makes me smile

Did you achieve something today? No? Then achieve something!

You cleaned your room? You rock!

You made your bed? Super duper!

You got out of bed? You are amazing!

You got dressed? That’s freaking great!

You finished a level of your puzzle game without using any hints? Yay you!

You did something that was hard for you but you did it anyway? You are a freaking amazing human being!

You achieved SOMETHING today! Even if it was just seeing this post, you did it!

Keep going, I believe in you!

Me: is it good?
4.0.4: *bear noise*
Me: im glad.

I heard someone not feeling good so take my shitty sketch of 4.0.4 and me eating cookies before i pass out for bed cause i love this cutie even if looking at him hurts my eyes XD

I see 4.0.4 as similar to my cat. You may feed him and care for him but that doesn’t mean he gonna love you or show you love unless he feels like it. When ever you go to hug him he just goes bat shit crazy and attacks unless he likes you somewhat and even then he might continue to claw and bite and growl even if he doesn’t mind at the time. He might follow you if he likes you but wont show any other affections and every now and then you can pet him lightly without getting bitten.

I hope you feel better soon!!! Giving all the loves!!!

aaaah grey boo thank you so much <3 that made me smile

Heh that’s similar to 404 your cat. You’ll learn more about 404 soon enough

Ehhhhhh he used Things We Used to Share at the end help I’m crying

Falsehood oh gosh

Patton pretending to be happy hurt

But, on the other hand, even though the video was sad at times, it was fluffy too.

Puns and references

Roman creating puppies

The cat hoodie

The end card

This video was cathartic (that the right word, right?) and that made me feel better.

Thank you so much for everything Thomas.