makes me want to read the manga again xd

You know me so well!! thank you!! (and and!! @ten-semi i love your icon!!)

It’s time for me to talk about the most wonderful and marvelous pairing EVER!! (in my oppinion ahem) TENSEMI!! o(≧∇≦o) nena

-When or if I started shipping it:

It was beautiful, love at first sight! i didn’t need more xD that “Now now” was enough to made me stop reading, thinking “Okay i give up i ship them just a little” HA! good joke past me (?), also! i remember that i wanting to read the latest chapters of HQ!! but i didn’t have time, then one day i saw a fanart of a pretty boy standing next to Tendou and i wanted to know who was him and!…thanks god for this!!

-My thoughts:

About them? together? being a perfect, funny and adorable couple that i would love to stalk if they were real? oh nena is my fuckin’ HQ!! OTP!!! they’re perfect for each other!

-What makes me happy about them:

Well, that! they’re perfect for each other, i think it’s totally canon what kind of relationship they have, Tendou being playfully mean with Semisemi but cheering up him always, and Semi ignoring it or reacting with bad temper, but in the end they can understand each other and be friends! (coffcoff lovers coffcoff), i love their relationship!! they complement each other very well!!

-What makes me sad about them:

WHY ARE THEY STILL A RARE PAIR!!? i cry every day over this ‘cause i can’t understand!  Ahem…they’re third years do i need to say more?

-Things done in art/fic that annoys me:

When one of them are so mean to the other and them feel sad or bad, it’s not like that annoys me ‘cause in the fanfics i read there’s always a happy ending and they have a reason for that, but if that’s not the case i wouldn’t like to read it honestly…okay i lied, i would read it i mean, it’s Tensemi! but wouldn’t enjoy it at 100%. And for fanarts, someone draws Tensemi once in three weeks do you think i could possibly complain? xDD

-Things I look for in art/fic:

Sappy content, a healthy relationship? Tensemi being Tensemi and being dorks in love, I love a Tsundere Semisemi or teasing Tendou, and, AND! last but not least, comfort?! maybe?!! a fanfic with Semisemi being replaced as the team setter or Tendou feeling insecure and the other making them feel better with love and sweet words!!…#iknowhowtolive

-Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:

…this is a hard one 'cause i don’t ship them with anyone else xD uhhh…well, maybe i…c? xD

-My happily ever after for them:

I would LOVE! if they could go to the same University, keep playing volleyball, flirting in classes or in the court making everyone feel uncomfortable with their love!! and a even happier ever after! i want them to get married, buy a house, adopt a dog/cat and later a baby…and when they die, i want them to flirt in heaven making angels feel unconfortable!!! xD

-What is their favorite non-sexual activity?

Besides volleyball, watch anime or read manga together, i guess? although Semisemi doesn’t know much about anime he tries really hard and Tendou is so happy about that! ohh that pic is so cute in my mind I LOVE TENSEMI!!

I love my OTP they will give me diabetes and i know i’ll feel thankful!! i really love them i can’t express it in words!! ahh!! (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ I! NEED!! TO SEE THEM!! AGAIN!! Furudateeeee you gave us twins A LITTLE TENSEMI MOMENT IS SO EASY FOR YOU!!

BSD Pairing Concerns

Ya this has been bugging me for a while

Let me get this out of the way before anything else


It’s perfectly fine by me who you ship! It’d be pretty petty of me to go around and say, ‘OMG Y U SHIP DEM?! *Insert pairing name here* IS THE WAY TO GO’. I think that’d be kind of childish. <|D Now on to the main post where I will list my reasoning’s:

1. This is a no grounded fear to be honest, and a bit idiotic, but I’m a strange girl sue me >|T I tend to see a lot of people ship Soukoku (Double Black) rather than Dazushi, which again, I have no problem with. I tend to think that both the ships of Dazai and Chuuya or Akutagawa and Atsushi are really cute, it’s just I am kind of worried that Dazushi will become a rare-ship where people don’t really talk about it and those who do get strange looks or are put down for it. So it’s not so much of how popular one of the ships are as it is of people ridiculing others for who they like to pair together. This will come back later.

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This scene gave me the feels, i wish it would’ve gone farther xD (who doesn’t)
But ehh mei she stopped it, i believe shes scared of what idk, maybe

1: yuzu rejecting her again
2: heartbroken
3: maybe she thinks shes getting played
4: she is weird :p

But we all know she got aroused sooo bad with just that “ HUG” shes really wants yuzu, and of course yuzu loves her. They just need to slap themselves and kiss and make up already!! I dont think my citrus heart can take no-more, but doesn’t mean i wont stop reading xD

Wow… I’ve just seen that a NaruSaku fan claimed that we, the SasuSaku fandom, don’t care at all about Sasuke, treat him just like “a hot piece of meat” (this are his exact words) and that NS/SNS/SK care way more about him.

.. Well, I’m speechless. Totally, COMPLETELY speechless.

I’ve always loved Sasuke and he has always been my favourite character. I’ve suffered along with him every single time he has gone through difficult situations. I’ve always felt sorry for his terrible, ruined past. I’ve always tried to understand him, his actions and his hidden feelings as deep as I could. No matter what he had done, I knew that one day he would finally choose the right path again. I had no doubt that he would be the Sasuke we knew once again.

And the reason why I have ALWAYS loved SasuSaku is because I understood from the very beginning of the manga what his true feelings for Sakura were and that she was the only one that could truly make him happy. They have this mutal understanding, mutal care and have always had powerful feelings for each other.

I have always read deeply into Sasuke’s thoughts and feelings and, trust me, if I hadn’t realized how much he cares about Sakura, I wouldn’t have started shipping them. BUT this is certainly NOT the case. xD

I wanted Sasuke to be once again truly happy, to have a family who can happily welcome him when he gets home, to not be alone anymore. I wanted him to be loved and to understand what love truly means. And the one and only person that could offer all of these to Sasuke was Sakura. She is the ONLY girl who has always truly loved Sasuke and who has always wanted to bring him back to Konoha and see him genuinely smile once again, even if it didn’t mean to end up with him. She just wanted to bring him happiness, no matter what she had to do in order to do so.

On the other hand, just look at Karin. -.-“ She didn’t care at all about Sasuke’s soul, wishes, dreams or fears. She only wanted to LICK HIM ALL OVER, in the middle of the war, just because he is very handsome. Also, when he was badly injured and wasn’t even conscious, her only thought was “how hot he looked like that”. And every single time she could, she would just try to get near him and “seduce” him (like he could have EVER been seduced by her). Still, every single time she tried to do so, she immediately got rejected and was told to move away.

And, please, stop pretending that the NaruSaku fandom cares even one bit about Sasuke. Even if some of them DID care, in fact, about him in the beginning, most of them immediately started to hate him when they realized that NaruSaku’s biggest threat was SasuSaku. Then, the NaruSaku fandom decided to ship Sasuke with Karin, so that Sakura wouldn’t have any choice, but to choose Naruto. They didn’t care ONE BIT about Sasuke’s feelings. Then, when The Last was announced and Sasuke’s sketches for the movie didn’t appear, although most of the other characters had been revealed already, the NS fans immediately claimed that Sasuke would die in his final battle against Naruto. I even argued with some of them, telling them that this ENTIRE manga would have been POINTLESS if Sasuke, the one Naruto had always tried to bring back to Konoha, had eventually died. Still, they said that Sasuke would absolutely die and that there was nothing to do about it. They even LAUGHED about this and told me that he deserved to die anyway. This pretty much confirms, ONCE AGAIN, that they didn’t understand ANY lesson from this amazing manga and that they didn’t understand Sasuke’s character AT ALL.

And, after all these ASSes and antis have done and said, they STILL have the guts to say that they are the ones who truly care about Sasuke and that we, the SasuSaku fans, totally disrespect him. In fact, we are the ONLY ONES who have ALWAYS truly loved Sasuke and understood his feelings.

If a person actually understood Sasuke’s character, he/she would certainly be a SasuSaku shipper, as he/she would realize that the only person that could truly bring Sasuke all the happiness he deserves is Sakura. And, of course, Sasuke is the only one who could truly make Sakura happy. This is why I am sure that the SasuSaku shippers are the only ones who completely understood both Sasuke and Sakura throughout the entire manga.