makes your hair stand on edge


Isaac was trailing kisses down your neck making you giggle. “Isaac stop.” You said in between your short laughs. “I don’t think you really want me to stop.” Isaac said continuing his torture on your body. You let out a small moan making him smirk as he placed more kisses on your body leading back up to your lips. He had started lifting up the edges of your shirt, slyly trying to remove the interfering article. He had lifted your shirt to just below your bra when the door bell rang. “Shit! That’s Allison.” You said standing up and pushing him off of you. 

“Allison?” He asked looking extremely confused. “Yeah, we have a research project for World History on the Mongols.” you said straightening out your shirt and brushing down your hair, you didn’t want Allison knowing what had just almost happened. “Can’t you just tell her to leave and never come back?” He groaned, you rolled your eyes and placed a light kiss on his lips. “Behave.” You said. The doorbell rang again and you ran down the stairs to answer the door. “Hey, is this a bad time?” She asked looking past you and to Isaac who stood at the top of the stairs.

“Yeah, can you come back never?” Isaac said from his spot atop the stairs. You rolled your eyes and pulled her to the table. “You can set up here, I’ll go get my laptop.” You said before you left the room. 

“What?” Allison asked as she noticed Isaac glaring at her from the doorway. “She’s mine, don’t try anything.” Isaac threatened. Allison gave a short laugh. “Not for much longer, stay out of my way or you’re gonna get hurt.” Allison shot back. 

“What? You’ll stab me again?” He mocked. “Back off, I’m serious, she’s mine.” Isaac said trying to be as menacing as possible. “We’ll see.” Allison smirked back at Isaac.

Requested by Anon

Carmel Beach

Have you ever been down to the sea
on a drizzly day?

How the rain is misty like a fog
that falls in tiny pieces;
how the skies and thusly waters
become that steely grey;
how the breeze makes your bones
ache, your hair knotted.
And there’s no one around. You
stand on a beach, the
edge of the world, all alone and
wondering if the world
threw you off its back then and there,
if anyone would notice.
It’s oppressively quiet, dangerously
loud. You overdose on
the salt air and brush the droplets
from your forehead. And
you know that this rainy day will blur
into the others, like the
rain blurs into the sea. Like you want
to blur into the sands below.

I live for going down to the sea
on those drizzly days.

You would get home and everything would be quiet, after calling for Calum you’d hear a faint ‘in the bathroom’ from the upstairs bathroom. You would make your way to your shared bedroom, reaching the doorframe you’d be greeted with the figure of Calum sitting by the bathtube edge, hair all around him. Once he notices your presence, he’d look up at you with teary eyes. You would give him a small reasuring smile, knowing it was probably another rage fit, whenever stress hit too high, he’d do things he would later regret it. Taking the device on your hands, you asked him to stand up ‘let’s fix this’ you’d say to him, earning a soft laugh from him. After everything was set and done, you two would clean up the bathroom, later cuddling. His head on your lap, your hand on his head softening the short hair. He’d be so calm you would be glad that this time he was now more flexible with you seeing him breakdown and help him recollect the pieces.

Your Worth It

Kylo: I have the power. 

The power to make you beautiful. 

*Kylo is shown taking off his mask.* 

Kylo: Even breathtaking. 

I am the model of L’Oreal Paris. 

*Side view of kylo turning his head and his hair flowing like water around his face.* 

Kylo: I inspire dreams. 

When the impossible, becomes you reality,

*He turns his head to the other side acting like he’s so charming.*

Kylo: I am innovation. 

Forever one step ahead of the cutting edge. 

*He stands up, his hair bouncing and shinning* 

Kylo: I am in the most unexpected places, 

acting and core of your cell’s…

*He makes the zoolander’s blue steel face*

Kylo: At the very fiber at your being. 

From the very top of your head…

*He walks down the hall still with the blue steel face*

Kylo: To the very tip of your toe’s. 

I enrich your skin…

*he turns to face hux with the blue steel face.* 

Kylo: Your hair, your body, your life.

i have the power…

*Hux try’s to ignore him butt he starts talking louder.* 

Kylo: I am the gleam in your eye, I am on every one’s lips.

You dance, you play, you create your image.

*Hux try’s to walk away quickly, but kylo skips to him.*

Kylo: you love, You love yourself, You love others. 

You look beautiful. You are beautiful. 

*Hux starts running, but Kylo just takes very long graceful strides and is at hux’s same pace.* 

Kylo: You feel confident. I’m Here. I’m there. Everywhere. 

Exceptional, for each one you. 

*Hux is running away as fast as he can but Kylo keeps appearing.*

Kylo: Because your worth it. 

Random Storm trooper: Your worth it. 


Cole had been excited to travel to Kirkwall, having seen glimpses of the city in Varrics mind, and although he knew that it’s past and present was plagued with troubles, he had also seen the fonder memories, the happier times that were associated alongside those less wholesome.

When they had arrived Cole was taken back by the sheer number of people who were hurting, but an equal amount of those who still prevailed despite the pain.

Wondering away from the group Cole had found himself in Lowtown, following Varrics memories to the hanged man, standing at the edges of the downtrodden bar and watching the patrons with wide eyed interest, much as he did at the tavern at Skyhold.

Occasionally he would make comment, a few whisperers here, a suggestion there, but for now he just watched until a pale haired elf caught his eye.

“He made a promise but it didn’t matter how soft the sheets were in the end. He took your light so you stole his. An eye for an eye- more literal then most. She was very pretty”