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Positives On The Moons
  • Aries: Have a good sense of right and wrong, they feel which is which strongly so often stand up for justice
  • Taurus: Like to be generous and will treat you even when you don't need them to, they don't even realise it
  • Gemini: So relaxed and chilled out, they give an air of peace where you can just be yourself
  • Cancer: Like to be the mum of the group, often the warmth and centre within their friends and will bring happiness
  • Leo: So much ambition and nurture with them, they would do anything for those they care about, but also able to work for themselves
  • Virgo: Intellectual worldly conversations come naturally, very loving and great to talk to about next to anything
  • Libra: Like to keep the peace and make people smile, have a strong sense of justice they will speak out for
  • Scorpio: Care about people deeply even when they pretend not to, they like to watch out for friends like guardian angels
  • Sagittarius: Very hard-working and studious (surprise!), it's admirable how hard they will work to get what they believe they deserve
  • Capricorn: Humbling, and the mother of all their friends, they like to give people peace and a place to be safe
  • Aquarius: Love to look out for their friends and take their minds off the bad in their life, always thinking of new ideas to make you smile
  • Pisces: Genuinely always caring about you and actively looking out for you, no matter how bad you argue or disagree
new moon of may!

merry meet everyone! since it is a new moon tonight, i wanted to share some things i’d like to accomplish in this lunar cycle in order to better myself and my craft. 

meditation: iv’e never been big on meditation, ever. but this moon i’d like to change that. starting tonight, i am going to try to meditate for 15-20 minutes every night (finals are coming up so i don’t have much time, studying)

spells: i would like to branch out a bit more with my spells. i typically stick to sigils, potions, and spell jars but i have seen some amazing candle spells i want to try out.

body: i’m in the marching band at my school, so i will be outside everyday for hours in the hot sun. when we’re running sets, i often get lazy and slack. i want to push myself and max out every rep. also in the body category, many people go vegan for band camp to get healthier(dairy and meat can tend to make you feel very weighed down) and i’ve already been vegetarian my whole life so i would like to try to cut out a lot of dairy products this lunar cycle.  

mind: like i said, finals are coming up, and i feel so much pressure on me to do better. i want to cleanse my mind and think positively.

how about you? what are your goals this moon? i would love to hear them so we can motivate each other! feel free to message me if you want to talk or make a witchy friend! my ask box is also open along with submitting posts to this blog! blessed be!

Magickal Margarita Toner

Lime is a kitchen essential in my home, but I just recently learned the more witchy uses for it! Lime is super great for the skin but is also used to promote tranquility, to purify, and protect. I whipped up a little toner water to use as a glamour spell and gosh, does it smell and feel wonderful.

If you’d like to try it yourself, the recipe was super simple:
One Lime
A spritz of citrus vodka (Vodka is surprisingly good for the skin, did you know that? A little bit of lemon or grapefruit juice can work as a substitute though)
Fine Salt
Water of you choice! I recommend moon water as most witches do, and full moon water is good for reinvigorating the soul. New moon is good for cleansing of negativity, though, and (properly treated/diluted) ocean water can be good for washing away the bad or instilling change.

It doesn’t make too much, as these sorts of things don’t tend to keep very long (2-3 weeks at best). It’s a super quick recipe, too! It only took me like 5 minutes to whip up - and that’s including having to find gloves because lime juice is really painful on open wounds ;;

If you’d like to try it, just remember that you have to think real hard about what you want out of your toner water while you’re creating it. Is its purpose to cleanse, to invigorate, to protect you from outside forces? Your intent matters a lot.

Happy witchin’, everyone <3

Conjugal Visits *Spencer Reid*

“Hey babe.” I smile finally hugging Spencer. I see his bruised face and I can’t believe he’s locked up for nothing. Even though the team couldn’t prove he’s been framed, Emily did everything in her power and called in all the favors so i can get the conjugal visits. “Stay a little longer.” Spencer whispers still holding me in a hug. “God, you smell so good.” He buries his nose deeper in the crack of my neck. His hands squeeze my waist and i feel his lips trail kisses on my neck. “I’ve missed you so much.” His whisper makes me shiver. Somehow him having bruises on his hands and face makes him feel hotter and i get so turned on in this moment. “Seeing you only once a month will kill me slowly.” He looks into my eyes and i gulp knowing the feeling. I’ve waited so much to see him. “Let’s not think about that now.” I cup his face pulling him closer to me. I crush my lips on his and let his tongue softly brush against mine. He grabs my body closer to his and his kiss get rougher pinning me against the cold wall. I moan feeling him so eager for me. His hands travel down my arms and grabs my hips lifting me up. I wrap my legs around his torso and his lips meet my neck. “F.uck.” I whisper moaning as he sucks on my sweet spot. “I’ve missed those moans.” He smirks to himself crushing his lips to mine. My hands tangle in his curly hair and i pull gently on it wanting so much more from him right now. He carries me to the hard bed that is in the room and carefully places me down. He takes off my panties and smiles to me. “I love when you’re wearing skirts.” His head flinches between my legs and instantly close my eyes as his lips kiss up my thighs. His tongue circles around my c.lit and i just love the sensation of his hair touching my bare skin. His eyes meet mine and one his hands travels u my body squeezing one of my boobs. The other hand spreads the wetness slowly entering me and i bite my lip surpassing the moans. He adds another finger while his tongue doesn’t stop its movement, and he starts thrusting faster. He knows me so well, he knows exactly where to touch me to get me high. I run my fingers in his hair and push my centre closer to him. “I missed your cheery taste.” He smirks and i bite my lip pulling his face closer to mine. I missed him so much. I can feel he missed me too by the way he kisses me so roughly like he would glue myself to him if possible. I take my hand to his crotch area where i find himself so hard right now and i smirk to myself through the kiss. “Spence, i want you now.” I whisper sending him over the edge as i rub gently through his pants. I’ve never seen the look in his eyes he has right now. He stops kissing me and turns me around. I smirk hearing him taking off the pants as i lay on both my legs and arms. A wet feeling touches my heat and when i feel his long curly hair, I realize it’s his tongue. He places both hands on my butt cheeks squeezing them, slowly spreading them to allow his moth to kiss me. I arch my back so that my centre is in the air and the rest of my upper body is laying on the cushions. “Reid, you’re killing me.” I moan wanting all of him now. He then kisses one of my butt cheeks gently biting on it. “You’ve no idea what the thought of you does to me when I’m in that cell.” His voice is so hot right now i get even wetter. I feel his body moving and i can feel his hardness rubbing against my slit. “F.uck.” My mouth moans as he enters me slowly. He moves in and out painfully slow and I’m dying in this moment because i know he does this on purpose. “Spence?” I moan. “Yes?” He asks like nothing happened. “Stop teasing me.” I whisper and i can tell he smirks right now. “What would you want instead?” He still moves at that same exact pace driving me insane. “F.uck me like it’s gonna be the last time you do it.” As i say those words i feel his hands reaching for my hair putting in a ponytail softly pulling my head closer to his. “Is that what you really want?” He asks and i reply with a moan. He pulls my hair and thrusts harder in me. His pace fastened up like never before and I didn’t think I could even get wetter right now, but the way he touches my spot with his every thrust, sends me over the moon. He pulls my hair and thrusts himself into me making me lose my mind. I’ve never new Spencer had this side in him. Hearing him groan makes me go crazy. I feel so close as he squeezes my but with one of his hands. “You’re so tight. I forgot how good this feels.” He whispers in my ear pulling me by my hair closer to his mouth. “Shit. Spence?” He knows I’m about to cum and- my mind blows my eyes rolling back my body convulses my teeth biting my lip my mouth screams my hands squeezing the sheets. I don’t know for a few seconds until i can hear again and feel my legs shaking as i hear Spence grunting. He grabs my hair pulling me closer to him turning my face around and he crashes his mouth on mine. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but i loved every minute of this.” I whisper and he smirks. “Prison changes you and you have no idea what I thought about every night. All the things i want to do to you. I want you so bad, Y/n.” ******************************************* Hey hey minds of dirty criminals. Here’s an update. Hope you enjoy this. I haven’t really had a lot of time to write these days, but seeing Reid in prison triggered my imagination.

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mi-soledad-maulla  asked:

I saw Sailor Moon for the first time when I was 11 (90's version... don't guess my age, please). I was a real big fan so, when I heard about the 20th anniversary... to say I was excited is the last. However the new version dissapointed me for matters who we already know (is not against the version itself, but 90's anime was on another level), Anyways... I only wanted to say this blog is real interesting (and funny af) and make me feel reconnected with the old school fandom. Thank you.

I think we all were hella excited sis and were let down big time.

Crystal had really big shoes to fill but that wasn’t the reason it failed; it failed because they didn’t really care about the quality of the product (the show itself).

For big companies like TOEI, merch is where the money’s at so they don’t really care about viewers or quality (so keep using those ~unofficial streaming links~ sis). Crystal was just an excuse to relive the franchise and sell more merch. Sailor Moon Crystal wasn’t the main project of the 20th anniversary (should have tho) but an accessory which was merely an excuse to keep putting merch out, and as an accessory, they thought that it didn’t need much investment so that’s the reason why Crystal sucks.

Crystal is a joke and it ruined a lot of fans’ expectations whom have been longing for the revival of their most beloved childhood show so it’s only natural that fans are disappointed and upset.

At least, Crystal has been the reason for us moonie to come together again, have fun and relive the fandom.

And I’m thankful for that.


Chibiusa from Sailor Moon

Fun with magnets and backpacks! Tried out a bunch of new things for this one, and I think they paid off! I think my favorite part was the moment I figured out how to make the little hair curls.

Want a plush of your own? Contact me for info! I’m willing to make just about anything with a decent reference. Or check out my finished dolls for sale here!

~How Each Moon Sign Experiences Intuition, POEM!~

Moon in Aries:

Sudden impulses of knowing to leave a scene.

Your disorderly instincts come out as mean.

Your tenderness is unlikely to show,

You’d rather move forward, get up and go.

Moon in Taurus:

Seeks soul fulfillment through bodily ordeals

Moon in Gemini:

To perceive the energy, their hands feel

By holding gem stones,

A message is known.

Moon in Cancer:

With your Clairsentience,

Gut feelings about current occurence

Moon in Leo:

Feel in your heart what is right,

Gusto comes thru like dynamite.

Moon in Virgo:

You’d rather use logic than become more fluid and let things be as they are. You feel intuition about what needs to be fixed. You tune in to how you can improve a situation. You didn’t want a poem, you wanted straight up words!

Moon in Libra:

You intuit a way to fit in

By being agreeable, you win.

Moon in Scorpio:

You understand life more deeply than most.

 You have potential to channel ghosts.

In previous lives you’ve “done it all before”.

This is how you intuit so much more.

Moon in Sagittarius:

Excited vigor sprouting from your ever-burning soul.

You are a flickering flame whose heart isn’t dull!

Moon in Capricorn: More analytical than a heartfelt intuitive, you’d rather look at a situation by breaking it down in a way that makes sense to you. Give me straight up information, no fluff,

these poems are more than enough.

Moon in Aquarius:

Ideas come to you like lightning,

You make discoveries so brightening

Mysticism and cosmos flow thru

When everyone else is thinking dull,

You see something new!

Scientifically inspired,

With neurotic intelligence, you’re wired

You care about what’s true.

While Pisces deceives,

Aquarius doesn’t believe.

Other realms flow thru Picean dreams,

With ethereal wisdom their intuition gleams

In tune with the “other side”,

If they ignore other’s deride,

They’ll maintain their gift,

Finding their place in the paradigm shift.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I am SO excited about your upcoming Fenrir/Hermione story and I was just wondering if you had any favorite fics of this pairing while I patiently wait to devour the amazingness that you will undoubtedly serve us with your new WIPs? I hope this is okay to ask, I'm really bad at fandom manners if you will but I adore your writing and trust your taste so I thought I'd give it a shot :)

Hello lovely Anon, of course it is okay for you to ask! (I am sure you have nothing less than perfect manners).

In the run up to planning my own story, I think I have read every Fenrir x Hermione out there :)

These are in no particular order of preference and they are all very different.

Instincts by Reveraine [Complete]

This fic begins at the start of the Horcrux hunt and their relationship goes through a whole range of stages, it includes a really thorough explanation of pack dynamics and a whole heap of side characters that are super engaging. 

Obliquity by Reveraine [WIP]

New fic by the author above. In this fic Hermione is bitten as a young Hogwarts student and the dynamic between the two is, at present, more mentor oriented. Only a few chapters in but already loving it. 

Hunted by LameBicycle98 [Complete]

In the best possible way, I don’t even know what to say about this one. It’s dark and honestly a little hard to read in the beginning because of the themes but its mesmerisingly beautiful in a way that stayed with my long after I had finished it.

Over the Hills and Far Away by @nauticalparamour [WIP]

A muggle AU is a hard thing to take on and this one is done unbelievably well. The story focuses on Fenrir as a leader of a biker gang and Hermione as a reluctant barmaid. It’s fluffy in places with dark suspense that leaks into the frame at every turn. Plus, the weaving of canon characters into the AU plot is masterful.

Hey There Little Red by @nauticalparamour [Complete]

Super fun muggle AU fic in a university setting. Plays with the fairytale interpretation of the werewolf theme (as the title would suggest). Real laugh out loud moments in this sexy story. 

Self Reliance by Chaco [WIP]

This is a dark fic. The author posts notes in each new chapter as to how ‘game of thrones ish’ it will be. No shortage of blood and gore. Some super clever ideas in this one that makes you look at canon in a whole new way. 

Marked and Running from Destiny by @ash-castle [Complete]

Two beautiful one-shots with rich imagery that just draws you right in. 

Full Moon Fire by Lady Mimi Alice de Yorke [Complete]

A delightfully fluffy one-shot that just makes me grin. 

> I am sure there are hundreds more, but these were the ones I could think of off the top of my head. 

>> Thank you so much for your lovely comments! My Fenrir x Hermione is going to be in the style of a long one-shot (currently about 11k), I’m nearly done with it so it should be up next week. 

anonymous asked:

If Sailor Moon was to ever go into a big hollywood film. Like ghost in the shell do you think it would sell? Also who would you want to star in it ( I know of the controversy over asian and non asian actor) but either doesnt bother me. So you can pick either asian or not to star in it. Should it have a lighter or darker tone to story? Should it have an original story? Or go from the first manga if so any changes? Also who should direct it? Use old ost and remix it or make a new ost?

So I don’t wanna be a downer about this, but I kinda… hope that never happens. I just don’t think Hollywood would get the point of Sailor Moon? I think there is way too much nuance that would get abandoned because Hollywood has a very specific idea of how superhero movies should look and feel, and also has no idea how to deal with a female ensemble action movie. And I think the characters should stay Japanese, because that’s who they are.

But all that said I would love to see a big budget live action film! I’ve seen some really good ones come out of the Japanese film industry–the upcoming Fullmetal Alchemist, for example, looks amazing. My ideal film would be a more grown up PGSM: keep the focus on interpersonal relationships to take advantage of the fact that you have real live actors in the roles, but update the action and CGI to appeal to a more general audience (and no plushie Luna, please). 

I think a movie would have to either completely reboot the first story arc in a more condensed way (I fear there is too much content to pack into 90 minutes) or assume the audience knows the premise and don’t bother with the origin story at all. A retelling of one of the short stories, like The Lover of Princess Kaguya, would be perfect. Or make it a Sailor V movie, and make the climax actually be her and Usagi’s awakening as Venus and Moon.

I’d want a new OST tailored to the film, but with some mixes of past songs. Imagine hitting the climax and a cover of Moonlight Densetsu or Moon Pride kicks in? That would be amazing.

Angel’s ‘anti-curse’ breakup healing spell

So, if you know me at all, you know that I am against cursing personally. What I mean is that anyone can curse if they would like, however I personally do not want to do it myself. I live by the motto, “do unto others what you want others to do unto you”. As you can imagine, I often find myself being angry and wanting to fling a few curses at someone every so often. It is hard to resist on occasion. But sometimes it’s just that the intention of the spell may be easily implied as a curse. Such like this one, where I wished myself to be cleansed of my anxiety over a ‘breakup’ so to speak. I didn’t think that it could be taken as a spell while I was doing an incantation, and I kept having to remind myself that I wish no harm unto the other party. So I thought after I finished that maybe others, like Wiccans who live by the Rede and cannot curse, could use this. I wrote it down after the fact, so I don’t have any images of materials, but I did post a picture of the amethyst I used. Anyway, straight out of my book of shadows, here it is!


  • An amethyst piece
  • A burnable representation of the other party
    • I used and reccomend paper since it is easy to deal with. You will need the smoke during the spell and paper does issue a big amount of smoke. The paper I used was two sheets in my BoS that I used to write ingredients for a protection/love bottle that had his name on it.
  • Sage
  • A full moon. Not dire, but I think it will help, as this spell is supposed to induce change (moving on), and the full moon is perfect for that.
  • A new moon later
  • Plastic bag
  • hammer


  • Ground yourself and meditate with the amethyst. Think about what the person did to you to make you in this much pain. Think about how you feel and how you would like to feel. Remind yourself you do not wish any harm upon the other party. Envision yourself completely devoid of this person in life.
  • Begin to burn the paper/object over a flame of sage and begin to chant:

“I wish for no pain to be in your life

I wish for me to be rid of my strife.

I wish to be free in my heart,

I wish to move on with a fresh start.

As this burns, so do my desires

My happiness reborn with this fire.”

  • Continue to chant this. Continuously remind yourself that you wish no harm and only want to be happy.
  •  Once the flames have consumed most of the object (I blew out the flames and let the whole thing singe over time so I could chant as much as I could), pass the amethyst through the smoke and chant:

“I do not wish ______ any harm from me,

as I will it, so mote it be.”

  • Allow the object to finish burning and place the amethyst on an altar, around some selenite, or just on a window sill where it will remain untouched.
  • Leave it, and every time you see it, remind yourself of what you wish to be like. At the next new moon (which represents endings) put the amethyst in a small plastic bag and put it on the ground. Hammer the amethyst until it is in pieces. This resembles the ending of the pain you wish to find.
  • You can either bury the amethyst in the earth, throw it in a moving body of water or keep it as a reminder. You can put it in a small bottle with some sage, sea salt and egg shell and cleanse it, using it as a symbol of protection against future heartbreak. This is what I plan on doing, and I will leave it on my altar.

I hope I was able to help you guys!! Honestly I feel better already. It kind of makes me feel better to visualize these things and get them out there. I’ll post a picture of the bottle at the next new moon; you better know it’s gonna look pretty.


Request Scenario: “Can you do a long jungkook smut with lots of foreplay and nipple play pleasee”

Genre: what do you think.

Word Count: 2190

A/N: I’M GOING TO HELL BECAUSE OF YOU ANON. HELL. HELL. BURNING FIREY HELL. thank you so much for your request :3 I tried my best “nipple play”. 


Okay, you admit that you were maybe trying to rile Jungkook up, but it wasn’t for no reason.

He spent so much of his time making his fans go crazy through his sensual hip thrusts, wetting of his lips, those eyes fucking contacts that by the time he spends his time with you, it’s like he is drained from doing any real sexual activities. No lingering touches, no suggestive looks, for god’s sake, he doesn’t even look at you like he used you when you purposely bent over to show a glimpse of cleavage. Boobs guy my ass. You were sick and tired of not being physically loved, you don’t even remember the last time you guys slept together. You understood that he was tired and just wants to rest when he goes on breaks, but this has been happening for far too long and you were beginning to feel deprived from him. Every waking moment nowadays are spent having to go everywhere and see his face, knowing that you are the one he truly loves, but not getting that attention physically.

So when you were a tad bit tipsy and touching Taehyung just a little more than casual friends do, the glare Jungkook was sending your way from the other side of the room was sinfully satisfying.

“You wanna tell me why you are being so flirtatious with Jungkook literally looking like he could murder me without a second thought over there?” Taehyung leans forward and whispered into your ear.

“He haven’t fucked me for two months.” That’s all you had to say before you saw Taehyung topple over laughing.

“Oh man, you are really asking for it tonight.” The older boys shouted through the blasting music of the party.

“How mad do you think he will be?” You shouted back, this time, placing your perfectly manicured hand on his thighs, making Taehyung raise his eyebrows.

“Well, he is coming over right now.” Taehyung nodded towards the dark-haired maknae who was barging though the sea of drunk dancers. He didn’t even need to get close to you for you to see just how dark his eyes were, swirling with a mix of anger and a hint of something new.

“Hey ba—” This was working a lot better than you thought it would as Jungkook dragged you across the crowded dance floor and into a more secluded hallway.

“What the hell do you think you were doing?” He slammed you against the cold marble wall, it felt so nice, contrasting your heated skin.

“Honestly Jungkook, what are you talking about?” You were really pushing your limits now.

“Don’t play innocent with me, Y/N. You know exactly what you were doing.” The way he said your name was almost too quiet to have any ounce of cute little Jungkook left in him.

“Seriously, I don’t.” His body pressed against yours harshly as you felt his hard-on digging into your stomach. It wasn’t until now that you realize how strong he has gotten. His powerful leg forced yours apart as he began to rub your core with his leather-clad thigh. Oh, did those pants drive you crazy every he wore them on stage.

“You don’t touch any other male beings like that. Only me.” He barked into your ears, making you understand he truly meant what he said. “Do. You. Understand.” He stated, wrapping his long fingers around your neck not too loosely.

“No.” It didn’t settle within your mind why you said that, but the look Jungkook was beginning to scare you.

Oh god, I shouldn’t have done this.

“No?” He repeated.
“No?!” He screamed, striking the wall next to you head. You felt his arms around your knees as he threw you over his shoulder effortlessly like you were one of his language bags.

“Let me go!” You shouted, banging his back repeatedly. Oh my god. Oh my god. You mind was racing with so many thoughts, you couldn’t even keep track. You also didn’t understand why you were enticed by this side of Jungkook. It was just so different. Not that you two haven’t had rough sex before, but it was never because there was a reason behind it, you just wanted it to be fast, so it turned into rough. This… This had a reason and you were getting more and more intrigued by how he will take care of this situation.

When Jungkook let you go, it was at the back of the limo you all arrived at the party in. Demanding the driver to drive straight to the nearest hotel, you couldn’t even believe your ears when Jungkook basically told a stranger that he was going to have sex with you. Not only that, he took a remote control and scrolled the screen up to block the view from the driver.

“Kookie…” You tried to speak softly, not wanting to make him anymore mad.

“Don’t even think about calling me that tonight. You have been so bad and I’m going to punish you.” This was new and so was the amount of wetness that was settling in your panties. On the way to the hotel, Jungkook gripped your thigh, making crescent moon marks on your inner thighs. As you delighted in the sting his grip gave you, he index finger suddenly stroke your fabric-covered center.

“Nobody else make you this wet, can they.” It wasn’t a question to be answered, it was an affirmation reminding you who you belonged to.

The pad of his finger lazily rubbed circles on your clit, not increasing in speed, just staying the constant. You were stuck in a painful buzzing moment where you are about to reach your orgasm, but he wasn’t going fast enough for you to actually reach your breaking point. 

Never tease Jungkook again, or you will be the one that suffer the consequences. Your mind made note of that quickly. 

The sleek black automobile silently halted in front of a glamorous hotel.  Pulling you out of the seat, leaving you still vibrating in pleasure, you were now trying to pull down your black dress. Jungkook did slightly want to humiliate you, but he also didn’t want unnecessary attention brought forth to you, so he reluctantly helped you with your dress and proceeded towards the gold-edged elevator. The interior was covered in mirrors, giving Jungkook an idea when he immediately pushed you against the mirrors. Your chest was roughly forced against the reflective surface, leaving you to see your messed up expression with eyes bloodshot and hair decorated all over the place. You haven’t even had sex and you already looked like you were ready for the walk of shame.

“Who are you wet for, princess?” Your eyes screwed shut, unable to form coherent words with the way Jungkook was thrusting his fingers into you. After a few seconds of you continuing to moan in pleasure, his hands landed on your bottom, slapping you. You were positive tomorrow you will see a dominating handprint, tattooed against your smooth skin.  

“You! Jungkook. You!” Screaming on top of your lungs, you were surprised people weren’t calling the managers, wondering what was going on within one of their elevators. Leaving you empty once again, you whined at the lost of contact as you two stumbled towards the hotel room. Fumbling with the card, Jungkook snatched it out of your hands and swiped the door open.

“Strip.” Jungkook demanded, pushing you towards the bed. You slowly tugged your ruined dress off you, while his eyes were following your every move. He was like a predator, observing his prey before attacking. You have never felt so vulnerable before, having Jungkook command your every single action. But you secretly enjoyed it being under his control. He was your puppeteer, moving your every limb for his enjoyment.

“Kneel.” He looked down at you and petted your hair, deeming you his. The plush carpet sank in as your knees made contact with it, “Look up.” Following his order, you saw Jungkook grinning down at you cunningly and the all black suit he was adorning on his body was not helping with the imagines you were playing in your mind.

“Are you just gonna stare? Get to work princess.” He growled, pushing your focus towards the constricted black pants. You could drool over how much you wanted to taste him. Unbuckling his leather belt, you liberated his pulsing shaft. Without hesitation, your enveloped his leaking head with your mouth, making the boy above you pull on your hair. Moaning onto him, you were rewards with a caring touch on your cheek. That was his way of telling you good job. Stroking his base you felt him buck into your mouth, no longer able to hold onto his release. “Y/N…” He grunted lowly, seeing you swallow all that he has given you.

His eyes were hooded and dark, his usual self was gone, lifting you onto the silky sheet, he crawling on top of you. Both his arms were upright next to your head, while his thighs trapped you under him. He looked like a lion ready to pounce and he did, roughly biting your neck and then soothing it with his tongue, he was ready to cover you in him. He wanted to brand you his and forever his. He wanted to own you, all your emotions, his. Letting every human being know that you were his. Jungkook has never felt so possessive over you until he saw the way you can ensnare another male under your playful hands.

With your mind unclear about what was happening, you were shocked to feel your breast suddenly bared into the cold air, seeing that Jungkook didn’t even reached behind you to unclasp your bra, he held your torn up piece of clothing dangling above you. He did not just rip your favorite bra. You lifted your legs and fastened them onto Jungkook’s hips, trying to flip him, but you were powerless against him as you felt his pouty lips latch onto your raising nipples.

“Jungkook…” You moaned weakly under his simultaneously grinding pelvis. Dancing really helped him move better in bed that’s for sure.

He blew onto your sensitive bud, making them calling out for more attention and then he would softly bit down, as his hand massaged the other. Kneading them roughly, you whimpered his name over and over again. Jungkook could cover your nipples and suck on them until they were reddened with raw attention. Moving his head between your breast he trailed kisses towards your stomach, taking the lacy trimming of your panties between his teeth, he tugged them off and immediately began lapping on your swollen clit. Pulling hard onto his previously styled hair, you thrusted into his mouth as he slide his tongue in between your trenched folds.

“Mmm you taste so good princess.” He commented quickly, diving back into feasting on your core. It was pure euphoria when your core tighten and your legs shook with pleasure you’ve never reached before.

“Are you okay babe?” Jungkook’s voice was returning to his normal octave as he smiled shyly, unable to comprehend the past hour of what he did. You nodded lazily, trying to get down from the body shattering feeling that was still coursing through your body. Although you were tired, you could see how tense Jungkook still was and you knew he would just ignore it as much as he can, but you wanted to give him at least this.

Reaching down and wrapping your small hands around his harden member, Jungkook groans likely as your sank into his length. He may be the youngest, but he might as well be the biggest. Filing you to the ends of world, your bodies rocked together. Holding you tightly against his chest, Jungkook planting sloppy wet kisses along your jawline. Unlike the roughness that took place, this wasn’t fucking, it was love making and it didn’t take much for you two to began trembling, crying each other names. You already felt the dryness within your vocal chords, grating against each other.

“I’m sorry for being so rough just now. I don’t know what came over me, I just felt so jealous the attention Taehyung was getting. I’m so sorry baby.” Jungkook mumbled, covering his face with the back of his hand while the other kept a hold of you close to his.

“Don’t you dare apologize for the best sex I’ve ever had.” You corrected, booping his nose that you loved so much.

“Oh…” As if he face was flushed enough already, another shade of pink took over.

“But in all honestly, Kookie… Don’t make me try to get your attention like that again okay? I know you are tired and I may be sounding incredibly self–” Your turn to mutter out as much as you could was stopped when his lips landed on yours.

“It’s my fault for not seeing my baby girl’s needs. I’m sorry.” He smiled, displaying his bunny teeth.

“I love you Jeon Jungkook.” You cooed, sleep beginning to take you over.

“You are my life Y/N.”


Say hi to Satan.

Hope you enjoyed this and I’m sorry it took a while, I had to mentally prepare myself for writing this. Being a noona can suck sometimes.

//gif is not mine–neither is the boy, unfortunately//

Noragami Ch69

Another crazy and emotional Noragami chapter. Can I just say that Adachitoka never fails to amaze me with his art? His drawing and his paneling are masterful. Take this panel for example:

It is not a coincidence that Kazuma’s right hand with his name is placed slightly over the threshold as he basically declares his love for Bishamon and asks her to follow him (might as well be a proposal scene tbh). Here, for the first time, he crosses the invisible line that divides a master and a shinki. His body language says that he still respects the line with most of his body still behind it, leaning only slightly forward, but it is significant that his two fingers, the fingers that are used to make a borderline, to create boundaries, are now marking a new line, or dissolving the old one.

And this scene starts with him talking to Bishamon on the other side of the threshold and being respectfully outside of her personal space.

I love how Bishamon is the first one to come closer to the line and to him as he tries to stay in his place just like how he insists on calling her new name with -sama attached. In the end, it is Kazuma who takes the step (hand?) to cross the line that has defined their relationship up to this point. 

It’s amazing how these few panels show so much about their evolving relationship. I also think it is beautiful that Adachitoka chose to draw Kazuma’s transformation into a hafuri at the moment when there is a new understanding and acceptance between them. To me, the hafuri status always signifies more than a one-sided devotion. It is not about dying for one’s master, or willing to die for one’s master, that makes a hafuri. It seems to happen when the master and the shinki reach true symbiosis in their relationship. 

Thank you, Adachitoka, for giving us these beautiful scenes and these interesting and complex characters. Now please let them live.

*Screenshots credited to the tireless and amazing @fast-moon.

I think this is the single cutest thing Aro has ever done in the movies. Like just that slight head tilt??? That tiny smile??? He looks so frickin’ sweet and adorable in this one moment I can almost forget he’s responsible for the deaths of thousands of humans and would probably kill me. Talk about catching flies with honey.

Went out for lunch with my mom (ended up at a Hibachi place, so score), generally faffed about because why not I’m now a 24 year old adult with my own life I can do what I want… and went to pick up the new Too Faced Highlighter because they actually have one pale enough for my stupid face. And it’s so cute!!!

The packaging is adorable and makes me think of the heart shaped Sailor Moon broaches… The powder is a gorgeous champagne color, and I’m looking forward to using it! Now if I could only find a contouring shade that didn’t look like dirt on my skin….

When i was in grade school, i was taught
that The Moon is bright and beautiful, but also that it has dark spots and is imperfect.
In high school, i learned that the best kind of naked is when
someone watches you undress, not to see the skin underneath,
but to see the soul.
That type of naked doesn’t care ‘what most girls like.’
It doesn’t matter when theres only one.
Right now The Moon is undressing for me
and when his shirt falls to the side of my bed,
it sends goosebumps to the densest parts of my body.
His moonlight radiates into every crack and crevice in my room,
and i am ambivalent towards all the people who won’t ever get to experience him like this.
God himself bragged to the angels when he gave you that freckle between his fingers, and the light in your eyes.
I want your beauty to be taught in textbooks
so that 9 year olds can learn that God gave us a Moon with protruding hipbones and a jawbone that won’t sit still.
Some nights, we embrace so violently that both the waves and the thunder are jealous of how loud our heartbeats sound.
And maybe, Home isn’t where you spend your nights or where you sleep, but its two arms wrapped around you
when you’re at your worst.
Even on my worst days, your name is the only thing i can say
without gritting my teeth and clenching my fists.
When my mind is a thick black haze,
you are my Moonlight, illuminating the way back to you.
We try and kiss so hard that we swallow our tongues and cut open our lips, but i don’t mind because eventually,
all we can do is stop and listen to each other breathe.
Fuck the air, ill breathe you in instead.
As the moon got dressed, and escaped through the window to return to the sky, i thought about how lucky i am
to have something that makes saying goodbye so unpleasant.
Ive been waiting my whole life to write my first happy poem and
i think this might be it.
—  You Are The Moon by Amanda Jay
WIP Poem Comparisons


Around and around
Around and around

The world is turning endlessly
Chasing the sun to a new day
Sometimes I’m soaring through a fantasy
But sometimes I’m just enjoying the clouds drifting overhead
Nevertheless, I continue on my path

Around and around

The operator coaxes me to stay
Chasing the moon to a new day
I’ve grown fond of this seat of mine
An everlasting charge into the future
The world dancing about me delightfully

Around and around


Around and around
Around and around

The world is turning endlessly
Walk from the darkness to the light
Shedding the thin skin to grow a proper shell
The clouds drift by wordlessly overhead
Chasing the blazing sun to a new day

Around and around

The world’s dance is everlasting
Apparitions have come and gone
More opaque souls are beginning to linger
Gripping to an esoteric guidepost
Chasing the silent moon to a new day

Around and around

sadvampirx  asked:

ive been tripping out about this for a while.. well like we're going to colonize mars soon and i wondered if people were born there.. what would earth represent in their chart🤔 😂 what do u think?

funny you should ask, I was asked this back in like September or something when I was new to tumblr! here’s the link:

I do plan on re-writing that post some day and making a new post for it…

someone also asked me about what would happen if we moved to the moon, I still gotta come up with an answer and do the research…

I found a Caterpie! Her name is Critter. She’s a bit slow, but I know they grow up fast. This brought me back to when I was traveling around with Moon, spraying Repels in the face of any pokemon that got too close. What would the Lillie of 6 months ago think about me now, going off on my own and making friends with all these new pokemon? I bet she’d be proud.

I just thought I’d let my followers know that Citàlune is tentatively back in the Dream Suite: 4F00-001F-F5E6
My town is still incomplete, though! I like to make the most use out of my pattern slots, and I still have quite a few of those slots to fill with patterns I’d like to make, including, I hope, some new moon mosaic tiles for the moon side of town.

So if you’re interested in visiting, you’re free to visit now or to wait for the finished update, whatever you like! ^^ I just decided to get a new DA sooner rather than later to take the pressure off that I might have felt to rush through the patterns I’d like to make, and to be safer rather than sorry about having my town preserved in some way, in case something happens. (I had some cartridge-reading errors about a month ago, which has got me thinking about that possibility more, but haven’t gotten any errors in a while, so I’m not too worried!) In addition to new patterns, my next update might also have some changes to the rooms here and there due to the new furniture, which I’m still collecting. :)

If you visit, I hope you enjoy seeing Citàlune (again), and all the changes big & small I’ve made to my town since its last dream update in 2014! Thank you so much! ♥