makes me wonder if these differences would have eventually driven them apart


long ago, back when i thought i had self restraint and impulse control, i stumbled upon an old ask from gav-bot innocently asking id i’d consider a gem-stuck au… 

jk, this was just a very fun way to exercise drawing different body-shapes and silhouettes. ask about fusions if you’d like, i’ve already got a bunch sketched out! (& info for everyone down below since i had so much time to world build while working on everyone and i’d like to get it out somewhere :3c)

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rewind | seth rollins

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A/N: It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?! I haven’t posted any writing since June, and I’m so sorry for that. I was cranking out around two-three things a week, which is my own fault because I burned myself out. Hopefully now I can get back into the swing of things and make up for all that time with this!

Word Count: 5,950 

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Good day, I really enjoyed the end of Fairy Tail!

I didn’t want to post anything before a decent translation was out, and I believe I was right in doing so. There’s only so much a panel can convey with no text to accompany it. By reading the translated version I got a better insight into what was happening, though I pretty much already got the gist from the spoilers.

Do keep in mind that the official release is next week, so my opinion is based on a fan translation. But no matter, I don’t think much will change when I read the official translation. Just some minor details, but it won’t change my mind drastically in any way.

Anyway, like a lot of fans, I’ve been emotional all day, listening to the Fairy Tail OST, rewatching the OPs and EDs and recalling some of my favorite scenes. And now I’ve calmed down a bit (but just a bit, I’m pretty much yelling everything I’m typing right now but I want to keep this post clean so I’m not using caps), and am finally able to properly talk about the final chapter, and my final thoughts. 

I don’t normally do reviews or anything, but I felt like I should make an exception this one time, since Fairy Tail has been a big part of my life since 2012, if I remember correctly. This post will be me trying to sort out my thoughts and let out all my feels, so it will be pretty personal, but I’ll try to look at things from different angles. Still, this is just my opinion, so I might get a bit biased talking about a few things, but of course, you are free to agree or disagree. So I’ll just be letting out all my thoughts on the conclusion of a series that has been dear to me for years.

Keep in mind though, if you’re willing to read this trough to the end: it is LONG AF! So just that down.

More babbling under the cut. 

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We All Fall Down - Five

You spent the next thirty minutes after Spencer’s outburst in the shower, water running over your body as you repeatedly told yourself that it wasn’t your fault.

Or at least, not all of it was your fault. Spencer Reid knew what he was getting into that night at the bar, a bar you really shouldn’t have been in as you weren’t legally able to drink. He knew how heartbroken you were over… ugh, you couldn’t even think his name without tears of both anger and sadness filling your eyes. But he had still pursued you, just like you now suspected he had been doing for weeks. Complimentary notes on your essays, handwritten feedback on your stories, requests for you to stay behind after class so he could go over some ideas with you. You’d secretly enjoyed the attention from him at first, after all being the professor’s favourite couldn’t do any harm to your grades, and the novels Spencer had published had been interesting. You enjoyed chatting with him about your work in the way that any 19 year student who is having her work complimented would enjoy it. And he was cute, in a geeky kinda of way. Not ‘I’d totally bang him for extra credit cute’ like the way he would be probably be perceived as now though. Just cute. And sweet. And you really didn’t think too much of it at the time. You’d been naive. And look where it had gotten you. If only you’d just stayed home that night….


The vodka burned your throat, making your eyes water and your head hum as you tossed another one back. You’d been in this particular bar for around two hours now, sat propping up the bar. The bartender didn’t ID you, they rarely did anyway but they knew you in here now, you’d visited every night this week. The wad of your hard earned waitressing money that was quickly being depleted probably helped things along too, but right now you didn’t care. You weren’t sure if you’d ever care about anything again. Because right now it felt as if your whole entire being had been shattered into a thousand tiny pieces. And all because of a boy.

No, not just a boy though. He was the boy. The boy that you had known since you were five years old. The boy that had been there when your mom left, when your dad had died and you’d been shipped to your aunt’s house. The boy that at just fourteen years of age you’d given your virginity to, and had spent the next four years loving more deeper than you ever thought you could love anyone. You’d even applied for a scholarship at the same college as him, you both proclaiming that you couldn’t bear to be apart from each for so long.

This was the same boy that five days ago had told you that he had found somebody else. That he loved you but not in the way you loved him. He was so very sorry but he’d never felt this way before. He didn’t want to hurt you, could you still be friends?

No. The answer to that was a resounding no. How could you be friends with someone who you had once thought you would marry but who it turned out had been seeing a girl from the same English class as you, behind your back for six weeks? How could you be friends with someone who had driven a spike into your chest and twisted it so roughly? How could you be friends with someone you would have done anything for who you now know wouldn’t do the same for you?

How could you be friends with someone who had broken your heart?

You couldn’t.

Over the last five days you’d fallen apart. Your apartment was still full of his things so you couldn’t handle being there right now. Part of you wanted to tear his clothes to shreds, the other part wanted to wear them and never take them off. After he told you he was endings things you didn’t know what to do with yourself. You’d never been dumped before because despite all the rumours in high school, he had been your only boyfriend. He had been the only boy you’d ever wanted and you were so very sure he’d be the only boy you’d ever want. You’d left your apartment and wandered the streets, completely blowing off your classes and ignoring concerned messages from your “friends”. Eventually you found yourself in a bar, drinking yourself senseless. Somehow you made it back to your apartment each night, the taste of bile in your mouth the day morning indicating that your binging had resulted in your stomach being emptied. Then when you woke up the next day you repeated the cycle. Walk the streets, occasionally find a child’s playground to sit in, then find a bar and get trashed.

This night was different though.


You squinted, pushing the hair that had fallen over your face back.

“Heeeey, it’s Professor Reid!” you tried to be upbeat, thinking that if you acted happy he wouldn’t initiate further conversation. You were wrong.

“Y/N, is everything okay? You’ve not been to class all week. Are you…. are you alright?”

You glanced at your professor again. Your very sweet professor. One of your friends Kate had joked that he had a crush on you. He was always asking you to stay behind to go over some of your work, and he would always use examples from your own stories in class. You’d always laughed her off but now you couldn’t help but wonder if she was right. Maybe you wanted her to be right. Because at least then it meant that someone wanted you.

Just thinking that last sentence bought another sob to your chest and your professor moved closer to you, placing his hand on your arm lightly.

“Y/N…. Has something happened? You can talk to me if you want to.”

Your drink was empty but you suddenly felt the need to spill everything out.

“Buy me another drink, please. I’ll tell you everything.”

He shouldn’t have. He was 29 to your 19 and he knew exactly how old you were. But he did. You weren’t drunk and the three drinks he bought you that night did not push you over the edge into doing something that you weren’t consensual of. But it did make you do something you came to regret.

You spilled the whole sorry story out to him, stopping calling him professor and calling him Spencer as he begged you to after the first drink. You told him how Derek Morgan had broken your heart, and how you couldn’t bear to come to class because Jordan Todd was there. She was who he had left you for, a beautiful girl who was obviously so much better than you in every single way. She must have been.

“Don’t say that Y/N, that’s not true,” Spencer had told you, looking deeply into your tear stained eyes.

“It has to be!”

“It’s not. Y/N, you’re beautiful. You’re the reason I look forward to our classes so much. Your writing is incredible and only someone with such a beautiful soul could write words as breathtaking as what you do.”

“My soul isn’t beautiful,” you spat out.

“It is. And your are. You’re so beautiful Y/N. How he could do this to you I don’t understand. How anyone could hurt someone as beautiful as you is beyond me.”

Except, everyone hurt me. Everyone leaves me, you thought. Your mom left, your dad died. Derek had left you. Everyone leaves one way or another. Right now you needed to hear something.

“If you were him, would have left me?” you stared at Spencer, noticing for the first time how intense his brown eyes were. They never left your face as his breathed out his response.


So from there you ended up in Spencer Reid’s apartment, somewhere you were both very much aware that you shouldn’t have been. Somewhere else you shouldn’t have been was his bed but that was where you awoke the next morning, his arm locked tightly around your waist. The immediate thought of “What have I done?” flooded your mind. You knew exactly what you had done. You had slept with your professor. It hadn’t even been particularly good sex either. What you had wanted, no…. what you had needed was a furious fuck, something to rid your mind of Derek Morgan momentarily. What you had gotten was Spencer staring deeply into your eyes, telling you how beautiful you were over and over again. He was slow, taking his time. Whenever you tried to do some thing to him he’d push your hand awake, telling you he just wanted to make you feel good. You hadn’t even finished, suddenly becoming so tired of it all that you just wanted to sleep. So you acted your way through an orgasm and then passed out.

The next four weeks at school were awkward. Spencer… Professor Reid, no longer called on you in classroom once you’d returned, he no longer asked you to stay behind. But you could still feel his eyes on you, watching you. You avoided Jordan Todd at all costs, moving to a seat the other side of the room and close to the exit. And you avoided Derek as much as possible, finally packing up his things and leaving them outside your apartment for him to collect.

After five weeks you realised you hadn’t had your period. You hadn’t slept with Derek in weeks on the run up to your break up, something that should have screamed out to you that something was wrong. And despite you being on the pill, Derek always used condoms. Begrudgingly, you took a test, not even reacting when a plus sign showed up on the stick. It didn’t surprise you, not really. This was just another thing you’d fucked up.

You showed up at Spencer’s apartment, intending on asking him for half the money it would cost for you to visit a clinic. Instead though, he was happy. He begged you to keep it, you could be a family together he told you. Not here, you’d have to leave the state and you’d have to leave college. He could get another teaching job easily though and it was nearly the end of the school year. You could go back to school in a few years, get a nanny.

He loved you, he told you. He had done since the first day he’d seen you, since the first time he’d read your words. “Let me love you, let me take care of you. Let me marry you.”

And not feeling like you had anything else going for you, you let him.

You stared at the mirror, wiping off the steam which clouded it with your hands. A pale woman with sunken, almost dead eyes stared back at you.

You needed to pull yourself together.

At least for today.

Just Let Me Explain

Throwback to season 6 when JJ had to declare that Emily was dead except in my version, it’s going to be the reader declaring Emily dead. I know that I am in no way original with this concept so I’m going to make it original and say that the reader and Spencer are already in a relationship when this happens. This entire thing is going to range from the moment of declaration to the case in Oklahoma when Reid is being the passive aggressive bean that he is. 

I didn’t realize how long this was, sorry. It legit took my two hours and once I started typing, I just lost all track of time. Also don’t get mad at me for this thing bc it’s highkey just ajdfrenfhncghalf if you get what I mean. It’s two in the morning soooooo. I think Hotch is slightly OOC in this but he’s barely mentioned so it cancels out :3

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Warnings: Emily’s death, angst, mentions of drug use, mentions of blood

I hope y’all enjoy my second one shot :)

(I couldn’t find that gif of him doing the whole ‘watchu gon do about it’ gesture to JJ so enjoy this cute thing. GIF CREDS TO THE OWNER :))

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You knew this was wrong. 

Right away when Hotch came to you with the orders, you knew that this wasn’t going to end well. But when you and Spencer had first got together 8 months ago, you both swore that your relationship wouldn’t get in the way of work and Hotch was using that to make sure you did exactly as you were ordered. So of course, being the perfect agent that you are, you put on your sad look and let your eyes well up with tears as you entered the waiting room where your team, including your boyfriend, sat. They all rose at the sight of you and Spencer immediately knew that something was wrong, “Y/N?” His voice was quiet as he waited for you to deliver the news. 

You cleared your throat a little as you glanced at him and then at the rest of the team, “She never made it off the table.” You couldn’t give yourself away and you knew that. So you never kept your eyes in one place for too long, you observed and felt guilt at seeing how everyone believed you. It broke your heart to see the tears and reaction of your team- your family. But a job was a job and you knew that. 

When Spencer made a move for the door, you instinctively grabbed him arm with a gentle touch, “Spence…” You couldn’t say more.. You knew that your voice would betray you if you did. Your heart nearly shattered upon hearing his next words.

“I never got a chance to say goodbye.”

You let out a quiet breath and pulled the man you love close to you. It was a way to comfort him over the ‘loss’ of a friend and a way to assuage your growing guilt. You didn’t sign up to see your boyfriend break down… That wasn’t part of the job description. 

When the two of you arrived to the apartment you both share, you had an arm around his waist as a sign of support and when you let go to close the apartment door behind you, Spencer left your grasp and moved to the bathroom, locking the door behind him. A small sigh escaped your lips as you followed behind him. Seeing him like this was pure torture and as of now, you’d do anything to make him feel better. 

A Few Weeks Later: 

“I just.. If we’d been quicker to find her, she’d probably still be alive right now.” 

You angle your head so that you’re looking at Spencer. It’d been a few weeks since the lie had been told and the guilt had yet to go away. Spencer still had so much regret in his heart and was coming up with all of these situations in which she would’ve survived. They usually always came up when the two of you were in bed. Tonight was no different and seeing him like this made you want to tell him everything, but you made Hotch a promise and telling him could compromise Emily’s situation. You lean onto your side, propping yourself up on one elbow while using your free hand to cup his cheek, “Don’t do that to yourself, Spencer.. What happened happened and no what if situation can bring her back.. No matter how much we want it.” You remained as quiet as you could, your voice not going above a quiet tone. You tried being comforting but all you could hear was your guilt and that gave you a feeling that had you sick to your stomach. 

“I miss her so much, Y/N. Every time we go into the office and pass by her portrait I-” He cuts himself off, his voice breaking at the end as he begins crying once more. 

You lay down again, bringing him to your chest as you hug him tightly. You were crying too because seeing him like his tore you apart piece by piece. “I miss her too, Spence.” You tried comforting him the best you could, whispering quiet nothings into his ear, rubbing his back gently, letting him soak your nightshirt with his tears. Eventually, he fell asleep but you were there wide awake, wondering what you’d gotten yourself into and how this was going to change everything once the truth came out. 

Everyday when the two of you entered the  BAU building, you’d both stop in front of her portrait and have a quiet moment. You could feel the judgement coming from Emily’s eyes as you watched her unmoving face. Time would pass and you’d take Spencer’s hand, leading him to the Bullpen before pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek and going to your own desk. You’d offer small smiles to your team members and when case debriefing would happen, you’d be sure to sit by Spencer and hold his hand under the table. The guilt had slowly began going away. The special trick was repeating a phrase like a mantra until you believed it, Emily is dead and whatever you’re doing is for the sake of the team. They’ll understand if the truth ever comes out. Oh, if only you were right. 

The Reveal:

You were walking down the hallway when Hotch approached you. His beard was still a look you were getting used to and you offered a small smile to him as he approached you. 10 weeks and your guilt had transformed into a dull throb that you’d gotten used to over time. The circumstances had made the pain more stabbing but nonetheless, you were toughing through it one step at a time. Your small smile dropped, of course, when Hotch told you it was time. 

Time for the reveal.
Time for the team to find out they’d been lied to. 
Time for them to find out that you lied to them. 

When you stood by Hotch’s side with your hand clasped behind your back, you kept your eyes trained straight ahead. Never once did you look at any single member of your team. You could feel Spencer’s eyes on you when Hotch was talking and you could practically hear the hurt and betrayal come out of him when the truth was revealed. But of course, that guilt was forgotten when Emily was seen standing at the doorway.

When the hugs and reunion were done, you grabbed Spencer’s hand, holding him in his spot before whispering, “Let me explain, Spence..” He pulled away at your words, going to the seat in between of JJ and Derek. You gulped a little, swallowing your tears as you sat at the opposite side of the table, glancing at him on occasion with the hope that he’d look at you.

It didn’t work. 

The two of you worked the rest of the case involving Declan and Doyle like you did any other, but it wasn’t the same because Spencer only interacted with you when absolutely necessary. 

It hurt. 
It hurt a lot.
But you pushed through it for the sake of the child whose life was in danger. 

Sadly, like when all cases end, the two of you went home. Spencer had left the building only moments before you, but by the time you reached the parking garage, he’d driven right past you without even glancing at you. Thankfully, you were able to get a ride with Emily who dropped you off home. When you entered the apartment, the lights were out and you slowly made your way to your’s and Spencer’s bedroom. He wasn’t there. Quickly, you pulled out your phone and texted JJ to ask if she had any knowledge of his whereabouts. 

Y/N: Is he with you?

JJ: Yeah, he’s here. He brought his go-bag and it’s packed for quite a bit of time. 

The text caused tears to well up in your eyes and you quickly typed out a response,

Y/N: Take care of him, please.. 

JJ: I’ve got him, don’t worry. 

You accepted what you had and proceeded to prepare for bed. It was hard to get to sleep, but cuddling with one of Spencer’s pillows gave you the comfort you needed and helped you get a couple of hours. 

The Oklahoma Case:

Working with Spencer the past couple of days has been hell. 

You take the bus to work and you always try to initiate some sort of conversation with him. But he ignores you and simply brushes past you to get to his desk. When Garcia was doing the briefing of the latest case, you took the seat by him and he simply moved from his current seat to a different, open one. You let your head hang in shame for a few minutes, calming down before looking up at Garcia expectantly. 

On the jet, you sat by Emily who was obviously trying to make you feel better. She felt some guilt to because the problems that were occurring were partially because of her. You made her promise not to blame herself and when Hotch paired you and Spencer to go to the abduction site, you wanted to melt into your seat. 

The tension between you two was so thick at the abduction site that it could’ve been cut through with a knife. Any suggestion you had was immediately met by a passive aggressive comment from Spencer. 

Spencer started off as the two of you approached the bus stop, “So, Beth got off the bus here and headed northwest toward class.” He let his hands do part of the talking as he pointed towards the bus stop and then towards northwest. 

Attempting to be useful, you pitched in, “It’s amazing that no one saw her abduction.”

Reid simply shrugged and spoke with a high level of bitterness in his tone, “Emily was buried six feet under and wound up in Paris, so I guess anything is possible, right?”

You stiffened slightly, “Spencer you’ve got to let me ex-”

He cut you off as you tried defending yourself, “You know, maybe our UnSub’s a little bit like Bundy and he feigned an injury in order to get her to help him.”

You began speaking again but before one syllable had escaped you lips, Spencer cut you off again, “Maybe he tried another tactic. and was like, ‘Wow, you’re really pretty. You should be a model. I can take your photo.’”

You didn’t say anything after that. You simply let him talk out his ideas while watching him with a look of both attentiveness and guilt. 

At the station, you finally sucked it up and tried explaining yourself in the office, “Spencer I had to do my job.” You could hear your voice breaking as you began and Spencer was quick to shoot you down.

“Yeah and you did a great job at that. Was it easy? Hm, Y/N? Was it easy for you to lie to me every second that we were together? I cried into your chest for 10 weeks! 10 weeks and you gave me all of that comfort.. Was that a lie too?”

Your eyes widen at that accusation and you’re quick to shake your head, “What?! Of course not, Spence! I love you and every moment I was lying to you was nothing but torture to me! Most of my tears were over what this was doing to you, not that Emily had left us!” 

You’d grabbed his arms while you spoke, desperate for him to understand you.. But he was quick to pull away, “How can I know that that wasn’t a lie, hm? It’s all you’ve done for the past 10 weeks. What if I started taking dilaudid again, hm?”

At the mention of the drug that’d nearly ruined Spencer’s life, you stiffened before proceeding to speak with a hesitant tone, “But you didn’t… Right?”

He scoffed a little, shaking his head as he backed out of the room, “No.. But I thought about it.” He walked out before you could apologize and you felt the waterworks coming through. 

After the Case:

Thankfully, you didn’t cry when Spencer had left the room. You simply put on a strong face and worked the case like you did any other. You could hear Hotch trying to stand up for you to fix whatever’d happened, but you knew it wasn’t going to work. You thought the same thing when Emily approached Spencer on the plane. Spencer’s back was to you and you were sitting on the opposite end of the plane so you couldn’t figure out what he was saying. Eventually, you gave up at figuring anything out and turned back to your lengthy book, letting your eyes move over each word one by one… You weren’t comprehending anything but the fact that you were doing something helped calm you down. 

At Rossi’s house, you didn’t expect him to show up. You were only there for the wine, if you were being completely honest. Truthfully, you’d given up hope that Spencer would forgive you. The thought of him being mad at you made your heart throb so you simply focused all of your energy on watching Rossi as he cooked. When the doorbell rung, you felt your heart drop into your chest. Emily greeted Reid as did the rest of the team but you kept your back to him. Rossi was about to continue when Spencer interrupted once again, “Actually, before you resume, I was wondering if I could talk to Y/N? Alone?” 

You felt eyes on you and you simply set down your wine glass. He was going to break up with you officially, you knew it. You offered Prentiss a weak smile as you turned to Spencer, “Lead the way, Spencer..” You followed behind him as he took you a couple of hallways down. You braced yourself for what was to come next, keeping your gaze on your feet. To say that you were shocked when Spencer lifted your face by the chin would be an understatement. 

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.. I was mad and I didn’t mean half of the things that I was saying,” Spencer’s voice is filled with regret as he speaks, his eyes searching yours for any form of negative reaction. Your reaction was simply priceless as you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down for a tight hug. 

“I deserved, it Spencer. I should be the one apologizing to you..” He simply returned your hug tightly, pressing a few gentle kisses to the top of your head as he did. 

“I love you, Y/N Y/L/N” Was all he mumbled quietly to you and you smiled brightly, whispering the same thing back. 

Of course it was Rossi that had to kill your moment, “Are you two lovebirds done there or do we have to continue this without you?” 

eternalgirlscout  asked:

how does juno's power work in the soulmate au? can he only read nureyev's mind or is peter's just especially noticeable to him?

I almost feel like answering a question in fic form is about equivalent to answering it by bursting out into a random song-and-dance routine. I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing, but I’m gonna roll with it regardless. 

Superpowered Soulmate AU | Part 2 | Part 3

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Shoujo Corner: Strobe Edge

“I was asked to go shopping by mom. She told me not to buy anything useless. That’s why I went to Yaoya to buy potatoes and carrots.”

“My chest kinda hurts. Why? I wonder if I ate something strange this morning. It’s painful. Was it the apple I ate this morning? I wonder if it was poisoned apple. Come to think of it, that “really delicious” apple was actually pretty sour. And for the first time I realized it when I tried it myself.“

The apples were shining and she was attracted to them. By just what the person selling the apples said, she believed that the apple is sweet and delicious. She thought about it and was almost convinced that it is indeed as they say. But then, she took a bite of the “apple” and discovered for herself the reality.

This nicely written analogy of love is what got me fixed in my chair and finished reading all the chapters of this wonderfully written story. The first chapter that started and ended with this analogy already carried the basic essence of what the story is about. Love, it looks something really delicious and sweet and shining but once you have a bite, it’s actually pretty sour. Sometimes you’ll even look back and think that maybe you really should have just gotten something more sensible like potatoes and carrots.

Many reviews and discussions about this manga described it as cute and adorable (but really look at them.. aren’t they cute..), how likable the characters are, who they’re annoyed with, the favorite pairing, etc. But I’d also like to talk about the heavier conflict of the story and its very “adult like” circumstances.

Ninako liked and eventually loved Ren. She was at first not fully aware of it then she became conscious of her true feelings. It was the classic unrequited one sided kind of love. That in her mind it’s okay to like him alone, only by herself, expecting nothing to come off it, nothing more and nothing less, a friend that will always be there for him. All because Ren has a girlfriend Mayuka. She respected that fact which I think she just should. And he remained loyal and dedicated to Mayuka and his promise to her to which for me he deserved credit for that. Ninako confessed her feelings to Ren and was rejected but they have something to protect - their friendship - and so decided for status quo, they will still remain just friends. All the while suppressing and denying the inevitable.

Looking beyond the cuteness and adorable enjoyable side of the story there’s something darker and as shoujo manga say it, “adult-like” issue. Coveting something which isn’t yours. The moment when the line between what is right and what’s not becomes blurred. And then your life thrown into the chaos. In that aspect, the story is written realistically. Strobe edge may have been on a highschool setting with 16 year old characters but the dialogues are ones I have heard from supposedly matured mid 20s or 30s adults. And the emotions described were things I have heard, witnessed and felt a decade or more past that age of 16. Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed reading it so much. I saw myself in many of the characters and I laughed so much at numerous scenes. Sometimes I even get teary and I’m not sure if it’s because I laughed so hard or because I had real life scenes playing in my mind.

I like the manga for its characters who definitely did not annoy me with their nonsense or drama.

Ninako’s consistency and firm resolve as to who she likes and what she wants attributed to why I like this manga. Because that trait of the main character restrained the manga from being a melodrama. With her bright and positive attitude she got not only Ren’s affection but mine as well. There was just the right amount of irrationality and illogicalness brought about by an emotion-driven heart.

Ren is one who has maybe made a wish that he can love 2 persons at the same time. It was fun seeing how he learned that this feat is impossible and what I like about him is his choice. The choice made by his head. He chose to be loyal to his promise and fix his grip with effort. Once he was aware of his feelings for Ninako, he did his best to put his distance, and he also did his best to keep his relationship with Mayuka intact. But we discovered alongside him that once the awareness is there, it is very difficult to forcibly erase. And once his relationship ended I also liked that he settled eveything first with himself and finalized things with Mayuka before jumping into another relationship. We are also sure that his feelings for Ninako weren’t a spur of the moment kind of feelings because he gave it time and introspection.

As for Mayuka, it’s not that I don’t like her nor am I annoyed. Her reactions were just the normal reactions of a girlfriend in her shoes. Mayuka’s complacency and personality attributed to their falling out. And for me their relationship is not one that started healthy and happy. Her father-complex, her problems, her insecurities and her neediness for someone that can make her feel secured are the base of their relationship. It was tiring. They grew apart and had to fly away. And what she did in the end was a dignified act and as she claimed was a mature decision, and I give her credit for that. She is somehow an antagonist but also a protagonist depending on which side you’re on. But her decision was one that will bring happiness for all especially for herself.

Andou is another great character and who I would like to be given a chance for happiness in an alternate ending. He’s such a lovestruck kid who fought with his all in a fair way. If it was a different manga, Andou surely should be chosen and should be the main protagonist. There were also the others who played great part in the story and also have their very own stories worth knowing. I think they can even have their own manga with themselves as the main.

I am sure many others will be able to relate and find themselves in the characters. You can be Ninako, or sometimes Daiki, be hurt like Andou, be the supportive friends like Sayuri, Tsukasa, Non-chan and Tamaki, be like Manabu or Yuu, or you can be Mayuka or the one in Ren’s position.

It is a little cliched, but it is the story’s flow, the character’s development and the bigger picture that make it stand out. It is cute, it is sweet, it can be guiltily dark depending on how you look at it, but I can assure you that it is enjoyable and refreshing. If you’ve got time to spare and you like mangas this one is a must read.

Royai Week 17: Day 5

So this is a combination of angst and fluff. Because I have a pattern this week and can’t simply write fluff to save my life.

Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four

Theme: Letters

Words: 3,994

Riza removed the rest of the hangers from the closet and set them in the box. It was already filled with other miscellaneous items she had found and gathered from around the bedroom. A small bedside lamp, a couple of empty picture frames that had been hidden behind the dresser, one of Hayate’s balls, and an old book about the alchemical properties of gases. Just small things that the movers had missed when they took the large furniture out of the apartment.

Not that they really needed to move the furniture out of the apartment. The presidential mansion would be fully furnished when they moved in.

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Say You’ll Haunt Me Pt. 8 (A Kenny Omega Story)

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I got this finished a lot faster than I expected. It just kind of flowed. Part 9 will be the last! Thank you to everyone that has read this series and left comments <3 You’re all awesome. Special thanks to @daintymissdevitt, this story wouldn’t be nearly as long without her and all of the brainstorming sessions we had <3 ALSO, I’m pretty sure the tags were glitching out for part 7 so if you haven’t seen that post yet, there’s a link below.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

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Note: first time trying a song fic. it feel like it sucks, oh my. but I love this song so much and I feel Bucky in every word. sorry if this sucks, I really did try. feedback is welcome! .c

When you were here before
Couldn’t look you in the eye
You’re just like an angel
Your skin makes me cry

The moment Y/N, walked through the elevator, Bucky stopped mid-sentence, his breath getting caught in his throat. She was the most beautiful person he’d ever seen, he couldn’t believe she was in the same room as he was. How could someone look so innocent and pure?

Y/N was introducing herself to her soon to be fellow teammates, shaking their hands one by one, presenting the most gorgeous smile Bucky has ever witnessed before. She gracefully walked over to Bucky with the same light in her eyes, regardless of the fact that she was about to meet the former Winter Soldier.

Y/N reached her hand towards Bucky and he could’ve died right there. “Hello, I’m Y/N.” She said, her voice soft and light, Bucky almost missed it. Bucky’s eyes couldn’t seem to focus on hers, he was too entranced with the way her hand felt in his as he shook it with the lightest of touches. Was she an angel or was Bucky dreaming?

Her skin was soft and he wondered if he was going crazy because all he wanted to do was cry at how smooth and soft she felt. Not only that, but something about her soft touch of skin on his made his heart jump and his stomach flip upside down. He was nervous for a lot of reasons, all of those keeping him from speaking or even looking into her eyes.

You float like a feather
In a beautiful world
And I wish I was special
You’re so fuckin’ special

Time passed and Bucky watched Y/N from the sidelines most of the time. He still couldn’t form a complete sentence around her, no matter how much he wanted to. She was graceful in everything she did; the way she spoke, the way she laughed, the way she fought, everything. She’s like a feather, almost. You always have to point it out, bask in the beauty of it, pick it up and take a moment to appreciate it for what it is.

Y/N was definitely special in Bucky’s eyes. No matter how many times he felt down, the moment he saw her, all of it disappeared. The raging storm inside of his mind instantly calmed and he had to admit, he would stare at her for as long as he could if that meant he didn’t have to think about how he wasn’t special like she was.

But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?
I don’t belong here.

Bucky thought of himself as everything opposite of what Y/N was. He wasn’t pure, he wasn’t innocent, he wasn’t the type of person who could make someone smile. Bucky was a creep and he was a weirdo, he didn’t belong with these people. He’s done more damage than any of them and he suffered everyday. Bucky knew it was selfish to want Y/N all to himself, but he didn’t care anymore. He wanted happiness and Y/N was it.

I don’t care if it hurts
I want to have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul

Bucky didn’t care one bit if being with Y/N would scare him or eventually hurt him. He wanted someone like her around so he could feel like he had control of himself. Bucky suffered every night with nightmares, and as time went by, she would comfort him through the night. He didn’t care about the consequences, he knew he’d never hurt someone like her. But would someone like her hurt him?

Bucky was insecure about himself in most ways a person could be. Their thoughts, opinions, actions, their choices, and their appearance. He didn’t have the best body in his opinion. Bucky had scars, scratches, a metal arm. It was something he’d catch Y/N staring at from time to time. He wondered how she felt about it, even after she would tell him that she’s merely interested in it and how it works. She wasn’t afraid of him.

Bucky’s soul was another one of his insecurities. ‘Thou shalt not kill’ floated through his brain like a forbidden plague, tearing through his skull, ripping at every crevice. Bucky knew he would be eternally damned. Y/N was different, he thought. No matter how many times she said she isn’t as innocent as Bucky made her out to be, he would immediately disagree. Bucky was the exact definition of damned; he had a dark and lonely soul.

I want you to notice
When I’m not around
You’re so fuckin’ special
I wish I was special

It came time when Bucky had to go away on a long mission, having no idea when he would be back. He didn’t want to go, but he knew he had to. It was his duty to protect now and Bucky had to follow through. Y/N was sad when it came time to say goodbye to Bucky. But it would never amount to the sadness Bucky felt when he realized just how much he was going to miss Y/N. Would she notice he was even gone?

Y/N would surely forget about him the moment he left, Bucky thought. His absence wouldn’t affect her at all; he wasn’t as special as Y/N was. He wouldn’t be missed, he wouldn’t be worried for, he wouldn’t be thought about. But what Bucky didn’t know, was that he was indeed special to Y/N.

But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?
I don’t belong here.

Those thoughts remained in Bucky’s mind for a long time. He eventually confessed his feelings for Y/N the night he got back from his mission. She said the words Bucky never would’ve thought he’d ever hear from her mouth, the words sounding so innocent and pure. Bucky began to show his insecurities in the relationship; the baggage he carried not letting him open up and be the man he wanted to be for his girl.

He thought everything would’ve been fixed when he had the girl of his dreams wrapped up in his arms for him to protect throughout the night. Bucky still felt like he didn’t belong. He was a creep. He was a weirdo. How could someone like Y/N love him?

She’s running out again,
She’s running out
She’s run run run run

Bucky had driven Y/N away plenty of times. He would get so insecure with himself, he’d become the one who was tearing the relationship apart at the seam. The thread was running thin, just like Y/N. She tried her best to make Bucky happy, to make him realize he wasn’t who he was before. He isn’t who he thinks he is. Bucky’s special and Y/N couldn’t make him see it, so she ran away from home, from Bucky, one too many times.

Whatever makes you happy
Whatever you want
You’re so fuckin’ special
I wish I was special

Bucky spent his most of his nights awake, scared to sleep because he had become immune to having Y/N by his side. She left altogether, taking Bucky’s heart with her. Bucky wanted nothing more than to let Y/N be happy, live how she wanted, even if that meant it wasn’t with him anymore. Bucky still thought Y/N was the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, she was still pure and innocent in his eyes. She was special. He wished he were the same.

But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo,
What the hell am I doing here?
I don’t belong here.
I don’t belong here.

But Bucky wasn’t good for Y/N. He was too spoiled and rotten, he was messed up in any way that was humanly possible. Every time he looked at himself in the mirror after Y/N had left him, he continued to realize just how tarnished and what a huge creep he was. He had no place here, he had nothing left, he had no reason. Why was he here? To be a burden? To watch people cower in fear over the sight of his arm, knowing what kind of past it held?

Bucky stopped everything and decided it was time he went after the one person who made him feel better than all of this. He just hoped it wasn’t too late.

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Random thoughts on C-Kira

Y‘know who’s a genuinely fun character to think about and I kinda wish we got more information on? C-Kira. That one Kira that gets even less recognition than Higuchi.

Yeah I know nobody really cares about C-Kira or Ch 109 in general, but hear me out on how interesting they actually are. We don’t know a lot about C-Kira, but we can reasonably infer that he’s a Japanese male based on the demographic of his victims and the way Obata tends to draw male vs female hands. (In the Blinktopia scanlation Midra refers to a “he” but I don’t know if that was translator inference as I don’t know what the original pronoun used in the Japanese was).  We also know he grew up in an era where Light, acting as Kira, was active and normalized by Japanese society as well as the world.

Remember, the government did officially state that they would no longer be investigating Kira in 2009, and the cult of Kira worshippers had already been well established on media outlets such as Sakura TV’s “Kira’s Kingdom” and NHN’s “Today’s Miss Takada.” They were likely to be heavily influenced by Kira’s existence and may not have even thought Kira’s views on murder as a potential vehicle for social justice weren’t even that extreme. 

Of course, we’re never given the actual age of C-Kira, but Near speculates that they’re more likely to be a young person based on the demographics of their victims. As the news explains:

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Masquerading as Professionals- Chapter 10/10- Ortega

A/N: wowowowowow. Chapter 10! I know I say it every time but thank you guys so so much for the love this fic has recieved, it honestly does mean the world! If anyone’s interested, I started a sideblog for all my fic-related stuff so hit me up over there if you fancy it (artificialortega). I’m probably going to be so unable to let this story go and so I may write some drabbles and stuff like that over there! Anyway, thanks so much again and I hope you guys like the chapter!!

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Sara Farizan Is Your New Favorite Queer YA Novelist | Ashley C. Ford

Sara Farizan’s novel If You Could Be Mine, set in Tehran, Iran, follows two teenage girls, booky and serious Sahar, and her best friend, fashionable and aloof, Nasrin, navigating their attraction to each other without a blueprint for the journey.

“I need an answer from you. Please, don’t treat me like I’m silly girl, because we’re too old for that. If I were a man, would you be with me? Would you leave him for me?” Sahar pleads with Nasrin during an argument. Playing with a strand of Sahar’s hair while contemplating a response, Nasrin offers: “You wouldn’t look so bad with a beard.”

What sets Farizan apart from many of her contemporaries is her ability to create a world where an Iranian teenage girl falling in love with another Iranian teenage girl doesn’t seem more outlandish than a human loving a vampire. Her success as a novelist epitomizes many of the ideas Daniel Josè Older examines in his essay “Diversity Is Not Enough.” If You Could Be Mine exists in a book culture described by Older as much: “The publishing industry looks a lot like these best-selling teenage dystopias: white and full of people destroying each other to survive.” Farizan’s voice, bubbly and thoughtful, raises just a bit when I ask her about diversity in YA novels.

“I don’t want to touch the holiness that is Harry Potter because the fans love it, and it’s wonderful, but I do think it would make such a difference, not just to have a token minority character. None of that. Even a fleshed out character. I’m just so sick of token minority characters. It’s a disservice to everybody.”

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Amaranthine (2/6)

Summary: Modern soulmates CS AU.  In which soulmates are rare, and those that have them stop aging at adulthood.  Rarer still – and dangerously conspicuous – are those that have special abilities.  Immortality and powers alike fade when soulmates come in close proximity with their other half.   In which Emma’s touch heals, and Killian’s kills.

Rated: M (for later chapters)

Warnings: Language, mentions of homelessness

Words: ~6200

Part: One

Notes:  Thank you to everyone that read, reviewed, and messaged about Part One!  I will love you forever.  As ever, my devotion and gratitude to @seastarved for her help with early drafts and for that edit up there.  Love and hugs to @is-that-what-it-is and @high-seas-swan for reading through the final draft.

Also on ff and ao3

Just let me run, love.

Killian Jones desperately aches to give Killian fucking Jones a right punch to the gut.  But he knows that, dressed head to toe in black leather, and wearing the cold expression he’s learned to set on his face, he’d rightly attract attention

So, after slipping around the corner at Emma’s – oh God, Emma – distraction, he gravitates towards the river instead, intent on purging the devil in his thoughts with the sound of the wild, running water.

It had occurred to him, centuries ago, once it became clear he wasn’t a bloody demon, that his other half must be walking around out there somewhere.  His life is a blur of empty pleasure.  He’s seen hulking mountains and hidden villages, admired every piece of art under the sun.  He’s likely commandeered every bloody tall ship there is, just for the hell of it. Yet…he’s wondered before if the promise of death would drag it all into a different light.  After all, there is no sunset without the horizon.

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One Second

Author: Lindsay C. (no tumblr account listed)

Rating: Teen 

TW: Major character death.

It was midnight when Katniss crept into the graveyard, a shovel propped over her shoulders and a toolbox hanging from her fingers. The headstone stood where it had this morning when she came to lay down the flowers. It even read the same name. Both then and now, she stood at the foot of the freshly laid dirt tract and stared at the lettering, wondering if in the blink of an eye it would fade into a different name. Here lies Clove Ramsey. Here lies Beetee Latier. Here lies Alma Coin.

But no matter how hard she squinted it taunted her with the same name.

Here lies Peeta Mellark. 1995-2016. Beloved son and nephew.

A drunk driver had rammed Peeta’s Pontiac off an overpass last Thursday night. The coroner assured her and his parents that it was quick, and that he probably didn’t feel a thing. But Katniss felt a damn thing. She felt every damn thing. Not just because her high school best friend was suddenly gone from her life, but also because it was her fault. He had been on his way to the Walgreens to get her Ibuprofen for her headache. She could have driven herself. She should have driven herself, then he’d be safe in bed right now, not lying limp in a casket six feet underneath her sneakers.

But not for long.

“I’m going to get you out of here, Peeta,” she whispered gently to the patch of dirt.

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