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What's your opinion on the end of the game, more specifically on whether or not you believe Prompto, Ignis and Gladio died?

Ooooh I was waiting on this one!


Ok so, a friend of mine interpreted the ending as they all died and passed into the after life.

I, however, did not interpret it that way. What I saw, was Ardyn hallucinating and seeing the power of allies and friendship backing Noctis. Ardyn had no one. It was showing the strength of brotherhood, and loyalty. That Noctis was who he was because of them. They helped him, backed him up until that very moment.

Now, an interesting detail that leaves me speculating that the other interpretation of the ending could be slightly possible is this:

When Noctis died, when he was dealt the final blow, the gangs weapons went with him (I assume because of the movie kingsglaive)
If you’ll recall, Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto were surrounded by daemons as Noctis ascended the stars to summon the past kings of Lucis.
If they had lost the ability to summon their weapons, they could have been overpowered and could have been killed.

If this had happened though, I feel they wouldn’t have only been a glimpse in the afterlife… they would have fought with Noctis to deal the final blow to Ardyn.

So, makes you wonder, eh? Tell me what you guys got from the ending. I’d love to hear your views.

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((Honestly I think you'd make a wonderful Coby!! :D))

(( Hmm, Coby eh? :3 ))

(( I think Coby would be fun to try and rp as! ^^ He’s really grown a lot, and I liked how he was in the Hand Island movie. I already like his character, so an ask blog for him is tempting. X3 It’d be fun to have a marine muse~ … although @ask-jun would probably steal his coat. ))

Fic: Transition

A/N: A (somewhat) Koushuu-centric fic with miyusawa I promised blackrain105 for like… ages ago. I’m so sorry for the lateness! 

I’d say miyusawa, but this has a bit of kousawa, too. (Kousawa sounds good, yeah? //shot

Koushuu settled back to his crouch again, holding out his mitt. Fastball to the inside corner, he signaled.

Sawamura gave a small nod of his head, lips pressing into a firm line. As his eyes glowed a fiery gold, he directed a glance to the runner to the side who startled, eyes widening momentarily - but that was enough for Sawamura. Leg raising up to his chest, he pulled his arm back and then swung, flinging the ball out in a whip-like motion.

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Tom Hiddleston {February 9, 1981}

“Actor. Prince Hal/ Henry V. Loki. Capt Nicholls. Fitzgerald. Freddie Page. Edward. Magnus. Oakley. Also: brother, son, friend, runner, dancer, prancer, loon.”

Wishing you an Happy Birthday, precious snowflake.

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You'll forgive Mihawk because he's beautiful, eh? XD That makes me wonder: What do you think of Mihawk/Hancock as a pairing?

I…have never thought about it. Alas, I don’t think it would work out. Their personalities don’t seem like they’d mesh well, although I don’t think I’ve seen them actually interact at all.


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i hate gabby so much she's just such an asshole it physically hurts me that she gets to date matty bc she's so mean she's a cruel person

Eh, makes you wonder what Matty’s like behind closed doors

sorry this took so long, I procrastinated for a while thinking “I’ll do it another day” and then after a week I got dragged off to the beach on last minute notice and couldn’t do it for the week I was there. So here’s another little monster, left is “lights out” and right is “lights on”.

Kanaya Maryam is the monster in the closet. She’s why you watched that sleeve sticking out of the door with suspicious eyes and wondered if it was really an arm. She’s why you made sure the closet door was completely shut before you turned shut off the lights for the night. She’s the reason why, even during the day, you didn’t trust the darkness just beyond the closet door.

She’s also the one who spends all night silently judging your fashion sense as well as trying to scare you. She’s why some of your clothes might be shifted around when you could have sworn that your old turtleneck vest wasn’t stuffed into the far back corner (so you wouldn’t even THINK about wearing that hideous thing) before last night. She’s also the one who will just outright make things “mysteriously disappear” if she finds them distasteful enough.

again, credit to daveactualstrider for the au

 Karkat / Sollux / Kanaya / Gamzee 

Dean and Charlie

So, sourpatch-k gave me the idea to do this in his/her ask (x), so I’m gonna talk a bit about this. Dean and Charlie’s relationship.

In general, it’s always seemed pretty good, though, I think they first truly bonded when Dean had to coach her through flirting with men (interesting that he coached her through that, eh? Makes you wonder what Dean’s had to do in the past, but eh, this isn’t about contemplations of Dean’s hardships as a young adult, this is about Dean and Charlie).

Charlie’s relationship has been extremely good for Dean. In his line of work and the life that Dean’s led, Dean hasn’t really met many queer or nerdy people. Charlie is not only both, but she’s also pretty similar to Dean. Similar taste in women, similar likes. Charlie shows Dean that yes, if he doesn’t necessarily hate the thought of liking a man in a more lustful way, it’s okay. She shows that you could be yourself and people will still love you and praise you for it, even if you don’t necessarily fit the status quo or if you like things that aren’t necessarily popular.

Charlie understands Dean in a way others don’t understand him. She’s a person who allows Dean to express himself in a way he thought was wrong because his father taught him so. He’s able to like LARP around her. Allowed to maybe even show that he may not only like girls, but perhaps, may even have some attraction to men as well. And I think Charlie sees that.

She doesn’t make his brother uncomfortable either. She’s one of Dean’s friends that Sam doesn’t have a problem with. He doesn’t see her as someone who takes away from him or someone who Dean turns to when he’s perceives himself to be failing Dean. Sam is completely fine with her. Dean seems to open up to her as well, more so than he does with Benny or Sam. Dean has talked to her about Cas. She knows things, things that Sam may not know. She’s perceptive as well.

(Can we talk about how Charlie, lesbian at large, calls Cas dreamy? She has no interest in men and she says that specifically to Dean. Oh, all the things that would make no sense whatsoever in this show if Dean and Cas don’t become endgame. But this post isn’t about that. It’s about Dean and Charlie) Charlie cares for Dean like a brother, accepts Sam as well. She wants the best for the both of them, and wants to be more apart of their lives, like they are with hers. They visit her in Moondor. She starts hunting.

Honestly, I can’t wait until she gets back from Oz. I want her to meet Cas. Because she knows more than what has been said on screen. She gets Dean when it comes to who he loves. She encourages Dean to pursue his true likes and interests. She’s a BAMF who’s survived longer than Dean, Sam, and Castiel on this show. She’s always awesome when she’s around and I hope we see her again very soon. Dean needs the sister he never wanted back. Their bromance is too cute for words.

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I dealt with the lack of emotional closure by drinking an entire Red Bull plant and then making up a better save-Chloe ending with the aid of video editing software and a screen (it's more than just "lol edit the kiss in". Any chance of a plug/review? Video should be findable on youtube, same username, title "Life is Strange Episode 5 Polarized Pricefield Extended Alternate Ending" because tagwords are yummy.

Well, I don’t have too many followers so I’m not sure how much of a bump you’ll get, but sure.

Here’s the video OP edited, folks! It’s definitely extended; 9min (without credits) vs the original 3-4 minute ending.

My one critique is some of the audio levels are just a touch off–to me at least; Max’s internal monologue around the 3 min mark was a tiny bit too loud. Probably down to mixing + the levels the original dialogue was recorded at.

And at times it almost seems like there’s too much dialogue, or dialogue added just to fill the silence. On the other hand, it’s still better than the awkward silence that’s in the original for sure. …Also I’m a total sucker for Dar Williams, so. You know.

Thanks for your hard work!

Grow some manners please

So apparently at today handshake event, some guy brought 300 ticket to Oshima Ryoka’s lane and insulted her. Ryoka bursted out crying and Renacchi had to comfort her. Knowing about it, I have only one thing to say: to you, insensitive motherfucker, grow some manners please.

Of course you have the right to not like an idol - you choice - but to openly insult her in public is another thing. Firstly, it’s a really inappropriate thing to do. Even if you hurl public insult at someone ordinary, it has already been extremely rude; and if you do that where I live, you may have to face charges about it - for violation against people’s dignity. But it is not all. What matters here is that you have hurt someone’s feeling. In Asian countries, to be openly insulted is a great shame. Whatever Ryoka might have done, she couldn’t have possibly wrong against you that much to deserve public shaming; and she probably didn’t have any clue as to why was she being treated like that. For a teenager having yet to completely mature, harsh (and likely groundless) criticism may cause serious trauma - I should know, having been there myself- and here you did that in front of more than a few hundred people. No matter how you look at it, it’s not an acceptable thing. How about I go in front of your face and let you have a taste of your own medicine, by saying mean things to you at your workplace and possibly give you a beating too?

Secondly, if you bear that much hate for her, go rant on your personal blog or something; I don’t care - and neither will a lot of people, Ryoka-oshi or not. But your action not only caused discomfort to Ryoka herself, but also the other wotas too. Your 300 tickets, in the hand of someone else, someone considerate and sensible, may have brought enjoyment and happiness to idols and fans alike. But in your hand, they are wasted. For some stupid-as-fuck shit. 300 handshakes tickets are something that overseas fans like me can only dream of, especially those who are still students. Wasting them like that, you must be a rich one, eh? That makes me wonder how an inconsiderate pathetic asshole like you can earn that much money. Blackmailing? Extortion? Bank robbery? Fraud? (yeah, how does it feel to be insult now? Not so good, huh?)

Last but not least, you may be able to openly insult her, but then what? Ryoka’s oshis will only get together (hopefully to beat your ass up), and Ryoka gets more attention from non-oshis. Look at me for example. I’m not her oshi, but here I am writing in her cause, showing support for her because she deserve it. And you waste your money, for what? I just don’t get it, pardon my limited intelligent.

Hope you’re satisfied.


PS: I hope that somehow, you can read this post of mine and come to find me. We can have a “nice” battle.