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It won't change anything because Louis' "team" is purposefully not promoting him, but we can still tweet and blog and complain about it (and them) very vocally and make them incredibly uncomfortable and potentially lose them some artists who might have considered hiring them.

Oh yeah. Fans have all the right to be unhappy and mad at them, because they are doing a bad Jon with Louis, there’s no arguing in that. And the fact Rusty is blocking and deleting things lol just proves he knows that very well and is scared of people knowing 

I lied to myself. The truth is I’m still mad in love with you. I still think about you, your kisses. I miss you so much and it breaks my heart to see how you’ve moved on so easily. You didn’t deserved me, you and I both know that. I ended things with you because I wanted to make you suffer, but I’m the only one in pain. I’m the only one crying while you are smiling like if our love was just a bad memory. You broke my heart and you don’t even know that. Even if I’m the one who can’t breath right now, I’m still wondering if you’re happy wherever your are.
—  detoutetderien 

This little bit will *always* make me emotional. Like, Chowder has obviously been feeling guilty about the fact that they lost in the playoffs and he was telling Jack that it’s not Jack’s fault, it’s his. Cause he’s the goalie, and that’s a lot of pressure. And then Jack, his idol, tells him all these things. I don’t think Jack hands out strong compliments super often, so this probably just meant so much to him, to see that Jack isn’t mad at him and that he thinks so highly of Chowder.

I just wanna hug my son, look at how happy/sad he is!

for such a long time the word lesbian was so foreign and scary to me. growing up, i had the mindset that “its okay to be gay… but i’m not gay.”  if you were to tell twelve year old me that i would someday label myself as gay, she would have scoffed.  more so, she would have gotten incredibly defensive and mad.  i was so brainwashed into thinking i was straight for so long. so terrified to even think about my sexual orientation as anything but heterosexual. being able to call myself a lesbian isn’t just a label for me, its empowering. it makes me feel brave. it makes me feel proud. i am reclaiming a dirty word that has been thrown around like a slur for my whole life. 

Draco & Harry w/ Teddy Headcanons

because me and @mxrcusflint have been having a conversation about this over the past couple of days, it got me thinking, so i feel obligated to make a post

  • harry would make draco babysit teddy with him even though he absolutely does not want to
  • teddy loves draco the second he meets him and will hardly even pay attention to harry
  • draco is really unsure how he feels about teddy clinging to him all the time but he allows it because honestly the kid is really cute and he cant tell him no
  • harry gets kind of jealous of how much attention teddy pays to draco but when draco says something he obviously denies it
  • plus he really cant be that mad because draco and teddy are his two favorite people
  • draco warms up to teddy really quickly and he ends up always looking forward to when they have to babysit
  • teddy and draco both getting their first weasley sweaters and they match and teddy just grins up at draco bc draco is so cool and he’s matching with him ( @mxrcusflint mentioned this in one of our chats and i had to include it)
  • harry insists that the two of them take a picture together
  • draco “begrudgingly” does just to please harry and teddy
  • but he actually loves and treasures the picture and frames it to hang in his and harry’s house
  • teddy spending the night at the potter/malfoy household every saturday 
  • it’s always teddy’s favorite part of the week
  • all three of them have matching pajamas
  • they drink cocoa and watch movies 
  • and play board games
  • teddy forcing draco to build a fort with him
  • draco convincing teddy that slytherin is the best house
  • “shut up draco he can decide that for himself…but the best house is gryffindor, teddy, just so you know”
  • taking teddy to the park to pet the dogs that are there
  • taking teddy to quidditch matches
  • buying teddy is first broomstick
  • and it’s obviously the newest and best 
  • teddy having his own bedroom at their house because he spends so much time there
  • teddy flooing their house crying when kids at school are mean to him because his hair was pink that day
  • and draco and harry telling him there’s nothing wrong with the color pink and if he likes it then he should wear his hair that way more often
  • taking teddy shopping for all his school supplies the day after he gets his letter
  • basically just harry and draco being the best uncles/father figures ever and teddy loving them with his whole heart

Soldier on leave

Thank you so much for the dozens of messages of support your sent me. i spent a long time thinking about what you told me and you are right, it’s not the ship’s fault if I’m mad at the fandom so I’ll try to continue as long as it makes some of you happy and just ignore everything else for the moment. /hopefully the shortest hiatus ever

A topic one of my friends and me talked about. She asked: “Why are the killers able to catch a survivor who’s running like mad and they’re just walking normally?!”

Here’s your answer Sherry.

I randomly chose Michael as killer for this comic (and because I never drew him…). Not that you think this topic is specifically about him, oh no. This goes for all of the killers.

We all know Alicia was a very famous model and it kinda made me think… if you hang out with someone who knows about make-up, you end up knowing about make-up. You talk to your friends about work, so they know what happened at the office. 

Enter Bob. Hockey-mad Bob who meets Alicia at a party where he’s being introduced to one of her friends and who is just… floored… by this woman. It’s obvious. He’s head over heels before he even knows it - Alicia? Not so much. 

I mean, sure, he’s cute and he’s got a butt that just will not quit, but he’s also clueless about the things she’s interested in. He knows nothing about clothes, designers, photographers - nothing. He wears what he’s told. Jesus - he’s got a mullet. She’s not interested. 

I want Bob being very aware that Alicia is out of his league. He makes an effort. He gets his hair cut into something more fashionable - he thinks he looks a little like Tom Selleck, and suddenly he’s ‘the good looking one’ on the team. He starts to look at what famous pop stars and actors wear. 

Bad Bob is learning that he’s not going to be David Bowie but maybe he can get a suit that’s a little different, right? 

He learns about what's ‘hot’ and not from his sister, his friends girlfriends and wives - he has a few well meaning 80′s disaster fashion moments, but he gets through it. He reads fashion magazines and rolls his eyes at the chirps. He tries to remember who took the photograph. He may have a notebook. Jack gets his dorky nature from somewhere. 

The next time he meets Alicia he’s able to hold a decent conversation about her time in Milan. He knows who she worked with, he’s able to ask about things SHE LIKES.

She’s impressed. And after they’ve been dating a few months, she stays the night. 

Only to find that Bob has converted the bedroom next to his into a walk in closet fit for a queen.

“Well, I just thought… you know…” He shrugs. “You might want to hang some of your things up if you come over.”

So when she’s standing in Jack’s new apartment and sees the state of the art kitchen, the brand new appliances… 

“Who cooks, Bob?”


“Who does Jack know that cooks?”

“No one.” He says, stretching out on the couch so that his arm falls over her shoulders. “I think that the Bittle kid bakes - remember the cookies?” He kisses her on the cheek because he can. God, she does love this man. “Why?”

“No reason.”

Leaving Offering: Food

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A few of my friends have asked me about leaving food offerings for their spirit companions. How does one do this and what else can I do that won’t make it look like I’m wasting food to others that don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve had a couple tell me their parents got mad and think they’re wasting food and in some smaller countries, this can definitely be seen as such so we can’t have that happening. Here are a few things I do with my Keep that you may want to try. Some are easier while others may not be so for others so just think about all this and see what works. Trial and error is how we all learn. 

  • Fruits, I have found, to be the best. As a Chinese American, one of the things I always do is have fresh oranges for the Chinese New Year. So those with sturdy skins are good to leave out for a few days. Your companions will not be offended if you eat it because it will benefit you as well. I’ve left pears out as well, but not so good when you have cats that like to attack random things. So other fruits you want to offer can be leftmost out, but I would recommend either putting the, away in the fridge or just eat them once you feel your companions have had their fill. If things start to spoil, you can simply throw it out or, if your Wiccan (or eco-friendly), you can bury it in your yard to return it to the Earth. 
  • Meat is another offering, but that can be problematic if you live with others that have no idea what the hell you’re doing with it. This can vary from scraps to raw meat for anything from critters to vampires. I have a lot of wolves as well so they like having meat. Here is my agreement with them: they can have access to what’s in the fridge or share with me when I eat. If it’s a sanguine vampire or anyone that requires blood, you can allow them to take from you and they don’t actually require a lot. I always feel a bite from one of mine and it lasts as long as they need. Cooked meat is also an option and while some may love beef, we can’t always afford it. As long as they understand that you can only afford certain things and that what you offer is from the heart, it shouldn’t be a problem. Now, if you choose to offer raw meat, I would say to do so before you use it yourself so they have first dibs and nothing goes to waste. I would put Dairy this category. Since cheese can last for a while, keeping some in your fridge should be more than enough. 
  • Sweets are super easy to offer. I have a spirit that always visits from my sister’s Keep that loves butterscotch. So I always keep some around in case he wants to visit. I also have an Auraelic Vampire that likes it too. If it says hard candy, it can stay as long as it’s good. If it’s pastries, treat it like any other edible and share, but remember to eat it so it doesn’t go to waste. 
  • I have yet to have anyone ask about Liquids of any kind in my Keep, but there are some that like liquor like beer or wine. Like any offering, you can leave some libations for them in a glass, but I would recommend you share something you can then drink yourself. Otherwise, put it away or pour it it into the ground as continued offering to them and to the Earth. 

In regards to how much you should put out, I say no more than what you prepare for yourself. In reality, they can’t really eat on their own. They either share with you using your own senses, or they eat the Astral version. The way I see the 3 Bodies is like there are 3 parallel universes existing and that what we have here can also exist in the Astral and the Spiritual, give or take a few things.  One faery showed me her shoving grapes in her face like a chipmunk so anything is possible. You can always fix a little extra if you like, but remember to put any leftovers away to be eaten or disposed to appropriately. 

Joker Imagine - Please forgive me

Anonymous said:  Could you do one were you and Mistah J fight and you get scared and he goes to apologise on his knees hugging you legs/lower stomach looking up at u 💜

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Your P.O.V.

Once again I was fighting with Joker, my boyfriend of two years now.  He got mad after I shot a dancer from his club. Why? She threatened me and said she’d take J away from me. Joker didn’t seem to believe me. 

‘’You can’t just do that Y/N!’’ ,he growled loudly, pacing around the kitchen, He was obviously pissed off, making me angry because he cared about that filthy dancer. ‘’Well she said that she would take you away from me!’’ ,I defended myself and crossed my arms. Suddenly J grabbed a knife from the counter and gave me an angry look. ‘’So what? That means that you obviously think that I would cheat on you!’’, J yelled loudly and started walking closer.

Now that he held the knife, I shut up and backed away. He really scared me when he was angry, but the knife made things ten times worse. ‘’J..’’, I whispered while leaning against the fridge. I felt uneasy in my gut as he just came closer to me. ‘’What the fuck were you thinking about doll?’’, he breathed out raspily and then stopped right in front of me. I was so scared that he’d stab me so I started trembling. I squeezed my hands into fists and clenched my jaw so I wouldn’t start crying in front of him.

Crying was a sign of fear and fear was a weakness.

‘’ regret starting to kick in?’’ ,He asked me while placing a hand next to my head, so he was leaning against the fridge. ‘’No! I just don’t want a knife pierced through my body’’, I pushed the words out of my mouth. Then I wiggled away from the situation and walked towards the living room. Hopefully he wouldn’t fucking kill me. ‘’Y/N!’’ J called out my name as I sat down on the couch and hugged a brown cushion. 

‘’I wasn’t going to stab you’’, he said as he found me again. That’s when tears started running down my face. I tried to ignore him, because I was so frustrated. ‘’Oh baby..’’, he pouted and walked closer. ‘’Go away’’, I snarled at him. This fight had been a complete waste of time besides he already scared me to death. Instead of actually listening to me, J did the complete opposite. He got down on his knees and then wrapped his arms around my legs. ‘’Please forgive me darling, I would never hurt you’’, he begged and looked up at me. I bit my trembling bottom lip and tried to keep an angry look.

His icy blue eyes were big and he looked at me like a puppy. ‘’You really scared me J’’, I admitted quietly. ‘’I’m so sorry’’, he whispered and then climbed up so he was hugging my lower stomach now. His arms felt good around me. ‘’But you need to believe me J. I didn’t like her attitude so I shot her’’, I added and then put the pillow aside. He nodded against me and pressed a kiss on my stomach. ‘’I know..I was just worried..Now please, pretty pretty doll forgive me. I don’t like fighting with you’’, He sighed and seemed to really regret it.

Who could be angry at Joker for long? I knew that I couldn’t.

‘’Fine..’’, I gave in and then watched as his red lips curved into a big smile. ‘’Ah I knew you’d melt darling’’, he purred and then picked me up. I screamed because it startled me. He let go for half a second and then hugged me tightly. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck so I wouldn’t fall. ‘’The only thing I would push inside your body is myself’’, he whispered dirtily into my ear and it made me giggle. Funny how he changed my mood like a lightswitch. ‘’You dirty pervert’’, I chuckled playfully and then took a deep breath. At least we weren’t fighting.

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You know what I hate? That people are complaining about dragon age fandom drama. You know what 99% fandom “dramas” are about? Racism, homophobia and sexism. Don’t call “drama” a situation when people are mad about whitewashing. Don’t call it drama when people are sad to see poc characters treated badly in the fandom. Don’t call it drama when people are changing character’s sexuality so it pleases them. Don’t call it drama when someone is mad because opressors are praised. These are real issues guys. And could be very easily put into real life situations. You gotta stop hiding your heads in the sand. If you disagree and think da fandom makes up a lot of unnecessary drama just unfollow me please.

you know guys, i’m here looking for reasons to love cas or favorite scenes ect, then i realized there was a moment when cas just blew my mind with how kind and too good he is, remember all metatron put him through, remember how much he suffered as a human, and all he did was take him to prison, not even kill him, and then when metatron became human, he let him go, he felt compassion for the guy who did the worst thing ever to him, which ruined everything for him, his wings will forever be broken and his angel family will always hate him, and it just can cas get any more good? I swear he’s so good that it becomes infuriating sometimes, like get mad, get angry, get revenge, leave people who left you, stop caring so much about everything, think about yourself a little for once, but of course he doesn’t, cause he’s so much better than that and it’s both sad and makes me love him so so much no character deserves better than cas

wanna help us with this project ? read our 100 Reasons To Love Castiel list then send us an ask with your own reasons ;)

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

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emily omg i'm prob making a big deal out of nothing but i feel so bad for dan now :( like he probably feels like nobody cares about his content unless its him talking about his sexuality. like. maybe he just isnt ready for that maybe that experience w boys thing in isg seemed like a big deal to him and everyones just mad and disappointed at the video. idk i'm prob over reacting its just hes such a good boy and thinking of him being sad makes my heart hurt

dan will be fine, he’s a 25 year old man who knows how to deal with things and i doubt he’s going to take some negative comments from people on the internet to heart. i would actually be genuinely surprised if dan felt that way, even remotely. it’s no secret that dan has become very confident in himself and in the things he likes and in the things he believes in, so it’s quite a long shot to assume that he might feel as if no one cares about his content unless it addresses something personal like his sexuality. that assumption just isn’t right because so many people genuinely love the silly content he puts out like isg 

that being said, i honestly hope that nobody views dan’s content as a disappointment if it doesn’t regard his sexuality specifically, or anything else that people might have fantasies about for that matter. i highly doubt the experience with boys thing was a big deal to him because he makes offhand remarks like that quite frequently in videos nowadays, but if you’re watching dan solely because you feel entitled to take shots at his sexuality/relationship status and choose not to see him as anything more than a guessing game, you’re watching for a horrible reason. dan would never blatantly talk about his sexuality anyways, especially in a main channel video

i think, as these kind of things have become a common topic in the phandom recently, it’s important to remember that respectful discussion is always fine and good as long as you are not invading privacy, harassing anyone, or literally demanding anything personal from anyone


For some reason it pisses people off when I change [into sneakers] after a red carpet. If I think about why people have these expectations of me it makes sense, but I genuinely think that if people thought about it for two seconds they’d be like, ‘Oh my God, why do I care that that girl just put some fucking sneakers on?’ Are you seriously mad that I put on some Vans after an hour of being in heels? I’m so sorry to have upset you, you crazy person.