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The Last Stand

Pairing: Enjolras x reader

Prompt: “I wanna see you be brave.”

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You were gripping the hands of Courfeyrac and Enjolras so tightly that you were probably cutting off the circulation in their hands, but since they were doing the same to you it didn’t seem to matter.

The room was silent, the five of you hardly daring to breathe. The screams out on the barricade had ended, which could only mean that your friends were dead. You bit down on your lip to stop the sobs rising in your throat, and you tasted blood.

Directly below where you stood alongside Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Enjolras and Joly, you heard a muffled command. Silent tears streamed down your grubby cheeks, and Enjolras squeezed your hand even tighter in his.

You lifted your head slightly to meet his usually piercing blue eyes, now soft and kind. He nodded slightly at you, and you would have returned the gesture if it weren’t for the gunshots ringing out around you.

You fell against Enjolras as bullets peppered the three men on your right. The blond wrapped his arms around you tightly, holding you close to his chest and burying his face in your hair, waiting for the gunshots that would mean the deaths of you two.

When no shots were fired, you lifted your head from his chest slowly, expecting the guns to fire at any second. Shaking noticeably, you turned to look behind you and a gasp escaped your lips at the sight of three of your best friends lying dead in a pool of their own blood.

Tears stung your eyes, and you made an ugly choking sound as Enjolras moved you away from the bodies, turning you gently to look at him instead of the bodies.

“(Y/N),” he whispered, the tips pf his fingers just brushing against your cheek. “The soldiers will come up here…they’re going to find us.”

You nodded quickly, trying to stop crying but finding you couldn’t. Before, you had been more than willing to give your life for the cause, but now that the moment was here? You were terrified.

“I need you to be brave,” he murmured, resting his forehead against yours. “Don’t let them think that they scare us. That will be our last act of defiance, to be brave when they want us to be afraid. I want to see you be brave.”

As he said that, the sounds of heavily booted footsteps carried up the stairs and you breathed in sharply. Enjolras pulled you close, burying your head in his chest as the soldiers formed a line behind you. As the captain called his commands, you heard a soft whisper in your ear.

“I want to see you be brave.”

Then eight shots rang out, and you heard no more.

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Hey, who wants more EXR Halloween Themes? (first Halloween rec post here)

out of the woods (7k) by novembersmith

“I overdid it, that jump scare on you,” Enjolras says slowly, licking his lips and staring at Grantaire. His eyes are impossibly blue, the black band around them enhancing the color to something supernaturally beautiful. His cheeks are pink, like he’s been running hard, but they’re ensconced in candy-scented safety, and neither of them are running. “Because it was you. I thought—I figured you, you were here to make fun of me, again, and I was mad. I wanted to… impress you. Prove you wrong. I don’t know. I’m—it was poorly done of me. I’m sorry.”

Grantaire can’t even parse this. “I can’t believe you even recognized me,” he says, stupidly, and he doesn’t think he’d say any of this, anywhere else, but this feels like a dream, unreal, and the words are slipping out somehow. “I didn’t think I really registered to you? At all. Let alone in costume.”

caught (2k) by twofrontteethstillcrooked

“I didn’t like the juice either,” Enjolras said, yawning. “It tasted terrible. That ghoul’s the worst.”

“Enjolras,” Grantaire said, pulling away until Enjolras had to snap upright or fall over, “what ghoul?”

“The ghoul, you know,” Enjolras said. “White hair, black teeth. No, wait: black hair, white teeth. Slick. Dapper.”

“You shouldn’t go to sleep.” Now Grantaire sounded Definitely Upset, and was pushing Enjolras’s hair away from his face. Enjolras didn’t know when he’d started sweating, but Grantaire’s palm was cold and lovely on his throat.

Everyone thinks we came to this party as a couple because our costumes match what’s your name AU by @sovinly

They smile, and their mouth really is tempting in that shade of soft-pinkish red he doesn’t have a name for, and they shake his hand when he offers it. “Grantaire. It’s a pleasure. I’m a guy, by the way, I just apparently look fabulous in a chiton, certain styles of which were also worn by men so that went nowhere.”

He lets his mouth quirk up at the corners, catching Grantaire’s gaze. “Well, you know, fuck gender normativity.”

This is not a fic per se, but it is delightful nonetheless:

zombie robespierre by @et-in-arkadia

grantaire says, “listen, i’m sorry, i had no idea you’d be here as saint-just, i’m going to leave so people will stop assuming we’re here together,” and enjolras says, “you didn’t know?”

And okay, can we count ones where they’re vampires or werewolves? Let’s do:

blood in the streets of paris (22k)* by @mooging62​ 

Grantaire has heard the stories, they’ve all heard the stories, but no one ever told him about this, the way the bite could thunder through him, a storm cloud rolling through his body with nowhere safe for it to break. The bite on his neck throbs. Enjolras’s mouth on his wrist is insistent.

There’s a buzzing in his ears, his pulse is a crescendo under his skin, and he clutches at Enjolras’s back with desperate hands, keeping him in place. “Please,” he says again, urging Enjolras on. “Enjolras, yes, god - “

Enjolras makes a noise, sharp and desperate, that is going to stay with Grantaire until someone fucking Eternal Sunshines it out of him. Grantaire wants him so much, wants to fist his hand in Enjolras’s stupid perfect messy curls and pull his head back to see his red, red mouth, wants to drag him up and crash their mouths together until they bruise from it.

*WIP but doesn’t leave off in a bad place

Alphas (1k) by Ren

Grantaire ducks into the first deserted alley he can find outside the bar, leans against the dirty brick wall, lights a cigarette and waits. No point in hiding from a pack who can smell him, so he hopes they’ll be quick about it. He’s not disappointed. He’s barely taken a pull from his cigarette when Enjolras steps into the alley.

“Where’s the rest of the pack?” he asks, lips curling into a smirk. “Please tell me you’re not going to fight me on your own.”

“What makes you think I plan on fighting?” Enjolras replies. His voice is low but carries across the alley easily, and somehow it sends a shiver down Grantaire’s spine.

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Definitely don't picture grumpy morning Enjolras hugging R from behind and hiding his face in R's shoulder and he just gives a grumpy little whine because "'Taire it's too early and you're not in bed" and R just laughs and says something to him in like Spanish because you know R knows like a million languages and Enjolras just grumbles because he has no idea what R just said but knows he just made fun of him because of the shit-eating grin on his face. Definitely don't picture that.

Omg Oh no oh god this is too precious help akjdfhagsdf

Thank you so much, this made me very happy qwq

I think what really makes ExR canon for me is Enjolras’ last moments.
It’s obvious from the beginning that Grantaire loves and adores Enjolras but until those last few moments Enjolras never gives a hint of affection back.

But Enjolras, who is portrayed as an argumentative figure, the type of guy who always has to make a statement, to always have the last word is happy to die in silence whilst holding Grantaire’s hand.
Enjolras is a hero-figure but he doesn’t choose a hero’s death (like Jehan shouting or even just staring the guards down nobly), he chooses a lover’s death, hand in hand with Grantaire. In his last moment he is happy to forget France and the revolution and focus on Grantaire.

In the end Enjolras chooses Grantaire over Patria.

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sit next to each other in orchestra AU, exr

e/R | violinists au, dysfunctional flirting

“Sit up straight,” hisses Enjolras.

Grantaire’s eyebrows rise so high they disappear under his mop of hair. “Really? Are we five?”

“I don’t know how you can play like that,” mutters Enjolras. The conductor is busy doing something with the cellos that involves bow work that really should have been done when they were sectioned off but hey, that’s cellos for you. Grantaire is slouched so low in his chair that he’s basically lying down on it with his butt hanging off the seat, not that Enjolras is noticing his butt or where it is.

Grantaire somehow manages to raise his head enough to wedge his violin in between his chin and the flat of his chest. When he talks, the violin wobbles up and down. “Don’t you ever practice in bed?”

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The quote “The one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person.” makes me think of Grantaire angrily pining over Enjolras & thinking about how he'll never love him back yikes


Let’s not forget Hugo’s epic : “You who suffer because you love, love still more. To die of love, is to live by it.“ THAT LITERALL KEEPS ME UP AT NIGHT THINKING ABOUT ENJOLTAIRE

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E/R 11!

“I am going to kill him,” Enjolras snarls, eyes bright with fury, and Grantaire curls his fingers into fists. Enjolras doesn’t often say things in that tone, but when he does, he always means it, and he always carries through. “I am going to make him wish he never touched you. I am going to make him regret everything-“

"Stop!” Grantaire cries. “Just- Stop.” He flinches when Enjolras tries to reach out for him and Enjolras draws his hand back, face carefully blank. “Why are you doing this?”

Enjolras’ eyes flash. “Montparnasse tried to-“

"No,” Grantaire says, and fights to keep himself as calm as he can. “No. Why are you doing this to me? Why do you keep doing this to me?” 

"I don’t understand,” Enjolras says, and he isn’t lying. Grantaire always knows when he lies.

“You keep telling me that we aren’t together,” Grantaire says, and lets out a ragged exhale. “You keep telling me that I don’t mean anything to you, that we just work jobs together, that we are just sleeping together, that you don’t want me to have feelings for you. And then you do this. You would kill a man for me. You would kill a man because he touched me.” He lunges forward and grabs Enjolras by the lapels of his jacket. “If you don’t return my feelings, stop making me think you do! Stop making me love you, Enjolras, please, stop-“

Enjolras cuts him off with a kiss, harsh and hard, and the fight goes out of Grantaire completely.