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Shut Up [Part 2] (Philip Hamilton x Reader)


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TW - mention of school


You and Philip had gotten a lot - closer - after your last study session together, although neither of you had brought the topic up. You were torn between mentioning it and not, it was constantly on your mind for the past week. You wanted to talk about it, see if Philip reciprocated your feelings towards him, to have the possibility of experiencing the feeling of his lips pressed against yours in a blissful kiss once again, yet you had no idea what to say. And what if he didn’t feel the same way?

As thoughts ran through your mind, you nearly forgot the teacher was talking and snapping to your senses, you listened in to what the teacher was saying, hearing something about “group project”. Your teacher began reading out names, for the groups you presumed. In the middle of listing off the names, you heard two very familiar names be called, one after the other.

Y/N and Philip.

Your eyes flicked over to the male who seemed to be grinning wildly at you. Paying no attention to it, you sat in your thoughts once again, wondering if you could possibly survive doing this project with him.


“Philip…” You complained, “This is a group project, why can’t you help me?”

Philip’s everlasting smirk still sat plastered onto his face as he spoke, “Ah, but Y/N, I finished my work, now you have to do your share of it.”

You huffed, directing your gaze back down to your paper, doing your best to concentrate on the task, although it began to get more and more difficult as you heard your name being repeated over and over again, louder each time.

“What is it, Philip?” You asked, still trying to focus on the work in front of you.

“Can we take a break?” You stopped for a moment, processing the situation, and it didn’t take you long for you to come to a conclusion about what he was doing.

He was mocking you.

A part of you wanted to respond how he did the other day, insist you had to finish what you were doing and ignore whatever he had to say, but instead, you set your pencil down and turned to face Philip, smiling irritatedly.



“Philip, I said we could take a small break, not watch an entire fucking movie!” You said, exasperated.

Philip simply shrugged, “You never said a word about it having to be a small break, so we can take as long of I break as I want. Plus, what’s the harm in winding down with a nice movie after a long day of work?”

“What’s the harm?” You asked rhetorically, “I won’t be able to finish my work and then we’ll both get a bad mark!”

“I finished my work,” Philip stated nonchalantly, “I can just tell the teacher that I did my work.”

You dropped your jaw, “Philip! You wouldn’t do something so mean to me!”

“Try me,” Philip replied with a smug face.

You groaned and began to push yourself off of the couch, planning to go grab your work. Instead, you felt two arms snake around your torso, pulling you back into the seat, very close to Philip.

“Philip…” You complained, “I need to continue working,”

“You can finish later,” Philip responded, wrapping his arms tighter around you. “Besides,” He lowered his voice, speaking next to your ear, “I quite enjoy having you in my arms.”

You could feel your cheeks heat up at his comment, crossing your arms. “Don’t say things like that…”

Philip chuckled, “Why not, it’s only the truth.”

The color covering your cheeks deepened, and you looked down, hoping Philip wouldn’t be able to see the effect his words had on you. “S-shut up…” You mumbled, glancing down.

“Then make me.” He was mocking you again.

You turned to face the male, although still blushing, with a mischievous smile. Unable to control yourself, you crashed your lips onto his, wrapping your arms around his neck. Philip responded happily, kissing you back with the same amount of passion.

You pulled back after a while, out of breath. Philip was still grinning, his arms holding you close to him. “Y/N,” He began, looking you in the eye, “I should have brought it up earlier, what happened the other day, I mean.”

You practically felt your heart burst out of your chest from anticipation and you bit your lip, looking into Philip’s handsome eyes then down towards your lap, your chest suddenly feeling heavy. “Philip, it’s fine if you don’t see me the way I see you, I-”

Philip cut you off, taking your hands into his, “Y/N, did you seriously think I wasn’t interested in you? God, you’re dense.” He paused for a moment, sighing quietly. “Y/N, you are magnificent, kind, beautiful, funny, everything I look for in a person. You brighten up my worst days and can always make me happy without fail. I love you so much Y/N. Would you allow me the honor of being your boyfriend?”

You had barely realized you were beaming, nodding shyly. You wrapped your arms around Philip once again, pulling him into a tight hug. You pulled away, locking eyes with Philip, “I love you too. But I really do have to finish that project, so can you let me go?”

“Too bad, I’m still enjoying having you in my arms,” Philip said, tightening his arms around you.

“Phillllip,” You complained, “Why do you have to do this to me?”

“Just shut up and watch the movie,”

You grinned wildly, “Make me.”