makes the whole world go round

letters to a friend
  • aries: i'm sorry that we fought during our last year together. i miss you so much, and will always cherish our drunk days together.
  • taurus: god, you are absolutely gorgeous. your voice makes me melt. why do you always fight, even if you know you are wrong?
  • gemini: why do you keep me at arms length? why don't you let yourself really, fully connect with anyone? i understand adaptation, but sometimes it really is too much.
  • cancer: do you understand that i am not trying to hurt you? please stop fighting me when i try to see past your protective shell. i simply want to care for you.
  • leo: you even look like the sun; you radiate like nothing else. i know you love with every fiber of your being, but that is no reason to let someone take advantage of you.
  • virgo: sometimes criticism is good, but don't you think you push it? please do not try to fix me; i am not broken. i miss you.
  • libra: you push away people that actually care about you, and for what? for a sign that represents a scale, you really do not understand balance. let yourself be cared for.
  • scorpio: you do not let anyone really understand your mind and heart as a whole, and shatter yourself like glass to protect who you are. don't you think this is counterproductive? please try to keep yourself whole.
  • sagittarius: i understand the pursuit of knowledge, but sometimes you take the way you feel as a fact. you know that not everything you say is based upon factual evidence, and somehow you convince everyone that your way is the right way. why don't you try letting someone else convince you for a change?
  • capricorn: you do not let your emotions influence anything you do, which is admirable, but sometimes you need to listen to them. the world is made up of facts, but feelings make the world go 'round.
  • aquarius: why do you treat your lovers like friends? you are afraid of losing your individuality in another person, and detach yourself instead. please let yourself love.
  • pisces: you see the face of everyone who has ever hurt you on someone who really actually cares for you. i understand a victim complex, but you're not just hurting yourself by thinking this way.


 Peter Parker x Reader

 Requested: Yes by @savaemaz 

Warnings: Bombs/explosions and flirty Flash 

 A/N: I am SO SORRY that it took me so long to get this out but I’ve been away and I wanted to make this reALLY GOOD to make up for it being so late. (You probably don’t even remember making this request but… I have it on my Tumblr beside me rn on my laptop;)

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6:58pm - Tuesday 

“The winners of the Florida Annual Mathematics Convention are..”

 “The Midtown High Mathletes!” 

Applause thundered through the auditorium as MJ stepped up to take the trophy before we all joined her for pictures. 

“Kids please listen!” Our teacher rounded us up before continuing. “We are going to go back to the hotel for the night and in the morning, we are going to spend the whole day at the Disney World Theme Park!” 

8:01pm - Tuesday

“Peter? It’s me open the door!” 

The door to his room opened and he let me in. “Hey baby! What are you doing here?” He smiled at me and we went to sit on the bed. 

 “Michelle went up to the roof to read. I wanted to come see you!” I grinned at my secret boyfriend” 

“I love you Y/N,” he smiled.

 “I love-” 

“You guys are gross.” We turned around and there stood Ned at the door with three bags of chips and a liter of Pepsi. “You guys know this is my room too right?” He just shut the door and walked to the other bed. 

“Is some of that for us?” Peter asked. 



9:34am - Wednesday 

“Ok, here are everyone’s passes, we’re going to meet for lunch at 1:30 back here. Make sure that everyone stays in pairs!” 

“Hey y/n!” I turn around and see Flash walking towards me.

 “Wanna be the other pea in my pod?”

 I cringed at his joke before saying, “Actually Flash I was going to-”

 “Ok great! Lets go,” He grabbed my arm and pulled me in the direction of the nearest park. “What do you want to go on first?”

 “Um, the Tower of Terror I guess?” 

He grinned and pulled me in a different direction. “As you wish hottie.”

 “Don’t call me that,” I narrowed my eyes and ripped my hand from his grip. “I can walk myself.”


11:53am - Wednesday

“Ned!” I smiled and rushed up to him, where he was standing near the Ferris wheel.

 “Where’s Peter?” I asked him quietly before Flash caught up to me. 

“He said something about going to the bathroom? I think, yeah.”

 I frowned, “Ok,” 

“What the hell y/n? Why’d you run away from me?” Flash came up behind us, out of breath.

 “Oh sorry I just wanted to say hi to Ned!” I smiled. 

He frowned “Ok, well we should go on this!”

 I looked up “The Ferris wheel?” I looked at Flash and he nodded. “Ok, I guess. See ya Ned! Tell Pete I say hi!” 

 “Bye,” He waved and looked back at the ride. 

12:20pm - Wednesday

Flash and I had just gotten on the Ferris wheel and were currently heading to the top. We stopped when we got up and I looked down and saw them starting to switch people out. I was looking out at the park admiring the view, when an explosion shook the ground. People started screaming and I felt the entire wheel shift to the side, as the explosion had knocked it’s supports loose. I looked down and saw Ned backing away and looking around, I can only imagine him to be trying to find Peter.

 “Oh my god we’re going to die!” 

I turned to Flash. “Shut up,” 

He kept complaining but I just ignored him. I looked down again and saw that the people on the bottom cars had been evacuated. They were about to move the Ferris Wheel lower to let more people out when another explosion went off shifting it even more.

 Then I saw the blue and red vigilante swinging across beams, helping people down.

 He got to us after a bit and looked to me.

 “Are you ok with waiting miss?” I nodded my head and he took Flash down.

 Just as he was about to come up a third explosion came from closer nearby and my cart fell from the ride. I was able to grab onto a bar before I fell, but I could only hold it with one hand.

 Spider-Man stares to climb the Wheel, obviously not wanting to risk having his webs dislodge it. He got to above me and grabbed my other hand.

 Letting go of the bar I grabbed him and he attached a web to a building nearby and swung us away, right before the wheel fell over. 

“Thank you,” I said breathlessly. 

“No problem,” he stated as he set me down on the ground. 

“Bye!” And he flew away with his webs, as Ned rushed over to me.

 “Y/N! Are you ok?” I nodded and hugged him, my hands shaking from the experience. 

“Lets head to the meeting spot, maybe everyone will meet there.” 


1:07pm - Wednesday

“Well that took long enough to get out,”. I turned to Peter and released another sigh of relief. I kept forgetting that he had found us on our way out and I had immediately ran into his arms, crying about how I was scared.

 “Yeah, but that’s what happens when everyone in the park tries to leave through the front gate!” Ned laughed beside us. I smiled and looked forward. 


7:55pm - Wednesday

“Ok guys, the park is releasing fireworks in about thirty minutes as an apology. We’re going to leave in 10 minutes and make our way over there to watch.”

 Flash raised his hand. 

“Yes Flash?”

 “Why are we going back to where we almost died?” He looked scared.

 “Spider-Man caught the people who released the bombs.”

 Everyone turned towards Michelle who was at the back of the room. 

“Really?” I asked nervously.

“Yes. Now I actually like the fireworks so lets go before we miss it.” She turned and walked out the door leaving the rest of us to follow. 

8:37pm - Wednesday

We stood near the castle in the middle of the park waiting for the fireworks to start.

 I was standing over to the side where I had a clear view of the sky where the fireworks would go off.

 “Hey hot stuff,” I turned to the left and saw Flash standing next to me.

 “What do you-”

 “You wanna sneak away after this and go somewhere a little quieter so we can have a little fun?” He grinned and put his arm around my waist.

 “F-flash I really don’t-” 

Suddenly I was pulled away before being spun around. And lips were on mine. I instantly recognized them as the lips of my secret boyfriend, Peter Parker. I kissed him back before pulling away abruptly and grabbing his forearms. 

“W-wait Peter, what-” 

 “You see this?” He turned to Flash. “This is mine. Stay away from what’s mine Thompson, or you’ll regret it.  I don’t like sharing.” He glared at Flash before pulling me away, and over to Ned.

 “So I’m yours now?” I grinned at him before he turned to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

 “You always were mine.” He leaned forwards and put his forehead on mine.

 “It’s just that everyone knows now.” 

And with that the first firework of the evening shot into the sky.

BTS HC ... in the bedroom *raises brows*

Request: ‘waht do u think are turn ons for bts? could you do me a hc please?’

Request: ‘ Request for how you think bts are in the bedroom? ;) I think this is a headcanon request but feel free to do it in another way if you like :) cheers!’

I was gonna do these separately but then I realized they’re too similar to be making two different posts.

Righty. Have fun reading all this smutty smut smut!

Rap Monster

  • Your presence
  • When you’re washing the dishes
  • When you’re reaching for something on a higher shelf in the shop
  • When you sit next to him and your leg brushes against his
  • There’s just something about the way you do certain things 
  • that really gets to him
  • He goes mental if you sit on his lap
  • Especially if he can’t do anything about it
  • he doesn’t mind you getting him worked up though
  • because he ain’t afraid to do something about it
  • yes, even if you’re at the coffee shop
  • Lots of foreplay
  • humping/grinding
  • making out against the wall
  • with his thigh pressed up between your legs
  • touching you subtly in public to warm you up
  • you’ll be left wanting what you can’t have
  • If you try to take it sooner than you’re allowed it
  • *spanky spank*
  • sorry
  • “naughty”
  • high key loves mischievousness
  • Whispering / muttering
  • Today he’ll drive you nuts
  • “That’s right baby girl”
  • Tomorrow, you’ll get your own back
  • “You look good today”
  • but boy, he will give you what you need, eventually
  • okay, I think after all that you won’t be surprised when I say
  • Exhibitionism
  • the possibility of getting caught makes him even harder
  • he’ll press you up against an open window
  • he’ll take you to fuck anywhere
  • because sometimes the journey home just can’t wait
  • there’s just something about that sense of urgency
  • Fucking with clothes on
  • not just in public, even
  • He likes to have quick sessions before guests come over
  • Smirking because of what just happened 5 minutes ago 
  • …on that chair your friend is now sat on
  • He loves lacy underwear
  • He likes a sexy image that leaves something to the imagination
  • Something that he can unwrap because you’re all his
  • Waist grabbing
  • He likes to grab your waist and catch you off-guard
  • He knows his sudden touch is guaranteed
  • to get those panties wet
  • Pet names
  • particularly ‘baby’ [how many times in one vlive tho]
  • ‘honey’/’jagiya’ is probably the second most used pet name
  • that latter name is used more for when he’s appreciating you
  • the ‘baby’s increase when it’s dirty talk over the phone
  • Phone Sex
  • He’s not going to wait til he comes back from wherever he is
  • If he’s on tour, about 70% of your phone calls turn dirty
  • He could be just at work a few roads away but 
  • if he’s horny, he’s gonna call you
  • Curves
  • a body that he can explore entirely with his hands
  • he likes to grab
  • massaging a breast, firmly gripping a dick, that’s his jam
  • Body worship
  • He loves to tell you how beautiful your body is
  • and as much as he loves the whole undressing each other thing
  • he likes it more when you strip for him
  • What an amazing view you are to him

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  • Being a menace
  • He’ll go round the house doing every day things either with his shirt off or in a shirt that accentuates his broad shoulders
  • Knowing that you’re staring at him, so
  • Attention
  • Just on him
  • You’re going to forget that anyone else in the world exists after he’s done with you
  • Confirmation
  • You reminding him that no one else can make you feel the way he makes you feel
  • Give him a name or honorific that gives him authority
  • ‘oppa’ / ‘hyung’, maybe occasionally ‘appa’ (daddy)
  • He’ll come so hard 
  • whilst just pounding you into the sheets
  • so he can look after ‘my little one’
  • Cutting the chase
  • Teasing isn’t really his thing
  • Well, he likes to tease you
  • But he can’t take what he gives
  • If you dare tease him, he will actually
  • hold you over his lap and spank you hard
  • and you’ll feel his boner dig right into you
  • as you’re sprawled across him, all red and heated
  • Minimal Foreplay
  • he just really likes to get straight down to business
  • quite impatient actually once the moment takes him
  • as soon as he’s sure you’re ready, he’ll be straight in there
  • Stress relief
  • If something’s going on, he needs you
  • because he’s lucky to have you
  • he instantly feels better when you collapse on top of him, 
  • resting your head on his shoulder while he plays with your hair
  • He’ll return the favour though
  • and while he isn’t looking for only one thing when he gives you a massage
  • it’s his favourite way to initiate sex if that’s what you want
  • He’s going to teach you a thing or two
  • Lay back while oppa works his magic on you
  • You’re in for a treat

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I spent way to long on this one

  • I’m sorry, Rap Mon is not the kinkiest 
  • He loves to see his hands wrapped around your throat
  • He knows how to do it properly of course
  • Because he knew that he’d want to apply this kind of skill in the future
  • and that’s not just for the BS&T concept
  • And that’s another turn on
  • Knowing what he wants
  • He goes shopping online for toys
  • Imagining everything he could do to you with each
  • His order comes through
  • and he knows exactly what he’s going to do with you tonight
  • gets a great amount of pleasure out of pleasuring you
  • Suspension
  • He loves making you wait
  • You’ll tell him you need him to come home
  • And he won’t
  • But he’ll send you all the words to get you worked up
  • He can take some teasing for you
  • he secretly hopes you’ll wanna distract him from work
  • or that you’ll touch him under the dinner table
  • what better excuse is there to take a break or leave than to fulfill his need for you?
  • Sometimes he likes it when you take over
  • If he’s stressed, having you look after your baby boy is just what he needs
  • He’ll let you do anything
  • You can just stroke his dick
  • Or you can eat him out until he’s quivering
  • Or you can ride him and tell him how precious he is to you
  • but it’s rare and you should embrace every moment of it.
  • Words
  • He likes to use his deep voice to drive you nuts
  • and he likes to give you instructions
  • “Be a good girl/boy and ride daddy’s dick”
  • so let’s get back to the
  • Kinks
  • because I reckon he has quite a few, such as
  • Spanking
  • he likes to punish
  • and he likes to make you red
  • bonus if he leaves any marks that last a few days
  • but he’d never hurt you of course
  • Tying you up
  • Lots of rope and most of it isn’t even to keep you restrained
  • He just loves the way it looks draped across your body
  • Eating you out
  • especially plus those ropes
  • seriously, everything is better with some light bondage
  • plus maybe some sensory deprivation too
  • watching you writhe as he uses that tongue technology
  • He loves how he can make you see stars 
  • before he’s properly even begun with you
  • [what’s that? you want to hear more about how kinky this one is? alrighty then!]
  • Costumes / Light Roleplay
  • anything to make you look pretty
  • maid
  • will low key want to dress you up while doing chores
  • kitten
  • especially with this choker around you neck
  • Necks
  • he likes to kiss yours
  • you eventually find out he goes mental when you mark his
  • and then he realizes
  • Marks on you
  • he wants to see for days after what a good job he’s done
  • you’re getting ready for bed and he catches sight of one of the purple marks on your collar bone
  • and he just smirks
  • Intensity
  • heated sex
  • When his sweat drips down his back
  • and down your chest
  • he knows he’s doing more than good
  • Rewards
  • he wants to make sure you know when you’ve been a good girl/boy 
  • a bonus feature after one of your achievements
  • like yeah, your hard work gets you a promotion or an opportunity
  • but your hard work also earns his dick

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  • Skinship
  • feeling the warmth of your body against his
  • He likes to use his hands
  • using his fingers inside you is great because he still gets to concentrate on your face
  • he uses touch to make you tense
  • brushing his hand across your cheek 
  • then down your neck
  • He likes to grab
  • after his hand has gone down your neck, it attaches straight one of your erotic points
  • circling your nipples to get you started
  • before cupping the place you need him the most
  • Biting and nibbling
  • Marking you up with pretty purple bruises
  • and other markings are great too
  • he’ll sometimes spank you in more intense sessions
  • telling you how bad you’ve been as he rubs the sore area
  • Whimsy
  • Sometimes you’ll just turn him on unexpectedly
  • but he doesn’t mind
  • even if he says “goddammit…”
  • all it is is his way of letting you know what’s the matter so he can do something about his ‘problem’
  • Experimental
  • He just wants to cover all grounds so he can give you the most pleasure possible
  • He’ll try anything if you will
  • actually likes quite vanilla sex 
  • but lives for the memories of those more daring moments
  • I think he might even be open to the idea of bringing someone else into the equation
  • He’d love to watch someone else fucking you
  • before he pushes them aside to do a better job and complete the job
  • Dancing
  • He knows how to give you a show
  • in fact, he loves to give you a show
  • this boy is just a show
  • the best show
  • Boy Girl Meets Evil

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  • Control
  • He knows how to make your tense
  • because he’s picked up these little behaviour patterns
  • so he likes to act much more innocent and sub than he is
  • like “baby I need you”
  • but then he’s making you repeat his words 
  • as he pounds you relentlessly into the bed
  • He likes to catch you off guard
  • so he just goes from 1 to 1000 in 5 seconds 
  • One minute, he’s helping you do the chores
  • The next, he’s banging you over the washing machine
  • Lip biting
  • that’s another thing he does
  • he knows you’re week for those full plump pink lips
  • that work so well on you down there
  • Your moans and whines
  • He likes to hear you being fucked by him
  • He likes to embrace all the senses: touch, taste, sight, sound
  • so he likes to let out those sighs and grunts too
  • Words have an effect on him
  • verbal sex is intense for him
  • he uses words to fluster you
  • he wants you to say his name
  • Praise – for both of you
  • He loves it when you compliment him
  • but he’s also turned on by reminding himself of all the sexy things about you
  • Nudity
  • If you’re asleep naked on a hot day when he comes home to you
  • He’ll flip you onto your back and wake you up
  • and he loves taking showers with you
  • there’s no way he’d prefer to get ready
  • You beneath him
  • He likes to lay you down gently on the bed
  • and pin your arms above your head as he enters you
  • and while he likes to get a little aggressive
  • he’s all about looking after you
  • sometimes he’ll purposely be extra and wear you out
  • so he can wait on you and treat you like a prince/ss afterwards
  • Smol but mighty
  • he will pick you up in a honeymoon lift
  • he might get carried away
  • and there’s that one time he causes you to accidentally to whack your head on the headboard
  • and he is SO sorry
  • but you just giggle because you know how into it he was getting
  • Sometimes, he’ll use toys
  • just so you can tell him you want the real thing
  • he wants you to tell him how much you want his dick inside you
  • He will punish you, no exceptions
  • he rubs circles over where he’s just spanked you
  • admiring your perfect body
  • but just as you begin to notice the soothing feeling of his hand
  • he’ll spank you again 
  • But he doesn’t mind you teasing for hours
  • denying him of what he needs the most
  • but again, that’s fine
  • Sex with you should last forever

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  • You initiating it
  • He doesn’t always realize when you’re being suggestive
  • So when you suddenly push him up against the wall
  • He’s putty in your hands
  • But there are days when he’s feeling extra frisky
  • Getting you worked up in public
  • He uses his innocent nature to pretend he doesn’t know what he’s doing
  • But he fucking knows
  • He knows that the way he just said your name was fucking hot
  • He’s a champ at just shocking you
  • if he’s gonna do something he doesn’t usually
  • he’s gonna go big
  • hE fUcKiNg SeNt YoU a NuDe WhEn YoU wEre SaT RIGHT nExT tO yOuR fRiEnD!!!
  • and there’s a view of everything
  • his hand round his rock hard dick
  • his beautiful bare skin
  • his lip biting
  • his sinful eyes
  • every. thing.
  • Trying new things
  • He gets excited for new experiences
  • He can’t wait to see how you react when you come home to him holding a blindfold
  • Or when you tell him something about yourself
  • and he can’t wait to play that card in the bedroom
  • Explorative
  • as well as trying new kinks and techniques
  • he wants to know how every inch of your body feels
  • he wants to kiss you everywhere to see how you react
  • even like the sides of your torso or somewhere less obvious/conventional
  • Fluids
  • sorry if I make that sound gross
  • He loves seeing how wet you get for him
  • He even loves watching his own cum drip from his aching cock as you pump him with your hand [don’t deny it, you love watching it even more]
  • Noises
  • complete personality turnaround
  • at the beginning he’s all cutesy
  • then he gets more into it
  • until his high is coming near
  • “I’m gonna come for you, baby”
  • and he loves the sound of kissing
  • especially that wet sound you get from full on french kissing
  • There’s no particular roles
  • he’s all about whatever you want in the moment
  • Closeness
  • bodies pressed up against each other as he thrusts into you
  • hand holding when you’re on the bottom
  • but also emotional closeness
  • passionate kisses when you’re on top
  • having a firm hold on your ass with his large hands
  • He’s a butt guy
  • bum massages
  • like he’ll massage you all over
  • but will end and linger at the butt cheeks
  • or the boobs
  • He doesn’t forget the twins
  • those are important
  • Sensual, slow love making
  • there’s no better sex than romantic sex, right?
  • but 
  • He will spank you if you’re being particularly defiant
  • he’ll actually stop whatever you’re both doing,
  • turn you over onto your stomach
  • and he will TELL YOU
  • Oral
  • While the feeling of being inside your tight hole is amazing
  • He loves fucking your face
  • and using his tongue on you
  • He wants you whining for him to fill you up
  • Just sit on his face, you deserve it

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  • You riding him
  • He loves to watch you bounce on him
  • Your face
  • Your sounds
  • It’s his favourite thing to just lay beneath you
  • Sometimes he gets quite scared to tell you what he wants
  • Is it too demanding? Too weird?
  • you have to edge him to get him to speak up during sex
  • Before, however, if he’s in the mood
  • He’ll just sit there watching your every move
  • with those furrowed, concentrated brows
  • because he doesn’t wanna just outright tell you 
  • that fucking you is all he can think about
  • your confidence to initiate it will turn him on
  • Very visual
  • just as sensitive to sight as he is to touch
  • but blindfolds [on him] still get him going
  • when one sense is restricted, the others heighten
  • Will nut so hard if you send him a naughty snapchat
  • will come in his boxers if you tell him to sit in that chair while you play with yourself
  • Better with his mouth than he gives himself credit for
  • you know you can make him come by fucking your face
  • but you wonder what wonders his mouth can do for you
  • and it’’s fucking HEAVEN
  • He CANNOT hold his noises in
  • frustrated grunts and moans fill the room
  • as you play with his cock
  • and the whines get higher as he nears orgasm
  • he’s a very loud boy
  • Likes an older person
  • to teach him a few things
  • honestly, it’s just a turn on that you’re older
  • it can’t really be explained
  • Take good care of this one.

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I was gonna be kind and make 7 separate posts so you could brace yourselves, but eh, who has the time? You can all die in on big overdose 😂 

ok more camp camp stuff because i want to be accepted into a fandom with people i actually get along with

Every show needs an apocalypse au, right????

-kind of a bad person to have on your team
-very unstable, because “oh shit the gods must be displeASED FUCK”
-can use basically anything to start fires
-ritual knife or spears as weapons
-sorry boy but that white is gonna get destroyed

-hes so positive!! thats gonna be so good for moral!!
-also v v v good at surviving
-knows how to make fern coffee
-best pine chef
-all round good kid to have on the team
-refuses to kill stuff and is waaay too trusting

-kinda shellshocked
-like his whole world is just gone
-really good at knot tying
-kills stuff but feels super guilty afterwards
-poor kid needs constant reassurance that everything’s gonna be ok
-he’s just,, poor kid.

uh i might do more i don’t know how well this is going to be received

anonymous asked:

can u plz give me some nesta/rhys brotp headcanons?? like them teaming up on the inner circle during cards and winning every single time? or cassian and feyre giving each other confused looks every time they laugh about their inside jokes? or how the cassian/feyre brotp and the rhys/nesta brotp are always super competitive? like pictionary and charades?? or how rhys and nesta are super cultured and love to talk about their favorite plays/musicals they see? PLZ I NEED MORE OF THIS BROTP

YES FRIEND. WE ALL NEED MORE OF THIS BROTP I ADORE IT. I think there’s this idea that Nesta hates Rhys and I’m like…my dudes. ACOMAF happened. There was character development. It was beautiful. Please take note of it and the ‘that was why you painted stars on your drawer’ moment. 

Also I just feel like Nesta and Rhys are….Actually quite similar?? I think there’s a kind of…cool pragmatism in both of them (see: ‘I’m going to starve myself and my sisters to see if my father will actually get off his ass and do something’ and Rhys’s…entire UtM persona) And they’re both quite…regal for want of a better word, they both have powerful mental capacities (Rhys’ daemati magic and Nesta’s ability to resist glamours) they’re both quite cerebral in general too. For all that we get talk of Rhys’ power most of his planning revolves around schemes, cunning, manipulation, stealth that sort of thing, it’s never about brute force, Nesta thinks similarly. It’s calculated and careful and listen what I am driving at here is Nesta and Rhys sitting up late sharing some spiced wine and talking battle tactics/war strategies I’M DOWN FOR THIS.  

right, okay, headcanons now that piece of…unnecessary mini meta is over: 

Yes to them teaming up against the others at cards. Like there’s that part of ACOMAF where Rhys gets all huffy because Cassian and Azriel tag-teamed him when they were playing cards? So he invites Nesta to the next game and they…wipe the board with them and Cass and Az are like….okay so we’re screwed and Nesta is very smirky and pleased with herself. 

DEFINITELY YES TO THE INSIDE JOKES THAT BAFFLE FEYRE AND CASS THIS IS ADORABLE. and it is 100% guaranteed to be some completely nerdy joke about history that even Amren doesn’t get (and she was there) But I will get to the history nerds thing in a minute. 

Nesta and Rhys teaming up against Cass and Feyre would be…Amazing. And like, Nesta and Rhys are ruthlessly competitive and Feyre and Cass are too but while Feyre is ruthlessly competitive Cassian is just like…determined competitive. And basically the big golden hearted bat gets surrounded by all of these vicious bastards who just want to win and will do anything to achieve that and he’s like !?!?! no pls calm down let’s enjoy the snacks I brought okay? He and Feyre do work very,very well together and hot damn is that girl determined and scrappy but most of the time they’re no match for Nesta and Rhys who will just….destroy you then elegantly sip wine over the dust that was once your corpse. 

CHeSs GAmES Rhys being a broody and dramatic bat with the weight of the world on his shoulders and Nesta knows it. Mor and Cass have both tried teasing him and coaxing him into letting go with them and Az has tried quietly talking to him and Feyre has tried too but she knows to just leave him be for a little while but Nesta…is having none of that broody bullshit. She settles herself down opposite him and whips out a chess board and like….Rhys cannot resist it. He just can’t. Nesta makes one move and it’s like he manages to hold out for a whole two minutes before he snaps and swivels round in his chair to face her properly and within ten minutes he’s completely and utterly engrossed and Nesta is just smirking and looking very pleased with herself. 

YES TO THEM BEING CULTURED TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!! And their partners will go the plays/shows with them but they just don’t ~understand~ (I think Cass is typically…..baffled and Feyre appreciates like musical performances but she’s not as big on theatre or plays or the ballet shows Nesta loves and she doesn’t understand the technical aspects as much?) So they start going together instead and then they go to dinner together afterwards and they talk about it for ages and I think….If you get Nesta talking about something that she loves and is invested in and knows a lot about she. will. not. shut. up. She gets all animated and almost…gushes sometimes and Rhys can be similar in that he just intensely talks about this thing and nothing else and basically on these dinners neither of them really notice what they’re eating and they get home after like six hours and Cass and Feyre are ??? and they’re like ‘what I was only away for like an hour what is wrong?’ 

On the subject of intense talks Feyre definitely ambles into the kitchen at like…two o’clock in the morning because she couldn’t sleep and needed some tea…and to discover the mysterious disappearance of her heat source- uh, mate. As she gets nearer she hears the sounds of soft but very intense and irritated arguing and she recognises Rhys’ voice and Nesta’s and she just sighs because she really thought they were getting on better. Then she actually arrives in the kitchen and realises the two of them are sitting there furiously arguing over the most recent book they’ve read (Nesta and Rhys are part of a book group. It contains two people: Nesta and Rhys. They’re very happy with this arrangement) and Feyre just…smiles a little because at least they’re getting on…and have found someone to channel all of this into. 

HISTORY NERDS. (Amren joins in on this sometimes too but other times she just can’t be bothered at which point she palms Rhys off on Nesta) Listen Nesta would be a total history dork okay, she loooves researching it and I feel like one day she’s just sort of @ Rhys ‘you, you’re old, come here, I have questions.’ Rhys is baffled initially but then completely and utterly delighted when he realises that she wants to talk about history. (I can totally see Nesta writing an account of the war once it’s over btw. And maybe she interviews Rhys and the others about the first war too because I don’t care if you’re immortal you need to write these things down.

SCHEMERS IN CHIEF. I just need someone…to use that beautiful brain inside Nesta’s beautiful head okay. Like. The girl is a low-key genius EXPLOIT THIS PLEASE. She and Cass totally plan battle strategy but she and Rhys just do general strategy, war strategy, how to get the other high lords to co-operate, the terms of treaties, exploiting loopholes and closing loopholes and politics. (I don’t think either of them have any patience for more sort of ‘social politics’ and making nice and all that - that’s Elain’s area of expertise) but cunning manipulative courts relations every day politics they’re both like yep we’ve got this. Rhys listening to Nesta and Nesta being a little alarmed because no man has ever taken into account what she thought or had to say before - especially not on these kinds of subjects. But she shares what she has to say and Rhys listens and this is….a novelty. Because someone has found value in her, in her ideas, in her attention to details, in the way her mind works, in all the things that were suppressed in the mortal realm because no, no, ladies don’t need to worry about this sort of thing or were belittled as idle hobbies now they’re important. Now they’re instrumental in the war. Now she is instrumental in the war. And not because she’s made fae and forced herself into the clothes of a warrior but because she’s her. And Rhys can use that. Also, like, if these two start plotting against you you should just…like just move okay? Just leave the country and go somewhere far faaar away it’s…so much easier. 

Also, like, I know we all want Nesta queen of the female Illyrians and standing up to all the camp lords and training them to fight and all that but…consider: Cassian and Mor, now with Feyre in tow, get sorted on teaching the Illyrian females how to fight and training them and all that jazz. But one day Nesta goes to Rhys like ‘okay, but what about just teaching them? What about their education?’ Because not every girl is a warrior and even the ones that are deserve to be properly educated and that is what Nesta is here for. And just…Cass in charge of the girls’ training and then Nesta in charge of their education makes…a beautiful little pair. 

Rhys helping Nesta to control whatever magic she has because he knows what it feels like, having a power you were never equipped to have boiling away inside you, feeling like it might tear you apart, might drive you mad…He helps her channel and hone her magic, helps her to control it instead of the other way around. He helps her to control her emotions as well (though Cass does most of that, Rhys helps) 

Nesta and Rhys (grudgingly) at formal events and parties together and they spend…..the entire time sipping wine and salting those they have issues with/don’t like (ie….everyone) and looking fabulous while they do it. (they bond so much over salt and mutual dislike of people it’s amazing) 

Rhys going to Nesta for advice about Feyre!! Maybe they have an argument or a fight about something and Feyre is…Difficult to read and throws up all of her walls and he doesn’t know how to get through to her and is despairing. Nesta is…Not best pleased that he upset Feyre but…she does admit they’re good for each other and she does know Feyre better than most. She gives him some terse but welcome advice, helps him understand Feyre’s reactions and how best to approach her. 

Nesta going to Rhys about Cassian. Before they’re mated she tentatively asks him what a mating bond is like, what it feels like, why the heck anyone actually wants one (she’s not too sure how she feels about someone with a direct connection to her able to feel things that she does. Her mind is her sanctuary and she doesn’t much care for the idea of someone else being able to rifle through it whenever they feel like it) Rhys explains it for her, carefully explains what an honour it is to find a mate, that it’s a rare and cherished thing…but one that’s her choice, and her mate’s. Rhys sussing out that Nesta and Cass are mates before pretty much anyone else and he helps talk to Nesta who can’t understand why this happened or why fate or the damn Cauldron or whatever else would do this to Cassian and leave him stuck with her. Rhys calms her down and talks to her about it, because mother knows he understands what it’s like to feel like you’re not worthy of your mate - and he still struggles with that sometimes, he admits to her, but it’s worth it.  

I feel like these two would actually talk to each other about their shit (not all of it) but…On quiet evenings when they’re just sipping wine and have exhausted all the history/book/play discussion sometimes little things slip out. Nothing too personal but I think Rhys would tell her about his issues with running the court and the pressures on him as High Lord which he never fully feels he can share with his Circle because…well they’re part of his court, he has to keep them safe too and it can be a bit lonely and isolating sometimes. Feyre helps, obviously, and he talks to her about sort of day to day problems but just the general pressure of responsibility in general he talks to Nesta about. And she maybe opens up a little about her worries of not quite belonging anywhere and Rhys can understand that and just. They have little heart-to-hearts sometimes - the little things that they can’t quite tell anyone else/don’t know where else to put them. 


My Tall Boyfriend // Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by choijaes

Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: smalliemichelle99 said: Hi admin!! I love you scenarios, so can I request for a Yugyeom scenario where he introduce his girlfriend to the members and they tease him for the height difference cause she is so short?? THANKS IN ADVANCE ADMIN.

“Are you sure I look okay? I don’t look too stupid right? Are they all going to be there when we go in?” you asked Yugyeom nervously as you struggled to keep up with his pace while you were both en route to GOT7 dorms.

“Stop worrying jagiya, you never look stupid! You know that I think you always look cute” he cooed into your face as he tugged on your hand, pulling you closer into him. His loving affections were beautiful, but it didn’t stop the lump from forming in your throat.

You met Yugyeom around 8 months ago by chance in the convenience store that you worked part time in. He was buying ridiculous amounts of ice-cream and snacks, trying to juggle them all in his arms as he waddled towards you at the cash register. Of course, you knew who he was the moment you seen him – you would have been living under a rock if you didn’t, but you couldn’t believe that he was in your store. You played it cool, not acting like a typical fan girl as he set all of his things down on the counter for you to scan them. When you told him the total, you saw him rummaging around in his backpack and pockets, obviously looking for his wallet before donning a face that you seen very frequently. The look of “Oh shit, I forgot my wallet”.

“Uh…I’m really sorry but I forgot my wallet to pay for all of this. I’ll just go and put it back” he said, red faced and embarrassed as the people behind him in the queue began to get impatient. You sighed, feeling totally sorry for him and knowing that he was very obviously telling the truth.

“It’s okay, I can spot you this time. Just come by later and pay it, okay?” you smiled sweetly as you pulled out some money from your own purse which was under the counter. Yugyeom looked at you wide eyed, thankful but still mortified. When he returned a few hours later to pay you, the rest of GOT7 had persuaded him to ask you for your number – to which he bravely chanced his luck, and of course, you gave it to him willingly. Now, 8 months later, you were proud to call him your boyfriend; and today he wanted to finally introduce you to his older brothers. You were extremely apprehensive. Would they like you? Would they see you for who you are, rather than just another girl who was a fan?

You arrived at the dorms, going through the back entrance with Yugyeom. As he punched in the security code to open the door, you heart started thumping so loudly that you were sure the whole world could hear it. Before opening the door, Yugyeom turned round to you, towering over your frame before pulling you in close and hugging you tightly.

“Don’t worry (Y/N), I promise you that everything will be fine. They will love you, okay?” he whispered as he placed a small, chaste kiss on top of your forehead, making you smile a little before looking up at him and blinking cutely, giving him a pout that you knew he never could resist. He ruffled your hair a little, before opening the door and stepping in before you, pulling you behind him and closing the door behind the both of you.

“We’re here!” Yugyeom called out as both of you took your shoes off and placed them on the rack. You wanted to keep your eyes on the floor as you heard footsteps coming towards the two of you.

“The maknae is back!” Jackson shouted as he ran up and gave Yugyeom a massive bear-like hug, not even noticing you as you stood back and let them have their moment together.

“So? Where is she man? Didn’t you say you were bringing her back with you?” Jackson questioned Yugyeom as he pulled away from the hug. Yugyeom turned around and looked down at you, motioning for you to come forward.

“She’s here! Jackson this is (Y/N), (Y/N) meet Jackson~” Yugyeom said, his voice sounding a little nervous now that he was actually introducing you. Jackson looked behind him, before looking down at your face and widening his eyes as he looked at both of you standing together.

“Is that Yugyeom with his girl?” you heard a voice call out from the kitchen, before watching  the rest of the boys walking in one after the other, seeing you, Yugyeom and Jackson standing and staring at each other. For a brief moment, everyone stood staring at the both of you, one very obvious thing on everyone’s minds.

“It’s nice to meet you (Y/N), I’m Jaebum” Jaebum spoke first, stepping forward and nearly bending down to shake your hand. You smiled and shook his hand back politely, trying to not move any further away from Yugyeom as the rest of the boys introduced themselves to you and shook your hand.

“It’s great to finally meet Gyeomies girl! Aigooooo, look at you both. But isn’t it awkward?” BamBam asked innocently, the rest of the boys snapping their heads around at his backhanded remark as you stood there, feeling completely confused.

“What do you mean?” Yugyeom asked, a little defensive and feeling much like you. Jackson and Youngjae giggled a little before Jinyoung stepped closer to him, patting him and you on the head and moving back, keeping his hands at the same height away from your heads.

“I think what BamBam meant was…she’s so small compared to you! We didn’t know that short girls were your type, she’s so cute!” Jinyoung giggled along with Jackson and Youngjae – Mark looking at your reaction as you went completely red in the face and wanted the world to swallow you up. It was true, you looked like a child compared to Yugyeom as he was a complete foot taller than you. But you never really thought about it until now.

“Hey guys, don’t be so mean! Yeah, she’s short but Yugyeom is also freakishly tall for his age.” Mark tried to take the attention off you a little, making you look up at Yugyeom as he took you hand in his, smiling sheepishly.

“No, no, no! Don’t get me wrong at all! It’s not a bad thing; you’re both unbelievably cute together! It’s just so adorable seeing our giant maknae beside you! Please don’t take offence…you don’t feel bad, right? I didn’t mean to…” Jackson began apologising in fear of upsetting both you and Yugyeom, coming closer and leaning down, placing his hand on the side of your arm.

“Don’t worry! It must seem strange…I am really tiny after all. But actually, once you get to know me I’m super loud and energetic, so I guess it makes up for my lack of…tall-ness?” you said, not intending for it to sound as funny as it came out as all 7 boys roared with laughter, making you laugh in turn as Yugyeom pulled you closer in to him, his ears turning pink at the tips from this hyung’s comments about how cute you both looked together.

“Alright, alright! Let’s welcome (Y/N) to the family, GOT7 style! (Y/N), we’ve prepared some snacks and some movies – and since you’re our guest, you can have the honour of choosing! We’re all so glad to meet the girl that’s been making our maknae so happy…along with missing some practices but…I can see why he’s been missing them now” Jaebum motioned everyone towards the living room, giving Yugyeom a sly smile as he walked past. You thanked him politely, not quite sure how to reply to his statement as you joined the rest of the boys in the room, before sitting down in between your boyfriend’s long legs with your back pressed against his chest, to watch a movie with your new ‘family’ – and you couldn’t have been more happy in this moment than you had been in your entire life.

It Was an Accident

dad!Tony Stark/Bruce Banner/Peter Parker x Reader

Assumed female reader

Word Count: 1578

Hey, sorry for not actually putting any content out for two months. Like I said earlier, depression is really affecting the pace of my writing.

“Excellent work, you two,” your father commended you and Peter, clapping you both on the shoulder.

“Thanks, Dad!”

It wasn’t you who had accepted Tony’s praise as his actual daughter, no. It was Peter, whose eyes had suddenly gone as wide as dinner plates.

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anonymous asked:

omg your headcanons have been frizzin' gold so far! Marcus flint x Oliver wood?

thank you!!!!

  • v into the idea of marcus and oliver running into each other again post-hogwarts, oliver a hot shot up n coming quidditch pro, flint a coach who gets assigned to him
  • “those who can’t fly, huh,” oliver says, mounting up on his broom the first day, and flint eyes him coolly, appraisingly and doesn’t say anything
  • and flint works oliver harder than anyone else on the team, expects more of him, doesn’t ever give him any praise, pulls him up on the tiniest things, leaves oliver furious and shaking with rage because he’s the best recruit puddlemere have seen in years, and then when he gets angry he makes mistakes and flint makes him work even harder
  • very late nights circling round the quidditch pitch with flint a dark figure below, pushing oliver on, never shouting, just clear concise orders, oliver’s whole world narrowing to his broom and flint and whatever flint’s going to tell him to do next
  • out with drinks with his teammates, carefully ignoring them whispering about how flint could have played for whoever he liked and chose to coach instead, youngest professional coach since krum sr in the 60s, but he does ask why flint never comes out with them, and the others just shrug
  • flint’s big hands, big shoulders
  • oliver says, “do you want to get a drink sometime?” and flint says, “no”; oliver flushes and says, “i didn’t mean like that. fuck, you’re arrogant,” and flint raises his eyebrows and says “still no”
  • flying has always been like breathing to oliver; now quidditch is, too. he’s up in the air and blocking shots before he even realises what he was doing. the tactics seem to fall open to him, like a book he can scan while the other team are still scrambling into formation. he shouts instructions to the chasers, never mind he’s not captain here, and they follow his lead and score. he skips past a bludger so that it rebounds on a hoop and heads back at the holyhead beater, blocks a wayward shot on his way past. later that night he’s exhausted, limping round another lap of the pitch. flint says, “again”
  • oliver says, “you were a good captain, in school” and flint looks at him. after a moment he nods.
  • once when they’re packing up late at night and oliver is so tired he’s already walked into the door three times in an attempt to leave, flint says, “you’re not talented, like potter is. but you work hard.” for three days oliver replays it in his head over and over, something small and furious and glowing in his chest
  • “i think he’s thick,” oliver rages over a pint to angelina. “there’s no other reason, he doesn’t talk, he’s not smart enough to play the cool mysterious angle, he’s just an idiot who happens to be - to be - he’s all right at quidditch, i mean, but i think he’s thick,” and angelina says, “mm, maybe,” without much interest. oliver looks down at his lap, his hands shaking there. later he tells marcus his theory and flint just laughs. “all right,” he says.
  • “how come you don’t fly?” oliver asks, because the other coaches do, get up in the air and work training tactics with them. flint says, “i will when you earn it.”
  • oliver gets up when it’s still dark and runs before training. he’s the last one on the pitch at night. his boyish muscles have settled, firmed up, he’s stronger and surer than ever, he knows that he’s going to be one of the best quidditch players england has seen in a long, long time.
  • flint says, “again.” oliver’s exhausted body does as its told. he’s going to earn it.

steve sneaking into tony’s workshop while he’s totally caught up in the middle of something and doesn’t notice that steve’s there. and steve watches him being adorable and geeky and brilliant, and talking away to himself like the dork he is, and he catches himself with this little besotted smile on his face.

anyway he kinda wouldn’t mind just sitting there and watching but he feels a little bit like a creep cause tony is spectacularly oblivious and still doesn’t seem to have noticed steve there. so he takes out his notebook and a little pencil stub he always keeps in his pocket. (tony teases him endlessly about carrying an actual pencil around bcs apparently only senior citizens do that these days.)

and he starts drawing tony, hair wild and sticking up everywhere, eyes big and sparkling and bright with ideas, hands flailing as he pulls up six holograms on top of each other. tony in an ancient soft t-shirt with a kitten on it. tony’s body drawn in soft penciled lines.

then tony turns round and steve shifts a little and tony gets the fright of his goddamn life. he makes an undignified squeaky noise and flails and falls off the bench he’s standing on and lands in a twitchy pile on the floor.

and steve comes rushing over and he’s all like god, he’s so sorry! he should have said something! god, is tony okay?

tony makes a pathetic little moan from his heap and steve’s all over him with a worry wrinkle in his forehead, hands running over tony everywhere to check he’s okay. he can feel tony’s heart going thud-thud-thud in his chest. tony’s so warm and compact and steve doesn’t want to let go.

and then tony looks up at him with big brown eyes and steve’s basically got his arms round him and tony’s holding his breath. and it just seems like the easiest thing in the world for steve to lean forward and kiss him softly on his parted lips.

tony’s whole body shivers and he kisses back, sort of desperate and longing, making tiny little sounds into the kiss. when they come apart, tony’s eyes stay shut for a few long moments, his lips parted, breath shaky. steve watches his face, loving him so much he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

then tony’s eyes open slowly, heavy-lidded, and he says, ‘did - did that really happen, did i hit my head, i - am i awake?’

and steve laughs softly and presses their foreheads together. ‘yeah, you’re awake, sweetheart,’ he murmurs, and kisses tony’s nose. then he remembers that tony just fell off a table, and he freezes and says in a horrified voice, ‘GOD are you okay, tony?’

and tony looks at him and starts cracking up because seriously, who else would this happen to. and he’s like ‘yeah, i’m fine, like so much more than fine, but hey, steve, next time just ASK if you want a kiss, you don’t hafta make me fall off a table.’

and steve groans and presses his forehead into tony’s shoulder bcs he knows that tony’s literally never going to let him live this down.

(more stevetony ficlets on my blog)

that smile though,

that smile that graces his face
that smile that reaches his eyes
that smile that changes his whole demeanor

it’s worth everything
all the pain
all the hurt
it’s worth it

over and over again

just to see him smile like that
like he’s truly happy, at last,

makes my world go
just like a merry-go-round

just so, just so

—  @celtic-poetry, Smile

OMG today at work this black girl came thru my line and i was looking at her and i was like…. ok…. shes a stud… very obviously a lesbian… but ofc i cant say anything sjsowkkw. but also shes fine as hell so im stuttering like a fool and also i cant enter her rewards card number right cuz olis a useless dyke! so shes like “fuck it” and then it gets even BETTER…. this OTHER fine as hell girl comes up next to her and im like fucking gawking rn! cuz the stud asks if she has a card number and the other girl goes “we’re married we have the same card!!” and im 😱😱😱 rejoicing cuz 1.) gaydar on point 2.) lesbians! in my line! looking sessy as hell!!! i was just SO happy like the other girl wasnt afraid to say that they were married at all and my gay heart went 😭😭😭💖💖💖!!!! they also had these GORGEOUS rings on their fingers and that like defined my whole day i was jus so happy after… girls luvin girls rlly makes the world go round… rlly makes life tolerable… i want that to b me gettin groceries w my beautiful wife one day 😩

Today in RK World

I haven’t done an update in RK World for awhile but just had to chime in.  I don’t get into the WHERE is Rob and Kristen game near the way I used to. They are busy actors and models and they flit from hither and yon often enough but almost always land back in LA together for fairly long stretches of time.

Though this post is not exclusively about today but about my observations since Cannes…and don’t worry we will end with today…

Since Cannes it’s been interesting, hasn’t it?

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anonymous asked:

My teacher who is a psychologist told me that the show teaches the wrong things because it glamorizes suicide, it teaches to blame everybody else when in reality life is not perfect and there are people who have been through far worse and still go on. It teaches you to be a coward and selfish. Hannah showed traits of a psychopath by killing herself and showing the tapes like it was revenge, that is extremely inconsiderate. 1/2

I know the show is trying to get a message across but it is so poorly executed, it shows the tapes like revenge and that is a horrible thing to do. You can’t just blame everybody that’s the cowards way out. It feels horrible for someone to blame you for something like that. 2/2


Well, obviously from looking at my page, you know that I’m going to disagree with you (which is fine, that’s what makes the world go round, right?). 

I see a lot of this “!3 Reasons Why romanticized suicide and made it so pretty and poetic” but I haven’t seen any examples as to how that is so. I mean, I can understand where you are coming from regarding the whole “tape/revenge” plot and how that could be problematic, but the suicide itself? Not romanticized in the least. It’s messy, and horrifying, and lonely, and nausea inducing. And the repercussions of the act? Those are even messier. You have a kid set to shoot a school, another one who shot himself in the head, a rapist who has faced zero repercussions, a boy who lost the girl he loves and now has absolutely no one, parents who are lost and confused and destroyed over their daughter taking her own life. Nothing is resolved, nothing is fixed by Hannah’s death, nothing comes out of Hannah’s death, everyone is just…damaged. There is the faint possibility of some people changing their behavior (Clay with Skye, Tony, Alex), but most of those kids? Nothing changes for them. And thats real, that’s raw. When things like suicide happen, some people are going to be moved and affected and jarred by the happenings of it, and other people, as terrible as it sounds, just…well, aren’t. 

And suicide is the person who is committing it’s decision and there is no way around that, I agree with you there. But there are multiple instances in the series that a few different characters literally say the words “Hannah took her OWN life, that at the end of the day, is no one’s fault but her own”. Yet at the same time, what the show is trying to do with the tapes and with the idea that “Everyone killed Hannah Baker” is to make a statement about bullying, and about the effects of how  caught up we get in our own lives, how we care too much about what other people will think about us and how that causes us  to sit down when we should be standing up for what’s right. And that’s an important lesson to learn- for the teens and even in regards to school administrations. For me, some of the most powerful moments are when Clay and Alex are challenging the school for their “glossing over” the issues of Hannah’s death and not really doing anything to change the situation. 

And of course life is not perfect. But dude…Hannah was bullied, made out to be a school slut, had no friends and then was RAPED. Do people “Go through worse”? Sure, but what she went through was pretty fucking horrific. Being raped, especially at such a young age, and then witnessing another rape of someone who is considered to be your friend? And then to not be able to talk to anyone about that, or have anyone listen? I’m not saying that should drive someone to suicide, but for someone who was already mentally struggling, it absolutely could. 

It kind of honestly disgusts me that your teacher is telling you that basically people who have suicidal tendencies are selfish and cowards and over dramatic. People who go through that are really suffering. And while I understand the argument that Hannah’s mental illness was not clearly highlighted enough throughout the series, and agree that if they had done so, it would have been a  better balance of it being both her own personal demons as well as the treatment from those around her, it’s kind of jaw dropping that your teacher seems to be doing exactly what the show tries to explain teachers shouldn’t do, which is once again, gloss over the issues and just brush it off like anyone who commits suicide is just some selfish dramatic loser. 

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death for teenagers. So whether you agree with the reasons Hannah took her life or not, or think that people who commit suicide are selfish or not- it’s still happening. And if we just ignore it and turn the other cheek and roll our eyes at everyone who is crying out for help then we are part of the problem. And that is exactly what the show is trying to prove. Why in this world can we show so little patience, so little compassion for people who are fighting inner battles, mental illnesses, struggling to find light in a dark time? Why can’t we just reach out a hand and even if we can’t empathize, sympathize. Why can’t we start giving more of a shit, and try to change things? 

Hannah Baker wasn’t perfect. Personally, I think the show highlighted that. I didn’t “just feel bad for”- there were times where she really pissed me off and I thought she was being a brat. But that doesn’t take away the fact that she was clearly suffering and no one cared enough to change how they treated her, and she didn’t care enough to change how she treated herself. It’s a domino effect. And it’s very, very real. 

The show isn’t perfect. But it’s saying something. And people are talking about things that need to be talked about. This show knew that it was going to face criticism from certain people who didn’t agree with how things were being portrayed because we all view entertainment from a different perspective. But they did it anyway, and it’s making a difference. And that’s all that matters, when it comes down to it. 

But that’s just me. 

Hi I’m back to talk about all of my emotions in list form (my favorite!) so here goes:

(Spoilers, duh.)

1) Holt accepting Seamus’s deal. It just, I feel like Dan and Mike will come at us at the happiest of times and screw us over, you know? Like, Jake and Amy just got engaged and are right about to celebrate but Holt suddenly disappears and the squad has to save him because God knows that none of them would celebrate something so monumental without him. I know this is just a headcanon, but I am ninety three percent sure the real thing will be worse. Also I have a whole other post on this point. Probably will have more, too.

2) Jake reenacting The Lion King? I mean it’s kind of weird but that ish really got me going man I haven’t laughed that hard in ages.

3) Charles and his podcast. Charles Boyle is an unexceptionally hopeful man and when all roads seemed to close up, he decided to start a podcast, because damn if he can’t directly help his best friend in the whole world, then he’ll make sure that he can at least round up a mob of angry citizens willing to fight for him. (And don’t even get me started on how the podcast was probably originally some offhand comment made by Gina that Charles took to heart.)

4) I really wanna know what Terry said on that podcast.

5) Kind of a complaint I guess? I really want to see more Amy/Rosa this season. They’ve had that talk about having each other’s backs and all but we haven’t seen any other significant moments between them since. Even in this episode, while I totally get how Amy reacted, all preoccupied by Jake and all, I wish we could have seen a sweet little moment between them. (Like a nod or something, I don’t ask for much!)

I have so much more to say, but I can’t remember it all right this moment, so I’ll leave it at this. I DID LOVE THE EPISODE THOUGH GOSH DARN.




Thank you and good night.

he’s my bestest friend in the whole wide world, platonic boy/girl friendships make the world go round. he understands me and loves me, i can tell him anything, he’s the older brother i never had. 

best friend appreciation post

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Hamiliza Amelie AU? Please? I would love to see where you go with that.

Oh, now that is a really, really lovely idea. The whole artsy, playful, colourful tone of Amelie really really suits Eliza, like how hopeful she is and how she sees life and tries to help people and make them happier than before they met her. 

I do also see her as struggling with quite distant parents that don’t really understand her? And feeling a little isolated and weird because she sees looks at things from a different angle. Ohhh and also, taking her father’s garden gnome on a round the world trip just to cheer him up after her mother passes away is definitely something Eliza would do to try and get him out of his shell a little because I can see poor Philip being utterly devastated after Catherine dies. 

So yeah, I adore the idea of Eliza determined to be independent and start out on her own after being quite isolated with her family, see the world. So she has her very first apartment, her little job at the cafe where she loves meeting interesting people and her cat, Eliza absolutely definitely has a cat. And she gets this taste for helping people out, reaching out in her own little ways to make them smile and improve their lives. Like her exhausted, beleaguered coworker who has a creep stalking her and just wants to find love (Maria!), her hypochondriac coworker who needs cheering up and needs help finding love (Madison and Jefferson respectively) her grumpy and isolated neighbour thats really actually very sweet and perceptive and kindly (Aaron??) and a tired man who needs to be reminded of what he loves and better times (Washington?). 

And Alex would make an great Nino, a little faraway and on his own vague sort of level of thinking, a little obsessive and over thinking and hyper fixating. But he understands Eliza in a way no one else does and it terrifies her, the idea of actually loving someone because she isn’t used to it, its scary and unfamiliar and risky. And him working his jobs (including in a sex shop because yes, he’d do a brilliant job) and them bumping in to each other and Eliza plays her little games because she doesn’t know what else to do? But then, with a little shove from all the people she’d helped, she opens up and Alex makes her so happy. But he’s very patient and respectful (I always loved that about that part of the film, he waits for her okay) and when Eliza is ready, they’re kissing so hard because they’ve finally found someone who they feel good with. 

Okay, yep, I am feeling this, this might be a thing…

Why Are People Content with Lies?

Every one “supposedly” hates liars and cheaters. But, they make the world go round.

I’ve told men that I want to be a housewife (testers)…. men that may have money, but have an extremely low probability of wifing me up. And they ask, why I don’t want to be independent? Why do I want what someone else has?

First of all, I’ve been independent my whole life. Second of all, there’s TOOOO many men who want to take care of women, spoil them and everything for me to settle.

Maybe it’s an African American man thing… since they’ve only seen women struggle and work hard usually. Men of other races, even White men, expect women to do housework and children.

I lie all the time these days. If I think the truth is something the person can’t handle. I lie. If the persons response will likely be a burden on me. I lie.

Everyone wants the truth. But, if it looked them dead in the face, they’d cry or run.

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Part 1: Watch Your Symptoms

It’s been said that writers should know everything about every character that’s portrayed in any way in order to make them round and complex. Unfortunately, this mentality can produce an obsessive worry in some writers that they don’t know enough about their world, their characters, their anything. They go back to the metaphorical (or literal) drawing board to create entire characters, sometimes diving in so far as to create whole cultures just for the sake of a side character. The mentality of knowing everything about every character can sometimes lead to advanced cases of world-builder’s disease.

(opinion alert) One famous sufferer from world-builder’s disease was the great J.R.R. Tolkien himself. If you’ve spent any kind of time around my blog, you know I don’t play around with Middle Earth, and you know my adoration of the world and characters. I recognize the work he’s done and the detail he’s added to the books and essays surrounding his world, but I also recognize that it’s sometimes a bit too much. Sometimes, even Tolkien himself gets out of hand. Obviously this shows that world-builder’s disease won’t cripple a writer’s chance of publication (if that’s your goal), but I believe that prose can always be stronger once the writer recognizes their burgeoning case of world-builder’s disease. So what is it?

World-Builder’s Syndrome/Disease

In which a writer gets so caught up in the intricate inner workings of a world that the story is never actually written.

I call this Strain A of world-builder’s disease. It’s the more severe variety in which the story never actually gets told because the writer’s so wrapped up in trying to cover all their bases. The thought behind the mentality is that the writer wants to have all the pieces already laid out for them to reference when they actually get started. The problem is that worlds and cultures and architecture and characters are all interconnected. There are thousands (probably more accurately trillions) of tiny pieces of data that depend on each other to create the web of the world. Even writing modern stories set somewhere on this Earth in our own timeline requires all kinds of tiny details. Strain A’s most detrimental side-effect is that the writer has very little by way of completed text to show for their work. Yes, they have piles and piles of notebooks and maps, but where’s the story?

Treatment: Unfortunately, there’s not very many techniques to get a writer out of this mentality. Eventually, the story must simply be written. Recognize that it’s something you struggle with, realize that all you have is a multitude of notes, and start writing. That’s it. That’s all you can do. Your anxiety that you aren’t prepared may skyrocket, but hopefully once you settle in to the story, that’ll level out. Be careful, though. Sufferers of Strain A world-builder’s disease are particularly prone to falling ill of Strain B world-builder’s disease.

In which a writer gets so caught up in the intricate inner workings of a world that they flood the story with the details.

Strain B is what I call this just-as-bad variant of the dreaded world-builder’s disease. Very original, I know. I think the distinction between the two of these strains is very important. The story of a writer with Strain A never gets written, but at least Stain B sufferers manage to get some of their story down. Too bad the story is bogged down with all kinds of detail and data pieces that aren’t always needed simply because the writer is excited that they know them. They want to share! They want to show all that hard world-building work they’ve done! It’s commendable, but often the prose turns out to be bogged down and littered with little things that–while adding texture to the world–are unimportant to the story’s plot and character development at large.

Treatment: It’s impossible to treat world-builder’s disease without first recognizing that it’s a problem. Writers have to first realize that while, yes, all the planning is a form of research, it eventually turns into the most absorbing and fulfilling form of procrastination. It’s impossible to know every single detail about the story’s world. And to be frank, how much of that do you really need? Embrace the spontaneity of writing. Sometimes sufferers of Strain B world-builder’s disease will write along and come up against a detail they don’t know. The writer will stop, back away from the piece, and turn to developing the entirety of whatever they decided they needed. This can be a productive technique when handled carefully. It’s important not to dwell too long on creating those little details. Sometimes simply inserting something logical for a detail and continuing to write without breaking stride too much works just fine.

If you’re planning on employing this to break your wold-builder’s disease, it may help your anxiety to track some of those spontaneous choices in a document separate from your story. Make note of what detail you added (ex. Cyrian’s cousin Banys once had a pet iguana), in what context it was put (ex. iguana mentioned in casual conversation), and if you’re really dedicated to a character timeline note where/when in your story it occurred (ex. previous to the second invasion).

(do you struggle with world-builder’s disease? how do you deal with it? are you still struggling to get out of your planning phase? I’m always here to help.)

Part 2 will delve into which characters should be filled out, which can be sketched, and further more which need only the barest of notice.