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Does Priya have any behavioral issues because of her life as a street dog before you got her?

She has some quirks, but it’s tough to say where they come from – hard to know what might be tied to her experiences as a former street dog, vs. what is just stuff that pops up with dogs sometimes. (I lean toward the latter interpretation mostly.) She has some dog-reactive / dog-selective quirks, but that’s not uncommon for dogs in general. She has some resource guarding tendencies, which I can imagine were probably nurtured in her first year of life when she literally scavenged for a living – but resource guarding is an awfully common behavior for dogs who’ve lived in homes their whole lives too. She also countersurfs (surfbort, surfbort) and has crashed multiple holiday dinners, but that’s more about human failure to remove temptation.

Speaking of appreciating the commentary, there was this one dude a while back that left sUper enthusiastic captions in their reblogs and I spent so long trying to figure out how to reply without being weird and ended up not doing it but heck it??? @ all of you who put extra commentary in captions and replies and tags, I read through all of them and I lov you


i’m not exactly original, i’m just good at hiding what i steal (i even steal from myself when myself isn’t looking)

allen ginsberg is thought to have remarked something along the lines of “if you write all day it’s like a meditative experience– if you do it for a long time you’ll get into it” [i’m paraphrasing heavily, but that’s the gist]

and let me tell you, he’s full of it; i’ve been writing for a good part of the afternoon and for most of the night but i feel detached, alone, isolated, like the screen is secretly making fun of me and like the keyboard will just stop responding any damn minute

what’s wrong with me?

maybe nothing? hm, i don’t know, i’ve never considered nothing

sleep deprivation is not a state, it’s a gate into a world so much like our own yet different [look at me, trying to sound poetic]

i’m not a poet, just a lost boy, a hurt heart, a dreamer, a romantic looking for love again, someone who just secretly wants to live and enjoy life,, i want to write one good poem and then take a long holiday from this journey (not that it hasn’t been fun, oh it has, i just want to go through one whole day of experiences without feeling the urge to write something down about it)

writing is amazing , it’s powerful, therapeutic, it’s a gift, it’s important, but sometimes jotting down an experience takes the novelty away, takes the light away. energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be moved so why not just leave the light and the energy in that one precious moment with your lover’s hand in yours? instead of moving all that stardust onto a page

i don’t know, i’m rambling and talking to myself again

Random Izaya as INFJ Thoughts

- Izaya as a twisted INFJ who doesn’t know how to express his feelings properly because of his isolated upbringing 

- Izaya’s goal in life is to love humanity. Orihara Izaya had only one goal in his life - to love humans. In his own way, which nobody other than himself would understand. Ni-Fe. Izaya’s goal could be his Ni and his love for humans his Fe. Ni is a subjective, introverted function, and thus Izaya’s life goal is something ‘nobody other than himself would understand’.

- Izaya seems like an extrovert because of his Extroverted Feeling (Fe) which lets him get along with people if he wants to and leads him to seek social interaction

- Izaya has a fragile heart. “He might seem cold-blooded, but he’s more human and his heart more brittle than anyone else. So much so that if you filled it with human love or betrayal, it’d break easily. Which is why, I think, he chose from the start to avoid it all, to love humanity.” His Fe gives him his sensitivity to human love or betrayal. His extroverted feeling with his love for humans which is unrequited. Izaya knows this because he knows himself, and chose to avoid it all, in loving humanity as a whole

- Izaya uses and relies on his logic (Ti), but he is driven by his feelings  “I don’t know about that. I honestly can’t even read my next move.In the end, what I want to see is humans other than myself. How they react in the situation that cannot be expected, to observe that is the biggest motive of my life. In order to achieve that, I will both cause trouble and help as much as I can.” Izaya is not being logical in his goal. He wants to see, because his biggest motive (Ni) is to observe humans’ reactions (Fe). And he will do whatever it takes to see that

- Izaya loves humans. He was a human himself, yet he loved the beings called “humans’”. One could interpret it as a grandiose case of narcissism, but he never included himself in the “humans” he loved. To put it in more exact words, he was deeply in love with “others”. Fe is a human, people-centered cognitive function. Fe users are people-centered, and Izaya loves humans more than anyone else. There is no logic in his love for humans

- Izaya has been described by many characters (Shinra, Kadota, Mikage) to be actually very human, and one of the things that make humans, human, is their feelings

- Izaya envies Mikado. “Although even then you appeared to have a normal life while having a distorted air. Indeed I envy you. That is something I couldn’t do when I was in high school.” Izaya muttered with deep emotion. Mikado was able to have a normal life even with his twisted feelings about his own creation (Fi). Izaya might have wanted to live a normal life and be a normal human (Fe), blending in with society, but was unable to do so because of his upbringing

- Mikado relies on Izaya, believing Izaya is a good person. Mikado is likely INFP. Izaya and Mikado are similar, both having twisted feelings, appearing normal on the outside at first. Izaya could be an NF like him

- Shinra and Kadota’s words about Izaya -  He loves, loves, loves, loves humans, so he just wants to see. The various expressions humans make. He always said since high school he liked the limitless potential of humans. Expressions would require paying attention to people’s feelings (Fe) and wanting to see them whatever they are could be a twisted sort of Fe. Fe users are said to be concerned with taking care of people’s feelings, twisted Fe could be wanting to know people’s feelings whatever they are to know the way to (twistedly) take care of them (putting them in situations which can evoke more of those feelings or overcome them) ‘Limitless potential’ is indicative of Ni - future oriented Ni-Fe: Seeing from people’s expressions (Fe) what other expressions and reactions they could show in future situations to harness their human potential (Ni)

- Izaya likes the limitless potential of humans. Typical INFJ character is helping people, not taking care of themselves, etc. Helping people. Perhaps Izaya’s dealings with humans is his twisted way to harness their potential “If you really want to leave normality—you have no choice but to keep evolving. It doesn’t matter if you want to rise higher or if you want to sink lower, it’ll be the same.”

- INFJ are also said to neglect themselves in their focus on people. Izaya neglects his safety in his information brokering job for his love of humans, and his fights with Shizuo. Izaya also never included himself in the humans he loved’

- Towards the person who is his only friend, Izaya is worried about how Shinra will feel towards him  ‘He’ll probably be mad at me if he finds out that I went to meet Celty taking the head with me.‘ His attention is on Shinra’s feelings (Fe) and not his own (Fi). He is so overwhelmed by Shinra’s imagined anger that he tries to convince himself that there is nothing to be afraid of, and punches the telephone pole in his frustration

- Sozoro calls Izaya a ‘twisted philanthropist’ (For that man named Izaya Orihara, a twisted philanthropist, to love the whole human race equally.) He claims Izaya uses the ‘art of coaxing’, which extroverted feeling (Fe) towards people’s emotions would be helpful with. Surely that man would then become ‘evil.’ To only obtain that person, he would be fine with destroying the world, killing people, or to make a mess of society. Sozoro claims if Izaya were to ‘truly love one person’, he would do anything for his goal to obtain that person (Ni), implying he would be driven by his feelings towards that person (Fe)

- Izaya is envious of Shinra. Shinra is likely INFJ (or at least an Fe user).  Remembering the envy and sense of defeat he had felt back then, he realized that Kishitani Shinra was probably more of a rival than a friend to him. In retrospect Shinra, who lived confidently above this world, did invoke some jealousy in him. Shinra is an INFJ (Or Fe user like an ENFJ) who has no interest in humans and is completely unaffected by humanity. In that sense, he is Izaya’s ‘rival’ but Shinra doesn’t even see humans because he fell in love with Celty (all his Fe is directed towards her) and so Izaya felt defeated by him

- Izaya has been often typed as ENTP or INTJ. ENTP has cognitive functions of Fe and Ti. INTJ has cognitive functions of Ni and Se. INFJ has cognitive functions of Ni, Fe, Ti, Se. Perhaps the answer lies in between 

- Novel Izaya’s trademark scene is when he was left out of hotpot (and the city’s events in Volume 4, which he grumbled about) The man who had been completely left out of the incidents that happened this time laughed as if it was his way of revenge. He was bitter and jealous about it and acted on his feelings 

- Izaya was jealous of the participants in the chatroom who were enjoying their peaceful everyday lives (and left him out of hotpot). He wanted to be included (Fe) but his feelings extroverted towards his humans were not returned

- Izaya thinks to himself, Peaceful everyday life is something I decided I could do without long ago. It seems despite all his twistedness, he still retains some desire to live a peaceful everyday life with the humans he loves. Though it’s far from necessary for me, I do understand why it’s desirable for most people. He is aware of people’s feelings (Fe) towards wanting to live a peaceful everyday life and thinks about it when he is jealous of the people in the chatroom living their peaceful everyday lives, perhaps feeling some desire to live a peaceful everyday life like them 

- Izaya felt lonelier than usual when everyone was having hotpot without him

I am...

Aries rising/sun: Intensely/Self-Centered

Taurus rising/sun: Stubbornly/Possessive

Gemini rising/sun: Vocally/Talkative

Cancer rising/sun: Cautiously/Caring

Leo rising/sun: Dramatically/Proud

Virgo rising/sun: Logically/Critical

Libra rising/sun: Anxiously/Agreeable

Scorpio rising/sun: Obsessively/Passionate

Sagittarius rising/sun: Excessively/Optimistic

Capricorn rising/sun: Deliberately/Goal-oriented

Aquarius rising/sun: Seemingly/Opinionated

Pisces rising/sun: Deceptively/Manipulative

Examples- Leo rising/Cancer sun: I am dramatically caring; Virgo rising/Aquarius sun: I am logically opinionated; Taurus rising/Sagittarius sun: I am stubbornly optimistic; Gemini rising/Capricorn sun: I am vocally goal-oriented.


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