makes my gut feel super tight


The Art Assignment: Embarrassing Object

For this assignment I wanted to make a sculpture that embodies(pun intended) the feeling of embarrassment: Like my gut is curling up in knots. Similar bodily feelings also happens when I’m excited or worried, but that is where the materials come in to play to distinguish between them. Embarrassment is the loud and obnoxious one.

So I dug into my sock-drawer to dig up a collection of old socks and tights. Besides from being the perfect material to make a giant knot of, they also represent some embarrassing moments - as you can see, I used to have a fondness for loud colours,patterns and stripes. 

And thus this represents one of the worst feelings: when you find something super cool in private, but once you express it in public, you realise how horribly uncool it is. It is especially bad with outfits that you have to wear an entire day, and feel awful about. I’ve done this so many times, and looking back upon just what outfits I have worn out of the house, I shudder. And this sculpture is a horrible reminder, so it is going right back into the depths of the sock-drawer.