makes you wonder what she is like in dyad

really don’t understand why Delphine’s “loyalties” are still in question. Of all the shady creeps, I just don’t get why people still have trust issues with Delphine of all people. I feel like it’s pretty fucking plain where she stands.

What exactly do you not trust here? Do you honestly think she’s going to sell Cosima out to DYAD or something? Because I’m wondering if we’re watching the same show.

Delphine loves Cosima. Fact. She’s going about things entirely the wrong way. By hiding things (origin of the treatment, for example) from Cosima, she’s taking away her ability to choose what she wants for herself. The ability to make her own medical decisions. Also fact. That entire argument between them was just so great. Everything about it.

You saw Cosima’s thought process. Her motivations. Her fears. And you saw Delphine’s. Why is “loyalty” even an issue anymore?

Please tell me, sir, what exactly are you on the fence about?