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Hey guys!! So i had an idea earlier today to make a whole post dedicated to all of my favorite writings i’ve read this year (and i’ve read a lot) a lot of them really stuck with me, like honestly I think about most of these everyday and reference all of them because they were so good. So thank you to all these writers for making an impact on my life and making me the happiest girl while I read these. (Like honestly the amount of times ive screamed, cried, laughed, and fangirled while reading this is too much) (There’s more imagines i’ve read that ive loved but i cant find them anywhere so to the stories i love that aren’t mentioned, i love you)

Punishment / dom-joonie

Morning Baby / ohbabyitsbts

‘Till You Can’t Walk / kinkybangtan

The Way You Lick Your Lips / noonatrash

Don’t tease / exobtssmutimagination

Yes, Oppa / monstaccato

Good Morning, Jagi / dom-joonie

Needing You / schmudt

Guilty Pleasure / jungkxook

Dinner Games / exobtssmutimagination

Tease / btsmutimagines

Make Daddy Proud / sseudanym

What Goes Around Comes Around / lovingthekpoplife

Baby, Can I? / btssmutgalore

Forbidden / btssmutgalore

Lollipop / btssmutgalore

When Stars Cross / jungkxook

Jimin’s Wish / bangtans-baby

Nothing Better / seokvie

The Sweet On Your Lips / brajinian-bootaelift

I ScReAm / bxngtansmut

Christmas Kookie / kpopboysimagines

J-Hope / coffeewithbts (This isnt an imagine but it literally made me so happy i needed to share it.)

Hidden Encounters / kcriture

I Need You / drquinzelharleen

Car Seat Treat / btsxyou (I literally freaked out when i saw this because i remembered how shook i was reading this ugh i love it so much!!!!)

Buzz / floralseokjin

Overstimulation / tayegi

Possession / bngtanah

That Time Of The Month / tayegi

I’m Not A Kid / drquinzelharleen

Finding Love In The Club / hobiandzeloaremyhubbies

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@coffeewithbts @kcriture @drquinzelharleen @btsxyou @floralseokjin @tayegi @bngtanah @hobiandzeloaremyhubbies

It’s taken me nearly all my life to realize it, but doing what’s right for you doesn’t make you selfish…
It only makes you strong.
—  random thoughts by Haley

All! I! need! is! to! see! his! perfect! face! on! my! screen! and! that! would! make!me! the! happiest! girl! ever! Is! that! too! much! to! ask! for!😩

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Goody and Billy Adoption RP

Goodnight straightened his tie out and made sure his hair still looked presentable infront of the mirror in their bedroom.

“Cher? Do I look alright? Professional? Distinguished?” He asked his husband. “I want to make a good impression. If I don’t they may change their mind about letting us take her home.”

I hate when daddy falls asleep while we’re texting and forgets to tell me goodnight. I haven’t even heard his voice all day and I’m so sad about it but it’s okay- because he bought me a build a bear w a voice in it that says “I love you!” And it’s his voice!! He makes me the happiest little girl ever!!

So this was a drawing I made for my prince, Edge <3333, as his Christmas present ////////////// but i just couldn’t wait til christmas and i had to show it to him lmao <333333  I love you so much baby!!!! You make me the happiest girl on earth and i’m so lucky to have such a wonderful man in my lifeeeeee ; ; <33333333333333333

so yeah i guess i can go ahead and post it now haha

I have plans on making a countdown til christmas/christmas eve so let’s start with this drawing <3

(1/10) <3

If you asked me why I’m smiling it would be cause of Taylor. She has been apart of my life for 10 years. Taylor you have picked me up when I needed someone the most. You have learned me that I’m beautiful and I shouldn’t change just to make other people happy. You became my best friend 10 years ago. You make me the happiest girl ever. I’m so happy to have been by your side and for many more years to come. Someday I hope to hug you cause that’s my biggest dream. I’ve been through a lot but you and your music has helped me through so much heart break and when I’m depressed. Thank you for being apart of my life and giving me some of the most amazing friends. I hope you will see this. I love you so much! 💕 @taylorswift


Long-distance relationships don’t last? aren’t real? that we don’t know each other? that we will never meet? that we are delusional? Bullshit.. maybe there are 4,273 miles between us but that never stopped us from loving each other. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love her with all my heart. I am so in love with her. I thank to God for blessing me with such an amazing girl like her. She became my everything in such a short time. She made me fall in love with her so deeply. I was scared of being in a long-distance relationship I didn’t know if I could make this work because of distance and a different languages but she never gave up on me and chased after me really hard and showed me that this relationship can work just like any other relationship. She showed me the true love. I was hurt and broken and she made me believe in love again, she makes me the happiest girl ever. And 11/12/2015 was a really special day for us. We finally got our promise rings!! We promised each other forever. We are 110% sure that we are soulmates, we just know that we are. We found each other so young and we couldn’t be more thankful. Her heart ring for me stands up for that her heart belongs to me forever. My knot ring for her stands up for that it’s not quite tied yet but has all the intentions of being tied.

I love you so much babygirl and I always will I promise.@eendysbabygirl14, @fifthharmonylover14

First of many scar coverups, this wraps all around my forearm ((obviously it doesn’t cover my Japanese tattoo)). The scars on my arms have always bothered me, my left arm in particular. So being able to tattoo over them with something as beautiful as my three favourite flowers makes me the happiest girl in the world.

Now to sit and whine over how much pain I’m in.

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My crush is my incredibly perfect boyfriend whom I love to death and has been the love of my life for almost a year now! He makes me the happiest girl and I'm so lucky that I fell in love with someone so loving and caring and sweet and yet also handsome and cute

cute!!! he sounds amazing and I’m super duper happy for you :) when will it be my turn to find a cute bf!!


My girlfriend and I were good friends for years before we became a couple. She makes me the happiest girl alive and I couldn’t ask for a better girl (: