makes me re post them all when i delete one

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omg when the CO finally happens there are a few blogs in particular whose reactions i wanna see. they are SO anti-larry, making unprovoked posts about 'debunking' theories when no one has even said anything. part of me will want to smash their askboxes open with an "I TOLD YOU SOOOOO", but i know i shouldn't lower myself to that level. i just wanna see their reactions and i'm almost excited about it, as awful as that probably sounds…

I understand the temptation, love, but you’re right: it’d be sinking to their level. I think we’ve all thought about that at some point or another, though, they can be frustrating sometimes lol I’m sure most of them will just delete after they CO but some will stay to be a eternal pain in the butt.

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What's going on w the 1975 I'm so late rn

THE 1975. DONT GET ME FUCKING STARTED. okay so this morning, the band members posted a picture of an old comic strip (that I’ll post) that makes it seem like they’re breaking up, when i thought they were changing up their style and that they’re refreshing. one of them posted a picture of just the color light pink on insta on the band account, and i went to go to the account and it was deleted, checked the rest of their social medias and the bands Twitter account/website, and its ALL gone. so like the over exaggerator i am, i freaked the fuck out thinking that they broke up! i have no idea if they did or didn’t but i am PRAYING that they didn’t bc i love that band so much and it’ll hurt like a bitch if they breakup :-(


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Sims 4 EP1: Meet The Rexs | View count: 301+

Let me explain before I begin… I chose random followers of mine and asked them if they wanted to be a sim. The rest is history.

HeTaLiA: Make me like one of your French Sims.

TRex: I don’t think they’re French, but maybe?

Justica: Next Episode: Toby dicking around with create a house.


CuriousJames: Who’s the parent?