makes me smile

Me: is it good?
4.0.4: *bear noise*
Me: im glad.

I heard someone not feeling good so take my shitty sketch of 4.0.4 and me eating cookies before i pass out for bed cause i love this cutie even if looking at him hurts my eyes XD

I see 4.0.4 as similar to my cat. You may feed him and care for him but that doesn’t mean he gonna love you or show you love unless he feels like it. When ever you go to hug him he just goes bat shit crazy and attacks unless he likes you somewhat and even then he might continue to claw and bite and growl even if he doesn’t mind at the time. He might follow you if he likes you but wont show any other affections and every now and then you can pet him lightly without getting bitten.

I hope you feel better soon!!! Giving all the loves!!!

aaaah grey boo thank you so much <3 that made me smile

Heh that’s similar to 404 your cat. You’ll learn more about 404 soon enough

Was just notified that I’ve been nominated for four categories in the finals for the Enchanted Awards! Thank you so much to those who nominated me! I am thrilled to be in wonderful company with a lot of amazing authors!

I’ve been nominated for the following:

Creative Genius (Original Plot) “Presque Toujours Pur”
Summer Lovin’ (Best Love Story) “The Debt of Time”
Time Lord (Best Time Travel) “Misplaced Moony”
When Life Gives You Lemons (Best Smut) “The Debt of Time”

You can vote starting now until July 28th! And don’t just vote for me because I posted this. I am amongst some AWESOME competition (some of which I actually nominated LOL). Just make sure you vote to let these awesome authors know how special they are.


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Middle of the night thoughts be like:

Does Team Skull know how to drop it like it’s hot? Or any other kind of dance moves or gestures, really, that don’t crop up in the game? And if so, do they keep their moves and words kid friendly out in public and then get edgy when it’s just all the grunts in Po Town, or do Team Skull grunts really just keep up the goofiness all the time in an attempt to be cool and fit in with the rest of the grunts?  

I like to think that no Team Skull grunt gets to leave Po Town to menace the public until they can be shown to effectively make all the moves and gestures required of them, and that they are not to stray from it without making the rest of the grunts look bad.

When you took my hand, gently, for the first time, I felt as a tiny snowdrop, timidly piercing through the snow. I felt so fragile, tender, filled with unconventional trust to you.
When you shouted at me, fiercely, for the last time, I felt as a Maiden of Ice, strong, cold and untouched by your curses. I felt so powerful and brave that I felt almost happy to leave you in the past.
Each time my heart gets broken, I become stronger.
Each time I become stronger, I just smile at my past tragedies and they can never hurt me anymore.
—  © illirein

g0d-0f-destruction  asked:

Wait wait wait wait, I was just looking for dear Evan Hansen related accounts and I stumbled upon yours and, you're the author of eulogy? Like the best tree bros fanfiction I've ever read? Man I am B L E S S E D. You are the greatest at writing man, I struggle with anxiety and depression and i think you capture it well! Keep it up! Thank!

Thank you a million times. I have anxiety and depression as well with some bpd in the mix… I’m glad it comes off accurately!