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Actual Conversation With My Daughter: Hunting Trip

*My four-year-old daughter wanted to go for a walk around the neighborhood this evening, just the two of us. As we started our walk, this conversation happened.*

Me: “Which way do you want to go?”

Daughter: “Let’s go this way. When we get to my friend’s house, I’ll play and you can talk to their parents.”

Me: “Do we have friends who live down this way?”

Daughter: “I don’t know. We’ll make some.”

*This girl is definitely my daughter.*

First Impressions (Part 6)

Prompt: Imagine your friend, Anthony Mackie, brings you with him to an event and introduces you to his friend, Sebastian, who’s blown away by you. He immediately starts flirting and acting silly because you make him nervous and he just wants to impress you

Warnings: flirting (adult style), language (always, with me, come on), and drama (later on in the fic)

Word Count: 2018

Notes: If anyone has kids or wives out of the celebrities mentioned, in this universe, they sort of don’t exist….Just for the sake of keeping it concise. Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes (because shes perfectly amazing) and I could NOT, not, just not have done any of this at all without my amazing girl, @amarvelouswritings

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Song: Don’t Say - The Chainsmokers


White invaded your vision, then red, then you could see again. Meanwhile, in your stomach, the biggest rock settled in your gut as you tried to swallow, but it seemed stuck in your throat.

Your face faltered in the slightest, showing your emotions, but you corrected it immediately. Finally, you were able to speak.

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Hey, kids! I know a lot of you are starting college/grad school tomorrow (or last week or next week), so I wanted to stop in to wish you luck and do a little bit of encouraging. I know this is terrifying– believe me, I’m right there with you– but I also know that it’s going to be okay. Two weeks from now, you’ll have it all figured out, and until then, there are people that can help you along. They expect you to make mistakes. It’s okay if you make them. 

They didn’t admit you by accident. You are exactly as capable and intelligent as they think you are, and you belong wherever it is that you’re going. You can handle this, and you will. There are going to be tough spots, but you’re strong enough to get through them. There are going to be light spots too.

I’m really proud of all of you, and I do love you a lot. If I can help with anything, just let me know :)


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Hey uh I hope I don't sound like a troll but what IS your stance on ace discourse? Im ace and following aphobes makes me extremely uncomfortable. If you don't want to talk about your views I completely understand.

i do not want cishets in lgbt spaces. it is not specifically about them being ace or aro, if someone is cis and het i do not want them in lgbt spaces. at my local lgbt youth group we have trans small group once a week that is specifically for trans kids to talk with each other and get help, and it is almost always hosted by a trans adult, but one week they were short on staff so the guy hosting was a cis gay man. the group was going and i was talking about how one thing every trans kid goes through when they first come out is a phase where theyre basically a cis-pleaser and that we need to all realize our transition is about us and us alone and it doesnt matter what other people think or whether they understand and that cis feelings are irrelevant. at a later time in the group someone was talking about how he tried to come out to his parents and family before but it didnt work so he wanted strategies and ideas to be more successful. he said that he needed to be patient with them and explain a lot of things. the cis chaperone takes this as an opportunity to pipe up about how doing that shows a lot of maturity and this whole passive-aggressive tangent about how its our responsibility to educate other people and be the bigger person and blah blah blah that i KNEW was in direct response to what i had been saying earlier, and his cis ass was completely fucking blind to the fact that the reason why the trans boy was being so careful about this in the first place was because he depends on his family to fucking live and if he makes a wrong move or somehow offends them he might be out on the street.

a trans-only space should not have a cis person in it. it is supposed to be safe to talk about being trans and to be completely open, and the chaperone made it the opposite of that.

when i think of “exclusion” discourse i think back to that group. for some people that is the only space where they can be out of the closet and they have to hitch rides in secret so their parents dont know where theyre going. when i first went there at the tender age of 12 extremely self hating and suicidal that group fucking turned me around. my first time there i wore super ultra masculine clothes (complete with a fucking snapback) but being there i realized i didnt have to put up a front because these people were like me. and even though we were still around cis people we also had our own space every week.

groups and resources like that are a lifeline for some lgbt people and the only place where they can be open SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE it excludes people. and my experience in the trans group shows exactly what happens when you dont.

i dont give a shit about identity politics, i dont give a shit about the whole “does being ace/aro make you lgbt” discussion, hell i wouldnt even fucking care if a cis aro and ace person showed up as long as they knew their place and didnt try and act like they faced homo/transphobia. but keeping safe spaces safe is extremely fucking important to me.

sorry that was a lot but i havent ever really addressed exactly why i feel the way i do

also i dont hate ace people i just have major issues with the ace community on tumblr and the way aromanticism is treated as discount asexuality and i dont like the appropriation of gay culture and terms, but that isnt exclusive just to ace people.

also also feel free to unfollow if these views make u uncomfortable but im aro so dont call me an aphobe

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Was reading through some ace Derek meta and ice come to the conclusion that I really like Sterek as a Roger and Jessica Rabbit kind of romance. Derek is "drawn sexy like Jessica but didn't ask for it. People treat him differently because of it, plus stiles is totally roger rabbit! Like come on it's so clear! I just wanna see a oneshot where the pack watches who framed roger rabbit and someone makes the connection ;)

Story time! I have never seen this movie. I actually saw a bit of it when I was a little kid and the cartoon stuff terrified me so I never wanted to watch it. So I’ll have to take your word on the connection. ^_^

Rant. Skip over if you want.

I have been married 5 years as most of you know, I’ve been in a relationship with the same man for 11 years. It’s wonderful.

But you know what pisses me off? The one constant that makes me want to pull my hair out?

“So..when are you going to have kids? You’ve been together for so long, you aren’t getting any younger you know”

No bitch.

Firstly it’s none of your business.

Secondly why does it matter? We don’t want kids, why is my worth as a wife and a woman contingent on how many kids I have? Why can I not be a good wife and not want kids? How does that make me a bad person?

I take care of my family, I love my husband without boundaries, and yet I’m still seen as incomplete because I don’t have a hoard of children following me around. kids are not for me.

I have nothing against moms, and respect the hell out of someone who can raise a tiny human and keep their sanity intact, make time for their S.O and still make time for themselves.

I do however, believe that a woman’s worth should not be placed on her mothering skills or whether or not she wants kids, there is many a mom out there that should probably not have had kids in the first place. Abuse is not just a male thing.

A woman should not be looked down on because she does not want to procreate, her womb is not her most important feature nor is it where he worth should lie, and I’m so sick of being asked this question, I am so sick of the dissatisfied looks and snarky comments when I tell people it’s not likely.

It’s not a decision we came to lightly, it’s something we discussed for years, and at no point did my husband see me as less of a woman because I had doubts just like he was not less of a man because he didn’t want them either.

So here’s a little advice for the assholes who think it’s okay to comment on my life decisions:

Sit down, shut up. Mind your own business; it’s my choice what i do with my body, my choice if I want to take on the colossal task of raising a person who is not a shit person.

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Even though Sakura has achieved (& surpassed) in everything she had access to, I wanted Kishi to give some unique ability just for her. What's your headcanon about what she achieved/created later on or deserved in the manga?


I’ll never NOT be pissed about this. Pretty sure if haters hadn’t influenced Kishi to show Sakura less in the manga we would have gotten slug sage mode. There’s so much we don’t know about the forest Katsuyu come from.
Also I love the idea of Sakura running a psych ward for children that witnessed war and loss. It makes perfect sense for Sakura to open such a clinic after what she witnessed Naruto and Sasuke go through. She wouldn’t want any kid to suffer from that same fate. And ino helping her is really cool.

I’m sure @amitds has more ideas than me

What to do about the minors on Tumblr? They are here to have fun and their fun is being ruined by idiots who don’t have decency. Does anyone have any idea about how they can post their RPs and protect themselves from nsfw blogs and idiot people but also still have fun. Because there is an increase in the number of minors who do RPing and they are all so amazing but this minor issue has been getting on my nerves and I just think there should be a way other than locking your tumblr to deal with this. I really think having a “no reblog” option like Instagram’s “no comment” option would really help but the staff is busy introducing yet another useless feature so we all know that might not happen. It makes me sad that these kids have to deal with stressful shit because they want to have fun.

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Can I make FanFiction with the kids? I'll put your name there if you want.

Thank you very much for liking my OCs! But I would prefer if you did not write fic with them/for this AU >.<; I’ve responded to similar questions in the past, and while I am incredibly honored and happy that you like my work enough to be inspired, I also wish to tell their stories myself. There is a ton of information about them that I have not shared yet, and I have so many things still in the works. Not only will it be incredibly hard for you to depict them, I do not want to be accused of stealing your ideas if any of the story happens to overlap with my future content.

I am much more okay with fanart, in the sense that most fanart tends to be simple depictions of the characters that do not tell story content. I wish I didn’t have to make this distinction and I don’t want to limit your creativity, but I truly wish to tell their stories myself.

If you end up writing anyway regardless of my wishes, or creating anything featuring them, PLEASE ALWAYS link directly to my posts with the kids’ info AND credit me with their creation. They are not canon characters, but my own OCs, and you must credit me.

Thank you for understanding.

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Do you have some Kaltenecker-related issues we need to discuss?

I fucking hate cow juice. dairy milk. milk from the cow. i hate how it tastes, how it smells, how it *looks.* it makes me want to choke and die.

i might hate The Cow by association, but. We’ll see :V

just kidding i love lance’s space cow lol jkjk not really i think I DONT KNOW i cant make up my mind

Take Your Gatekeeping and Shove It.

So, this past weekend, I took my 11-year-old daughter to SuperCon to meet her favorite actor (and favorite Doctor), Peter Capaldi.

She wore a little blue TARDIS-decorated dress and some Doctor Who pins, and she nearly cried with joy when Capaldi greeted her for the photo op. He was a consummate gentleman and such a sweet and enthusiastic person.

An hour or so after the wonderful photo op experience, she and I were sitting at a table in the food court area.

A burly, older man plopped down nearby.  He looked at my little girl’s outfit, smiled, and said, “Do you even KNOW anything about Doctor Who?”

WTF, dude?

I was too stunned for a second to even respond, so he started right in with the ‘quizzing.’

“Who are the Doctor’s biggest enemies, and what planet does he come from?” this stranger asked.

Now I had moved past shocked and right into indignant/angry/protective mode.

“I don’t want her to be quizzed on something she loves, because I don’t want her thinking she has to prove ANYthing in order to be a fan,“ I told him.

Looking at my daughter, I said “You don’t owe strangers explanations or information, ok?“  She said OK and looked relieved.

Still he pressed on, patronizing grin and all: “Oh, I just want to be sure parents are raising their kids right.” Then he turned to my daughter again and asked “Who was the first Doctor, then?”

I cut him off right there. “No. I don’t want her quizzed. At all.”

Dude blinked in disbelief, sighed, and left about a minute later.

“Thanks,” my daughter said. “He was making me feel awkward.”

I held her hand and looked into her eyes. “Some men think they can have power over you by making you prove yourself. You never have to do it. They’re just insecure and pitiful, so they want to make you feel like it, too.  It’s not only about fan stuff, and it’s not always just men, but be careful not to fall into that trap, ok?”

That crap isn’t harmless fun. It sets up a pattern of approval-seeking, self-justification, self-doubt, and fear of exclusion that is very dangerous for children (particularly girls).

Fuck that.

TL;DR:  Do NOT come at me, my little girl, or anyone in my vicinity with your condescending, gatekeeping bullshit.

The next time, I won’t make the mistake of even TRYING to be polite.

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I absolutely LOVE people who pay with pennies!

Seriously. 4 years ago, I’m cashiering at a whacky mart on a register that holds all the smokes and alcohol. It’s 10pm and these two young men (early 20s) come up to the counter. They have three random novelty items (I don’t remember they were), but it was strange and unusual to get odd items this late at night. Maybe it was for some fraternity, I don’t know. It’s a college town so I get weird stuff from frats a lot. I scan the items and tell them their total is $22.xx.

Grinning at each other, they reach into their jackets and slam down two gallon zip-lock bags, full of only pennies. I stare them in the eye, but they didn’t even look back at me. Everyone else in line groan and went to other registers. These two kids knew what they were doing, but they didn’t know what they were in for because I prepared for this; I knew this was going to inevitably happen. I grinned with them, because I was gonna get paid during this. These pranksters are here for recreation. This convo occurs between Me, Ringleader (the other guy was silent and awkward), and a friendly coworker of mine.

Me: Is this $22.xx?

Ringleader: …

Me: Did you count it?

Ringleader: Nope.

Me: Are you going to?

Ringleader: Nope.

Me: Is it at least $22.xx?

Ringleader: Don’t know.

Me: Nice.

Coworker: Hey! You guys can use the self checkout. It can take all of your coins at once.

Me: Oh, don’t worry about it Cowor–

Ringleader: Nope, don’t trust them lady.  (Partner laughs)

Coworker: What? Why!?

Ringleader: Doesn’t count all your change right.

Coworker: I’ve used them before. It really works!

Me: (to Coworker) I got this.

I unpacked the ziplocks and threw all the pennies on the counter. It was a beautiful, massive shitstorm of a mess. And I digged in it. I was Frank in a dumpster in ‘It’s Always Sunny’. The two, still averting my gaze, start chuckling as if they were taking away my dignity. They whisper to each other “Dude oh my God,” “Dude yeah,” “Dude, hilarious.” I counted each penny, one by one. My coworker comes up to me.

Coworker: Guess I’ll help you count this.

Me: Don’t worry about it.

(She looks at me confused. Then she puts on her 'get down to busy’ look.)

Coworker: I got your back.

Me: Oh…ok.

We worked up a system where we counted ten, put them in a pile, then with ten stacks of ten pennies we separated them, making $1 piles. We made progress slowly but surely. Some customers came to the line, but we advised them to get to another line. Some of them looked at us confused, but when they saw the counter full of pennies they understood. Some decided to wait, but when they realized it wasn’t going to take just a few minutes they took their leave. Another register in the liquor department opened so it wasn’t too bad for other customers. We get to about $12 (about 10min in) until I “knocked” over the piles.

Coworker: Neontonsil!

Me: Oops. Sorry.

(Coworker looks at my grin. I give her a wink and tilt my head, motioning her to leave)

Coworker: You know what, I think I better let you do this.

Me: Ha, alright.

(Coworker leaves. I look at the two guys. They are absolutely stunned at the fallen piles of pennies.)

Me: (To Ringleader) Yeah, I’m going to have to count all of this again.

Ringleader: ….Ok.

I started from zero. I count slower then ever, and made my way back up. The duo is entirely silent. I get to about $7, when suddenly I say:

Me: Drats. I lost count. I better start all over again.

Ringleader: Really?

Me: Oh yeah man.

Ringleader: Why!?

Me: I lost count, sir. I could be in trouble if my register doesn’t have the right amount of cash, and I don’t want to rip you off.

Ringleader: …

It’s about an hour later. My manager walks past, looks at me. I smile at him, and he looks at the counter. He walks away without a word. I eventually count all the change and surprisingly they had only $18!

Me: Hmm, I think that this is $18.

(The duo has been dead silent. They look done for the night.)

Me: I’ll recount it.

I fucking recounted it.

Me: I think this is actually $19.xx.

(Without a word, the Ringleader whips out a $5)

Me: Seriously? You had cash?

Ringleader: Needed to get rid of my change.

Me. No problem. I’ll just recount this again. I want to make perfectly sure that this is $19, since I counted $18 the first time.

Ringleader: Are you kidding me?

(I shake my head no, completely serious)

He takes out a $20 bill straight out of his pocket and throws it at me. My coworker gives the biggest WHAT THE FUCK face. Internally, I die as well, because they were smart enough to have a backup plan. And the fact that he was touching his cash in his pocket the entire time kinda messed with me. I take the cash, do the transaction, give him his change, thanked him and wished him a good night. The two start to put their pennies back in the ziplock bags and I didn’t help them at all. I watched them just as how they watched me. Lots of pennies dropped to the floor, but they didn’t care to pick them up. It looked like their souls were sucked out of them. It was past midnight and I clocked out way past when I was supposed to. A lot of my coworkers gave me a thumbs up or told me good night. Even my manager told me 'good job,’ the only two words he ever said to me. Went to bed at the dorms after such a great petty penny night and crashed. Strange to say, but I’d love to count pennies again.

TL;DR I recounted 1900 pennies like 5 times. Was it 5 times? I better count again.

I absolutely LOVE people who pay with pennies!

(long story. tl;dr at the end)

Seriously. 4 years ago, I’m cashiering at a whacky mart on a register that holds all the smokes and alcohol. It’s 10pm and these two young men (early 20s) come up to the counter. They have three random novelty items (I don’t remember they were), but it was strange and unusual to get odd items this late at night. Maybe it was for some fraternity, I don’t know. It’s a college town so I get weird stuff from frats a lot. I scan the items and tell them their total is $22.xx.

Grinning at each other, they reach into their jackets and slam down two gallon zip-lock bags, full of only pennies. I stare them in the eye, but they didn’t even look back at me. Everyone else in line groan and went to other registers. These two kids knew what they were doing, but they didn’t know what they were in for because I prepared for this; I knew this was going to inevitably happen. I grinned with them, because I was gonna get paid during this. These pranksters are here for recreation. This convo occurs between Me, Ringleader (the other guy was silent and awkward), and a friendly coworker of mine.

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100 Days of London Flat Memories → (42/100)

MINECART MANIA - Dan and Phil Play: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze #2

Making Out with Peter Parker would include..

- first of all

- look at peter he’s so in love with you he couldn’t even focus for the gif


- anyways

- you two cuties are literally a blushing mess

- happened while watching a movie at his place

- may just left to go get dinner

- him glancing at you

- holding your hand

- ‘hey (y/n) c-can i kiss you’

- ‘peter we’ve been dating for four months why do you keep asking’


- but the little angel was so gentle

- truth is he really doesn’t want to pressure you

- or break boundaries

- what a caring baby AWAWAW

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  • Mr Kubdel: Jalil is kinda irresponsible, I'll give the watch to Alix instead
  • Alix: *breaks watch within an hour and goes on a murder spree*
  • Mr Kubdel: Why are my children like this

Following this post and a lot of anon back and forth, here’s the alpha crew as a few other of the Voltron characters!