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god, i love this girl to pieces! luna, you are so talented and sweet and beautiful! you are one of the most gifted and kindest people in this whole shitty world and without you, i doubt i’d still be here. thank you for smiling and singing and dancing and making me smile and want to do better. you truly inspire me and many other meus and i hope you know how loved you really are! Happy Birthday, Queen Luna! Keep on doing what you do! 💖😁

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Warnings: lots of fluff
Word count: 267
Characters: Castiel x reader

You looked around you and saw nothing but light and happiness. There were beautiful, white feathers floating around you as you saw Castiel watching you.

“Do you like it here?” He asked.

“What is this place” you couldn’t get rid of you giant smile on your face.

“It’s heaven” he smiled back.

“You brought me to heaven? Are you aloud to-”

“Probably not” he cut you off. “But you seemed upset and I wanted to make you happy again, so I thought I would bring you here” he now looked around to make sure no one else was there with you. “Don’t tell anyone I brought you here” he whispered as he looked back at you.

You just giggled back at the Angel and continued to watch the white feathers dance in front of you. This place, it felt real but it felt different. You knew the difference between here and Earth. Here felt warm and fuzzy, like you could never be unhappy. Castiel watched you as you chased one particular feather as it flew away, and you giggled as you ran after it. You felt like a child again, your childhood had basically been ripped from you before you could even walk. That was because of being raised as a hunter, so whenever you got a chance to do anything remotely to do with being a child, you would take it. “Thank you, Cas, it’s perfect here” you kissed him on the cheek.

He smiled and tipped his head “what are friends for?” He blushed as he watched you one again mesmerised by the white feathers.

Your Song

Please send in requests for imagines or preferences if you have any!

(You can submit them here (x) or send them to me in my ask box)

A/N: I haven’t been able to write in forever omg :(((( My classes are kind of taking over my life but I’m trying to write as much as I can <3 This preference isn’t like other ones I’ve made but I like it idk you guys should tell me what you think about it :) All of the songs in this preference are songs that I chose are just what I picture being their song so sorry if you’re not happy with them but it makes me happy to picture them dancing around the room with the person they love listening to these songs <3 Also I put a link to the youtube videos for each song in case you don’t know them and want to listen :) [also some of these gifs have Emma in them but I thought they were really fitting so I used them anyway]

Warnings: None :)

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Harry Potter: Remind Me by Conrad Sewell

As cheesy as it sounds this song is so special to you because it was the song that you first danced together to. Any time it plays on shuffle he grabs you hand and dances around with you. Even during the hard times this song makes you smile at all the happy times you’ve had with Harry.

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Ron Weasley: Like Real People Do by Hozier

Ron wouldn’t have anything against muggle music but he would absolutely love it after you showed him this song. It wasn’t really the song he loved so much though. What made it “your song” was the way your face lit up when you first played it for him so now he plays it as many times as he can.

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Fred Weasley: Different Colors by WALK THE MOON

Fred would absolutely love this song. Not only does it give him an excuse to jump around with you, it makes him genuinely happy. Whenever he hears the first few notes he makes everyone around him stop talking so that he can grab you and listen to the song together (this ‘tradition’ of him grabbing you every time it played eventually led to the song becoming “your song,” but neither of you are sure when it really happened)

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George Weasley: Memories by Shawn Mendes

You and George would have been cleaning or something while listening to the radio when he first heard this song. Out of the blue he would come up behind you and start slow dancing around your living room together. Although it only lasted a few minutes it created a memory that would replay in both of your minds whenever you guys hear it play.

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Neville Longbottom: Surprise Yourself by Jack Garratt

The first time you guys would hear the song is while watching “Me Before You.” After the movie ended all you could think of is trying to figure out what the song was. When you finally found it, it was the only thing you would play for months. Any time Neville would hear it he would think of you and smile, remembering how much joy it brought to you.

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Draco Malfoy: TALK ME DOWN by Troye Sivan

I feel like Troye in general would be something Draco would love (is it only me? ok) He would relate so much to this specific song though and would play in on repeat while holding you close and playing with your hair. You would play it whenever he got stressed out or worried and he would do the same thing for you. That’s how it became “your song.”

Babe, Happy Birthday! - Evan Peters Imagine

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Authorsnote: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESTELLE (@harvest-witch )!! This is a little story I wrote to you on your special day. Hope you enjoy! (And yes I have used her name in this imagine, because I wanted to).

Written by: Astrid 

“Oh, DJ, when you play my song

Make me feel bigger than old King Kong

At the risk of this coming out wrong

Feel like making love with the radio on” You hummed along with the tune of the song, as you half walked, half danced down the street. It was your third day in Los Angeles, and you were loving every second of it! You had just picked up a fresh brewed lemon tea, and you were excited to spend your birthday with Evan. You had seen him every day since you got there, but you missed him when you weren’t together. If you had to admit it, you did have a thing for him, but you couldn’t imagine in a million years he would have feelings for you.

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Rwby headcanon

When ruby and weiss babysit the bumblebabies the kids always want their aunts to dance with them esp to watch me whip(watch me nee nae) ruby doesnt have a problem with it at all weiss on the other hand does the kids would have to beg to her to dance for an hr til weiss finally agrees even tho shes embarrassed to dance but she does it anyways to make the kids happy but deep down she secretly loves it

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maybe some headcanons for what kind of music the paladins listen to? also i went through your blog and your writing is amazing💗

 M/G: AHHh YES OF COURSE! I love this!! I put so much effort into picking out the right types of music/songs for them I s2g but I hope you like it~

& Thank you so much it means more to me than I can describe to hear you say that :,) Compliments on my writing always makes me so happy!


➤ Enjoys pop music! The type that has a good beat and can get you fired up, the type that you want to dance to

➤ Is of hispanic descent (I headcanon that he would be) and loves songs that use his native language, which is obviously Spanish!

➤ Also likes Justin Timberlake just because. He’s just always been a big fan of his music, although he’s embarrassed about it sometimes!

         ➣ Sings it loudly in the shower and nobody can tell me otherwise

➤ Doesn’t like music that is sad or too feelsy

➤ His type of music:

         ➣ Bailando - Enrique Iglesias (en Español ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

         ➣ My Love - Justin Timberlake (no one can tell me he doesn’t sing this in the shower so often other Paladins get it stuck in their head)

         ➣ Into You - Ariana Grande

         ➣ Wrapped Up - Olly Murs (he honestly gets wrapped around a person’s finger so easily if they flirt w/him)

         ➣ Wipe Your Eyes - Maroon 5 


➤ Certainly likes the most angsty music of the bunch, lets be real here. It’s heavy rock for sure

➤ Enjoys the type of music that makes him fired up before kicking Galra ass

➤ Also dislikes sad stuff and the only emotional reaction he wants from music is to get a little pissed off ⋋_⋌

➤ Keith doesn’t listen to music other than when he’s training anyway, so it isn’t that level of intensity all of the time tbh

➤ His type of music:

         ➣ Headstrong - Trapt (I mean he’ll take anyone on so…)

         ➣ One Step Closer - Linkin Park (Teen Angst™)

         ➣ 10 Miles Wide - Escape the Fate

         ➣ Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold

         ➣ Last Resort - Papa Roach (an angst classic I mean who HASnT heard this??)


➤ More into electronic types of music, they don’t mind if it doesn’t have lyrics, since they use it as background noise a lot of the time

➤ Trance music is one of their favorite types because it’s not too distracting when they’re trying to work

➤ Pidge loves tracks with nice base drops because they’re just… So fantastic

➤ Their type of music:

         ➣ Technologic - Daft Punk (definitely is one of their favorite artists)

         ➣ Addicted To A Memory - Zedd, Bahari (a sick base drop and good lord it’s 10/10)

         ➣ Genesis - Justice (the base is so intense?? Wtf they love it)

         ➣ Satisfaction - Benny Benassi

         ➣ Fatality - Pep and Rash


➤ Appreciates softer rock, the type you could look at the sunset on an island and smile to

➤ Needs good vibes in his music, or he just can’t listen to it. Too much negativity is a turnoff for him

➤ A lot of times the songs are about love, which he doesn’t mind, even if he isn’t too into dating unless the right person comes along

➤ Almost always has this stuff playing in the background, whether he’s cooking or just hanging out in his room, and it helps calm down the team

➤ His type of music:

         ➣ Daughters - John Mayer (doesn’t actually like him other than his music because he’s heard that John Mayer is an ass)

         ➣ Lucky - Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat (ok how can you not fucking smile to this song)

         ➣ Better Together - Jack Johnson 

         ➣ Bubbly - Colbie Calliat (everyone makes fun of him for liking this but they all secretly love it)

         ➣ Is This Love - Bob Marley & The Wailers (he loves the good vibes of Bob Marley tbh)


➤ Doesn’t listen to music as much as any of the others, but doesn’t mind if it’s on, as long as it isn’t Keith’s.

         ➣ He actually enjoys the good vibes of Hunk’s music a lot, but wouldn’t go out of his way to put it on 

➤ Likes ambient noise a lot more than anything, which seems sort of boring, but it reminds him of home and earth

➤ Forest sounds, bird calls, ocean noises, etc help him relax and take his mind off of things for a while, since he can close his eyes and feel like he’s not in a spaceship with the stressful task of saving the universe on his shoulders

         ➣ Also helps him stay away from the negative thoughts attached to his PTSD

➤ His type of sounds

         ➣ Peaceful forest river

         ➣ Lakeside campfire with nature night sounds (the nostalgia of camping)

         ➣ Rain on a tent

         ➣ Ocean waves (who doesn’t like a little slice of paradise?)

         ➣ Morning in the country (this is probably his favorite because it reminds him of being outside)

Can I hold your hand forever..
Can I kiss you without hesitation..
Can I be yours till death do us part
Can I love you the way you want me to..

My heart is beating fast.
Thinking of the circumstances of my act
I open my heart to you
Thinking of beautiful things with you..

Can I dance with you..
Dance till dawn..
You listening to how my heart beats
When I’m with you.

Close your eyes..
Let me wipe your tears
Let me ease those pain
Let me heal your wound..

Let me..for the last time..
Last chance..
To make you happy
Until the day my heart stops beating..


I just wanted to show this. So it may not be the best artwork ever (I think it’s a beautiful piece of art) but I’m very proud of it. I didn’t make it, my mother did. It was finished on January 31, 1986 as on the back when she was in art 4, her high schools art class. She stopped doing art by the end of College. But she’s always wanted to continue it, I’ve noticed that. She took a pottery class when we lived in The Netherlands, as I did Irish dancing and she promoted me to doing choir in Puerto Rico. Now, back in the states I’ve continued but she hasn’t. She hasn’t done everything that has made her happy. The arts is what makes her happy. I understand that, everyone holds at least a form of art in their hearts (even the smallest amounts). My mom enjoys creating paintings, drawings, pottery. I enjoy theater and choir. But it can hold a dear place in some peoples hearts and if it does, I would recommend continuing to try to pursue it. I’m going to try to minor in theater in College, that’s my goal. So do what you want if the arts has a place in your heart.


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Reaction to your choreography of `Boombayah´

I’m sorry for being this late! But if you read my post, my computer didn’t work and on the mobile phone I couldn’t do it. Still, I hope you enjoy the reaction, and don’t be shy to ask for another one when you want!^^

J I N:

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Jin would be really happy to see his girlfriend on the stage with her band, and dancing one of the choreographies she made. Jin was really glad that your dream had come true.

“That’s my Jagiya”

Y O O N G I:

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When Yoongi saw the choreography that you had taught him before, he couldn’t stop feeling proud and surprised at the same time. Finally, your manager had left you make the dance for the song.

“She makes me like dancing”

H O S E O K:

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Hoseok would freak out. He would be so proud to see how your dance made all the idols envy your choreographic. And he couldn’t stand to see you move so well.

“I think we need the firefighters, my girlfriend is burning it”

N A M J O O N:

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Namjoon would also would be proud. But oh my God, he couldn’t stop watching how your body moved, he would even be jealous of other idols looking at you.

“I need her to teach me these movements in private”

J I M I N:

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He would be one of the most happy. He had seen how nervous you were to show your choreography to the world. But everyone was worshiping it.

“This talented person is my babe”

T A E H Y U N G:

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Tae would be like Jimin. But he would get up from his seat, recording your beautiful choreography with his mobile phone. And occasionally dancing too.

“This will be one of the best days of our lives”

J U N G K O O K:

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He would be proud of you, but also would look at you with a little jealousy. You’re his jagi, he didn’t want anyone else to saw you dancing like that.

“I hope she does that dance at home”

49. Part 2

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Staring at this text from Jay, so early in the morning too.

From: Jay

To: Rihanna

Video shoot today and remember do not bring Chris, have him on a leash far away. We do not want trouble, he wanted to do this shoot with you, you seen the itinerary..

Locking my phone rolling my eyes, I have seen the itinerary and I am not really happy about it. I am so over my old slutty ways, I am over gyrating on other men just to annoy Chris, I am over that. I have to tell Chris that it will be kind of dancing up on Drake a little, I hope he doesn’t make me quit the shoot but I will for him, I rather keep my marriage then a stupid shoot “you going to shout your momma to come and get you” hearing Chris say in the bathroom, they was both awake so early and so full of life, it shocked me “mommy heard” I shouted, placing my phone down.

Walking into the bathroom and smiling wide seeing Chris and Khari in the bath “look at you” I said giggling, Khari looked at me, his head full of bubbles “daddy do that to you” walking over to the bathtub “he been slapping me too” Chris said, looking at Chris’ face “I can tell, your eyes are red. Did he get it in your eyes” Chris nodded blinking, placing my hand on top of Chris’ head to hold it in place. Wiping his eyes with my thumb “does it feel better” blowing lightly “this reminds of when my mom used to blow in my eye when I had some eye lash in there, it ain’t make a difference” Chris said as he slowly opened his eyes “yeah it good now” moving my hand and crouching down on to my knees at the side of the tub “you both make a mess, next time you can bath on your own” Khari held the side of the tub, using the tub side to hold as he made his way over to me “mama” watching him closely, I don’t want him to fall. Holding his arm just in case, Khari used his free hand to reach up to my face “boy, you lucky I ain’t done my face” Khari lifted his chin up with his lips pouting and eyes wide “he all up on his tiptoes, I think he want a kiss” Chris said, kissing Khari’ lips “yaaayyy!” Khari screamed, laughing out loud “that is so cute Khari” Chris big ass came out of nowhere “this is my woman” Chris kissed my lips out of nowhere, he loves to annoy Khari so much. Feeling Khari stomping as he whined “it’s ok baby” kissing Khari’ cheek “what about me?” Chris spat, is he being real right now “stop it” kissing Chris’ cheek, this is not a game and I am not playing.

Placing pillows on either side of Khari on the bed, not like it will stop him from climbing off the bed now but I feel safe in doing this. Watching him as he ate some Cheetos that Chris didn’t want “you being a good boy and not making a mess?” he is growing too quick, sitting on his own and eating on his own. Khari turned his head to look at me, he held his Cheeto up “no baby, mommy not hungry” he is being giving too “I raised him so well” I guess this can keep him entertained for a while “Chris can I speak to you” I said while Chris walked passed me “yeah sure babe, what’s up” he said brushing his hair down “it’s regarding the video shoot, I got the itinerary” looking down playing with my hands “and?” Chris wanting to know eagerly “I am dancing up on Drake, it means nothing but that is what they want me to do” I didn’t look at Chris’ face because I don’t want to see him sad with me or even if he is angry, slowly looking up because it’s been too many seconds that he has been quiet “do ya thang” he half smiled “you sure? I don’t like this” he sighed “I won’t front, I feel like punching his Jew face but it’s whatever, I’m going to be a better man for my son because I want him to be a better person than I am. I also want to be a better man for you and being that means I have to stop the childish shit, hand on my heart I want to flip out and I want to come with you but I won’t, it kills me to know he will be touching you but do ya thang, I trust you and we good” wrapping my arms around his neck “I’m sorry” I am putting him through this, that stupid song.

Looking around the room “did you get his stroller?” I said to Marcus “yes and also Khari’ bag” I do not want leave anything behind, it will be a long day, I have a feeling “that’s good, take that down for us. We will be down shortly” Marcus nodded walking off, seeing Chris holding Khari while looking in the mirror “look at us handsome niggas, we are too damn beautiful for our own good. You about to have every bitch in kindergarten, you got your daddy’ personality” Khari is cheesing so hard in the mirror while waving at himself “you going to go with your momma, remember you need to look after your mom and make sure no nigga fucks with her, she’s precious. Too precious, you see that ugly nigga doing thangs you let him know who boss, do not let him touch you either, ok?” I chuckled, Chris is something else “what’s funny?” he poked his head forward to look at me “you saying all that” I said, he shrugged “he need to look after you for me, this is why he is going” side eyeing them “please Chris, you doing it to make my life hard” he shook his head “well, maybe but I need to shop for his birthday gift. I was thinking me and you go together on a gift? This is expensive” I gasped “please stop Chris, do not spend too much on him” I keep telling Chris but he never listens “but fine, you need to get the venue sorted, please get it done today because tomorrow we are going to photoshoot all day” Chris saluted me “I will babe” he better do.

Chris is so in awe with Khari, I love watching him with Khari. The elevator doors opened “my son deserve to be wearing new Js everyday” rolling my eyes, I wish he wouldn’t spoil him “not on my watch” walking off the elevator, Jenn and Marcus were waiting for us in the lobby. Waving to Jenn as I walked towards her, Jenn is giggling and pointing behind me. Looking behind me and seeing Chris holding Khari’ hands as he walked, I couldn’t help but stop and walk back over to them “you love walking” Chris let go of one his hands “hold it” Chris said, holding onto Khari’ hand “aww look at them!!” Jenn shouted causing the lobby to all stare “shut up” I said but not loud enough for everyone to hear, I have never been so proud to be a mother seeing my baby just walking, I mean not on his own yet but he is getting there. Looking up at Jenn and then seeing the paparazzi taking pictures through the window “I had to record that, how adorable is that. I feel like a proud mom” Jenn gushed.

I wish I could cancel this shoot, staring out of the car window as we drove to the shoot which is at a club of course “why can’t you take Khari Chris, it’s going to be hectic on that set” Jenn said in the back “because I don’t want too, Khari is looking after his mom” Chris said that so confidently, she snorted laughing “I honestly don’t mind, Khari gets restless with Chris and at least I know he is not giving him candy and all the bad things to eat. We’ll work it out, I need to work and look after him” I know the real reason he wants him to go with me, Khari will be a terror and he knows it will ruin the whole day because I will be telling them I need my son “do you think Khari is too young for strippers?” Chris randomly blurted out “do you want a slap?” he rubbed his chin looking at me “I will pass on that, just an idea” he is ridiculous.

The SUV slowed down and I sighed closing my eyes, seeing the two trailers outside this redesigned club for the shoot “how many guards does that nigga need” Chris said staring hard “I guess this is us” I mumbled opening the car door “you need help?” Chris grinned, pulling my tee down as I turned around smiling “don’t bother, I don’t want someone having a heart attack” opening the door wider to let Jenn out of the car “aye Marcus, you go with Robyn and also Jon, I’ll be ok with Lucien. Also Khari likes y’all, listen here do not let them motherfuckers go near Robyn like now” watching Chris rant on, what he mean right now, pulling a face as Jenn climbed out and blocked my view of chris “Rihanna, you need help?” I jumped a little “uhm no” seeing Drake’ big build bodyguard come up to me “what makes you think I did?” he pointed behind him seeing Drake, letting out an oh “she good” Jenn slammed the car door shut quickly, if Chris get out of that car this will not be good “we good over here” Marcus came behind him “no problem” Drake’ bodyguard put his hands up, Jenn eyed me up blowing out air.

Jenn done left my son in the car to close that door, opening the car door again “I’ll get Khari for you” Marcus said moving me to the side, this whole situation is stressing me out so much. I truly have a headache, walking around the SUV. Chris has not got out of the car which I am happy about, he is really holding back and with Drake just there literally he is doing so well. Opening the car door, seeing his pouty face made me smile “Jenn blocked the whole view” Chris said laughing, it was nice to see him still smiling “that is Jenn for you, you ok though?” Chris nodded “good, it’s hard but hey, we married” giving him a faint smile, holding on to his hand “sorry” this is all my fault “don’t be, niggas are always going to test us. Well me mostly” bringing his hand over to me, kissing the back of his hand “you sure you want to expose my hand in the outside?” Chris raised an eyebrow “I don’t care, you high up. I can’t reach your face” Chris leaned his face out, kissing my lips “call if you need anything ok?” Chris said against my lips before pecking my lips and moving his head back in the car “I will, call me if you want too. I’ll most likely call you anyways, I am not sure when it will finish but if it’s real late I will call you to pick up Khari” closing the car door slowly, internally I am laughing because I knew this car window is down so he saw, I know Drake too well “cool, see you soon” he gave me an air kiss “oh yeah, I will transfer that money into your account. We going halves I don’t want to hear it” hearing Jenn scoff “seriously, you will see him soon!” Chris chuckled waving at me, waving back at him. Staring at Chris as he looked ahead, his sadness seeped through as the window went up , which made me sad.

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I saw that asshole staring at Robyn so hard, he didn’t once move his eyes away from my woman. He had so many niggas protecting him, the whole world love him and act like I am the bad guy but on the low he is the bad one. Roc Nation protecting him too, I don’t give a fuck though because that is mine, I trust her. Don’t mean it don’t irritate me though, the SUV slowly drove off. Drake’ eyes wondered towards the SUV, staring at me but he can’t see shit. His people turned around to look and I don’t know if the driver is purposely driving slow or not, look at him, thinking he is bad as shit. Opportunity to shoot him would be now, fuck nigga. Shaking my head “yo, driver. You purposely driving slowly?” I said to him, he looked up at me at the rear view mirror “oh no sir, the SUV behind us. They are taking their time, we are supposed to leave together” here is me thinking he was doing it on purpose, the other SUV had Robyn’ team and Lucien, he should come in this SUV, never mind I guess.

Entering my homies jewellers store with Lucien “Chris!” my homie shouted from across the counter “my nigga” I waved at him, I told him to get something real special for Khari, I don’t care if he grows out of it but I wanted it for him “when you called me I was like oh shit, I been trying to get this done for you and it payed off homie” he dapped me “appreciate it, I know it was last minute” I called him last week “it’s my son’ birthday and I want him to get everything, if his teeth were grown I would have got him grills. I need to wait a little more” he laughed at me “my nigga breezy going all out for his son” licking my lips smiling “anything for him, let me see then homie” rubbing my hands together, I am excited for this “be right back” nodding my head turning to Lucien “did Mark call you?” I asked him “tell you about your son being at Khari birthday party?” Lucien got his hand out laughing “thank you so much! I can’t thank you enough for this” taking his hand “you know I got you, he will be with my nephew and niece, he should be aight with Mylen” it’s amazing what things you can do when you have money, even though it’s costing me.

“Right here for you” my homie came from the back with the Rolex box “shiiit, Robyn about to kill me though. She ain’t into all this, she thinks it’s a waste because they grow out of it” he opened the box in front of me “just like his father’ Rolex, diamonds around that dial. My little nigga ain’t turned one yet and he already got a Rolex card” I grinned wide seeing Khari’ Rolex “this shit is beautiful, everything me and Robyn could never get he will get” taking the watch out of the box “this is just like mine, perfect. I am just amazed that you made it happen too” holding my hand out, he slapped my hand “anything for you” nodding my head still staring at the watch “amazing, make sure y’all bring the little ones to the party. About to be at forty forty club” he gawked at me “how you get that? You get a license for that” I shrugged “Jay sorted it, that nigga can make anything happen so it’s whatever” placing the watch back in the box.

Watching Lucien load the trunk with the Js I just got Khari, the store staff helping him as they bought out bags “thank you” I said to the lady that held the bag, she blushed rushing back in “this better be it” Lucien said, shaking my head “I need to get birthday gear for the day” hitting his shoulder “come on now, you know I ain’t done” opening the SUV door, he thought I was done with today, I just started. Sitting in the back sighing heavily, not going to front but I am a little tired from shopping. Getting my phone out, still no message from Robyn besides my mom letting me know she is meeting us in New York.

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I haven’t even left this trailer, they are actually behind because of me now, but I don’t care at all. Looking in the mirror behind me as the trailer door opened, I internally sighed seeing his face “what is happening” he said looking around confused “just getting ready what else” I said sliding off the chair “and you look great Rihanna, wow” I smiled faintly, Drake got his arms open to hug me, giving him a slight hug letting him not wrap his arms around me “is Khari ok?” walking by Drake, I can actually use Khari to escape awkward situations “I think he wants his mommy, don’t you” Jenn said looking down at him, Khari held his arms out “come here” taking him off Jenn “uhm, make sure the clothes don’t get dirty” the stylist said “do your job ok!?” I eyeballed her, she soon moved away “you miss me” Khari did the same thing he did in the morning, pouting his lips out “where did you learn this from” I chuckled “I have lipstick on so I will kiss your cheek” pressing a kiss lightly to his cheek “yaay” he screamed out smiling, he thinks it’s a game, he must do.

Turning around with Khari in my arms “didn’t think you would still be here” Drake is a creep, I thought he would have gone with the rest and Jenn has ditched me too, that bitch “waiting for you, we can’t do anything without you” he smiled, he then looked at Khari “he is so cute, I never really imagined a boy version of you but wow he is just that” pressing my lips into a hard thin line, Drake held Khari’ hand “hey there Khari, I heard it will be your birthday soon” Khari pulled his hand away “I guess his personality is his dad, it’s cute” nothing is cute about this, or this situation “you look so amazing, it’s been so long. I saw you at the award show but you ran, I wanted to say how beautiful you looked” smiling at him “why thank you, so shall we go now?” I rather be out of here, in the open that is “was that Chris in the car?” I knew he saw “yes, do we have an issue with that?” he shook his head “good” walking off, I just need to walk off.

“Cut!” the director shouted having done the first scene, Jenn kept eyeing me up because I was being stiff, I couldn’t help it. Looking at his team laughing behind me, frowning as I turned around to see what the hell they think is funny. Seeing drake air humping behind me, frowning at him “the fuck you doing” Drake cheesing so hard “come on Rihanna, it’s fun. Let me get a hug” out of nowhere Drake hugged me, feeling his hands on my ass “get the fuck off me!” I snapped pushing him away, the whole set went silent “don’t fucking touch me like that! I have a husband now, I am not with this shit!” Drake’ face softened, he look like I stepped on his heart “w-w-what?” his face scrunched up confused “you heard, I don’t know what chance you thought you had. It’s not that” the look of embarrassment on his face “mama!!” hearing Khari scream, breaking the eye contact from Drake, I need to see my son.

Sitting down with Khari far away from everyone “what was that all about!?” Jay Brown ran over to me “me!?” I retorted “don’t come over here shouting at me, please don’t do it. He has no right to touch me like that and you know it, I am not with them games anymore. I won’t have motherfuckers recording shit to make it seem like there is a thing! I don’t care” Khari has not slept, he needs a nap but I don’t think he will sleep here “but now the whole set knows! You made everything awkward why did you say it?” rocking Khari hoping he falls asleep “say what? That I am married? You know he likes me, he made sure Chris was not here so he can creep on me freely” seeing Drake walking behind him, just great “I apologise Drake, it was embarrassing” I sniggered “he is embarrassing” rolling my eyes “it’s fine, can I speak to Rihanna on her own” I don’t need this, not now.

He pulled up a chair too, Jenn looked on watching everything “that was pretty messed up, we always hugged like that. I don’t get it” Khari sat up, he is not about to sleep so I will stop trying “when I was single, when I wanted to upset Chris. I am married now and to be fair I want Chris, you had an intention to have me here with my son while you try something on me, while my son is here. I have changed, I have a son to think of” I don’t know why Drake is acting like I swore at him “you married him? You are stupid, you the same woman that cried on my shoulder. I wish I had you, you deserve to be treated right Rihanna” finally Jenn is coming to my rescue “better get you back for the next take” she took her time “no hard feelings but I am not with that shit anymore, nice that I wiped the smile off your friends faces that think I am just some hoe you can air hump” getting up with Khari in my arms, I don’t want to hear it, Drake thinks I am just some hoe and that is why he tried it.

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Robyn texted me to pick up Khari, he won’t sleep and he is getting irritated but yet won’t sleep so here I am outside the shoot. Hearing that song play, I knew they would be recording, I could easily go in there “I bet you want to go in there don’t you?” Lucien said at the side of me “dying too but I would end up punching him, fucking burns me knowing he is near her” poking my head up seeing Jenn with Khari, opening my SUV door for her. Hearing Khari crying with a hood over his head “now now Khari, you are just tired” Jenn said, smiling at Jenn “look Khari, daddy is here” she pointed as she got closer, Khari turned his head. He is crying real tears too “daddy” he cried out, taking him from her “stop crying now” grabbing the bag off her “he is extremely tired, he’s not eaten so try and feed him. I literally been outside with him because he wouldn’t let his mom go” Khari wrapped his arms around my neck “aight cool, is Robyn good in there?” Jenn put her thumb up “she is fine, shoot will be finishing late. She told me to tell you she loves you and see you later” I couldn’t help but smile at that “thanks, see you later” Jenn closed the door for me.

I did what I thought was right because Khari would not stay awake, so I gave him a bottle of milk. He did kind of drink the milk but fell asleep, once he wakes up I will be sure to feed Khari of course. Placing Khari in the crib slowly, my poor son is so tired. I hope this never happens again, I don’t want to be away from them because then things like this happen. Staring down at Khari, watching him sleep peacefully “I guess it’s just me on my own now son” I said to myself walking off, I do not know what to do with myself, I am bored now.

Sitting in my boxers watching Breaking Bad again, ain’t nothing else to watch and to be fair I can watching this all again so I don’t mind it. Looking at my phone for like the tenth time, it’s real late and she is still at the stupid shoot. I am keeping off social media just because they are bringing up old shit and making rumours again just because I am not there, but you know me, I can’t help myself. Scrolling my timeline and seeing people just troll me, making up shit just because I wasn’t there “niggas these days” putting my camera on and pressing record “man, I just want to clear up these rumours. You grown ass niggas out here still talking about my life when I am” I paused, I was about to say married but I just laughed “let’s just say all will be revealed soon, I am just not there because pussy niggas are scared but me and shawty are good, more than good. I’ll be coming out with something new soon so stay tuned and don’t believe the hype” stopping the recording, Robyn about to side eye me but I don’t care.

Feeling myself dosing off with my phone on my chest, the vibration from my phone woke me before I even fell asleep. Lifting the phone up from my chest to see a text from Robyn, I am all excited now. Unlocking my phone to read it.

From: Robyn

To: Chris

I hope Kharii was ok for you! He left the set crying, I felt so bad!! My heart :(. I can’t believe it’s so late, I’ll be back soon. Just need to do the beginning part now and then I am done, he is doing his part right now so I am waiting, love you xx

Look at my baby working so hard, I know Khari probably set her back at the shoot, I know he must have played up a lot and with all that sound and people he wouldn’t have slept, replying to the text.

To: Robyn

From: Chris

He good babe, he just didn’t want food but I gave him a bottle and he did drink it but fell asleep doing it…. Don’t worry about it, he good. Hmmmm I want you back now, it’s so boring here, I want to lay my head on your booty. I hope he didn’t do anything stupid or upset you… I love you 2 shawty x

I will get a cab and go there if he has upset Robyn, I won’t have that shit at all. Seeing that Robyn is actually responding back to me already, thank god. I can have some attention from her now.

From: Robyn

To: Chris

Awwww nuuuuu my baby! I feel so sad at him not eating, shit! :(. Ermmmm everything is ok Chris, I will speak to you when I am back! I promise, nothing to worry about xx Hahaa awwww you miss me? That’s shocking or do you miss this pussy? Hmmmm.

Smiling hard as fuck, she know I miss her.

To: Robyn

From: Chris

Don’t feel bad coconut head… he is fine! uhhhhh so something did go off, I will come there? Give me the word? Lol. What? I do miss you and that pretty pussy. Rihanna Pussy, the taste of Barbados. But I truly miss you, are you alone? Like do you have people around you?

Sending the message, I am just wondering why she is texting me and not calling. It would be easier if she did call me.

To: Chris

From: Robyn

Hahaa I do not want you or your pirate negros near this place thank you very much, everything is fine. Yes I am alone, not around people, they busy anyways why?. Wow! That should be a commercial for me, I want you to say that when you eat me out next.

Grinning from ear to ear knowing she is not around many people.

To: Robyn

From: Chris

Piru babe, Piru Lol Not Pirate. I might be asleep when you come back but I want you to tell me when I am awake, tell me everything! I hate him sooo much! Oh don’t worry…  I will French kiss those lips ;).

Pulling my boxers back, and taking a picture of my dick and sending it her. Even though this shit aint even hard, but it still looks pretty.

To: Chris

From: Robyn

I don’t care you hang with a bunch of pirates. Don’t worry, I will tell you everything, I promise. Mhmmm you better French kiss these lips. Hahahaaaa oh my god, sending me dick pictures at least be hard for me! Looks all floppy and ugly, ew.

Mean mugging my phone, she saying ew when she has this in her mouth.

To: Robyn

From: Chris

I do not! You hang with a bunch of fat people! Do not disrespect the dick that had you biting my arm and moaning, that also widened your ass hole and had you sitting on pillows. Would you like me to carry on?

I know she is going to cuss me out for this, laughing to myself.

To: Chris

From: Robyn

I AM TELLING JEN ON YOU!!! That is meannnnnn! Oh wow Chris, thank you for reminding me of the worst time of my wedding night. Do not speak to me unless you are kissing my anus ok? I am going back to work, bye bitch!

Sighing heavily, I hope she is joking about that, she is crazy and I cannot wait to hold her.

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hey, d. i've been pretty down lately. got any tips in that head of yours that could help? 💛

D’s tips to make you feel better.

1. Go outside. Unless it is winter. Then stay indoors.

2. Listen to music that makes you want to dance or makes you happy. My current favorite is Hands Clap.

3. Achieve something small, even if that something is making your bed. A small accomplishment is still an accomplishment.

4. Talk to a friend.

5. Have your favorite food or drink. 

6. Play a fun game.

7. Look at cat pictures. I mean, can you really go wrong there?

8. Send me an ask or a message. I’m always cool with chatting. 

Just wanna go downtown with you, get dressy for you. Put on my favourite heels for you, be classy with you. I just want to hit up museums with you, admire the art but I’ll admire you more even from afar. I’ll let you teach me how to dance, get groovy with you, try not to lose my stance. Let you take some pictures of me while I capture the way you’re looking at me. Just wanna make you mine even for just a little while. I’ll greet you in the morning with pancakes and kisses, I’m nothing like those other bitches. Get you higher than the Eiffel Tower, I’m not talking drugs, I’m talking that love power. I’ll protect you from evil, be your señorita, our love is so official it’s gotta be illegal.
Every time I tried to describe how you kiss me, and what it felt like, it’s just breath-taking. Like my lips stayed tattooed on yours and my lungs tied its breaths on your throat so when you say you love me, I’d end up tasting the words on my tongue, rolling them there until it dissolved into my daydreams. Because it’s an intricate pattern of lovely, it’s a musicale of fantasies coming true, it’s my heart becoming a storm full of wanting that I don’t want to blink to miss a second of it happening. I just want you to kiss me like this, remind me that my lips could dance to your beats. Whenever you kiss me I am completely aware of what happiness is, and I hope it’s what you feel too.
—  your kisses make me feel // s.c

Hi cuties!! ~^.^~

My name’s Adrianna and I’m a shy potato. I became a fan of Topp Dogg in February and they are actually the group that got me into k-pop. Yaay! My bias is B-Joo because he’s so funny and his dance moves are so damn… damn. But I love all the members 😊

I love books (“Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock is my baby ok) and I also try to write sometimes. I can’t live without aloe vera drinks and tea. I really want to learn to dance but I’ve got two left feet. When I was 4 I got a turtle and I called him Happy because he looked sad all the time and I thought this name will cheer him up hahah I believe he loves me 😁

So that’s it!! I hope I didn’t make any mistakes because English makes me nervous 😬

Have a good day/night! 💞💞

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Please that is the ultimate goal IVE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO.

Renting a fancy ass house for the two of you (and maybe a few of his other friends like maybe the Azoffs or the Winston’s or shit even Niall 😂😂) and spending your days drinking delicious drinks and giggling and dancing and not caring who’s looking. I feel like the whole time would be spent in a haze where everything is so happy and glowing around the edges, and you would make the absolute BEST memories.

Plus can’t you just picture standing in front of him, his arms around you, maybe draped on your shoulders and he’s kissing your cheek? Mumbling the lyrics softly in your ear while his lips ghost against the skin there. Giggling at nothing and constantly whispering “I love you” softly into your neck, while his breath smells faintly of alcohol.

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honestly i want more memories as bucky but i dont bc,, sometimes its !! me and steve dancing or sharing a bed before the war or making forts as kids,, and sometimes its pain and ugly and trauma and the things that happened while i was The Asset instead of bucky and,, its a gamble bc im either crying happy tears or crying angry tears at the end of a new memory,,,,

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ah fuck it I’m sendin that shit to people