makes my day a whole lot better tbh

In some European countries, mine included, and perhaps some non-european countries, one of the tradition on the 1st of April is for the children to attach one or several paper fishes in the back or their relatives and/or friends (and teachers sometimes tbh) without them noticing it. Just some innocent joke that doesn’t want to make any harm and a nice way to have fun.

I remember particularly the day before the 1st of April and how as a kid I was making my own paper fish, knowing I’d have a lot of fun the day after and trying to have the most beautiful fishes of the whole school.

I find this far better than the jokes we can make as grown ups and that can sometimes be harmful. So here are two cute suprise fishes, not on your back but your dashboard. Bet you didn’t see that coming, heh? ;)

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Thank you for blessing my dashboard with a daily dose of Yixing. Yixing is love, Yixing is life, and seeing your posts just make my day a whole lot better. Keep 'em coming because I just love everything you make tbh. Sending you love and hugs all the way from New Zealand!

Thank you for the sweet message! It really means a lot 💕  And I agree, no Yixing, no life! Sending hugs and love right back to you, dear! 💕 💕 💕

Holy crap. I can’t believe this honestly!! I never would have thought that so many of you guys would click the follow button this is literally insane woah

Anyway, to celebrate I wanted to do a follow forever!! These are some of my favourite blogs that I really really love and of course some of my v v good friends that I have made here along the way. These people honestly deserve the world and so much more

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Honestly you all are great tbh tysm!! ily