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Purposeful Piercing Damage

Context: A tutorial level before we get started on the actual campaign. The loot after the Final Boss is the random trinkets they’ll carry over into the canon campaign, and one in particular was the single teardrop earring made of a real tear from the Player’s Manual. This was given to our druid by our paladin who insisted it would look better on them. 

Half-Elf Druid (OOC): I don’t think Iota actually has pierced ears?

Tiefling Warlock: I can help you pierce it. 

Half-Elf Druid: Yeah! If this goes wrong I’ll be screaming bloody murder. 

DM: Like that scene in the parent trap?

Half-Elf Druid (OOC): EXACTLY like that.

DM: Okay, I am going to have to make you roll for this. Fuck, what would that even be, medicine? 

Tiefling Warlock(OOC): I have high medicine stats I think.

DM: Alright, fuck it, still covered in the goo from the slime monster you’ve just killed, in a dank, moldy tower, you go to pierce Iota’s ear- Medicine check please

Half-Elf Druid (OOC): I heat up the metal to cauterize the wound. 

DM: Okay, medicine check with advantage 

Tiefling Warlock: 19 - HAVE AT THEE EARLOBE 

DM: You have successfully pierced Iota’s ear holy SHIT

anonymous asked:

I have always loved (all) the Ragnarssons since they appear completely grown in every possible way. But, for some, I'm more sexually attracted to than others. Ivar will always be my main man of the brothers too. And I even had.. there was some interest in Hvitserk and Ubbe. But I felt like they were too, well, gentle? I may not know better words for that. But since they become darker, just as dark as Ivar, that does things to me that are inhuman. I'm a slut for them to use. And I'm fine with it.

Warning: dubcon (thralls can’t consent)

“Do you think that Ivar is the only one that you need to fear, little one?”

The voice came from the shadows, a body materializing right in your path a moment later. Hvitserk. His playful smile when you served him in the hall had attracted you to him, made him seem less intimidating than your other new masters. You knew they shared their thralls and you were desperate to get yourself out of Ivar’s bed. But that grin you had found reassuring had gone sick, now, as he fisted his fingers in your hair and drew your body closer to his. 

“I know my brother has been breaking you in,” Hvitserk murmurs against your ear, voice vibrating the delicate structures inside and making you squirm against him. “But he doesn’t know half the things that I know.” He helps himself to a handful of your breast, plucking at your nipple deftly through your dress so that a pang of white-hot arousal shoots straight to your core. These heathen brothers were awakening something in you, some submissive longing to do whatever you were told, to let yourself be used wantonly for whatever sins they could dream up. “Would you like that?” Hvitserk whispers in your ear, continuing to stroke and tease at your body. 

You open your mouth to speak and all that comes out is a soft, gasping cry as Hvitserk’s fingers reach the mound between your legs and push between them. You nod vigorously against his cheek to make sure he knows you answered him. He lets out a pleased breath and actually kisses your cheek. “Tonight may not be easy for you, but I’ll make sure to leave you satisfied,” he promises, then lifts you up bodily, throwing you over his shoulder.

Hvitserk carries you back into the main hall, right past the table where his brothers are still feasting. “I am taking your new toy tonight, Ivar,” he announces, voice ringing with challenge. “You will have to find a different one to warm your bed.” He does not pause his steps, marches right on past and out toward his own bed. You see a sullen bemusement on Ivar’s face as Hvitserk carries you off; you know the youngest Ragnarsson will find some way to make you pay for this later. Your eyes meet the eldest’s just before you leave; Ubbe is looking at you with one brow raised, like he’s really noticing you for the first time. You realize it might be longer than he thinks before Ivar gets you back.

So many hands...

Same adventure as my previous submission, this interaction takes place before that one by 1 session. Our half orc barbarian has a… quirk. He likes to skin monsters and make clothing out of them (he has a cloaker cloak, bugbear head he turned into a hat, dragon turtle scale shield, along with other miscellaneous articles of homemade clothes) and take the left hands of humans. This sometimes causes issues for us.

Barbarian: (to water cultists who ambushed us) Do you know who I am?

Cultists look at each other in confusion before their leader speaks up.

Cultist: No, should I?

B: I’m (name) the tailor!

Gm sighs and rolls dice: Take 10 damage.

B: I throw 9 of my severed hands (he had 27 at this point, in various states of decay) at them yelling “I just wanted to give you a HAND with your wardrobe!”

Gm: take another 20 damage. Also, 2 of the cultists crap themselves so violently at the sight of the decaying hands they die.

made of glass

i live in a constant state of fragility

one wrong move could break me in half

yet i live and breathe destruction

i mingle with it

i let it wrap its arms around me like a lover

then we make a mess together

only i end up the one to pick up the pieces

why can’t i repair myself?

just grab a bunch of tools from my metaphorical shed

maybe use a wrench to tighten my stability

maybe i wasn’t meant to fall for peace

maybe i’m meant to be made of glass

fragile. easily broken. not easily fixed

HIIII!!! My names Nikki I’m 16 from the UK
I don’t really know where to start, I like music and movie blah blah
I like Lana del Rey, the weeknd, the neighbourhood, Drake, Halsey etc
I have almost like a slit personality (lmao it’s not that deep) like half of me is really girly and likes make up and pink then the other part is more grungy-ish? With more red and blacks.
Preferably I’d like someone who’s really lit and free to talk about anything and everything, don’t shy away I don’t bite. Ideally over 15-19 and your sexuality or race or gender doesn’t matter to me.
I’m also half Persian so that’s a cool fact.
I don’t know what else to say so BYEEE!!!

Oh btw - snapchat- N1kk126
Tumblr - red-v0dkaa

We had just started a new game and the DM asked how all three of us met:
Me (half orc that can literally only make chairs): “the other two come into my shop and I pop up between them and yell ‘AYE BITCHES ONE OF YOUS GONNA BUY A CHAIR??’”
Pretty sure the DM hates my character, but they’re like my best friend so it’s fine

People like me are meant to be alone,
Because half the time I won’t even notice your name no longer lights up my phone.

I’m a walking contradiction, 
a cynic with a heart of gold.
 I’ll show you what love should really look like,
But make sure to leave before any of it can unfold.

In Defense of Tharja

(Submitting this because it’s too much for the ask box. You don’t have to post this if you don’t want to; I just needed to tell this to someone to get it off my chest.)

Girl not attracted to other girls here who actually likes Tharja. Look, we know she gets unhealthily attached to people, judging by the way she snaps when her husband dies in the bad future; I’m willing to bet she just doesn’t know how to express her feelings for people (and, if her family treated her the way she treated Noire–pretty likely, considering people usually emulate the parenting behavior of their own parents, and she didn’t seem to see what was wrong with her treatment of Noire at first–it’s no small wonder she’d have no clue) and so resorts to stalking and hexing since she doesn’t know how else she’d get close to Robin. It doesn’t excuse her behavior, but she shouldn’t be hated for it. Not to mention, Noire’s supports have Tharja coming to a realization that she loves and wants to protect and take care of her daughter, and the father working to get Tharja to stop hexing her. I’m willing to believe that after those supports Tharja reconciles with her daughter and tries to do better. I’d bet her husband would help her with this, too, if he really loved her.

People have commented that Syalla seems better than Tharja–probably because she didn’t grow up the way Tharja did. Syalla’s father, although immature and arrogant, is not cruel. She didn’t experience the abuse that I’m willing to bet Tharja did, and while she’s not morally perfect, she’s better than Tharja because of it.

I got more into this than I thought I would … Look, I know some pretty important parts of this are just speculation, but they’re worth considering. This is just really important to me, as someone who has a rough relationship with my own mother (due in no small part to her growing up abused) the fact that people look at Tharja and think “stalker+abusive mother=automatically complete trash” due to tumblr’s black-and-white mindset. A relationship between an abusive parent and child is salvageable, and they start to make up in the game, too. Tharja is a complex person and a good character, and her counterpart in Fates is a great way to examine what she could have turned out like if things had been different.

I just … feel really strongly about this. Tharja is more than what so many people paint her as. You don’t even have to like her, but so many people don’t even give her half a chance. It’s frustrating that characters are judged like this, because people are judged the same way. If my mother is redeemable, then so is Tharja.


This is Scamp and he is 11 (I think?) and he’s a jerk 55% of the time and a little cutie pie 45% of the time. But he and I have been through a lot and I love him more than anything else in the world and idk what I’d do without him in my life. His hobbies are eating anything he sets his eyes on, waking me up at 6:45 every morning, and hiding his toys from me and then getting sad when I can’t play with him anymore. I hope he makes someone smile! 🐶💕🐶💕🐶💕

🍂🍂🍂 FallingRedLeaves Reply: He is adorable, even if he’s a jerk half the time!! Dogs are serious fantastic companions and I’m glad you have him in your life and that he’s been through so much with you. His behavior sounds a lot like my cat (she acts more like a dogs than my own dogs do). Thank you for the submission!
Warned You {Requested}

TV Show: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Young!Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 949

Summary: Hey sweetheart can you do a young Derek imagine where he’s jealous of another guy talking to his girl. - bmthxnjh

Warnings: Cursing, Mild Violence

Derek was territorial.

You knew this going into the relationship and you didn’t mind it, you knew you didn’t want anyone else but him. He was the jealous type though and he was never more than a few feet away from you at all times to keep everyone with a penis away from you. It was cute 90% of the time, but 10% of the time it was the biggest pain in your ass because your friends with penises were being accosted by your werewolf boyfriend.

The basketball game wasn’t one of those times.

You sat in the stands, cheering as loud as you could for your boyfriend as he easily made his way through the opposing teams defensive line to get a 2 pointer, placing his team even further ahead in the game. You stood up and yelled for him, knowing by the smirk on his face that he had heard you loud and clear. You sat back down and noticed a new person next to you, but you didn’t pay them much mind as you were very focused on the game.

“Hi, I’m Trent.” the boy next to you said. You turned to face him and smiled kindly, you liked meeting new people.

“Hi my name’s Y/N” You responded putting out your hand, he took it and shook it and you both turned your attention back to the game.

“So uh, anyone you know playing tonight?” He asked as the crowd erupted into appaulse as Derek got a 3-point basket.

You smiled and clapped before answering “Yeah my boyfriend Derek, he’s number 34.” you pointed to him as he crossed the player who had been on him, making his way to the basket once again.

“Oh that’s cool.” Trent said with a smile. You two fell into silence for a while after that, until you felt his hand creep onto yours. You looked down startled and then up at him with a very annoyed face. You didn’t like being touched by people you didn’t know and you knew if Derek found out he would go into a jealous rage.

He chuckled “You ever think of trying something new?” His grip on your hand became a little tighter and your heart rate spiked in panic and anger. Derek’s head shot up to look at where you were, causing him to get the ball stolen from him and for the other team to squeeze in a quick two pointer before the halftime buzzer sounded.

“Please don’t touch me okay? You’re going to regret it.” You warned him. You were right, if he didn’t stop right now Derek would be up here in half a second to tell him to get off himself.

Trent laughed outloud “Or what? You’re scrawny little boyfriend is going to make me? I’ve got like 40 pounds him easily.” He was still laughing when another hand ripped yours apart from each other and a body stood between you and him. Derek and Trent stood not even a foot apart, sizing each other up and trying to stare the other in submission.

“Get away from my girlfriend.” Derek’s voice was low and authoritative.

“Why should I?” He replied crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“Look I’m asking you nicely for the last time to leave, she doesn’t want you here and neither do I. Just go.” Derek’s hands were balled in fists, his knuckles were white, he was showing a lot of restraint with this guy because we were in public. He couldn’t just wolf out at a basketball game. 

“Listen bitch, your slut girlfriend came onto me. I think maybe you feel a little threatened, you know because you’re a little bitch.” Trent said as he pushed Derek’s shoulder, for which he received the deadliest glare you had ever seen come from Derek’s eyes. That was it, the game was over. Derek had him on his back against a bleacher in 3 seconds flat, his hand holding Trent there by his shirt collar. Everyone around the altercation was extremely interested in the events that unfolded, it was quite the sight.

“You can either apologize to my beautiful, intelligent, kind, virtuous girlfriend right now or I will beat the living shit out of you.” Derek growled. Trent didn’t say anything for a few seconds most likely because he was in shock and trying to figure out where he was.

“Apologize!” Derek’s eyes flashed a bright vibrant blue for a second and Trent’s eyes widened before his head quickly snapped to face you.

“I’m so sorry, I’ll leave you alone. I’m sorry please!” He begged. Derek, satisfied with his work, let him go and watched him practically run toward the gym exit and disappear behind the other side of the door. He turned to face you, his arms snaking around you gently. You brought a hand to his cheek as the other lay on his chest.

“I could have handled it.” You said smiling at the goofy face he made when you said that.

“Yeah I know Y/N, that was more for me than for you.” You made a face that said you didn’t really understand what he meant by that.

“Now everyone knows you are mine and I am yours. More importantly, no guy is going to talk to you like that again.” He concluded. You stared at him for a little bit before standing on your tiptoes to kiss him softly on the lips. He deepened it slightly by easily lifting you to face level, one of his hands reaching the back of your head to hold you steady. The buzzer rang signaling the end of halftime and Derek’s coach shouting for him pulled you both back to earth. You kissed his nose before he placed you back on the ground.

“Go kick some ass.” You urged him pushing him back to his team. He gave you a cheeky smile.

 “Yes ma’am.” He started his way back down and left you with a thought that you believed mattered heavily in terms of what you said.

“You know I’m not being literal right?!”

A/N: This didn’t turn out the way it was suppose to, I’m so sorry if you didn’t like it bmthxnjh! My ask box is still open (As of August 5th, 2015) so send in requests for your favorite characters!

hi,I’m madelyn,and I’m 18. I live in south eastern Pennsylvania,about an hour and a half out of Philadelphia. Im big on body mods and tattoos,i have 7 piercings currently,and one tattoo. I enjoy watching movies and shows,cuddling up with my cat,and cooking. Id like to be upfront and let you know before hand i am a recovering self injurer and recovered pill user. 

i haven’t been having much luck with relationships or making friends on tinder (yes,i resorted to tinder). I’d be happy if i got one message out of this. scrolling through the submissions i can see you’re all beautiful women. hope to hear from some of you. thankyou.

So I Saw Something About Bill Being Responsible For Lee's Memory Nightmares

Submitted by: scrollingdown

“Whoaaaaaa… where am I?”

The world was grey, but otherwise it looked a lot like the forests in the weird town. Stanley shrugged, and didn’t feel like examining the sudden monochromaticness of it too closely; it was probably one of Ford’s nerd mystery things, that he’d tell him all about when he got back to…

His running footsteps skidded to a halt as the worn earth path flattened and spread out and revealed a familiar looking building… but it wasn’t Ford’s house. Ford’s house didn’t have cool floaty bits and boards peeling away like wood shavings and a slight blur to it, like it was made of solid fog. And it didn’t have their swingset in front of it either.

He ran over to it. The single working swing swung in the nonexistent breeze like it should be making a rusty noise. “Aw, man,” he said, looking at the other. “Why’d they have to go breaking it?” After all, the bullies knew about it, it made sense, right? He picked up one end of the broken chain and held it to the other end. The links wavered, and then joined, leaving a scar of exposed metal. “Cooool,” Stanley said.

There was a clapping noise behind him and he whirled around. A yellow triangle with a bow tie lounged on the air in front of the house, watching him. This made about as much sense as everything else about this place, and Stanley was unbothered.

NICE WORK it said. It sounded like someone yelling through a wall. It also sounded like his mother did whenever she complimented something he’d made without Ford’s help.

“Whatcha doing here?” Stanley asked it. He felt like he’d been caught out in something, but didn’t know what or why.

I LIVE HERE! It said, swooping down to eye level and circling him, and Stanley twisted to keep it in sight. BOY, IT SURE IS AN INTERESTING PLACE!

“Is this your house, mister triangle?” Stanley said, starting towards the steps. The triangle followed him, its single eye half lidding at ’mister triangle’.


“Their loss, it looks great!” It just needed some fixing up, but then it could make a cool hideout or something, or a treasure hunting business like he and Ford had now.

I LIKE THE WAY YOU THINK! The triangle produced a black cane from nowhere, and while it was hard to read expressions from only an eyeball it seemed amused. SAY, WANT A TOUR?


All the ones that made me laugh
  • Marco’s half the man he used to be.
  • Marco’s least favorite song: All of Me by John Legend.
  • Jean: Are you all right? Marco: No, I’m all left.
  • Looks like Annie chewed out Marco.
  • Seems like that’s one-sided. 
  • What’s Jean’s favorite shirt? Marco po-.
  • Do I half to stop?
  • These are half-baked.
  • We have a giant problem. Of titanic proportions.
  • What do you call a cross between a grizzly and a burrowing insect? A bear ant.
  • Er…win?
  • Pick-up line: Once you’re done with those Erens, want to come over to Mikasa and put your Armin my Jeans?
  • *titan eats me while I’m distracted* *dies of laughter* Looks like the titan got the last laugh.
  • What’s Marco’s favorite game? Half life.
  • Stop it. I need to pull the release Valve.
  • Why does Eren still shop at Levi’s? Because even though everything at Marco’s is half off, it’d still cost him an arm and a leg.
  • Jean Kirschtien, Eren Jeager and Marco Bodt starring in —-Two and A Half Men
  • What’s Marco Bodt’s favorite desert? Banana Split.
  • If Marco played football, he’d be the halfback.
  • I’m petrafied of titans. That’s a Petra joke I hope Annie got a kick out of.
  • Is it time for me to make like Marco and split?
  • If Marco had half a brain he wouldn’t attract titans in the AoT game.
  • Marco can’t remember half his lines…
  • Did you notice Marco wore a half jacket?
  • Marco emoticon: (-.
  • What is Marco great at cooking? Anything that calls for a half cup!
  • Knock knock. Who’s there? JeanMarco. JeanMarco who? Oh wait… It’s just Jean.
  • Half the time we forget Marco’s dead.
  • Some other guy said: I wonder if the Marco jokes are long gone. If they are, thank goodness. Those jokes were made for half-wits that had no sense of humor whatsoever.
  • What does Marco put in his coffee? Half and half.
  • Marco’s death scene song would be composed of all half notes.
  • What’s Marco’s favorite part of a football game? Half time.
  • Maybe they build walls to see who cares enough to break them down.
  • Petra Petra Petra of the jungle WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREEEEE
  • The only swimming style Marco can do now is the sidestroke. None of his other attempts seem to hold any water.
  • Survey Corps? More like Survey Corpses.
  • These are getting half-hearted…
  • For your birthday, I think I’ll get you a Marco. I heard he comes 50% off.
  • Marco couldn’t’ve been killed by just Annieone.
  • I guess those blades must be made of titanium.
  • These Marco jokes are a rip-off. They tear me apart.
  • I hope Marco was left-handed.
  • A titan and Marco walk into a bar, what’s left? Marco’s left.
  • I’m all torn over these jokes.
  • *sound of one hand clapping*
  • Y’know, Marco should receive full recognition but only gets half.
  • I had a really good Marco joke, but I forgot like, half of it…
  • A conversation from SnK Lovers: That Erwin Smith guy is my new favorite Attack On Titan character. I’d give my right arm to be as cool as him. / I don’t know he’s not Half as cool as Marco. / On the other hand, Eren’s mum just bites. / I think Franz was obviously the best character. Though, he never got much screen time, so I don’t really have a leg to stand on. / He ain’t half bad. / I’ve got a bit of a crush on Petra. / In my opinion, Petra seems to be a little twisted.
  • New holiday: Marco Day: All schools and places of work leave at noon.
  • In Marco’s last moments, half of him wanted to scream and half of him wanted to disappear. He got his wish.
  • I’ve got a splitting headache right now just trying to come up with something half as good as these! I’m gonna stay up till half past two trying to think of better ones.
  • if Marco were to play DND, do you think his character would be a halfling?
  • Marco’s holding onto what’s left…
  • I hope he kept his better half.
  • It’s really easy to work with Marco, he always manages to meet you halfway.
  • Marco doesn’t really like to dance anymore. It’s not that he has two left feet, it’s that he only has one.
  • Marco can never make up his mind on important issues. He’s always divided.
  • When he gets his picture taken, Marco always makes sure the photographer gets his good side.
  • Marco’s been falling behind at work lately, he really needs to pull himself together.
  • Marco recently joined eHarmony. He’s looking for his other half.

Mmhm. I spent WAY too much time on your blog. These were my favorites, along with some of my own. 


Have you guys seen this? And your opinions? I went in to Champs at the mall today and asked why they had that, and the sales guy was spewing about the Chinese New Year and the year of the dragon…

I do not understand.


I’m not really sure what you’re trying to point out? Oh, is it the use of the sun? I personally don’t see a problem with this because I know a lot of Filipinos who have a shirt like this (I do too). This shirt commemorates Filipino Heritage month, like, the Warriors (basketball team based in Oakland,CA) honors the diversity within the Bay Area by holding some days during the respective month (October for Filipino Americans, another for Indian Americans, one for Chicanxs, and so on and so forth) as a special day to bring light to the cultures being celebrated. Like they offer shirts, and hats with this logo. During half time they have people performing dances from the culture. It’s actually pretty neat. My first Warriors game was a Filipino Heritage night, so they gave us hats with this logo.

-admin K

“Man, what are we even doing in this section Steve?” asked Sam, looking at a small white persian in a kennel. “I thought you wanted a dog?”

Steve Rodgers nodded his head towards Bucky. “He wanted to look at cats.”

Sam just shook his head. “Here, kitty. Here…” he paused to read the adoption tag. “…Snowbal- no.” He left to look at another cat.

“Are there any cats you’d like to hold?” asked the adoption volunteer, Joan. There’d been a bit of a to-do when the three supers walked in and asked to see the cats. She hoped the german shepherds would be enough to keep the paprazzi at bay.

“No thanks,” answered Sam.

“I think I’m goo-”

“I want this one,” interjected Bucky.

Joan turned over to see the cat he was look at and felt one corner of her mouth tug down. He’d selected what was possibly the most difficult animal the shelter had yet dealt with. The name on her kennel literally read “Tiny Satan.”

“A-Are you an experienced cat owner?” she asked, walking over to where he knelt. “She’s definitely a special needs kitty, and I’d rec-”

“She’s like me,” he said, indicating her missing front left leg. “How did she lose it? Was it an accident?”

She blinked. “Um, no, it’s congenital. It just never formed. But you should know that her personality is rather challenging. She’s going to need a lot of support and patience.”

“That won’t be a problem,” answered Bucky. “How much for her?”

“Do… Do you want to at least hold her first? Maybe see how she responds to you?”

Bucky looked over his shoulder at Steve and Sam. They both nodded. “Yes I’d like that.”

She led him over to a small, glassed-off area and draped a large, floral smock over him. There was a sound of a displeased cat being removed from her bed. She gingerly half-tossed Tiny Satan at him and quickly closed the door.

The cat immediately closed her jaws around Bucky’s left index finger. It was only for an instant through, as she recoiled in confusion when her teeth hit metal. Something like a smile tugged at Bucky’s mouth. “Hey there little one,” he said, carefully rolling up his sleeve. “I’m like you. See?” The silver metal of his arm shone in the fluorescent light. Tiny stared at it, taken aback. A paw gently tapped at his arm. She stared back up at his face, then buried hers in his chest.

“Did they just bond over not having arms?” whispered Sam.


Joan stared. “Is she purring? Is that purring I hear?”

Bucky shifted his arms to cradle her better. “How much for her?

“…I’ll get the paperwork started.”




“So do we even need this kennel or are you just going to carry Tiny everywhere for the rest of your life?” asked Sam, dragging in the raft of supplies, toys, and cat sweaters Bucky had purchased.

“Are you really not going to change her name from Tiny Satan?” continued Steve, setting down the package that had been on their doorstep.

“I’ll think about the kennel. And her name is perfectly fine.” He turned around. “Is that from Tony?” he asked, eyeing the package.

“Um, yes.”

Bucky’s eyes lit up. He opened the box single-handed and retrieved a piece of metal that kinda looked like…

“Oh you did NOT get Tony Stark to make your cat a prosthetic leg,” Sam said.

“The ride home was half an hour,” observed Steve. “What did you promise him in return?”

“He wanted to borrow your shield for something regarding accelerated particles or something,” he mumbled, fitting the prosthesis onto Tiny. “How’s that?”

She mewled happily.


I’m half Taiwanese and half white. I’ve never really known how to identify because I can’t speak mandarin and I’ve only been to Taiwan a couple times when I was little. I always figured that I had to identify as white since I have more privilege than a full Asian does, but I realized that people don’t treat me white. My highschool nickname was Asian, everyone always told me I was so pretty for an Asian, people would yell ching chong at me, tell me all my academic achievements were just because I was Asian. A few months ago this guy came up to me in the grocery store and after talking for about a minute subtly said “All my past girlfriends are Asian, my friends say I have yellow fever…" 

I love this blog because it makes me feel like my identity issues and racism that I experience are valid, being only half Asian.

I feel that those words are a ghost that haunts me down “there is no one like her” whenever someone makes me smile it’s not big enough, whenever something makes me happy it’s not true enough, whenever I feel like my self it’s not real enough. maybe it’s not true, that I just made this up in my head but even when I say that to myself it’s not truthful enough.

The truth is the half of me left without you is not enough, it’s not enough to be alive and it’s not enough to claim death.

Only when it comes to pain enough never seems to be enough, pain here is limitless.

—  VàZaki Nada
No Gas in NS

Submitted by idkwtfttyl

Okay, since I haven’t seen anything on this site regarding this growing issue, and I’m not even sure the rest of the country is aware of it, I would like to make it known that there is no gas in Nova Scotia right now, and will possibly not be replenished until Thursday.

What happened was the price was lowered to 99 cents. Everyone raced to fill up their cars and cans while it’s so affordable. Unfortunately we were already low, and now gas stations everywhere are empty. In my town and surrounding communities on the South Shore, there is onlyone gas station operating, and the police are having to direct traffic because people are lined up into the streets. It’s now at the point that cars are running on empty.

This is a growing problem. Just to put it into perspective, I work at a hospital, and today we had to cancel several home visits because the nurses can’t drive like they normally can. (And if this is the part where you’re asking why the hospital doesn’t just fork over the money, then I would like to remind you that the NS healthcare budget is at an all time low, and we’re already asked to do more with less.)

I’m sure you’re wondering, why don’t just have more sent in? But here’s the thing. It is here. There are two ships currently sitting in the Halifax harbor, but they are not filling up the trucks. They’re just waiting. Until when? Supposedly until the price goes back up. Why?  Supposedly so the companies can make more money.

This is only occurring in Nova Scotia, and we are the only ones who had the price drop below the dollar, so that is what I am going to believe. I’ve heard several different theories though, since they’re not giving us any explanation we can’t be sure. But I do know that my own tank is almost empty, and I need to get to work. I really don’t want to make a half-hour trip to the only open gas station just to wait an hour to maybefill it up, but it looks like I’ll have to.

This is like the start of every post-apocalyptic novel I’ve read.

“On my first day of my first job, waitressing at a local family Chinese restaurant, I got harassed three times. I was 15 and wearing a pretty modest, in my opinion, outfit. We weren’t given uniforms, but we had a dress code to follow which meant black pants, black shoes (I was wearing the black Converse beside me in the pic at the time), and a modest shirt in either black or white. I actually had a grey cardigan over top of this at the time too, because it was pretty cold that March.

The first time I got harassed that night, I was waiting to cross the street on my way to work. An older man, I’m assuming he was in his 40s or 50s, came to stand beside me as I waited. After maybe 5 seconds he told me that my perfume smelled nice and that a girl as pretty as me should always be smiling. I was a very enthusiastic tumblr feminist at the time (still am tbh), so I ended up telling him to “fuck off, creep.” He ended up yelling at me as I crossed the street that “I’ll give you something to smile about then you little bitch!” This was happening maybe twenty feet away from my then-new place of employment.

The second time, I was serving my first table ever. There were a few twenty-somethings at the table, but also one man who appeared to be in his 60s. The one older guy asked me, when I brought out their food, “Who did your work?” while gesturing to my boobs. I told him no one, he told me that he wasn’t tipping because he didn’t want to pay for my breasts.

The third and final time a couple of twenty-something guys were picking up a takeout order. One of them told me I was cute. I was on the job, so I couldn’t react the way I did on the way to work. So I just said thank you and tried to proceed with getting these guys’ order payed for and them out the door. The other guy, though, decided it was helpful to add “Actually, he just likes girls with big tits.” At that point I just told him I was well underage for him to be making comments like that. He told me that just made it hotter.

At the end of my shift I brought the last two incidents up with my manager. She had been working at the restaurant since it had opened thirty years beforehand, so I’d figured she would have experienced the same thing and might have had some suggestions for how to handle the situation. I was told to smile, giggle, and not say anything. I got told to do that many, many times in the year and a half that I worked there.”

Submission from jesuis-unepizza

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