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Sex Worker's Guide: Tool Bag to Keep in your Car

When I go see clients or SD’s, I always carry a small bag with my bare essentials. However, I do keep a much bigger ‘tool bag’ that makes going through multiple clients easier. Generally, I keep this bag in my car or always readily packed so I can just grab it and go.

Hairbrush: Quickly run your brush through your hair 5 minutes before meeting. Well maintained hair instantly makes you look richer.

Big bottle of Body Spritz: The ones you buy at Bath and Bodyworks are great because they’re inexpensive (stock up during their bi-annual sales). I douse myself before every client/SD meet. In fact, I keep a bottle everywhere for convenience.

CONDOMS: Buy in bulk. Always have at least 10 in your “tool bag”.

Vaseline: So useful for aching feet, chapped lips, subtle lube before seeing clients, etc.

Baby wipes/Makeup wipes: Makes redoing makeup between clients that much easier. Great for freshening up down there too. Skip the Target/CVS brands. I can buy massive different scented ones for $3.99 at Marshall’s.

BAG OF COINS: Oh dear Lord, you have no idea how much easier this has made my life. As an escort, parking is a bitch to find in big cities sometimes so always have a bag of change for parking meters.

Chargers for both phones: I keep two sets of chargers for both work phone and personal phone.

An extra set of basic makeup: Just to keep in your car incase you get a last minute call. My duplicate set is filled with cheaper versions of my preferred makeup. That way, if it goes bad due to the heat from inside my car, I won’t care that much about replacing it. Think NYX or ELF.

Panties: Just keep one that’s sexier in your car incase you need it.

Neutral HEELS: I keep a pair of black, 2-3inch heels in my car incase I need to ‘sexify’ whatever outfit I’m wearing.

Earrings: I try to keep one gold and one silver set of earrings. They instantly make any outfit more feminine.

Mints: Altoids are a favorite because they’re potent. I don’t have to worry about discarding it after I’m done.

Ibuprofen: Sometimes you just need it for cramps or an especially rough encounter.

anonymous asked:

Your response about not talking bad about your ex was beautiful and inspiring. I know it is centered in raising healthy kids, but It seems like there is still some love there. Could you guys ever get back together? Do you feel like your experience of coming from a broken home has shaped your response now?

Thank you.
This is a question I can’t really answer publicly without giving too much away.

I can say this: in my opinion, when you put a ring on someone’s finger, you commit to being their family. The vows you make: in richer and in poorer, in sickness and in health, etc… those vows are to become a family. You don’t give up on family. If you’re unsure, don’t get married.

In the same way that I would never stop loving my son or daughter; I would have never given up on my wife. My vows were sincere.

With that said, I would never go back now.
It seems like I’m contradicting myself, but there is so much that I have to leave unsaid.
There are many things I haven’t even shared with Megan.
If we didn’t have children, I would lay it all out there, and you would understand.
I can’t though.

You’re right that my parent’s divorce is what made me terrified of divorce.
I experienced it as a kid does, so I have the same fears for my kids that caused me grief as a kid: splitting holidays, awkward graduations and baseball games, stepparents and step siblings. The new marriages were still flawed. And the step parents’ exes are also a struggle in different ways. We never had a home base for holidays. These things have deeply affected all 9 of us.

I voiced these fears, but Megan was certain that we were the exception, and that we wouldn’t let it get ugly.

My parents divorce wasn’t ugly though. It was sad. It was embarrassing, but it was never cruel.

Now I’m experiencing divorce as an adult. OMG… I never expected this. The grief I had as a kid is nothing compared to what this has been like.
There is so much that kids don’t experience because their parents protect them from it.
I’m partially grateful my parents kept me from this, but also frustrated too.

Everyone should know what they’re doing when they get married. Everyone should know what breaking those vows feels like. What coparenting is really like.
This is why those vows should mean something.
I don’t know if I can ever forgive her for breaking those vows. I was once so confident that I had made it in life. Starting over with two kids and a broken heart feels impossible. Cutting someone out of your family, after you’ve had their kids together, is bullshit.

I should stop ranting. I’m getting heated.

Please though, don’t get married if you don’t love someone. Don’t make vows that you won’t keep. You’re the only one who gets to walk away from that unhurt.

Tano and Kenobi: A Profitable Exchange

Previously on Tano and Kenob…

Captured by pirates, Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano and Padawan Learner Obi-Wan Kenobi lead their fellow prisoners to freedom. Now in possession of the very ship that boarded their own cruiser, and surrounded by the rest of the pirate fleet, Ahsoka Tano must strike a hard bargain with the pirate matriarch Mama Ohnaka if she and Obi-Wan want to make it back to Coruscant and the Jedi Temple in one piece.

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“I’m listening, Knight Tano. Tell me more.”

Let’s hope this works, Ahsoka thought to herself as she stepped forward to face the viewing screen, noticing out of the corner of her eye Obi-Wan stepping up next to Hondo in case he decided to try anything foolish.

She wasn’t sure if Obi-Wan was fully capable of handling Hondo at fifteen but she didn’t have time to worry about that right now.

“I would like to propose an exchange, Mother Ohnaka,” Ahsoka said, holding open her hands. “You see, we both have something the other one wants. Your son’s pirates have control of my ship, and I have your son, his ship, and his crew.”

“You are a Jedi,” Mama Ohnaka snickered, waving a dismissive hand. “It is against your Code to harm an innocent like my precious little gorka berry.”

Obi-Wan frowned at that. “What is a gorka berry?”

Hondo rolled his eyes and leaned over to mutter to Obi-Wan. “A sweet fruit my mother favors above all others save peaches from Naboo. She thinks it is a charming nickname.”

“Hondo, I can hear you!” Mama Ohnaka shot back, her beady eyes narrowed at son. “Oh, what happened to my sweet little boy? Where did I go wrong? How could you have fallen prey to Jedi of all people! They do not know the value of credits! They do not even like credits!”

Obi-Wan and Hondo exchanged looks and wisely went silent.

“Mother Ohnaka,” Ahsoka interrupted what looked like the start of a long tirade against the Jedi with a forced, bright smile. “While it is true that we Jedi are taught to eschew the search for credits for credits’ sake, we do understand that there are some things that are worth more than credits.”

Mama Ohnaka scoffed at that. “Oh? Like what?”

Ahsoka activated her blade in a bright flash of blue and held it up to Hondo’s throat. “This.”

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I’ve started to draw some watercolor bookmarks for my friend as a present. And, I don’t know, it turns out to be so cool and stuff, I couldn’t help it and now I kinda have enough of them to start my own bookmarks gallery. Most of them are going to be presents for someone and some of them are drawn for sertain people, considering their literature preferences. The pink series is a tribute to the Russian classic literature, so there are 5 authors and their famous novels.

The blue series are 3 novels by Polish author Stanislaw Lem, these are my favourites. Names also on Polish. It’s Solaris, Eden and the Magellanic cloud. 

And, the last but not least, my Les Mis bookmarks, which are my treasure and I’ll never give them away. They are all specificaly dedicated to the friends of the ABC and the barricade. 

The dates on bookmarks are the dates of first publications. If you want something like that, you can make me richer, and yourself happier. 



Understanding your weaknesses and insecurities is, as I have found, one of the most healing paths to take. And not in the sense that this acknowledgment should be used to lessen or completely eradicate these traits, but rather to use them to your advantage–to look straight into the eyes of your attachment issues, or your sensitivity, or your body image–and see how integral they are to the you that exists and interacts with others every day. These things that you’d sooner wish to be rid of than to embrace are your power, they are your story, they are the most basic parts of who you are. They do not define you, but they make you richer in every aspect of your existence. You do not have to apologize for those traits that make you feel weak, a simple “sorry” muttered under your breath for any inconvenience you may have caused–you do not have to spend your days trying to forget your pain and live without it, wondering why you ever had to feel it in the first place–you do not have to sacrifice anything that makes you real, anything that makes you relate, anything that makes you, unfortunately, human. 

Sometimes, you’re allowed to just be

So I don’t write this to sound over-idealistic, or to make you ashamed of your guilt–I don’t even write this to make everything okay. This simply serves as a gentle reminder that the parts of yourself you may not wish for, if gone, would change your story…and who would you be without your rich, confusing, sometimes-bordering-on-unreal life? Surely not you. 

And, I have to say, that would be a shame. 

in between passport pages (i found you)

Title : in between passport pages (i found you)

Characters : Taehyung of BTS

Genre : Fluff

Summary : In a foreign city which tongue you can’t quite decipher, you run into a man who proves that with the absence of language, you understand a thousand different things worth running out of word for.

Word count : 5,038 words

A/N : I just want to write something sweet to recover from all the cryptic depressing stuffs bighit has been throwing us. And this is inspired by that episode of Bon Voyage where Taehyung doesn’t know where the heck he is, yet relishes every single second of it.

I hope you love this piece, and if you send me feedbacks, I’d love you with my fat little heart for eternities <3

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Thinking that you can tackle a one-week backpacking trip to Italy, lured by a free ticket you’ve won from a mere stroke of luck, is probably an idea more stupid than exciting now that you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, they say, and you blatantly believed in the promises of rejuvenation and stories in between passport pages. But your roots are of a tedious college scholar, not of an outrageous wanderlust, and if there are two things you are terrible at, they are directions and languages.

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