makes my eyes look good

The Orionids meteor shower is happening this weekend, but it’s cloudy…. so my boys are watching it in my place

🍖( ´ØwØ`)„ 🍟(ôuo )

(Chad belongs to/was drawn by @blesstale!!)


Guanlin on his first impression of Jihoon


Kane & Toews: forever linked (x)

requested by @musainrules <3


day 95/??? of ultimate bias; Lee Hongbin

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town

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Kasumi has Nico's brand of shitposting. I love her already.

she also looks awfully familiar for some rea-

👀 she did say she’s aiming to become Japan’s top idol