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 Ways To Enhance Your Meditation

Guided Meditation…

Meditation With Candles….

Meditation can be as simple as closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. You can also maximize the power of your meditation by adding harmonizing elements. The best way to know what fits you best is to try different elements or combinations of elements such as guided meditation audios, aromatherapy, music, light, massage and so on. Life is ever changing, so you can also follow your intuition and see how you feel on any given day and what you feel called by at each session….

Essential Oils: during the meditation you will be focusing on your breathing. What can be better than inhaling beautiful scents? I personally enjoy Lavender because of its versatility and relaxation properties. You can also use Patchouli to feel more grounded, Cedarwood to release stress, or Vetiver for inner power.
You can use these oils as an inhalant with a diffuser or on the skin with a carrier, such as olive, almond and grapeseed oil….

Incense: very powerful for creating a positive state of mind conducive to relaxation. It also purifies the air…..

Candle: some people enjoy meditating by focusing on the flame of a candle. Yes, light itself. It will help you on your concentration skills….

Music: if you feel a great connection with music and have the ability to feel absorbed and moved by it, it can be a great asset for your meditation. It will help you eliminating any distractions and creating the right mood to immerse yourself in your inner world….

Guided Meditation with music: this will bring the power of meditation to you, no need to research, find a group to meditate with, just make your meditation journey smooth and easy. The audio will help you tremendously in focusing during your meditation. You can also use headphones to disconnect from the outside even more…..

Let Michelin take you home safely this Chinese New Year

The Year of the Rooster promises luxury, beauty and wealth to all and that’s why we at Michelin want to make your journey back home to treasured moments this CNY a safe, smooth and economical one.

Our MICHELIN Energy XM2 tyre has been proven to give 20% more mileage than other leading brands out there and our MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST has 25% better longevity than its previous generation which is ideal for those who plan on traveling long distances.

Your tyres are what secure your car to the road and this is why it’s very important for you to read the rubber. Inspect your tyres for any tears or bulges on the side wall. Your tyres should also have a good amount of tread that is deep enough to ensure adequate traction in the wet. One way to measure this is to place a 20 cent coin in between the tread.

If the word “SEN” is clearly visible, you will need new tyres to ensure excellent grip in all weather conditions. The MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 is one of the best options available when it comes to road-holding in wet conditions and shorter braking distance on wet roads without compromising performance and comfort.

Another must do before you start your journey back to your ‘kampung’ this CNY is to check the pressure of your tyres. A very important point to note here is that the number on the tyre’s side is the maximum pressure it can withstand and is not the recommended amount, which is actially located on a sticker at the driver’s door inner sil

Your tyres should be a little less inflated in cooler weather or rainy season and closer to their maximum in hotter weather or dry season. But be careful to never inflate your tyres too much as this could cause overinflation and compromised grip. And finally, don’t forget about that life-saving thing known as the spare tyre.

Acoustics of your tyre is also an important factor to determine a quiet and smooth ride, and at being 8% quieter than average of leading brands out there, the MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST is the best choice for luxury touring vehicles. Plus, the Primacy 3 ST has 25% better endurance when compared to previous generation Primacy LC tyres.

This coming festive season, as part of our “Return Home Safely to Treasured Moments” campaign, Michelin is offering a free travel organizer with every purchase of 2 Michelin tyres and 2 free travel organizers if you purchase 4 Michelin tyres. So hurry now and visit any TYREPLUS or Michelin dealers for a smooth and safe ride back home. Promotion ends on 27th January 2017.

episodic-journeys  asked:

literally tr*ye has the most meaningful songs. ppl sometimes get bothered by "lovey dovey" songs, bc they never rlly look into the lyrics. like i was scrolling down my dash and saw u explaining his songs to people, and the more people put their input on it, the more you realize how much passion and consideration was put into the song.. but then people just diss it because it's "love". idk, i just needed to rant on that topic and u seem like a perfect person to rant to lol. okAy bYE THX 4 UR TIME

I really respect Troye as a lyricist, honestly I think it’s his greatest talent. His songs hold so much deeper meaning, as well as clever word play or metaphors, and an elegance in the way the lines are delivered. The more you listen to his music, the more you find lines that make stop and think “damn that was smooth”