makes me feel tough

protection chant

(since I wrote this for myself, it is semi-gendered and also uses the word “bitch”)

Do not fuck with this witch,
I am one badass bitch,
touch me and your hands will burn –
come near me and your stomach turns
as I say it, it shall be:
now stay the fuck away from me.

(when threatened whisper/chant quietly or repetitively think on this chant. This one makes me feel really strong and tough and I enjoy the colloquial language in it a LOT.)

Small reminder that I love u n believe in u n want u all to know I am proud of u and all ur efforts kissy kissy hug hug good vibes gn✨

Shadow Lover

Hopefully Tumblr won’t eat the text this time. But here is the Shadow Lover story that was supposed to be out Friday. I hope you guys enjoy this genderfluid shadow monster and their male reader.

   Your mother gave you some gaudy antique she found while shopping. One of her many splurge purchases she later regretted and was no passing off as a thoughtful gift. You really had no idea what to do with it. It was a large black jar with silver decorations spaced about it. The lid to it was stuck fast and you couldn’t open it. You didn’t think it fit your home at all, nothing a guy like you would have, but to make mom happy you set it up on a shelf in your bedroom.

   One night you as you lay down in bed you hear something rattling, looking up from your pillow you hear the rattling but don’t see anything. You try to go back to sleep, but you find the rattling continues on. Any time you get up to investigate it stops. So you lay back down in bed.

   This keeps happening over the next few nights. Something rattles and stops as soon as you pay attention to it. After a while it gets old and you investigate it yourself. Thinking perhaps that there is a vent or something behind your bookcase you move everything and search. Just for the night, you leave the bookcase and everything on it stacked and moved away. It could be something with one of your neighbors as well if nothing rattled you’d move your room about.

   You’re half asleep and you hear a rattling and then a shatter. Waking up, you see the jar your mother gave you is broken on the floor. You clean up the mess, tying it in a bag and going back to bed.

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The Great (Drunken) Debate

A/N: This is for @tilltheendwilliwrite writing challenge. I had an absolute blast writing it despite Loki misbehaving & influencing Bucky. Though really I should expect that by now. My prompt was “I’m not drunk I s-swear.”

Warnings: language, Loki & Bucky being little shits.


Whoever had the bright idea to leave Loki and Bucky alone should be strung up by their toes. This was bound to end badly. Occupied, they were ok. Bored? They were downright lethal.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a choice. The team had to go and those two just weren’t ready. So they’re left behind. Fuck.

“Barnes!” Loki bursts into the common room.

“Friggason?” comes the sarcastic reply.

“I’m bored, this shall not do. I crave entertainment. I have an idea, but since I’m striving to be somewhat tolerable, I require your consent.”

“Do I want to know Loki?”

“Probably not my metal armed friend, we shall have fun though. On my honor.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

“Of course”

“Tough shit your royal assness.”

“Fine, I shall keep my brilliant plan to myself then” flicking his wrist, Loki produces a bottle of ale and reclines back. Not sulking though, he’s a god damnit, he doesn’t sulk.

Bucky is not curious at all, he’s had a hard life and wants to enjoy his sabbatical before Steve drags him into the field. He definitely isn’t curious about what the mischief maker has in mind. He’s too old for shenanigans.

Finally they snap, both speaking at once.

“Oh for fucks sake just tell me already"

“By Valhalla man won’t you listen?!”

Finally, throwing caution to the wind, Bucky nods his consent.

With eyes full of mischief, Loki sits up and begins to explain his plan.

“Ok, first we have to get drunk.”

“I like this plan already”

*meanwhile, on the mission*

“Is anyone else wondering if the compound is still standing right now? In coming on your left Cap.”

Cap throws his shield before responding. “Look, I know he’s been through a lot of shit, but Bucky can handle this. If Loki gets out of hand, he knows he can call me. We’ll probably come home to two grumps, but that should be it. If Loki tries anything, Bucky can handle it. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“Not to rain on your parade Spangles, but the last time you said that, I had to rebuild the lab.” Tony is rather worried, FRIDAY reports that they’ve been reading quietly for hours. It sounds entirely too good to be true. He tries to turn his attention back to the fight, the sooner they can finish, the better.

*back at the compound*

“Ok, I know we give the kid hell, but this is kinda cool.” Bucky is wearing a suit like Peters and is crawling around on the ceiling. So far he’s tried Tony’s suit, which was awesome despite setting fire to the rug. And he’s tried Sam’s wings, which were pretty cool….not that he would ever tell Sam though he giggles to himself.

Loki tried Thor’s hammer & lightening, he’s placed a hammer on every toilet lid. He’s currently shrinking himself repeatedly and talking to Scott’s ants, this is rather fun. He sees why Scott is so fond of it.

“Bucky I have a request.”

Bucky is now shooting arrows at random objects from impossible angles.


“I would like to take a turn as you, but I would like to try Winter as well. Since he’s volatile at times, I would make it only for a minute or two.”

Taking time to think it over, Bucky agrees. It would be interesting to see from a spectator’s position. It was definitely a mind fuck watching his own eyes go dead. He transforms into Loki, gasping when the magic rushes through him. The life comes back into his eyes as Winter fades for Bucky to take over.

“Wow, that was like the scepter but worse. At least with the scepter, I felt in control. The arm however is rather interesting, why do you never mention the pain?”

“Yeah it’s insane the magic is something else pal, I can see why you like it. I’ve lived with the pain so long that it’s basically just a part of life. It kinda fades into the back of my mind most days.”

“I can help whenever you like, I can stop you from feeling it for a bit at a time. May help in battle.”

“Thanks man, I really appreciate it. Now, enough chick flick moments! Who should we try next?”


“Do it!! I bet I look hot in that suit.”

They continue for hours, drinking and trying every Avenger in turn.

Hours later, the team comes home to a huge surprise, and a huge mess. The two men are laying on the floor in opposite directions with their heads next to each. They’re debating on which Avenger was the most fun.

The common room is a wreck. Steve’s shield is in the ceiling, Thor’s hammer is embedded in the wall, there are arrows in various pieces of furniture. There’s a dart board with a picture of Odin on it that has knives stuck in it. An insanely large TV remote is in the corner. And they’re all afraid to ask why there’s an Ironman suit spinning around on a fan blade.

Tony finally finds his voice, “what the fuck?!!!! I thought you said they’d be fine Rogers!!”

“At least the building’s still in tact.”

“Zip it Legolas, you’re not helping!”

Thor finally snaps out of his stupor, “brother what is the meaning of this?”

The two men leap to their feet as if they’re just now aware they have an audience.

“Brother, I’m not drunk I s-swear.”

“Are you certain? You look rather drunk.”

Throwing his metal arm over Loki’s shoulder, Bucky speaks up. “No really Thor, we’re not drunk. We’re hammered!”

The two men collapse back to the floor laughing hysterically. The team simply turns and leave, each going to their room. They’ll handle this in the morning.

The next morning is even worse when Nick Fury and Coulson burst in demanding to know why there are pictures of them getting married taped all over their offices.

A series of thumps are heard as heads meet the table. Having been awakened by the yelling, the culprits are curled into balls laughing. This is gonna end so badly, they both agree it was worth it though. They’re both approved for missions before the hour is up.


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Sorry if I missed anyone

Hey so my job’s super shitty and I hate it, but one of my supervisors (whom I love to pieces) came up to me today and was like “everyone has been talking about you recently!”

Now me, being a super anxious lil bitch, automatically assumed this was for some terrible reason or whatever. What had I done wrong?? What rumour had been going around about me? There’s a really creepy dude in AV who keeps trying to bang all the female employees - is he sending dick pics again?? I didn’t get one, I swear!!

Anyway, turns out that a senior manager (who’s got a bit of a Nepoleon complex and is kinda old fashioned) mentioned me personally for a promotion, which he apparently never does, especially for female co-workers.

Now, they’ve promised me promotions before and then the company had to downsize, so I don’t really think anything will come of it, but damn - if nothing else, at least the manager seems to be changing his outdated opinions. You go, Paul.

Mon-El Defense Squad Part 2

Guys, guys, GUYS. I have had it with this fandom. I am angry and pissed and just fed up. As someone who doesn’t get angry over much, that should say something. So here I am again to defend my precious space puppy.

Mon-El is lying to Kara: Now look here, I am sick of hearing this thrown around like it is the worst thing in the world that Mon-El is keeping a secret. Okay, stfu and sit down before you hurt yourself. Is Mon-El keeping a secret? Yes! Is that wrong? No! I’ve said this before but I will say it again. By that logic, Clark should not be with Lois. Winn should have stop being friends with Kara after finding out she lied to him about being an alien. Alex and Kara should have hated J'onn for lying to them about who he is. Kara doesn’t deserve Lena Luthor *gasp* because she lied to her face about being an alien and destroyed her alien detector. The double standards in this fandom are disgusting. Grow up. Everyone keeps secrets. No one has the right to your life story. You choose who you let in to have that privilege. Also, if the theory of Mon-El is true, what good would it do for anyone? He’s the Prince of a dead world. He believes he is the last survivor. How would knowledge of him being Prince change anything? It wouldn’t. He’s changing and adapting to Earth and it’s customs without bringing up that he was royalty, therefore should be treated better than all else. Honestly, this argument is just pathetic.


Mon-El is abusive and his relationship with Kara is toxic: Fuck you for saying this. Honestly, fuck you. I have been triggered so much this past month by your hatred for a character that it disgusts me. The only thing keeping me afloat are my therapy sessions. So, fuck you. Mon-El is not abusive. Is he arrogant, selfish, and does he have an ego? Yes. But that is how he grew up. That was his culture. He is changing and becoming better. He respects Kara immensely. When she says no (when dealing with her as a person), he respects the shit out of her wishes and steps back. He does NOT guilt trip her into making her love him. You want to know what guilt tripping is. When your assaulter makes you question whether what they did was in fact wrong. When the family of said assaulter wants you to forgive and sympathize with him and TALK to him because he’s going through a tough time. That is fucking manipulative and making me feel guilty for being FUCKING ASSAULTED. SO FUCK YOU FOR MAKING LIGHT OF A VERY SERIOUS ISSUE. Mon-El has constantly apologized without any prompting and has taken responsibility for his actions time and time again. He says he is in the wrong and he is learning. He is changing and growing as a person and pushing back years of what he knew to change to be something better. AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS NOT TOXIC. Let me say it again, their relationship is NOT TOXIC. Do they fight? Yes. But they leave and learn from it and then come aback together stronger than before. That is called GROWING UP AND DEALING WITH CONTRASTING OPINIONS LIKE ADULTS. He is not throwing tantrums when they disagree (like so many in this fandom moaning and groaning for not getting what they want). He speaks his mind, listens to Kara, and when they leave to cool off, he thinks about what was said. And he learns from it. You know what is toxic, my assaulter acting like nothing terrible happened the day after it did and then FUCKING ASSAULTING ME AGAIN. THEN FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS PRETENDING NOTHING HAPPENED AND WANTING TO BE “NORMAL” WITH ME AFTER HE RUINED MY LIFE. THEN WHEN I FINALLY AM ABLE TO ADMIT AND DEAL WITH WHAT THAT DID TO ME HE FUCKING DENIES AND ASKS ME DIRECTLY WHY AM I LYING. THAT IS TOXIC AND I FINALLY CUT THAT PART OF MY LIFE OFF FOREVER. Do NOT make light of very serious issues. It is demeaning to those who have been through it.


Neymar and I we are very close and I want him to stay and I know the situation. Right now he doesn’t know what to do and we are trying to help him, the ones [on the team] that are more close to him to take the right decision.
—  Gerard Pique on Neymar via ESPN | 28.07.17

anonymous asked:

Kinktober? More like needy-bottom-Kageyama-tober (I know, a clever name, right?). Honestly getting to see something posted by you EVERY DAY is too much, nobody is deserving of your greatness. I can only imagine at blood, sweat, and tears you poured into writing 30 days of prompts and I guess all I can say is thank you for sharing it for everyone to enjoy ;~~~;

The K in Kinktober stands for Kageyama, pass it on

And sobbbb anon, thank you ;~; I have so much fun doing this that even though it’s challenging, it makes me so EXCITED every day that it doesn’t feel that tough at all (well, only sometimes :P)! 

Sharing it and talking about it with you guys is the real joy for me, so thank you all for joining me for my second go at this! It means a lot ^^ 

BTW @reallycorking has been casting ASPERSIONS on my love for HinaKage on Twitter, so I’m very glad to see someone else affirm how much of an advocate I am of bottom Kageyama, THANK YOU

@ those people who put those rlly sweet cutesy messages in the tags reminding ppl to take care of themselves: u are the angels that this world needs

My legs are not smooth.

They are covered in bumps.

I don’t know why, but they cover my arms, too.

My heart is overworked.

It pumps too much, though sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough.

My joints also don’t tend to have any perks.

The pop and they squeak, louder than any floor creak.

I don’t always hear you when you speak.

You mistake my illness as something that makes me weak.

But I feel tough.

I am not smooth. I am rather rough.

anonymous asked:

I'm honestly really glad that you draw such cute things with your big muscles because recently I've been feeling like my art style/subject matter isn't "masculine" enough and I keep getting misgendered bc of it so idk knowing that there's big tough dudes drawing sweet things out there makes me feel valid and idk. Thanks u.u

Hey, I think everyone should be able to draw based on their preference and not let their gender make the rules for what they should draw! 

You are so welcome, my friend! I’m glad you saw me as an example, your heart should always come before the desires of others because art is an expression of your heart, not an expression of your gender! :>

Soulmate AUs are highly problematic

On one hand, I love the idea that everyone has a perfect match out there. On the other, they’re so infuriating because in some of them the pair just meets and suddenly everything is perfect but IT SHOULDN’T WORK LIKE THAT!

You can’t just find your match and immediately get along. You have to work for it. Give me the soulmates who hate each other, who have to grow into their relationship, who can argue/disagree/banter, who have to deal with real issues before they get their happy endings. Give all these things to me. Make it gritty and tough. Make it passionate. Make it FEEL eternal and everlasting and WORTHY of being a soulmate bond.

Guzma Therapy Finale Session

The confused grunts began to whisper to one another. Guzma had called them all together twenty minutes ago, he was now sitting on his throne staring at them. The boss took swigs of his flask in between grumbling, he tried to start speaking before stopping to have a smoke. He looked like a complete mess. Plumeria was sitting off to the side staring at the floor. She was sure she knew what this was about.

Finally, Guz stood up, cleared his throat a few times and began.

“The way I am is not exactly who I could be
But who I would be was stomped by the opponent I thought I never could beat”

He looked around nervously at the grunts.

“I threaten you guys all the time with some ass beatings but I’m past beatings because i know how it was like when my ass was receiving.
What I mean to say, and why I called you here today, I need to put my fear away so help me wipe this tear away.”

He smiled slightly. This was an emotional moment but he felt proud of himself for thinking up that last line on the spot. He then crouched and continued.

“I know you think reckless, what I want to get off my chest is, I have a huge problem and need y’all to help me best this.
Except this, and some enemy on my checklist. If it was a fucking person I wouldn’t talk, I’d wreck it.

But this is a game of the mind, this shame of mine, hunting my from past and kickin my ass from time to time.
So with this pain of mine I thought I wouldn’t explain the crime that made me who I am, inches from the danger line.

If you knew what I had to say you would say this way is crap, and I’m okay with that, how I deal away with shit is to spit my feelings in freestyle rap.

Let’s get it over with…

So half of you already know. My dad hit me.
And you know I never spoke about. I kept it with me
But now the shit is bottled up inside, I feel sickly

So I figured I’d get at this bitch before it gets me

I don’t know what I did that first set ‘em off, I let him off the hook cause I figured I was better off,

accepting the punishment for not trying harder, it went farther and eventually it was life that I’m a part of

He always had a temper, never tried to hone it

And that’s affecting me so I’m trying to own it


He paused. Despite the intensity of emotion he was more upset that he had missed his next rhyme. He took a deep breath and a long drag from his cigarette.

“When something went wrong he’d talk like it was all about me

Whatever I’d say he’d doubt and again he’d beat the shit out me.

He made me doubt me.

He’d make me feel bare inside

Ya boi seems tough but back then I was terrified

There was nowhere to hide

At home I felt dead inside

At school I felt free yet the future kept me petrified.

One time when I was told to clean the bathroom, he walked away

Said that he’d be back soon

I met him in the back room, I was done I thought he’d enjoy it

When he saw a spot I missed he bashed my head through the fucking toilet

Once when I was ten or so, he grabbed by my little throat

Held me up to his level, I was scared my pants were soaked

He looked at me with those crazy eyes I grew to abhore

Then he slammed me down and my head broke through floor

I remember a time when I was lying on the ground

With my hands and feet up, he just kept being me down

I tried to block my face but my attempts were useless

He kept me outta school a week to hide the bruises

I could tell stories like these ones all day

But I’d rather skip ahead to the point where i wasn’t afraid

I grabbed his favorite nine iron, the one he likes to use on me

Then when into his room to show him true brutality

It was the fucking moment I waited for, I was hyped the day before

I had planned to do this LIKE WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU TAKE ME FOR





I took care of him, that pain will never come again

But now I look in the mirror and realize I’m becoming him…”

Guzma had put everything into that. He fell to his knees and stared down at the floor, watching teardrops form below him. The grunts were silent, having no idea how to take all of this. Until one spoke up, “but … that’s bullshit! You’re nothing like that!”

Then another. “Bro he was hitting a little kid, you wouldn’t do that!”

“My mom was like ya dad and that’s why I’m here, I feel safe here!”

One by one the grunts chimed in; a few said they were abused as well. A few said they wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the boss. Emotions flooded the room as people reassured Guzma and shared their past experiences; what they did to escape and the times that they couldn’t. Sadness turned to happiness as drinks were poured and light hearted stories were shared. There was a brief awkwardness when the boss showed them the bent golf club he had kept, but this too turned to laughter when one of the grunts shouted, “here’s a joke! Guzma walks into a club….”

The rest of the night went on like this and slowly ended up with the grunts and the boss all sleeping around the throne. Guzma had fallen asleep on Plumeria’s lap. She was stroking his hair looking down at his awkward half open mouth. She frowned, picturing this goof as a small child, ragdolled by life. She leaned down slowly towards his ear and whispered, “It’s ok… You’re safe now. You’re not there anymore..” A tear fell down her cheek, landing onto his.


Two grunts found themselves trekking through the woods far behind skull mansion. They stayed low and made their way out into a clearing.

“We shouldn’t be doin’ this!”

“We has to. It’s not right. He shouldn’t be goin’ to that doctor; they’re messin’ up his head!”

“But he’s been feelin’ better and shit. This is good for him!”

“Yeah but it ain’t natural!”

They kept walking until they came across a small shack. Slowly the two of them crept up to the window and peeked in. Inside sat a grunt in the corner and two chairs. Guzma was sitting on one of them and an Alakazam was sitting on the other.

“Sheesh how much of this homework shit do I gotta do doc? Do you write this shit to torture people?” the boss said to the Pokemon.

The spoon in the alakazams hand bent slightly.

“FINE but when is it done. I mean i’m glad I started going to therapy but i don’t wanna turn into no wuss.”

The small grunt shot a glance at the two outside, causing them to duck under the window.

“See, there like brain controlling him or some shit,” one whispered.

“But he’s happy now. Maybe he wanted this…”

(thanks for all who read this it was fun as hell to put together. thanks again to @supersquiddle for putting it together! at best this whole thing has been a fun way for me to talk about shit ive been dealing with and use real examples in order to, hidden blatently behind the guisse of fan-fiction. fun shit.)