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Foodie Friday: Pumpkin Spice!

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-3 tbsp ground cinnamon
-2 tsp ground ginger
-2 tsp ground nutmeg
-1.5 tsp ground allspice
-1.5 tsp ground cloves

Combine all ingredients! Use in pumpkin pie; pumpkin breads, cookies, and pastries; pumpkin coffee drinks; et cetera!

Chef’s Note: When it comes to spices (especially aromatic ones such as these), it is always best to use whole spices if you can. Carefully toast them in a dry pan until the aroma is strengthened, allow them to cool, and then grind them. This will enhance the flavor and aroma of the spice, giving you the full impact that it has to offer. I personally prefer to use a mortar and pestle (a kitchen one, separate from the one I use for spellwork), which takes more time, but preserves more flavor than a motorized grinder.

Magical Ingredient!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this recipe is magical in and of itself. Just the flavor alone is something that I crave and savor all year long. Many times has my boyfriend teased me about being a “basic white girl,” at which point, I often agree. I am that person who loves pumpkin so much that I’m there the first day those lattes come out at Starbucks. But what so few realize is that this spice blend is incredibly simple to make at home (and often tastes better than packaged pumpkin pie spice).

However, while I could go on all day about the magical uses for this blend, it would get rather redundant given previous articles about cloves, cinnamon, and ginger. So instead, I’m going to look at nutmeg!

Sweet, warm, and aromatic, nutmeg has an interesting history that is linked very strongly to imperialism, spice trade, and European colonization. The spice with which we are most familiar today is the seed of the nutmeg tree (myristica fragrans), but in truth, the whole fruit is edible and used in culinary traditions. The fruit is harvested from the tree and used in Indonesian cuisine as manisan, while the seed is dried until it separates from its outer shell. A bright red membrane which surrounds the nutmeg kernel inside is harvested and dried, developing a yellow-red color. This membrane, called the aril, is then sold either ground or whole as another familiar spice: mace.

The seed itself is the nutmeg spice with which we are most familiar - the kernel isolated from the fruit and aril. Sold either whole or ground, it is used in cuisines throughout the world and has a history of being used in many European meat dishes, as well as in pastries and spice blends.

Initially nutmeg, like many other spices involved in the spice trade, was a “trade secret” regarding its location. It grew naturally on the Banda Islands, and was traded with mainland Asia. Eventually, the commodity reached the port of Basra, where it was traded with Muslim sailors. From there, it was spread to the rest of Europe where it was prized for both its flavor and as a protective ingredient against plague.

Like many spices, it was part of what drove the Age of Exploration. By the 16th century, its production origins were discovered by Portuguese explorers. Banda was conquered and its spices - nutmeg, mace, and cloves - were traded with the sailors until the Dutch East India Company claimed the island in 1621 (this was not a particularly pleasant scenario - the indigenous Bandanese were effectively wiped out by European settlers through warfare, starvation, exile, slave trade, or disease).

British control of other Bandanese islands were conceded to the Dutch in exchange for Manhattan and New Amsterdam in colonial America, giving full monopoly over to the Company through much of the 17th and 18th centuries. During the Napoleonic Wars, however, Britain regained temporary control of the islands, and used the opportunity to transplant nutmeg trees to other colonies, establishing new plantations for the trade.

((Fun fact: Many foods cooked in colonial America involved the use of nutmeg as a primary flavoring agent. Vanilla was significantly harder to produce and obtain, but nutmeg was easy to transport and lasted much longer, making it a popular spice in the Americas!))

Today, nutmeg continues to be produced primarily in Indonesia and Grenada, which control the majority of the production of nutmeg and mace in the world market. It’s used in cuisines throughout the world, a wonderful flavoring agent for both sweet and savory foods.

In terms of medicine, nutmeg has traditionally been used to encourage digestion and relieve bowel cramping. Under Elizabethan rule, it was used to help ward off the plague due to its pleasant and calming scent (it was widely believed at the time that odor could carry disease). In modern medicine, nutmeg’s health benefits beyond nutrition are virtually negligible, but has been discovered to cause hallucinations in large doses. This is inadvisable, however, as nutmeg can be toxic in doses of more than one teaspoon. (Do not despair for the recipe above - it’s extremely unlikely that anyone would consume a whole jar of pumpkin spice in one sitting!)

Magically speaking, nutmeg is often associated with wealth, luck, love, and divination. Carrying the whole seed as a charm can bring luck in games of chance (making it quite popular in gambling spells), and can ensure good luck while traveling.

The seed can be carried in a purple sachet or strung on a purple thread as a charm to help encourage favorable decisions in legal matters.

Ground nutmeg has been used for money, divination, and love spells in several traditions - the powder can be added to money drawing powders and sachets, sprinkled into a lover’s shoes to encourage love, or added to drinks which can be consumed prior to meditation and divination to enhance clairvoyance or to be shared with a lover to strengthen relationships.

The essential oil of nutmeg can also be used in money-drawing oils, or warmed to provide the scent of the spice in order to provide comfort, peaceful sleep, and clarity in divination.

In food, as always, the associations carry over. This spice is very versatile, being used in dishes ranging from savory yellow vegetables to meat dishes such as haggis or roast beef. Pair it up with other spices and herbs with similar purposes, and watch the magic come to life!

So when you’re mixing up that pumpkin spice and adding it to your pie this year, be mindful of the history and uses that nutmeg possesses. It is rich and vibrant, both positive and negative. Like all ingredients in food, it is a living ingredient even when dried and ground. It makes for a wonderful experience in working magic into your meals each day!

May all your meals be blessed! )O(

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you probably don't take requests because you're too good to take requests (no offense i love all the artists who take requests) but if you do, maybe draw calypso? with a starbucks drink maybe? :) its okay if you dont like her dont wanna draw her, you know the most part of the fandom doesn't like her so im used to it :/

This message is really sweet, thank you! ^^ Calypso is actually one of my favorite characters! I love her so much. Here she is about to make some morning runs for that flower shop she and Leo joked about building haha Hope you like it! 

I think she would like the very berry refresher from starbucks, at least that’s my fav lol but they would probably spell her name wrong on the cup 

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Do you have any fics you're reading at the moment?i'm in need of some

I don’t usually read a lot of fics and I’m much more into reading single imagines and one shots and I have a tag that you can check that is full of stories I’ve reblogged from people I definitely recommend you check out… and I also have this post that is full of writers that I love reading.@

@oh-styles has one of the best Stepdad!Harry series and the first part just made my chest ache because it was so god damn adorable.

@be-my-sweet-creature has a nice Nanny!Harry story that I love; I think I have a thing for fics that involve Harry and kids…

@hestylesno has a Live On Tour series happening that has me on edge because I’m desperate for a happy ending for Harry and YN.

@mixed-with-intellect has a group of writings that are linked with Harry and YN and Nick and it makes me want a friendship with the both of them so badly.

@revolutionaryharry has one where Harry met the reader in a Starbucks when she brought him a coffee; I love it so much and get so excited when she posts.

@stylishmuser has one of the best fics going called the Tour Guide; it’s brilliantly written and I’m so in love with anything that she creates. xx

As your resident Starbucks barista (barista trainer and store level champion to be more specific), I spend perhaps too much time wondering what PotO characters would drink and what kind of customers they’d be.  

Christine: Not much of a coffee gal.  Loves super sweet things.  In the summer, she loves Frappuccinos.  In the winter, a raspberry white mocha or a regular coffee that’s like, ¼ heavy cream and a sweet flavor.  She always asks what’s new on the menu and if the barista can suggest something really good “with maybe less of a coffee taste?” If you make something up for her, she’d probably enjoy it and give you a cheerful thumbs-up while she’s drinking it before saying, “Thank you!” Very pleasant customer. Forgets to tip at first but she’ll run back over before she leaves and drop a couple bucks in the jar.

Raoul: He’s a tea guy.  He almost always gets a London Fog.  Christine tries to convince him to get a mango black tea or passion tea lemonade when it’s hot, but that London Fog hits the spot every time.  He’s the guy that, in summer, makes lighthearted excuses for ordering a hot drink like, “I know, I know!  In this weather!  But you know, it just gets me going!” Pleasant customer that always jokes, “Someday I’ll change it up on you!” Always pays two dollars over and says, “The rest is for you!”

Erik: Definitely black coffee. He finds cream and sugar tamper with its taste.  He’s also that middle aged guy that tells the barista, “I don’t like Starbucks coffee because you burn the beans” but he still buys the darkest (and worst tasting imo) dark roast, French, and is the only customer at your store that gets it ground for a Turkish coffee pot. He also is quick to say, “Don’t put my name on the cup” and has a tendency to go to the same location because they’re used to him.  Kind of ornery but he always tips $5s, $10s, or even $20s if it’s around the holidays.

The Persian: Years spent babysitting a tantrum-prone genius haven’t done favors for the daroga’s heart and he is most certainly a decaf coffee drinker.  He alternates between a tall decaf Americano and a tall decaf cappuccino, each one with one Sugar in the Raw. He never gets either iced, and seems to prefer to sit down in the corner of the cafe to read his newspaper and enjoy his coffee. He never says much, has a tired smile and bags under his eyes. Has a tendency to call the female baristas “sweety” in his Iranian accent, which has an endearing paternal affect to it. Always tips a dollar.

Meg: Meg almost certainly spends her lunch money every day at Starbucks after school. Kids in Meg’s age group get one of three things: a caramel, vanilla bean, or green tea Frappuccino. She’s no exception, and she tends to get the caramel because it comes with coffee.  She’s rather tactless and when you say hello to her, she’ll just say, “I’d like a caramel frappe, extra caramel.” You’re so used to how tactless she is, that you don’t bother to tell her that frappes are offered at McDonalds and ours are called Frappuccinos. She says thanks, but at her age, definitely doesn’t tip.

Madame Giry: “You’re spending your money on Starbucks when we have coffee and milk at home?” On the rare occasion that she gets a gift card as a present, she stares at the menu for a long time and asks what the difference is between certain drinks.  She orders a caramel macchiato when she meant to get a caramel Frappuccino to share with Meg. She looks really apologetic though, so you offer the messed up drink for free.  She’s really appreciative and tips you at the hand-off counter. 

es headcanons 2: electric boogaloo


  • they’re a flirty flirt. even when the situation does not call for flirting, there will be flirts if they are left to their own devices
  • has been in fistfights before, and has won 3 of them. has been in a total of 5. 60% win ratio motherfuckers come get some
  • has a somewhat bad memory and sometimes writes things on their fingers as reminders
  • they have a surprisingly high spice tolerance??? like as an experiment diego brought habanero peppers and they were completely fine??? what the fuck???
  • they have a very… odd sense of humor. if something falls over they just point at it and snort, but if someone tells a well thought out joke, they just sit there like “okay”

(others below the cut bc this is going to be v long)

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Strings Attached

Originally posted by marvelgifs

Request: Nope lol

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summery: Y/N had never believed in soulmates, even though a red string showed her there was one of her own out there. One fateful night, and her thoughts on the subject changed (Soulmate AU)

Word Count: 3139


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Dating Tim Drake Headcanons:

Dating Tim Drake/Red Robin would include:

> Even though you’re dating he still gets quite flustered and is prone to blush if you call him by ‘babe’ or something in front of others. You may do that just to see him this way.

> Tim is really sweet though, like he’ll kiss you to welcome you home or say goodbye when he goes out on patrol, happily carries you to bed if you fall asleep on the sofa and makes sure to tell you that he loves you everyday.

> Hacks your computer sometimes, don’t worry it’s for the nicest reasons. You’ll just turn on your computer/laptop and your background is changed to a picture of you and Tim together and it genuinely just makes you smile.

> Starbucks doesn’t even need to ask for your name when you order because they know it off by heart. You’re there that often, a positive is that Tim memorised your order no matter how complicated so if he ever goes he’ll bring you back something you like.

> Tim is the best when he’s sleepy, like he can be needy and just want to hug and kiss you all the time. Granted, they’re kinda sloppy because he’s tired but Tim’s lust for affection is still cute.

> Being a detective, he notices every detail including anything off about yourself. Literally, if something is wrong Tim will notice immediately no matter how good you are at hiding it, afterward he’d do pretty much anything to make you feel better. Yes - even leave his computer alone for a day or so.

> Tim works really hard and doesn’t keep regular sleep patterns as a result, which means it’s up to you to make sure he gets proper sleep most of the time. Plus, you’re one of the few people he actually listens to since you’re basically his favourite person.
“(Y/n) talk to Tim, he hasn’t slept in 3 days.”
“Whah? Why can’t you do it Dick?“
“He won’t listen to me (y/n) and he loves you so…”
“Fine… ”

> Having to learn most of his sweet spots to use against him whenever you’re trying to drag him away from the computer for a break.
“Tim, come on. You need to take a break sometime.”
“5 more minutes.”
“Uh - huh, you said that 1 hour ago.”
“Yes but - mmm - okay - ah - yeah, I’m going.”

> Tim is actually really convenient, he remembers important dates even if it’s last minute - he still remembers. Anniversaries, birthdays, you name it and if it’s anything to do with you then he’ll remember it and usually buy the best gifts for you.

> Movie marathons that Tim is liable to fall asleep half way through but he’s got an arm around you so whenever you move Tim stirs and kinda looks at you like you’re the light of his life, gives you a small smile whilst lazily pulling you closer to him.

> He lets you play with his hair and it’s so entertaining, he doesn’t mind and finds it relaxing when you run your fingers through it, Tim always checks to see what he looks like after you’ve styled it whether it be a man bun, ponytail or braids. No lie, he actually looks pretty good all the time with his hair in a loose ponytail, you told him this once and he didn’t take it out for whole day.

> Take Aways at least once a week because Tim cannot cook to save his life, he just gets too distracted and the food gets burnt. However, if you’re both doing it together and he actually focuses on the recipe and not Batman’s latest case then the outcome is surprisingly good - not up to Alfed’s standards but definitely edible. Although the take aways are pretty good too, Tim will take time just to eat with you and ask about your day rather than work or will watch the TV with you.

> Sometimes it can get annoying to watch detective shows with Tim, he will usually ruin the ending by telling you who the criminal is and the exact reasons for his motives so it’s difficult to ignore the fact he just destroyed the next 45 minutes for you.

> Tim is a legitimate genius so if you need help with anything he is on it, he’s actually written your essays for you before but you know that you couldn’t pass them off as your own because it’s not your writing style and you redo them using Tim’s basic ideas. You’re very appreciative of his assistance but tell him he doesn’t need to do that for you, Tim shakes it off as if it was nothing.
“Tim - what does that even mean?!”
He’ll give you this basic answer in response whilst you just casually stare at him.
“You couldn’t have just put that?”
“No, it sounds more sophisticated that way (y/n).”

> You’ll find out he’s Robin and not be surprised in the slightest as Tim is low key freaking out.
“How are you so calm?! I’m not calm and I didn’t even find out my boyfriend was Robin!”
“Tim, honey, you come home with a new bruise at least every week and I’m definitely not responsible for those, neither are your family because let’s face it they’re probably in on this too, also you’ve fallen asleep with records of the Joker and messages from Batman or Nightwing on screen so I kinda just guessed. Sorry love.”

> Supporting him when he decides to become Red Robin, definitely receiving visits from your boyfriend’s alias whenever he’s on patrol, just to see how you’re doing and maybe a few kisses. Don’t forget helping to sort out some of the more severe injuries Tim managed to obtain and him being completely smitten afterwards.

> Tim won’t initiate PDA, that’s up to you but he will happily reciprocate. It shows his brothers (Jason and Damian) that his partner does in fact exist and no he didn’t make them up.

> Shockingly, Damian likes you much more than he thought which leaves your boyfriend a little jealous. He is very aware that he shouldn’t be jealous over a child because you’d pick Tim but still, you’re Tim’s partner - “Damian stop hugging them - they’re mine.”
Can get very cuddly afterwards because he doesn’t want to lose you, if anyone has been flirting with you he won’t utterly destroy them but they’re gonna know who your partner is once he’s wrapping your arms around you along with a glare. It’s cute really, he gets so flustered if you mention it or kiss him after.
“Tim, you’re the only one I love and I’m not going to leave any time soon.” Cue blushing mess who can’t even bring himself to confidently reply with that dopey smile on his face.

> Having a positive relationship with Stephanie and sometimes discussing Tim, bless his little cotton socks, Stephanie is also great for fashion advice so that’s a bonus.

> Meeting Tim’s hacking buddy known as Barbara Gordon, she is amazing and they both taught you how to hack but obviously they’re still the professionals.

> Dick is super hyped Tim has an s/o and basically becomes your big brother in a way, he’s just so supportive and totally shipped you both before you even got together.

>Bruce is glad Tim got someone who can keep him in check and hopefully alive, yes Batman insists that their detective work is important but he also understands the need for a healthy lifestyle - Tim can sometimes forget the latter and Bruce has given you permission to use whatever is necessary to get Tim to rest.

> Meeting the Teen Titans, Tim is especially enthusiastic about you meeting Kon (Conner Kent/Superboy) since they’re basically best friends. You get on well, Superboy can be easy to get along with and is happy with the fact Tim has an s/o who can actually get him to go to sleep. Superboy congratulated you on that feat.

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i hav a feeling that the het songs were put not coz they were personal to him but coz they hav really good beats n are catchy(according to what ppl r saying) n they rolled with the" harry wrote the songs honestly" angle coz it makes him look straight coz he n his partner r still in the closet

and i can’t wait to listen to them and jam!!!!!!!what i want to say is that i don’t care he signs about fucking groupies (which makes me lol but that’s it), harry is not straight,harry didn’t fuck groupies nor prostitutes harry is not “shading louis with starbucks references”, harry is in a committed relationship for 7 years now, he signs about his sweet creatures and how it was when they started to iron closet both of them and how bad they had it but how GREAT they are together and how much they love each other. He is also closeted, unfortunately, and he’s a singer who writes different things for different people, albums with a mix of everything, real, fake, persona, real Harry, etc. and sings songs for the audience. It’s not that hard. 

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I'm a little high on pain medication, can I have some fluffy and funny hcs? You talking always makes me smile

:D tHIS Is so sweet! Of course!

  • Akutagawa gets super cold at night and has to bundle up - this usually involves cuddling Atsushi’s, who’s an actual furnace.
  • Chuuya loves wearing Dazai’s too-big sweaters
  • Dazai is addicted to how Chuuya’s hair smells
  • Ranpo hides under Poe’s cloak when he’s cold
  • Ranpo’s actually super ticklish and his S/O (whoever you think it is) will tickle him mercilessly
  • Atsushi loves coffee and he always gets a pastry from Starbucks when he has time
  • Kyouka will, almost everyday without fail, bring in a dirty animal to her and Atsushi’s apartment, and feed and bathe it
  • When Dazai’s having a bad day, Atsushi will come over and watch a stupid comedy with him
  • Kunikida and Dazai really do care about each other and it shows when Kunikida is having a bad day, and Dazai will stop mocking him and start making actual jokes that make the blonde smile.

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IDK if you've done this before buy do you think any of the Espada +Nel would enjoy drinking coffee? I feel like Szayel would love Starbucks.


Starrk: The taste is fine, but he doesn’t want anything that’ll keep him awake. 

Halibel: She’s rather fond of it, especially the moderately sweet kinds. 

Ulquiorra: He’ll only touch it if it’s black, bitter, and disgusting. 

Nnoitra: He’s completely neutral on it, but the really sweet ones are okay. 

Grimmjow: Caffeine and Grimmjow do not mix. 

Szayel: Loves it. Especially the kinds too sickly sweet for human consumption. 

Aaroniero: Food is food, and almost anything the humans make is okay. 

Nelliel: She will honestly eat anything. Coffee is just fine. 

performance unit working at starbucks

this idea popped into my mind when i was about to make some coffee for myself and i absolutely love starbucks and it’s always a bonus when there’s a cute barista 🌻🍵


  • worked for quite some time
  • remembers customers’ names
  • always either made to be the cashier or the one giving out free samples
  • bc he’s so flirty?? and he has a way of attracting customers (esp girls)
  • the one who never fails to ask female customers for their names and oh god he’ll throw in a few compliments
  • “that’s a very nice name”, “i’ve never heard such a beautiful name before”, “your eyes are really nice”, “has anyone ever told you that you have a sweet smile?”, “wait, i know your name, you’re called beautiful right?”
  • oh mY GOD i swear this is jun y’all HAVE TO AGREE
  • always draws a heart beside names
  • always gets a warning from the manager for being too flirty
  • but he’s all like “isn’t it nice to make them smile? they look beautiful”
  • even though he seems like he’s always greasy and flirty, he actually just likes to see smiles on people’s faces, and knowing that he can brighten someone’s day makes him feel good
  • his manager probably can’t handle him anymore
  • when he’s made to give out free samples, he doesn’t even have to do anything bc his attractive face is doing all the job
  • he’ll discreetly give more samples to those girls who approached him
  • he does that so often that his manager had to reconsider having him give out samples
  • i mean, he’s giving out way too much and if this continues starbucks will lose money lol
  • but then again he’s doing a pretty good job with the sales so his manager closed an eye
  • the manager probably secretly hates him or maybe jealous of his popularity and looks,,, we don’t know
  • people are usually surprised when he’s in charge of making drinks bc he’s hardly behind the scenes
  • and when he’s there, he’s very focused
  • that meaning no flirty or greasy business bc he takes pride in making customers’ drinks
  • he makes great coffee by the way
  • wrote an email to the company asking if they would like to consider having a new drink called ‘every day with jun’
  • ……….i’m cringing oh my god what a name for a beverage
  • he didn’t get a reply
  • he’s still disappointed though, but its ok he ain’t giving up


  • new comer, only worked for 2 weeks
  • very quiet, but always judging people secretly, especially jun
  • didn’t like jun initially bc he thinks that jun was being very extra and doing unnecessary things
  • like flirting
  • “don’t you think that jun person is a little weird?” he’ll ask almost all his colleagues
  • “he’s like that, you just  have to get used to it” that’s what they all say
  • he’s probably salty over the fact that jun is so outgoing and good looking
  • and not forgetting the fact that jun makes really good coffee whereas minghao’s still lacking
  • only stationed at the cashier bc he’s new
  • jun always smiles and says hi to him but minghao just nods and goes to do his own thing
  • whenever there are no customers or someone else is at the cashier, he would sneak around and pretend to clean but actually he’s just watching the other baristas make drinks
  • once jun caught him sneaking around
  • “wanna learn?”
  • minghao was caught off guard and just shook his head and wanted to leave but jun stopped him
  • “just watch”
  • and jun starts making one from scratch, and at the same time verbalise the instructions so minghao would remember
  • “got it?” jun asked and he gave the most friendliest smile
  • minghao was shOOK
  • “this dude actually seems…. nice” he thought
  • and then subsequently jun is always guiding minghao
  • and they became best friends!!!!!!
  • !! friendship goals !!
  • but he’s still always judging jun, just with a different mindset
  • “what?? you hated me at first??” now it’s jun’s turn to be shook
  • “lol everyone hated you”
  • “excuse?? everyone LOVES me”
  • “k”
  • “but seriously tho, you hated me? why?”
  • “just bc”
  • and before they can continue their convo the manager tells them to stop
  • after spending time with jun, minghao becomes like jun no. 2
  • he’s the low-key flirty type, draws smiley faces on customers’ cups and writes simple stuff like “hello! enjoy your drink!”
  • follows jun to give out free samples and damn the overwhelming responses
  • THERE’S ACTUALLY A LONG QUEUE when they do so
  • take free samples from junhao? i don’t think so, more like just wanna queue up to talk to them


  • full time barista
  • always on the night shift
  • but always not around bc he’s too caught up with dance practices
  • also in charge of the music playlist
  • occasional arguments with chan over choices of songs
  • grooves along with the music while making drinks
  • one time he jammed too hard to his favourite song and he dropped a drink on the floor
  • “oh shit……”
  • “……. KWON SOONYOUNG” his manager came running
  • hardly interact with customers bc he’s behind the scenes
  • pronounces names wrongly, causing confusion among customers
  • puts whip cream to the brim
  • can be a little clumsy at times like mixing up orders
  • but apologises right away and boy, have you seen his smile?? customers can never be angry at him
  • drinks all the wrong orders bc ain’t nobody gon’ waste starbucks coffee
  • always gets questioned by chan asking when is he going to teach that young child how to become a barista
  • “you’re too young”
  • and when chan is all pouty hosh will sigh and teach him a cup or two
  • dotes on chan a lot and treats him like a younger brother
  • sometimes they would jam to songs together and get judged by minghao
  • makes sure chan’s all good and well throughout the day and sometimes both of them would go for lunch together while junhao’s on shift
  • before he leaves for the night he might steal a piece of cake just bc


  • youngest staff
  • remembers customers and waves to them
  • good life bc everyone takes care of him
  • thinks that jun is a funny dude
  • thinks that minghao hates him at first and gets so happy when he found out that he isn’t hated on
  • always very accommodating and willing to change shifts with anyone if he’s available
  • the manager loves him bc he’s very hardworking and gets things done
  • not like the other 3
  • loves to play michael jackson’s songs but soonyoung gets in the way
  • gets to choose 2 mj songs bc soonyoung said so
  • in charge of cashier duties and clearing of tables
  • you’ll always see him walking with a table cloth and bucket
  • very very polite
  • “may i clear this?”, “hope you enjoyed your drink!”, “is your beverage okay?”
  • and he’s all smiley
  • ALWAYS smiling
  • plays with babies he sees either in prams or running about
  • how cute is it when a baby plays with another baby :)
  • older girls love him
  • he gets so embarrassed when they compliment him
  • he’ll be so flustered and his face gets so red he’ll bow and say thank you then faster leave
  • “omg they just said that i’m cute…..” he’ll tell the rest
  • jun be like “what did you reply?”
  • chan being innocent just said thanks and jun is all like “let me be your teacher you need an expert who knows girls very well”
  • minghao ain’t having it he’ll frown and tell chan not to listen to jun’s bullshit
  • loves soonyoung and treats him like an older brother
  • always misspell customers’ names
  • probably why hosh always pronounces wrongly 
  • ^ truth is out
Day6 and Drinks (writing version)


You stood in the coffee shop waiting for your order. You tapped on your table furiously, today was not the day to be waiting around. You looked out the window trying to speed up time. “Your order miss?” Sungjin. Well that was the name of the tag of the waiter standing in front of you. “Oh uh yes, thank you.” The server bowed and returned to his job. You took a sip of your coffee. A little bitter, just like the thought of losing that man. But the sweetness in it was going to make you chase him no matter what.


He was every colour in your world. The blues representing the sadness, the pinks representing the love and blush on your cheeks everytime you thought of him. You could say your relationship was like a unicorn Starbucks drink, a relationship full of sugar and colour. What colour was next..?

Young k:

You hated the taste of tea. It reminded you of someone’s embrace, their warm face pressing against yours, making you laugh and smile. It reminded you of screaming and your heart trying to keep up with such a mess. You stood with a cup on the counter and a sweater snug around your frame. Tea reminded you of Young K.


The party was too loud, too many people, and too uncomfortable. Your solo cup contained pop, the fizzy substance swirling around as people bumped into you. You tried searching for the exit, almost crying as you made it to the back yard. Only a few people were in the corners or so, talking away. Another man stood at a table, but quickly approached you. “You don’t seem to be having a fun time miss.” Your eyes widened from the stranger talking to you. “Ah excuse me, I’m Wonpil, Kim Wonpil.” He held up his pop filled cup and offered to clash it against mine, his laughter cause a small smile on your face.


Dowoon stood on the back deck, sweeping behind you with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. He sat on the steps with you, your little hands adjusting to the hot cup received from the man. You smiled and pressed your head against Dowoon’s shoulder. He tapped his fingers against his knees, filling the air with soft thumps and chirping birds. You took a sip of hot chocolate, the liquid burning your throat. But it was addictive and sweet, and it was just like him.

anonymous asked:

Wife anon here! I havent started watching B99 because i want to watch it with my wife but her school schedule is strenuous. Eventually, we will watch it! But i have a story. Sometimes i get let out of work early on fridays, and when i do i like to go to starbucks and get my wifes favourite coffee for her as a surprise. We get to leave early today, but my wife and i share a car and she had errands to run today. So i go outside all excited like fuck yeah my wife is gonna be so happy and...

(2)… Then i’m wandering around the parking lot like an idiot before i remember that i dont have the car today. Dejectedly, i call my wife, and ask her to get me. As i wait the 20 minutes it takes for her to collect me, i came up with a brilliant plan. I would ask to drive and then when we get off base, tell her to close her eyes and then be like ta da, we’re at Starbucks! I have still surprised you with coffee! So she pulls up and im like let me drive i wanna take you somewhere. She was…

(3)… All ‘oooohhh so mysterious, youre bringing me to starbucks arent you’. Cause i always get her starbucks when im off early. So i was like 'uuuummmm youll just have to see’. So we’re driving on our way to starbucks and she has her eyes closed. The starbucks in our city is right next to this noodle place we really like. There was like 10 cars in the drive-thru and nowhere to park, so i parked in front of the noodle place so we could go in and order. So i told her she could open her eyes…

(4)… And she sees the noodle place, and she was like ’*gasp* youre taking me out for noodles, ive wanted some all day! How did you know?’ of course i was like 'yup. Noodles. My amazing plan. Im just so awesome like that. Look at me i know my wife so well’. So we went out for noodles.

hjdsfhfdshsfhfd 1) your asks A L W A Y S make my day and i adore you and 2) that’s so Sweet and im glad that it Kind Of worked out but LISTEN she would have loved your starbucks surprise too okay

My Tutor

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Part II / Part III

Requested: Yes! By the lovely teodorsalparov!

Prompt: “ hello! i dreamed about something last night so this is gonna be very specific :D so y/n is stiles’ cousin and she moves in with the stilinski family and her mother was a fairy, so she knows all about the supernatural. she quickly becomes lydia and allison’s best friend. one day she has to bring something to allison’s house while she isn’t there and chris invites her in for coffee. and while they are talking he kisses her. what happens next is on your imagination ½

2/2 because i would really love to see how this goes, given the fact that i woke up at the exact moment of the kiss :D thank you in advance c:

Fandom: Teen Wolf 

Character: Chris Argent

Word Count: 1.674

Warnings: The reader is underage and as you know Chris is way older, so don’t read if you have a problem with that,

Type: Slight Smut

Authors Note: I got a little bit carried away, and I changed the coffee thing. 

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Ideas for a Coffee Shop AU I’m working on


  • Owner of coffee shop
  • Opened it so teenagers can have a safe and healthy environment to hang out after school
  • Will always let employees have time off to study because “education comes first”
  • Treats all of the employees like his children
  • Hates Starbucks with a burning passion


  • Started working there because Lance made him
  • Actually loves it a lot and is really good at his job 
  • Makes really good drinks and innovates new recipes
  • Really sweet to costumers
  • Prides himself on always making the bathrooms super clean
  • “The shop needs to be a safe place to poop, Lance” “Literally no one notices the ‘shine quality’ of the mirror” “I do”
  • All of the old ladies tell him how handsome he is


  • Frazzled college prodigy student
  • Regular at the coffee shop
  • Basically lives there
  • Lance is pretty sure there is no plasma in their blood. Just coffee.
  • Complains about being poor all the time but constantly refuses Shiros job offers
  • Has the most frilly drink order possible
  • Is the taste tester for Hunks newest concoctions always


  • Very successful CEO of the fashion company “Altea”
  • Somehow totally oblivious to the fact that Shiro is in love with her
  • Orders something different every day
  • Is So Over Lances flirting
  • Always offers to help Pidge with homework even though Pidge doesn’t need it
  • Helped Shiro design the interior of the shop and the uniforms
  • Is a major social rights activist and always manages to get Pidge to come to rallies with her


  • Allura’s doting assistant
  • Hardcore Shallura shipper
  • Everyone loves him
  • Hunk has named a latte after him


  • Guy who works there after class
  • Always hits on costumers
  • Is low key such a hopeless fucking romantic
  • “One day I’ll have my own coffee shop au, Hunk, like in real life” “Is that why you wanted to work here” “You know it”
  • Hates drinking coffee sticks with his job for the Romantic Potential
  • Bodacious Bisexual
  • Somehow spills something on his jeans every shift
  • Doesn’t actually make any coffee drinks
  • He’s just the cashier
  • How does he spill coffee on himself
  • He is literally never near the coffee
  • What the fuck Lance


  • Angsty musician
  • Plays at an open mic night and Lance falls in love
  • Lance continually writes cheesy stuff on his coffee cups
  • “I’m not gay no really I’m not”
  • Is totally gay
  • Very much has the hots for Shiro and it drives Lance insane
  • Eventually begins to hang out around the shop as much as Pidge
  • Lance has his order memorized


  • The coffee shop is called “Five Kitties” but Lance thinks it’s lame because “how am I gonna be like oh yeah I work at the Five Kitties” so he calls it “Voltron Coffee”
  • Shiro named it Five Kitties because of the five cats that visit his shop at night
  • Lance, Hunk, Shiro, and Pidge each take ownership of one cat, and name them Blue, Yellow, Black, and Green, respectively
  • When Keith starts hanging around the shop more, he names the last cat Red
  • They’re in constant competition with the “Galra Bean” coffee shop across the street

This is just what I have so far! Please please please let me know what you think!

Pansy x Luna: Modern Day AU

by @cauldrones

For the @sapphichogwartsgirlsnet “Get to Know the Members” event

Basically just a bunch of headcanons I wrote at 3am because the event ends today which I feel really reflects my personality. 

(Longgggggg, I got a bit carried away)

ok so I know this won’t be anything close to cannon but just hear me out

  • Starbucks Dates
  • Pansy goes everyday to Starbucks for her morning coffee
  • She has the whole drinks list memorized and has tried all the drinks twice
  • Luna rarely ever goes
  • She has no fucking idea what any of it means
  • “What size?” Medium. “Do you mean grande?” No..?
  • Luna actually met Pansy at a Starbucks
  • Luna is a sleep deprived art student who depends on coffee whose coffee machine broke and is ready to fight everyone in this line
  • She sees the girl in front of her and immediately forgets all about coffee
  • She has the barista put Luna’s number on Pansy’s cup
  • Now they meet at Starbucks every friday afternoon because Luna doesn’t have any classes then
  • Pansy actually is the one who loves the sweet drinks. Chocolate, Caramel, bright pink, she is all for it.
  • Luna absolutely hates them. Just a Venti Black iced Coffee for her please. 
  • WHen Luna had Pansy try her coffee, her face scrunched up really tight
  • “How could you drink that? It tastes so bitter!”
  • “Maybe it reminds me of someone.”
  • Pansy is kinda ashamed of her girly drinks so when they go out in public she makes Luna hold whatever god awful sweet thing she ordered and she carries Luna’s coffee. 
  • They trade quickly so they both can take a sip of their drinks without anyone noticing.
  • Luna has this denim jacket she got from a thrift shop three years ago
  • She has tons of enamel pins and patches she collected over the years that she puts on this jacket
  • Seriously, if you ever need to get Luna a present, get her pins.
  • She is always on Etsy???
  • Pansy steals it from her all the time
  • “It’s the one jacket you own that doesn’t make me want to vomit a fucking rainbow.”
  • Luna made one for Pansy and gave it to her for their one year anniversary
  • It’s Pansy’s most prized possession
  • She still steals Luna’s
  • Taking pictures of each other for their Instagrams
  • Luna’s Instagram is really artistic? Like she really doesn’t have a theme, but everything looks deliberate and goes together, but they are all independent pieces, each photo gives a different feeling. 
  • She has a lot of cute selfies of the two of them on dates and candids of her friends.
  • She also takes picture of her plants and every cat and dog she sees on the street.
  • She also has a second account for art that has like 15k followers
  • Pansy is dedicated to a theme. 
  • It’s basically dark green and black
  • Luna breaks Pansy’s theme all the time by just being so god damn colourful
  • Her photos are stunning?
  • Luna and Pansy both run tumblrs and are fandom trash together
  • Luna is a digital artist who makes absolutely beautiful fanart? 
  • She works like non-stop? Always answering asks,messaging people constantly, and is always open to requests.
  • Pansy’s blog is just a Luna fan blog, reblogging mostly just cute things Luna made and lesbian stuff
  • When Pansy was younger she had a lot of internalized lesphobia and was very ashamed of her sexuality.
  • When she went online she found a safe space
  • She finally felt wanted
  • It gave her courage to call the number on her Starbucks cup 
  • Pansy and Luna live happily ever after

Last spring when I started going to Starbucks on the regular to get my grad thesis done I grabbed this pretty card to make my own.
Every time I swipe up to pay using the app on my phone I see the mermaid and I think of two things:
1. months spent at the Moorhead Starbucks for good and bad days of thesis writing and how much I miss the productivity I had in that place.
2. The lovely Emma ( @pale-silver-comb ) and her love of all things mermaid related and what a sweet, encouraging, genuine person she is.

EXO as People in Starbucks.

Xiumin: The college kid. Comes to study. Super sweet. Knows all the employees by name. Basically lives there.

Luhan: Likes the fruity drinks. Brings a book to read. Always polite. All the female baristas stare at him every day. They don’t think he see. But he does.

Kris: The Coffee Artist. Makes designs in coffee. No one can tell what they are suppose to be. Gets Fired

Suho: Only goes to Starbucks in the fall. Loves the cake pops. Orders Pumpkin Spice Lattes. 

Lay: Takes forever to decide what he wants. Orders something easy. Disappears when they call his name for pick up. May come back. Nobody knows.

Baekhyun: The Barista. Always talks loudly. Gets names wrong on purpose. Throws away orders if not picked up immediately. 

Chen: The manager. Super cool with the employees. Picks the Music Playlist. Sneaks his own original songs into the mix.

Chanyeol: Loiters around the entrance. Gives suggestions to customers walking in. Has things he should be doing. Comes in and asks for water.

D.O.: Buys a grande black coffee. Wants it to match the blackness in his heart. Doesn’t even know what sugar and creamer are.

Kai: Comes for hot chocolate and coffee cake. Thinks that Starbucks is over priced. Still comes every day. loves the experience. 

Tao: Buys one iced coffee. Takes 100 pics of it from different angles. Posts to Instagram. Throws away coffee. Leaves.

Sehun: Orders a no-whip, extra froth, half caf, half milk, ground stirred, twice heated, one ice venti latte. Takes one sip. Says it’s wrong. Makes them make another.

My Baby Girl - Aaron Taylor - Johnson x Reader

My Baby Girl - (Aaron Taylor - Johnson x Reader)

Words - 953


A/N - This is my first Smut, so I apologise for the shitiness, and how bad it may appear. Though, I hope you enjoy it.

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