makes me re post them all when i delete one

pastelcandycorn  asked:

Hiya! Just a suggestion, if you don't mind? Also I hope you have a safe flight! When you make your gifs, you can also make yourself a super cool watermark to go on it? That way assholes like that person will be less inclined to steal it. ♡

True.. I have been doing some little sneaky watermarks on some of my 3d gifs here(the super tiny pixel “wunkolo”):

It doesnt impair the image too much especially once it gets kinda thrown into the vast sea that is the internet and its involved enough that a user can’t simply crop it out. I’ll try and do some little waldo-watermarks or come up with a signature emblem or something so it doesnt impair the work too much for others to take and re-upload or miscredit. That gif they stole was more of a “sketch” of mines that I really didn’t feel the need to watermark but rip! I’ll seee. It doesn’t help that I make a lot of my gifs transparent either.

That user that stole my gif has since deleted the post pretty much right when I got off my flight so I guess. Before they weren’t willing to cooperate at all. In fact they… reached out to me claiming that I stole it from them. But they are the only real art-theft case that has come to mind. No one else besides them in recent memory has been antagonizing or miscrediting my work so I don’t think its enough for me to militantly watermark my stuff.