you need to get over that, love.

Klaus: Goodnight, Caroline.

Bae 👑💜: Fine.

Bae 👑💜: Night.

Klaus put the damn thing on airplane mode and covered his head with his pillow, wondering why he had decided to be respectful of her feelings and wishes.

Oh, right, because he loved her.

Now he needed a drink.

The next morning, he woke up late and turned on his phone, groaning at the fact that he had enough text messages that it didn’t say who they were from. He unlocked his phone (now that he had a passcode hopefully Kol would never get in again), and opened his texts, deciding to check Caroline’s first.

Bae 👑💜: I am so sorry about last night.

Klaus: Why?

Bae 👑💜: I drunk texted you.

Klaus: I’m aware.

Bae 👑💜: Right, so I’m sorry.

Bae 👑💜: For bothering you, or whatever.

Klaus: I don’t know what your definition of “bothering” is, Sweetheart, but it’s certainly different from texting me to tell me that you still have feelings for me.

Bae 👑💜: I didn’t say I still had feelings for you.

Bae 👑💜: I said that you’re good in bed.

Klaus: And that you think about me

Klaus: I’ll take what I can get.

Bae 👑💜: 😒

Klaus: 😊


Klaus: Yes.

Klaus: I am able to keep up with modern technology, thank you very much.

Bae 👑💜: Hip with the kids?

Klaus: 😒

Bae 👑💜: Right. Sorry. Anyway, I just wanted to say that. I have class now.

Klaus: No you don’t.

Bae 👑💜: Excuse me?

Klaus: You don’t have class until two. It’s currently half-eleven your time.

Bae 👑💜: Omg creeper!! How do you know that?

Klaus: You didn’t honestly think that I would leave you without protection?

Bae 👑💜: that’s so invasive!!

Klaus: And necessary. There have been three attacks on your life in the last four months.

Bae 👑💜: And you didn’t tell me????

Klaus: Why would I do that? You wanted to go to college. I was making sure that happened.

Bae 👑💜: That’s weirdly sweet.

Bae 👑💜: But wrong.

Bae 👑💜: You should have told me

Klaus: Perhaps. I did promise to stay away, though.

Klaus: In any case, why are you trying to escape?

Bae 👑💜: I’m not ready yet.

Klaus froze, his thumbs poised over the keyboard of his phone and took a deep breath.

Klaus: Yet?

Bae 👑💜: That’s not what I meant.

Klaus felt his jaw set. Why did she always get his hopes up and then mercilessly crush them?

Klaus: Right. Of course not.

Klaus: Because clearly that time in the woods meant absolutely nothing to you.

Klaus: You accused me of not knowing how to relate to people. Of not trying to understand them. I tried with you. I tried for you. I told you that I would wait for you, and I will. I will always want you, Caroline.

Bae 👑💜: Of course it meant something to me.

Klaus: However, I’m going to ask that you not contact me until you’re sure. You give me false hope every time, Caroline. There is only so much rejection that I can handle.

Klaus: And that is why you give me false hope. Your mixed signals baffle me.

Bae 👑💜: I’m just not ready

Klaus: Well, tell me when you are. Until then, I’m here if there’s an emergency. I’ve sent some of my blood to the hybrid I have protecting you, but if you need more, ask him and he’ll contact me.

Klaus: I love you, Caroline. I hope that we speak again soon.

Bae 👑💜: No, Klaus. You don’t understand

Bae 👑💜: I’m just scared, okay?

Bae 👑💜: Klaus?

Bae 👑💜: Seriously? You’re done talking to me?

Bae 👑💜: You can’t just say things like that and not text me back.

<Bae 👑💜 is calling>

Klaus threw his phone at the wall.

It had been a week since he’d decided to try to ignore Caroline. Once he’d acquired a new phone, he’d called he hybrid he’d made to tell him to text him only on Mondays with short updates unless it was an emergency.

That’s why when James texted him on a Wednesday, he got a bad feeling.

James: I know you told me not to contact unless it’s an emergency, but your girl just drove herself to the airport. I lost her once she went in, though.

Klaus: Do you know where she’s going?

James: As I said, I lost her. I can try to figure it out, though.

Klaus: Please do. Keep me posted.

He sighed, setting the phone back down on the coffee table and pouring himself a drink, lounging back on the couch.

He didn’t know how long he’d spent staring into the fire when the doorbell rang.

No one rang the doorbell.

He got up, setting his near-empty glass on the table, and steeled himself for who he was sure was on the other side. Sure enough, Caroline was on his doorstep, sans luggage, and before he could tell her that she should really leave unless she was serious, she reached up and slammed her hand over his mouth. “Don’t say a word.”

He raised an eyebrow but didn’t tear her hand away, which she must have taken as a good sign. “I am not here forever, but it’s Thanksgiving break and my mother’s working, so I have a few days.”

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand gently off his face. “You shouldn’t be here. You’re still not ready,” he pointed out.

“I’m ready to spend break with you, and I’m ready for you to show me New Orleans. Baby steps, Klaus. Please.”

He took a deep breath. Could he really let her go after the few days she was here?

Be honest with yourself. You know you’ll regret this, but you can’t turn her away. Not now.

“Fine. I’ll show you to one of the guest bedrooms–”

“You cannot be serious.”

“You said baby steps.”

“Yeah, like emotional baby steps. I’m pretty sure you love me. I’m pretty sure I’m in denial about loving you. I’m pretty sure that you have ruined me for anyone else, and I’m pretty sure that I want you to take me to your bedroom and fuck me as soon as possible. And then take me to dinner.”

“It’s only noon,” he said without thinking, immediately inwardly wincing at the words.

“Exactly,” she said, an impish smile crossing her face.

And then her lips were on his and he was pretty sure that someone made a horrible bureaucratic mistake and sent him to heaven by accident. She pushed him against the nearest wall, tugging his shirt over his head and throwing it to the side, her hands running up and down his chest, her fingernails making brief marks against his skin before they healed, making him groan into her mouth.

His hands fell on her hips, squeezing them lightly through her jeans, and he had forgotten how fucking perfect she was. She fit so naturally against him, her lips melding to his like they’d been made for each other, and he picked her up, pulling her legs around his waist, and sped them to his bedroom, kicking the door closed behind him and pushing her onto the bed. He laid on top of her, capturing her lips again, stroking the soft skin of her abdomen under her blouse with his fingertips.

He kissed down her jaw and neck, his lips and tongue running down to the tops of her breasts peeking out the low neckline, before tugging the garment over her head, throwing it to the side. He unhooked her bra, licking his lips as she shrugged it off, revealing her breasts. He began to kiss and lick down her collarbone again before he flicked his tongue against each of her nipples, scraping them lightly with his teeth, making her arch her back and moan.

He looked up at her as he brushed the creamy skin of her stomach with soft open-mouthed kisses, his lips exploring every inch of her until he got to the waistband of her tight jeans. He unfastened them, sitting up to tug them down her legs and throw them aside, pressing light kisses to her hips and thighs.

She was looking at him in slight wonder, as though she hadn’t expected this turn of events (and she probably hadn’t, as the last time he’d had her he took her hard and fast against a tree), her eyes dark and wanting. “Klaus,” she whispered, a tint of a moan coming through in her tone. “What are you–”

“Shh, love,” he mumbled against her skin, nuzzling her hipbone with his nose. “I want to take my time and explore every inch of you.”

He gently pushed her legs apart, making her face flush, and brushed his tongue against the lace of her thong. She moaned, her head lolling back against the headboard, and he smirked before tugging the scrap of fabric off of her and giving her pussy a few languid strokes of his tongue. Her hand immediately wound into his hair. “Don’t stop, please.”

He had no intention of doing so.

He lapped at her slowly, savoring the taste and feel of her against his mouth, and the sounds she was making as he pleasured her. “That feels so good,” she breathed, her hands leaving his hair to grip the sheets tightly in her fists.

His tongue swirled around her clit before he continued to tongue-fuck her entrance, his strokes becoming harder and more demanding as he slid his palms underneath her arse to pull her closer to him.

“I’m so close,” she panted, and he picked up the speed of his tongue, moaning when she came on his lips, panting out his name.

He withdrew before nuzzling the skin of her hips and side, dropping soft kisses as he moved up to capture her lips again, thrusting his tongue into her mouth so that she could taste herself on his tongue.

Her hands moved to rub him through his jeans and he groaned into her mouth, his hands resting on her shoulders, pushing her against the mattress as he bucked against her hand.

She unzipped his jeans and freed his hard cock, stroking him languidly, her thumb ghosting over the tip of him to spread precum over his head. He groaned, his head dropping to rest against her shoulder. She spread her legs a bit farther and guided him into her, moaning as he filled her completely.

“You are so beautiful,” he muttered, brushing his lips over every inch of her face as he moved slowly, relishing in the feel of her tight, wet heat wrapped around him.

“I want you to come in me.”

“Anything you want, love,” he promised, his hips moving faster to slam into her in smooth thrusts. “I promise.”

She arched her back, tipping her head to the side to let him feast on her neck as he made love to her, and she clenched around him again, gasping.

“I’m so close.”

“Come around me love,” he said, his lips moving against her neck. “Please.”

He bit her neck lightly and she came undone, her hands gripping his shoulders harshly as she moved her hips frantically to meet his, both of them panting as she rode out her orgasm around him, making him spill inside her.

“I love you, Caroline,” he mumbled against her neck.

She took a breath, and he covered her mouth with his, pulling back to look at her dark eyes, flushed face, and bashful smile. “Don’t say it unless you mean it,” he said quietly. “Unless you’re ready.

“Soon,” she assured him.

He smiled, stiffening as his phone vibrated. Muttering obscenities under his breath, he pulled it towards him, texting Kol back quickly to tell him that under no circumstances was he to bring up what he’d heard unless he wanted a dagger in his chest. 

He set the phone back down next to her before rolling back on top of her to kiss her softly, hardening against her thigh. She smiled, scratching his sides, groaning when the phone vibrated again. She was somehow faster to respond and grabbed it.

“You have Kol listed on your phone as ‘best brother ever’?” she asked, a bit incredulous.

“He changed all of my contact names,” Klaus said, nuzzling her neck before stiffening as she descended into a giggle fit.



Title: Goodbye.
Prompt: One Last Time.
Genre: Angst.
Rating: M
Summary: His last night in the village, locked in her arms, at home. /Pre-gaiden sasusaku fanfiction.
He could feel it. Her sweet scent, her heavenly warmth, the pulse of her heart, and most importantly, her love. Even though he could feel just how broken she was at the moment, she never failed to make him feel at home.
And how much he was going to miss his home.
After he discovered a place where he could finally live, where he could breathe, where he could be happy- he had to leave it. He was bound to leave it, he was bound to leave her. To leave his wife.. alone.
The promises he had made to himself long ago, the vow to not hurt her again, to not break her already shattered heart into pieces, to not make her cry again, the vows and promises- they were all for nothing.
And here she was, holding back them tears, giving him hope, trying not to appear weak and vanquished.
He could sense the warm skin of her neck, even though her fingers and toes were frozen cold, she never failed to provide him the much needed sympathy which left him even more guilt-ridden.
She lightly brushed his silky, dark hair, her fingers massaging his scalp, allocating him the affection he could never return back. Her exhaled breath blew past his collar as she rubbed his back.
The dimness of their bedroom hid their presence completely while their quietness made it possible to listen to the voices made by rustling leaves of their garden.
A tear escaped her eye.
She moved a hand to wipe it off but his much bigger hand avoided her attempts.
Freeing himself from the heat he was feeling when their bodies were tangled, he lifted his head to look her in the eye. Her eyes, moist; wet; teary. She had held her breath in, to cage the rest of her tears from escaping but he could read her like an open book. After almost an year of being married, he could tell these little things about his wife.
He rubbed her cheek; in a tender way that never once failed to hide his vulnerable side from her, brushing away the drop of moisture.
“ Don’t cry like this.” He obsecrated.
“ I-I’m not crying.” She stated, still holding her breath.
“ You can’t lie.” He told her, tucking a strand of her pink hair behind her ear.
Hearing those sincere words and looking into those penetrating, dark orbs of her husband, Uchiha Sakura surrendered to her tears. The warm, salted water came out of her eyes like pools of hot streams until her cries became hiccups and hiccups turned into silence.
All the while, he watched her. He watched how the area under her eyes became red, how the whiteness of her eyes turned bloody and how the spark of her always shining eyes was slowly fading away. And he was responsible for all of this. Uchiha Sasuke had made her cry- yet again.
“Sakura..” he whispered and the whisper came out in form of a sharp, painful whimper.
She stayed silent while he wiped away the tears straining her eyes. Even though the illumination in the room was negligible, his eyes could see the emotions behind the tears of the woman he called his wife. The agony, the suffering, the uneasiness; he could see it all.
“ Can’t you stay a little longer?” asked Sakura. “ I’ll go talk to Kakashi-sensei. He’ll assign someone else to this mission.”
Even though he himself didn’t want to leave, he couldn’t let the shinobi World suffer because of his mistakes. Just because his emotions and desires were getting in the way, he couldn’t let his duties slip away. For he had swear to himself to redeem his sinful soul of its crimes by protecting those in need.
But what about his family? They also needed him by his side. The people most precious to him necessitated him to be there for them. Even though he trusted the abilities of his wife- the strongest kunoichi in the world and best medical ninja, he couldn’t depend on her for everything. He couldn’t force his duties as a father and as a husband to her.
But what choice did he have, any way?
“ I don’t.. really know.” He diverted his gaze from her, avoiding to look her in the eye due to the guilty state he was in.
Just how many times was he going to make her cry and watch her cry, unable to do anything… but walk away.
Just run away.
She saw the change in him. She saw his anger turning into discomfort. Pain. Caressing his cheek in order to comfort him she started whispering sweet nothings into his ear. Massaging his scalp, ruffling his hair, she tried her best to kill her own feelings so that he could be calmed. He could be made happy.
“ I’m sorry.” His apology came out as a faint mumble.
“ You don’t have to be, Sasuke-kun.” Muttered Sakura. “ It’ll be fine. I promise.”
He looked up to see her face, a smile plastering her profile, hurt visible in her eyes and hope dominant in her words.
Just how optimistic was she?
He brought his face closer to hers until their foreheads met. Her let go of the held back breath and so did she. They breathed each other’s air. She smiled. This time genuinely.
“ Promise?” He husked.
“ Promise.” She replied.
She cupped his face with her small hands as she brought his lips closer to hers pausing only when they were barely touching.
“ This might be the last time.” She stated.
“ The last time until we meet again.” He corrected.
It was true that there was no guarantee if they’d be seeing each other again anytime soon in the future, but hope was still the key to happiness.
Happiness? She didn’t even know what it was without him.
Their lips brushed lightly as she wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him closer, claiming his lips in the process. The tenderness of the kiss was enough to melt both their hearts along with the doubts in them. At that time, they belonged only to each other and nothing else mattered.
He was to one to pull back first, leaving her disappointed but amused when he lusciously kissed her again. Her heart was pounding by the second he pushed her lower lip in order to attain an entrance which she gladly granted him. He pushed her tongue until they were fighting for dominance. They pulled back when oxygen was needed and panted. Looking into each other’s eyes, smiling. Holding back tears.
He brushed her cheek, and intertwined his calloused fingers with her pink, messed locks.
“ Lets not make too much noise and wake Sarada.” She told him earning a nod from him.
He rucked her shirt up, uncovering her body and leaving her only in her panties. Revealing her silky, smooth skin. No matter how many times he’d see her naked, he could never stop a faint blush from appearing on his cheeks. Sometimes, his ears would burn when he’d touch her skin, sometimes fire would lit in his belly when he’d give her breasts a squeeze.
She did the same and undressed him leaving him in his boxers. He helped her lay down on the king sized bed of their room until her back touched the soft surface.
With his knee between her thighs, he towered his body over hers, supporting his weight on his lone arm.
Leaning close to her, he buried his face in the crook of her neck, taking in the familiar, calming fragrance. She brought him closer to her body, legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his strong shoulders. She frantically kissed his temple while he placed a trail of kisses from her throat to her shoulders. Dipping his tongue into her collarbone, nuzzling his nose against her skin.
Her wet lips travelled from his temple to his jawline, tasting his very familiar taste while her hands got lost in the deep forest of his dark locks, bringing him closer and closer by the second.
His tongue roamed the skin of her shoulders down to the origin of her breasts. His hands travelled the skin around her waist and the softness of her toned stomach making her shiver at the contact. He massaged one of her breasts, making her arch her back. She was soft and silky. He gave it a gentle squeeze making her moan.
He didn’t know when he’d be able to listen to those content moans again. The moans that would always end up satisfying him, the moans that would take away all his tiredness.
He carefully took one of her pink, erected mounds in his hot, wet mouth. Her body quivered at the contact but she pulled him closer by his hair. He flicked his tongue over the surface, getting lost in the coziness he was receiving.
She kissed his hair, pleading for more while he played with her other breast. She had no idea about when was it going to be the time when she’d feel this way again. Making love with the only person who had her heart. It felt heavenly to her and at the same time painful. It was sure going to be a lot more difficult than she had thought. To live alone, without Sasuke by her side, was unimaginable to her. But somehow, she was going to do it.
For his sake.
For their daughter’s sake.
He pulled back to look into her eyes only to be met by an expression he couldn’t quite understand at first, but knowing his wife, tears along with a smile on her face, was the countenance she’d show when she’s determined to do something difficult.
He kissed her nose and wiped away the tear that had escaped her eye. Pressing his forehead against her, he sighed before speaking.
“ you don’t have to be worried, Sakura.”
“ I’m not worried. I just want you to do what you have to, that’s all.” She assured him. “ You can leave the rest to me.” She smiled.
“ I know.” He smiled back at her. And even in the dark, she could feel that honest smile of his, lighting her dimed world.
She kissed him again. Running her tongue over his lips, passionately, lusciously and he answered her needs with much more desire. She pushed his lower lip until both their tongues were dancing along with the rhythmic beat of their love. She belonged to him and he belonged to her. Overwhelmed by the immense pleasure, she unconsciously bit his tongue, making him moan, which left her totally speechless. He moaned tranquilly in her ear and it was for the first time that she had heard him make a voice as such and it left her completely satisfied.
She pulled back to stare him in the eye while he tried his best to hide the crimson blush on his cheeks.
She chuckled, cupping his face.
He pouted, looking away.
The voice of a baby- their baby, crying brought them back to the world. Their little, ten months old daughter was up at 3 am in the morning.
It ached his heart to realize he wouldn’t be able to hear her cries, squeaks and giggles again. He felt culpable. He was left guilt-ridden and most of all, he felt empty. He wouldn’t wake up to his little Uchiha’s yelps again. He wouldn’t wake up by his wife’s side again, the woman he had learned to love. He wouldn’t be at home again.
The thought alone was enough to penetrate daggers into his throat. It felt as if a sharp steel knife was cutting his wind pipe. He couldn’t breathe, but he had to live for the sake of others. He had to live for them, so that he’d one day return to them, so that one day he’d return home.
“ Trust me, Sasuke-kun. It’ll be alright. I’ve promised you.” And her smile was all the remedy that he needed.
Even if he’d be a million miles away, he wouldn’t ever be alone. For his heart was connected to hers. And he’d eternally be grateful for that.

Cry:Calum Hood Imagine

 Based off of the song Cry by K Michelle. Just a little something i began writing this morning, but request imagines or just talk to me in my ask :) Also make sure you click the links.

I can’t believe this. He did it again, he’s still doing it. He’s never going to stop and I’m too stupid to even realize it. No matter how much he claims he loves me he just goes back and throws it all away.

Calum Hood Seen with Mystery Blonde.

Calum Hood’s Mystery Blonde. Does Y/N know about this?

Y/N and Calum Hood Split?

I had all four magazines laying on the coffee table and sighed out of frustration. I’m passed the point of betrayal and even hurt. It’s been going on for so long. Brunettes, blondes, red heads, beach blondes, he’s been through them all. From high class models to bimbos in a club. It’s a cycle that never stops. Going out with the boys or with other friends, getting hella drunk, leaving with someone that’s not me, then coming back the next day apologizing when I say that I’m going to leave . Telling me that it’ll never happen again, that he’s sorry and that he loves me to the moon and back. We haven’t had sex in almost three months because he goes out and fucks those random girls almost every night. We barely even talk anymore,there’s no more good morning cuddling or late night talks. He basically acts like I’m non-existent and we live together! I wouldn’t even call it that at this point. He leaves home at 10 and comes back at 1 in the afternoon. You would think we hang out during those 9 hours he’s there right? Nope,he eats, gets on his computer, and then goes to sleep until he wakes up around 9 to get ready and leave again to repeat the whole entire cycle. Every. Single. Fucking. Day. I sat and thought for a few minutes about what I need to do. Of course I’m going to leave,but not without doing something about this. This blonde was the last straw.

                                               Yeah, yeah
                                          Nobodies off limits
                                       Not even your friends
                              I’m about to go in, about to go in
                                              bout to go in

Everybody needs to hurt for what he’s doing. Everybody’s acting like they’re okay with what he’s doing,not even telling me about it, just always letting me find out for myself in the magazines. I got this really cold chill down my back and I felt my pain and aches go away. I know exactly what I’m going to do. I smiled evilly and walked upstairs into our my room and pulled out probably the *skankiest* dress I could find. The kind of dress all of the girls he picks up wears. Then some *strap heels* and went to take a shower.

                              I’m gon’ do something I never do,
                                  I’mma try and hurt you, too
                                Feels so damn good to be cold
                             And I don’t even care if you know

I’m going to hurt him the way he hurts me. I’m tired of this. The hurt, the betrayal, the way he acts like I’m not even important anymore. As I got all of these evil thoughts of what I’m going to do and how my night will be, I felt all the pain and emotion go away. He’s made me an unemotional bitch who’s thirty for revenge. I’m turned cold, and I don’t even care if the world knows. I washed my hair and shaved until I was baby bottom smooth,then I brushed my teeth. After I got out I did my *makeup* flawlessly and did my hair up in big bouncy curls,how he used to like it when we first got together. I then went and put on my best and sexiest *lingerie*. The set he loved so much, the set he got me in Paris when we went there for out anniversary. He bought it for me because he just couldn’t walk past that window without imagining me in it. I made to sure put on baby oil to give my legs and arms a bit of shine, then I slid on my dress and shoes. I smirked, looking for my camera and set it up in front of the bed, hiding behind the TV but getting a good shot to see everything that went on tonight and I mean EVERYTHING. I sprayed some perfume then grabbed my purse and keys. I left my phone on the counter, nobody talks to me anymore anyway. Tonight’s going to be very….exciting. I laughed to myself and began to drive to the club.

                                     I’mma let him kiss my body,
                                              touch my body
                             Record it and make sure you find it
                                         How you gone trip?
                             Boy, you’ve been with everybody

When me and the extremely good looking guy got into our bedroom I walked passed the TV, sneakingly pressing the record button on the camera and stepping away.
I slid off my shoes and pushed him to where he laid back on the bed, straddling  his waist. I leaned down and kissed him slowly but deep, giving the camera a perfect view of my ass. During the whole time I was being a bit over dramatic, moaning too loudly at times, making sure I gave it my all, making sure Calum saw how much pleasure he was giving me. Sending the camera little winks and smirks and I even had the nerve to smile and laugh at times. The guy was good,I’m not going to lie but nothing will compare to the way Calum feels inside of me and I’ve grown to accept that. That’s just something I can’t lie about. When the guy fell asleep I walked in front of the camera and blew a kiss. Before I turned it off I decided to leave a little message for him.

                                   You started, I’mma finish!
                                        You made that bed,
                                      now you gone lay in it
                            You gone suffer, you gone suffer
                                    For everything you did
                           You gone suffer, you gone suffer
                                I done took too much of this
                    You gone cry, you gone pay me in tears
                                           You gone cry,
                            you owe me for all these years
                                          You gone cry
                               ‘Cause it’s not about love,
                               it’s all about revenge so cry
                              I’ve learned from the best,
                                 I’ve learned from you
                        It’s easy to do the shit that you do
                           I could just switch it up on ya
               Used to be me, that was out here stressing
                          So give what came and cares
                         Now you missed your blessings
                      You gone suffer, you gone suffer
                              For everything you did
                             I’m not bitter, stay with her
                         Maybe she can take your shit!

                       I deserve to get my point across,
                           Before all we had was lost
              Now we are both hurt by the one we love
                                    I know it’s wrong
                            but I want to see you cry
                                      Cry, cry,cry.

●●Calum’s POV●●
I came home and laid my keys on the counter, plugging my phone onto the charger since it was completely dead. I jogged upstairs walking into our room seeing that Y/N wasn’t here. Probably went to run errands or something, I told myself shrugging. I grabbed my laptop, flopping on the bed, and opening it. When I did that a cd fell out.
“What the hell?” I questioned and read what was written on the cd.

                                            Watch me!
                                    You gone suffer for
                                     everything you did

I put it in the cd player and waited for it to load. When the black screen came up I pressed the play symbol and waited for it to load. At first I saw Y/N’s body standing I front of it and I smirked and bit my lip. She recorded herself for me, how sweet. As soon as she stepped out of the way my heart dropped and I held my breath. There was a brunette sitting on the bed. She walked over and pushed him back on the bed, straddling him and kissing him roughly. Within the first ten minutes he was down to his boxers and he was currently stripping her. I clenched my fist when I saw she was wearing my lingerie. Mine, the one she only wore on special occasions like my birthday or our anniversary and even award shows. He stripped her, kissing down her body eventually in between her legs. I watched the whole thing in anger and actually feeling pain in my chest. Pain from seeing him kiss her, taste her, fuck her,making her moan and arch her back, and I felt a few tears slide down my face. Their little scene ending with her sucking him off like she did me at times and then he held her as he fell sleep. She slid out of his grip and covered him up. She walked into the bathroom and brought back aspirins and grabbed a bottled water from the mini fridge we have in our room and sat it on the bedside table.

Y/N blew a kiss to the camera and picked it up, looking into it with a sweet smile. The smile I haven’t seen in months. Now I know how she feels when I go out with these girls. It fucking hurts.

“I love you, baby.” She said and I began tearing up again.” Doesn’t seem like it after you’ve watched us, huh? How’d you think I feel every time you say that after fucking some random bitch almost every night? You started it Calum,but I’m going to finish this. You did this to yourself so now you’re gonna suffer the consequences. I’ve taken so much of your shit and you’re going to cry for it. For all the pain I’ve been through, for throwing away everything we’ve built in these last 2 years. This isn’t about me loving you, it’s all about revenge now. I’ve learned this little game from you and now that I’ve done it,I realized it’s not that hard to go and fuck someone else while I’m in a “relationship”. I used to sit there everyday seeing you with a new girl crying, stressing, wondering why I’m not good enough. Now it’s your turn to stress over me cheating on you. I’m not bitter though, please stay with them. They can come over and pack your shit and deal with you, because I’m done. Maybe they can take all of your shit ‘Cause I can’t anymore. I think I deserve to get my point across before everything we had completely disappears from  my mind because I am leaving. That was the last straw. I know I always stay or say I’m leaving and come back to you but now I’m done. There’s no more us. It’s just you so you can fuck as many girls as you need to. Now we’re even, you’re hurt, I’m hurt. We’re both hurt by the one we love, well at least I love you. You stopped loving me a long time ago and I should’ve realized that. I’ll get over you quickly though, since you don’t care neither do I. You’ve turned me into a cold hearted bitch and I know it’s wrong but I want to see you cry. Bye baby,have a nice day.” She smiled and winked then the video ended.

I ran downstairs and grabbed my phone to call her and saw I had a bunch of twitter notifications, text, instagram notifications, almost every social media app I have. I clicked on twitter first.

Holy shit Calum have you seen the video?
That came from Michael. How have they even..?

Damn, Y/N’s cold as hell

I love you to death Calum, you’re my idol but you got what you deserved

She didn’t even shed a tear making that video, she really is cold hearted

Calum’s a dick

She loved you man why you had to fuck up

There was hundreds of thousands of tweets. Some leading me to a link on youtube where she posted the message part. She posted it for the world to see.

@Calum5SOS, the beginning was only for you baby. Feel special

After people had clicked the link they had already guessed with the sleeping man in the background that she recorded them having sex for me to see. I let out a sob and threw my phone across the room, hearing it shatter. I fell to my knees and felt like the world was caving in. I fucked up,I know I did and I can’t fix it. There was a knock on the door and I ignored it, but the person kept knocking.

“What the fuck do you want?!” I yelled, not even being able to see through my tears.
“Whoa there, tiger. Calm down.” I heard Y/N’s voice and I wiped my eyes. I pulled her close and kissed her. She kissed back for a minute but pushed me back, slapping me hard.
“How dare you.” She asked angered.
“Why would you do that? My lingerie, our bed, our-“
“Oh no,no,no.” She laughed.” I lived here alone. My room, my bed, my lingerie. You don’t have the right to say that anything I own is yours, you basically didn’t live here in my book.” She said, picking at her nails.
“Y/N, please. I love you.” I said and she laughed.
“Definitely not falling for that one again.” She walked right passed me and upstairs,coming back down with her makeup and hair bags.
“I accidentally left these here after I posted the video on youtube.” She smirked and walked out to the car.
“No, Y/N! You’re not leaving me.” I told her, grabbing her hand and she snatched it away from me. I noticed there were paps outside and even a few fans but I didn’t care. I couldn’t let her walk out of my life.
“How selfish of you to say that after all you’ve put me through!” She yelled. “Get the fuck out of  my face Calum.” She put her bags in the trunk with the rest of her stuff.
“I’m sorry! I mean it this time,honestly. I know I’ve been the worst boyfriend that anyone could imagine, I know I fucked up and I can’t rewind time and fix it,I can’t go back but I would if I could. Just please don’t leave me. I need you more than anything in the entire world. I’ll do whatever you ask me to. I’ll stop going clubbing and I’ll stop drinking just please. I love you so much it hurts and I don’t even know why I started cheating on you in the first place. The first time was an accident I got too drunk and I missed you and it just happened. I kept doing it and I can’t even give you an explanation as to why.”

I started telling her everything. From how I cheated on her during tour and then  now, even though she knew I did. I just told her the stories behind it all, especially how each one sort of looked liked her whether it was their figure or a few facial features. It looked like I was getting to her because her facial features softened a bit with everything I was telling her.
“I’m so sorry, please Y/N. Please.” I said, on my knees and hugging her legs,bawling my eyes out.  She leaned down and ran her fingers through my hair and then grabbed my wet cheeks.
“Oh Calum,” she said, a smile on her face she stood me up and wrapped her arms around my neck while I hugged her tightly, feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. She pulled back and looked me in the eyes and leaned towards my lips, me leaning in with her. I closed my eyes and winced in pain when she punched me in the nose.
“Holy shit she’s strong.” I heard a fan say.
“Fuck you, Calum.“ She got in her car and started the engine, winding down the window.” Oh, and you should really stop going clubbing and drinking it’s bad for you.” She smirked and rolled it back up.
“Y/N no! Please don’t!” I screamed, banging on her window. She looked at me and blew a kiss before backing out. I chased after the car for a little bit but then I stopped, dropping down to my knees and just laying in the middle of the street feeling as if it was the end of the world or if I was shot and stabbed 200 times. I laid there for at least 10 minutes and I knew almost all of the paps were gone because now I only heard two people’s voices and a few camera flashes.

“Calum?"I heard Luke’s voice. They must’ve pulled up a few minutes ago.
“Cal…Buddy…CalPal?” Now there’s Michael.
“Okay,up you go.” And of course Ashton. He picked me up but I didn’t try to help him out. I let him carry me like a dead weight because I couldn’t feel anything. I had stopped crying and just became emotionless and got this numb feeling. I can’t live without her and I loved her more than I love myself or anything for that matter and I took her for granted. I treated her like shit,like she didn’t matter and now she’s gone. My world, my love is gone and she took my heart with her.

                                 You gone suffer, you gone suffer
                                         For everything you did
                               You gone suffer, you gone suffer
                                   I done took too much of this
                          You gone cry, you gone pay me in tears
                                               You gone cry,
                                you owe me for all these years
                                              You gone cry
                                  ‘Cause it’s not about love,
                                it’s all about revenge so cry

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Characters: Jay, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x Jay x Sam (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Smut, pure smut. Choking kink, Biting kink, unprotected sex, creampie, anal, Fluff.

Word count: 1835

Summary: Jay meets two men who give her a memorable experience

A/N: Not a request, but @scorpiongirl1 wanted smut with these two. Happy Bday first of all. This was rushed and it’s the first time I’m writing a female reader smut thing. So if it’s shit, sorry. But hope u like it!!

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Jay sat there after the hunt, exhausted and tired. 

The vamps gave her a beating, nothing that cut her, but a few bruises here and there. 

The only way she could think of numbing pain was alcohol, so she downed the glasses of whiskey, not caring about the looks people were giving her, seeing her dishevelled appearance.

“Well, hi there, sweetheart”, she heard a deep voice say.

Looking to her right, she saw a man leaning against the bar.

He was beautiful.

She couldn’t believe someone could possibly look like this. 

But here he was.

His beautiful green eyes, shining in the dank bar. 

He had the softest looking hair, his nose sharp and his face darkened by the scruff, which she could only imagine would give her thighs the best burn they could ever get.

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No More Missed Calls

Could you do an imagine where Hayley and I are dating. But she’s on tour and I am staying at her home. One night we are on Skype together and we both admit we are horny and miss each other. I notice that Hayley is looking horny. Then notice one hand has not been on screen. I then tease her if she’s masturbating. But she straight up says she is. She then dares me to join so I do but I say only if we both go fully nude. I would like the ending being us cumming together

Forgive me father for I have sinned… Read at risk. I warn; smutty and long! Sorry for mistakes. Enjoy!

- Toni

“Why do you have to be on the other side of the world right now?” You asked with sadness and looked at the screen where you could see your girl Hayley. She looked so adorable in her messy – at the moment blue – hair, sleepy eyes, wearing your hoodie on her torso. 

“I’m sorry! But there’s only two weeks left of this tour.” She mumbled and looked down in her lap. She was sitting on a bed in a hotel room somewhere in Europe and you knew it was almost night time over there. You were sitting on her bed in her house all alone and it was almost 3 pm. You hadn’t touched her in two months and it was driving you crazy.

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