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This was badly made but heck it’s 1am and I’m living!!!1!!1!Based off of @kate-the-rabbit‘s short fic

Y’all should also check out their other fics cause they’re real cool :’D

The reading list is back!!! Welcome to week 8 my friends! Since I took such a long hiatus and there was no way I could possibly catch up with all of the stories I missed, I narrowed it down to just the stories posted within the last 10ish days. There are so many incredible writers on this list, so please make sure to send them a little love!! xx

Also, I have made one small adjustment to this list. From now on, I will only review one fic per person on this list. I think it’ll be easier that way, plus I don’t want it to seem like I have favorites :)

Don’t forget to tag me in your fics, guys!! It makes my life a whole lot easier :-)

Here are the fics I read this week:

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Just a reminder that you're a wonderful person and you make other people happy.

Thank you for the reminder 😊 I really makes my heart swell when I hear that I make people happy, because it’s my goal to make at least one persons day a little better


ahhh, i decided the other day that i really just wanted to give a lot of love to the underrated berserk characters. hopefully, this is a project i can stick to because i really am proud of how these are coming out so far! i put a lot of love into these and i’m just generally very happy with my drawings these last couple of days.

pippin and rickert are not only two individual characters i have a lot of love for but together, i can just sense a deep care for each other. pippin is always protecting rickert, from attackers or just keeping him from talking himself into trouble! their interactions were always very sweet and really just make my heart swell with a lot of love!

i don’t know who i will do next but i’m crossing my fingers and hoping i’ll do more of these. maybe at the very end, i’ll start doing more popular characters but for now i want to focus on characters that really don’t get the attention i feel they deserve!

note: this is also part of a plan i have with a Friend Who Will Go Unnamed to populate the berserk tag with non-griffith art! it’s an anti-abuse campaign and an anti-griffith’s fugly face campaign too.

another note: yes, rickert is wearing a binder because he is my trans son.

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Catch Me if you Can trivia: To get her to achieve the way he wanted her to sloppily kiss Leonardo Dicaprio, Steven Spielberg asked Amy Adams to pretend that she was starving to death and eating a cheeseburger.

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For the letter thing, how about B,S,L,O

(is this your way of inadvertently calling me a slob how could you)
B: BEES! Man I love bees! Every kind of them, fat ones, evil ones, every kind of bee! 🐝
S: hm. Stars/Space. I’m obsessed with space. I know I could never be an astronaut or anything, claustrophobia sucks, but I have a beautiful view of the night sky at my house and it’s honestly one of my favorite things. Whenever I need to calm down or just a breath of fresh air I go and lay down on the driveway and just look up.
L: laughter. Maybe it’s weird, but I really love laughter. It makes my heart swell whenever I get someone to laugh, I feel like I’ve just won the Oscars or something, it’s just so rewarding to me to give someone that kind of joy. Laughter, man, I love it.
O: ostriches. Big fat long legged flightless birds. Nothing else can top that.
Thank you for doing this I never get responses omg!

Support System

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Request: Could you do an imagine were the reader is really sad and uncomfortable because she’s having trouble with binge eating and the pack helps her out and support her?

Author’s Note: I’m sorry that this is short, but I don’t have much knowledge or experience with this subject :/ I tried to make it fluffy and comforting, so I do hope you like it! Enjoy!

Warnings: Language; possible triggers; binge eating; negative self-image


I don’t know what it was that triggered it. Why I was so sad all the time. Why food always seemed to take away the pain for some reason. Why this was happening to me.

But it was. And there was no denying that.

For the last few weeks, I had been constantly snacking. It seemed like there wasn’t a moment when some kind of comfort food was in my hands. And when it came to meals, well, it was extra helpings and bigger portions. Somehow I managed to stuff it all in, but my thighs and stomach were definitely starting to give it away.

I scowled as I looked in the mirror, something I rarely did anymore. Half of my clothes didn’t fit right anymore, I couldn’t squeeze into my jeans, and anything even remotely tight was out of the question.

I tried to slow it down, I really did. I tried to control myself and resist the cravings, but nothing seemed to work. The feelings would just hit harder until I couldn’t take it anymore and I finally cracked, walking the well-worn path to the kitchen.

And apparently I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

“Y/N?” Stiles asked, his voice cautious. “You’re uh…still hungry?” I turned and gave him a confused look while simultaneously crunching a few potato chips.

“Are you kidding? You guys hogged all the pizza,” I defended after swallowing, dipping my hand in the bag only to be met with crumbs. Frowning deeply, I tried to peer into the foil abyss.

“You- you had like four pieces…” Stiles said, blinking a few times more than necessary. Scott slapped his chest, giving him a look.

“I thought this was a judgement-free pack, Stilinski,” I said, tone laced with venom. He shrank back a little, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. With one last glare, I turned on my heel and headed for Derek’s kitchen, hoping he would have a secret cookie stash or something. Thankfully, I was able to locate something to at least curb my hunger until I was able to get home or to the store, whichever ended up being nearest.

“Sweety, are you feeling alright lately?” Lydia asked as I reentered the room. All eyes were on me, concern shining in each pair. I froze on the spot, definitely not wanting all this damn attention.

“I’m fine, guys. Seriously, what’s up?”

“We’re wondering that, too,” Kira said softly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Y/N, you’ve kinda been…eating a lot,” Stiles chimed in, earning yet another glare. Scott slapped him again, making Stiles shriek a shocked ‘dude!’

“Have you ever heard of…binge eating?” Lydia asked, walking up to stand in front of me. I lowered the cupcake I had found from my mouth and stared at her. I knew my face had gone a few shades paler because my stomach was starting to churn.

“I mean, I know what it is, yeah,” I told her. “But I’m not-”

“I’m not saying that this is what’s going on, but…I think it’s definitely a possibility. You really haven’t been yourself. You’ve been withdrawn and quiet. It always just seems like you’re upset over something. But you always have food with you, constantly. And it didn’t used to be like this.” I shuffled my feet, looking down at the floor. Lydia grabbed my free hand and held it tightly, giving a comforting squeeze. “Honey, I can see that your clothes don’t fit right anymore. None of this was happening a few weeks ago.”

“I know,” I finally admitted, my voice cracking. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, but I willed them not to fall. Looking up finally, I saw the others standing from their seats and walking toward us. Soon enough, I was surrounded by my pack, my best friends. “I just…I don’t know why I’m so upset and sad all the time, I just am! And- and food makes it go away…”

“Y/N, that isn’t healthy,” Derek said softly, laying a large hand on my shoulder. I sniffled at his words, a few traitor tears falling. “But at least you can recognize that. That’s the first step in tackling this problem.”

“I don’t know how to stop,” I sobbed, falling into Lydia’s arms. She ran her fingers through my hair, whispering comforting words in my ear.

“We’ll help you,” Malia said, rubbing my back lightly.

“Yeah, whatever you need. We can start working out together, keep each other in check on junk food and stuff,” Kira added with a grin. I could feel myself calming down, the sobs fewer and fewer with every suggestion.

“You’re our family, Y/N. We’re gonna do whatever you need,” Scott said. “That’s what we’re here for.”

“We’re your uh…support system!” Liam chimed happily. I laughed a bit at his enthusiasm, wiping my eyes and looking at each and every one of my pack mates. I was met with loving looks and genuine grins, making my heart swell.

“Really?” I asked. They all nodded, echoing responses of ‘yeah!’ and ‘of course.’ “That really means more than I can express, you guys. Thank you. I love you all!” With that, they all came together, wrapping me in a group hug.

For the first time in awhile, I finally felt like things were gonna be alright.

I think one of the things that makes me really sad but then also makes my heart swell at Zero’s death scene is the fact that he doesn’t speak at all, he just holds her, just smiles at her and only wants to feel her one last time. The last thing he does before dying is smile, no words come from him and all of his love, his happiness; everything he felt for her he just shows through his touch, his smile and his kiss. This was how I wanted Zero to have lived his life; with happiness and he did, for that I am so grateful.

DNA episode 47 thoughts and analysis: Chibi!Miyuki, his parents, baseball, and Chris.

I have so many thoughts on this episode, namely the additional canon we get concerning Miyuki’s backstory that is not present in the manga.  I’m thinking of writing some of this up in more depth separately (especially the bits were I revisit Miyuki’s attachment issues), but I had to get my immediate thoughts out on paper before I burst ^_^.

So, yes.  Some thoughts about the episode and Miyuki’s character and development behind the cut.

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Do you know what really makes my heart swell and my stomach flutter? When they hug, it’s so safe and easy. They just melt into it, as if they’ve been doing it their whole lives. I mean, I fucking love the fact they kissed, but the hug is what makes my stomach flip. It seems like it’s the first moment of relief that they’ve had together as they look toward their future. And now I’m a fucking mess.

I just wanna say that 5sos seriously makes me feel so loved and like I actually matter. Every time Ashton posts a video thanking us it just makes my heart swell so much and I can’t help but smile. I really wish I could just hug all of them because they legitimately care so damn much about us and our wellbeing and constantly remind us that we’re not alone. They treat us like we’re their friends or family and they do what they can to help us and to connect to us and that’s just a beautiful and amazing thing.

Pokeshipping Week 2015 - Day 1: If Misty never left

Six Years

Six years. It’s been six years since I started my journey, six years since I got my first Pokémon and best pal in the whole world, Pikachu. 

It’s been six years since I got my first gym badge, and six years since I first entered the Indigo League…but now, I’m finding myself reflecting on a different milestone, one that has come to mean more to me over the years than all the other ones combined.

It’s been six years since I met Misty.

Camping underneath the stars in our sleeping bags, I sometimes find myself unable to sleep, and I think about what it would’ve been like if Misty had ever left the group. 

There had been a brief scare when I was thirteen where her sisters had called her back to the Cerulean City gym to take over for them while they went on a cruise, but luckily Misty had told them to shove off. 

She used slightly harsher language than that but if I used it myself, I swear my mom would somehow find a way to get all the way out here just to slap me.

I was thirteen years old when Misty got that call, and I felt something stir in my heart that was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. The thought of losing Misty and having to travel without her made me feel sick to my stomach and my chest ached at the idea of traveling alone. 

I didn’t really understand it at the time, but now I do. Misty and I had gotten so close from our travels that we were practically connected. There’s a special bond that we share that not even Pikachu and I can say we have with each other.

Misty can be demanding, she can be aggressive, and sometimes she can just be one of the biggest pains in the neck you’ll ever encounter. I’ve thought all of those things over our six years of traveling, and there are times when I still think that. But I wouldn’t trade her for anyone else in the world.

May was nice, and so was Dawn. I actually enjoyed getting to act as the mentor for once instead of the mentee. Iris was…interesting, and I learned a lot from her as Unova was a region that was the home of all sorts of unique Pokémon that Misty and I never even knew existed. But as much fun as they were to travel with, I’d still choose Misty in a heartbeat.

People don’t realize what she’s meant to me over our six years together, sometimes I forget myself…of course that’s quickly fixed by a swift bop on the head courtesy of Misty’s mallet…where does she keep that thing anyway? The point is, she’s meant a lot to me. 

She’s been my mentor, my conscience, my comforter, my friend, my rival, my sparring partner, and my landing pad for when I fall. She’s supported me - in her own way of course - ever since I started my journey, and to think it never would’ve happened if Pikachu hadn’t fried her bike the first day we met.

I’ll be the first to admit, she’s gotten on my nerves a lot over our six years together, and the reverse is true for her of course. Bickering has become a very common thing for us and it’s practically routine at this point, luckily our arguments nowadays are kept short and they’re usually over trivial things like the direction we’re supposed to be going and when we should stop for lunch while on the road. 

In place of the torture we used to put each other through, there’s now a deep bond of friendship that would never be broken no matter who came along, and I’m so grateful for that.

But all of those things I mentioned Misty meant to me? Yeah they’re all true, and they’re really important to me. Misty is a huge reason that I am who I am today. 

But there’s one last thing I didn’t mention yet, and it’s quite possibly the biggest thing of all and also the one I’m happiest to think about whenever I do. Misty is still my conscience at times, still my rival, my sparring partner, my comforter and friend, she’s still all those things.

But as of just a few months ago…she’s now also my girlfriend.

Just thinking about how we got together brings a grin to my face, and watching her sleep so peacefully makes my heart swell as this is when Misty is really at her prettiest. 

I have no idea when I started thinking of Misty as pretty, I know it was before we officially became a couple but I can’t pin down when exactly I’d come to the conclusion that I was attracted to her. Maybe I always was and I never realized it.

Here in the moonlight, she looks like an angel sent from above. Her short hair cutely framing her face and a small, content smile gracing her features as she slept. She sure wasn’t scrawny anymore, her family genetics had taken hold of her a few years ago and she’s grown into an amazing woman since then. 

I’m just glad I was able to keep up and be a good enough guy for her. In all honesty, Misty could have any guy she wanted at the drop of a hat, but imagine my shock when I found out that she’d been waiting for me all these years.

I told her how I felt about her just before our journey in Unova ended, and she whacked me on the top of the head and started crying with a smile on her face, asking what had taken me so long to say something. 

After that, we hugged and even took a crack at kissing for the first time. It was a little weird, but in a good way. We’re a lot better now though so I enjoy it a lot more too.

Honestly, I wish I’d told her long before Unova. I think I started knowing I was attracted to her when I saw how May and Drew teased each other relentlessly, and Misty would tell me over and over how they liked each other, how obvious it was. 

I think that was when a light bulb came on in my head, and I suddenly saw Misty in a different light. Strange way for me to realize it I know, but since when have I ever done anything the normal way? But then again, like I said, I can’t pin it down for sure.

Six years I’ve traveled with her and only now am I getting to enjoy the true amount of love and caring that Misty has for me, a passion that I never knew she had until that fateful evening when I worked up the courage to confess my feelings. 

Brock had tried so hard to get me to do it earlier in Hoenn and even in Sinnoh, I kinda feel bad that I waited until Unova to tell Misty anything and make Brock miss out on everything. He was my biggest supporter during that confusing time, and I owe him a lot for Misty and me getting together.

I love her with everything I am, and I intend to make sure she’s mine forever someday. For six years we’ve been traveling together and I firmly believe it was fate that we met, the connection we have is just too strong for it to be coincidence. 

I remember telling her it was fate that we met back when I thought she was leaving me to go home, and I remember being ecstatic when she came back and said she was going to be staying. She’s my best friend and partner, my rival and my lover, and not a day goes by now that I don’t give thanks for Misty being in my life.

Six years together, and tomorrow we’ll be heading out on the road once more to explore a whole new region with all new Pokémon all over again. I’m excited about taking on the Kalos Region, but what makes me even more excited is that I’ll have Misty by my side through it all. 

Six years we’ve been doing this now, and all I can think now is that I can’t wait for year number seven.


A/N: I apologize if the formatting for the post isn’t right, I’ve never done anything like Pokeshipping week before and I’m still pretty new to Tumblr. If anyone has any advice for how to format the posts for the next days I’ll gladly take it.

ANYWAY, this story is told in Ash’s point of view obviously. I originally started something completely different for Day 1 and then I looked at it and was like, no. So I started over and out came this reflection piece. Hope you enjoyed it!