makes me feel tough

protection chant

(since I wrote this for myself, it is semi-gendered and also uses the word “bitch”)

Do not fuck with this witch,
I am one badass bitch,
touch me and your hands will burn –
come near me and your stomach turns
as I say it, it shall be:
now stay the fuck away from me.

(when threatened whisper/chant quietly or repetitively think on this chant. This one makes me feel really strong and tough and I enjoy the colloquial language in it a LOT.)

Small reminder that I love u n believe in u n want u all to know I am proud of u and all ur efforts kissy kissy hug hug good vibes gn✨

Mon-El Defense Squad Part 2

Guys, guys, GUYS. I have had it with this fandom. I am angry and pissed and just fed up. As someone who doesn’t get angry over much, that should say something. So here I am again to defend my precious space puppy.

Mon-El is lying to Kara: Now look here, I am sick of hearing this thrown around like it is the worst thing in the world that Mon-El is keeping a secret. Okay, stfu and sit down before you hurt yourself. Is Mon-El keeping a secret? Yes! Is that wrong? No! I’ve said this before but I will say it again. By that logic, Clark should not be with Lois. Winn should have stop being friends with Kara after finding out she lied to him about being an alien. Alex and Kara should have hated J'onn for lying to them about who he is. Kara doesn’t deserve Lena Luthor *gasp* because she lied to her face about being an alien and destroyed her alien detector. The double standards in this fandom are disgusting. Grow up. Everyone keeps secrets. No one has the right to your life story. You choose who you let in to have that privilege. Also, if the theory of Mon-El is true, what good would it do for anyone? He’s the Prince of a dead world. He believes he is the last survivor. How would knowledge of him being Prince change anything? It wouldn’t. He’s changing and adapting to Earth and it’s customs without bringing up that he was royalty, therefore should be treated better than all else. Honestly, this argument is just pathetic.


Mon-El is abusive and his relationship with Kara is toxic: Fuck you for saying this. Honestly, fuck you. I have been triggered so much this past month by your hatred for a character that it disgusts me. The only thing keeping me afloat are my therapy sessions. So, fuck you. Mon-El is not abusive. Is he arrogant, selfish, and does he have an ego? Yes. But that is how he grew up. That was his culture. He is changing and becoming better. He respects Kara immensely. When she says no (when dealing with her as a person), he respects the shit out of her wishes and steps back. He does NOT guilt trip her into making her love him. You want to know what guilt tripping is. When your assaulter makes you question whether what they did was in fact wrong. When the family of said assaulter wants you to forgive and sympathize with him and TALK to him because he’s going through a tough time. That is fucking manipulative and making me feel guilty for being FUCKING ASSAULTED. SO FUCK YOU FOR MAKING LIGHT OF A VERY SERIOUS ISSUE. Mon-El has constantly apologized without any prompting and has taken responsibility for his actions time and time again. He says he is in the wrong and he is learning. He is changing and growing as a person and pushing back years of what he knew to change to be something better. AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS NOT TOXIC. Let me say it again, their relationship is NOT TOXIC. Do they fight? Yes. But they leave and learn from it and then come aback together stronger than before. That is called GROWING UP AND DEALING WITH CONTRASTING OPINIONS LIKE ADULTS. He is not throwing tantrums when they disagree (like so many in this fandom moaning and groaning for not getting what they want). He speaks his mind, listens to Kara, and when they leave to cool off, he thinks about what was said. And he learns from it. You know what is toxic, my assaulter acting like nothing terrible happened the day after it did and then FUCKING ASSAULTING ME AGAIN. THEN FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS PRETENDING NOTHING HAPPENED AND WANTING TO BE “NORMAL” WITH ME AFTER HE RUINED MY LIFE. THEN WHEN I FINALLY AM ABLE TO ADMIT AND DEAL WITH WHAT THAT DID TO ME HE FUCKING DENIES AND ASKS ME DIRECTLY WHY AM I LYING. THAT IS TOXIC AND I FINALLY CUT THAT PART OF MY LIFE OFF FOREVER. Do NOT make light of very serious issues. It is demeaning to those who have been through it.


Sharing some #1stphorm megawatt preworkout with mega Babe #emilysears the other day before our boxing workout! Love how energized and focused it makes me feel during tough workouts! The watermelon taste is so yummy too! #1stphorm

Guzma Therapy Finale Session

The confused grunts began to whisper to one another. Guzma had called them all together twenty minutes ago, he was now sitting on his throne staring at them. The boss took swigs of his flask in between grumbling, he tried to start speaking before stopping to have a smoke. He looked like a complete mess. Plumeria was sitting off to the side staring at the floor. She was sure she knew what this was about.

Finally, Guz stood up, cleared his throat a few times and began.

“The way I am is not exactly who I could be
But who I would be was stomped by the opponent I thought I never could beat”

He looked around nervously at the grunts.

“I threaten you guys all the time with some ass beatings but I’m past beatings because i know how it was like when my ass was receiving.
What I mean to say, and why I called you here today, I need to put my fear away so help me wipe this tear away.”

He smiled slightly. This was an emotional moment but he felt proud of himself for thinking up that last line on the spot. He then crouched and continued.

“I know you think reckless, what I want to get off my chest is, I have a huge problem and need y’all to help me best this.
Except this, and some enemy on my checklist. If it was a fucking person I wouldn’t talk, I’d wreck it.

But this is a game of the mind, this shame of mine, hunting my from past and kickin my ass from time to time.
So with this pain of mine I thought I wouldn’t explain the crime that made me who I am, inches from the danger line.

If you knew what I had to say you would say this way is crap, and I’m okay with that, how I deal away with shit is to spit my feelings in freestyle rap.

Let’s get it over with…

So half of you already know. My dad hit me.
And you know I never spoke about. I kept it with me
But now the shit is bottled up inside, I feel sickly

So I figured I’d get at this bitch before it gets me

I don’t know what I did that first set ‘em off, I let him off the hook cause I figured I was better off,

accepting the punishment for not trying harder, it went farther and eventually it was life that I’m a part of

He always had a temper, never tried to hone it

And that’s affecting me so I’m trying to own it


He paused. Despite the intensity of emotion he was more upset that he had missed his next rhyme. He took a deep breath and a long drag from his cigarette.

“When something went wrong he’d talk like it was all about me

Whatever I’d say he’d doubt and again he’d beat the shit out me.

He made me doubt me.

He’d make me feel bare inside

Ya boi seems tough but back then I was terrified

There was nowhere to hide

At home I felt dead inside

At school I felt free yet the future kept me petrified.

One time when I was told to clean the bathroom, he walked away

Said that he’d be back soon

I met him in the back room, I was done I thought he’d enjoy it

When he saw a spot I missed he bashed my head through the fucking toilet

Once when I was ten or so, he grabbed by my little throat

Held me up to his level, I was scared my pants were soaked

He looked at me with those crazy eyes I grew to abhore

Then he slammed me down and my head broke through floor

I remember a time when I was lying on the ground

With my hands and feet up, he just kept being me down

I tried to block my face but my attempts were useless

He kept me outta school a week to hide the bruises

I could tell stories like these ones all day

But I’d rather skip ahead to the point where i wasn’t afraid

I grabbed his favorite nine iron, the one he likes to use on me

Then when into his room to show him true brutality

It was the fucking moment I waited for, I was hyped the day before

I had planned to do this LIKE WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU TAKE ME FOR





I took care of him, that pain will never come again

But now I look in the mirror and realize I’m becoming him…”

Guzma had put everything into that. He fell to his knees and stared down at the floor, watching teardrops form below him. The grunts were silent, having no idea how to take all of this. Until one spoke up, “but … that’s bullshit! You’re nothing like that!”

Then another. “Bro he was hitting a little kid, you wouldn’t do that!”

“My mom was like ya dad and that’s why I’m here, I feel safe here!”

One by one the grunts chimed in; a few said they were abused as well. A few said they wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the boss. Emotions flooded the room as people reassured Guzma and shared their past experiences; what they did to escape and the times that they couldn’t. Sadness turned to happiness as drinks were poured and light hearted stories were shared. There was a brief awkwardness when the boss showed them the bent golf club he had kept, but this too turned to laughter when one of the grunts shouted, “here’s a joke! Guzma walks into a club….”

The rest of the night went on like this and slowly ended up with the grunts and the boss all sleeping around the throne. Guzma had fallen asleep on Plumeria’s lap. She was stroking his hair looking down at his awkward half open mouth. She frowned, picturing this goof as a small child, ragdolled by life. She leaned down slowly towards his ear and whispered, “It’s ok… You’re safe now. You’re not there anymore..” A tear fell down her cheek, landing onto his.


Two grunts found themselves trekking through the woods far behind skull mansion. They stayed low and made their way out into a clearing.

“We shouldn’t be doin’ this!”

“We has to. It’s not right. He shouldn’t be goin’ to that doctor; they’re messin’ up his head!”

“But he’s been feelin’ better and shit. This is good for him!”

“Yeah but it ain’t natural!”

They kept walking until they came across a small shack. Slowly the two of them crept up to the window and peeked in. Inside sat a grunt in the corner and two chairs. Guzma was sitting on one of them and an Alakazam was sitting on the other.

“Sheesh how much of this homework shit do I gotta do doc? Do you write this shit to torture people?” the boss said to the Pokemon.

The spoon in the alakazams hand bent slightly.

“FINE but when is it done. I mean i’m glad I started going to therapy but i don’t wanna turn into no wuss.”

The small grunt shot a glance at the two outside, causing them to duck under the window.

“See, there like brain controlling him or some shit,” one whispered.

“But he’s happy now. Maybe he wanted this…”

(thanks for all who read this it was fun as hell to put together. thanks again to @supersquiddle for putting it together! at best this whole thing has been a fun way for me to talk about shit ive been dealing with and use real examples in order to, hidden blatently behind the guisse of fan-fiction. fun shit.)

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I'm honestly really glad that you draw such cute things with your big muscles because recently I've been feeling like my art style/subject matter isn't "masculine" enough and I keep getting misgendered bc of it so idk knowing that there's big tough dudes drawing sweet things out there makes me feel valid and idk. Thanks u.u

Hey, I think everyone should be able to draw based on their preference and not let their gender make the rules for what they should draw! 

You are so welcome, my friend! I’m glad you saw me as an example, your heart should always come before the desires of others because art is an expression of your heart, not an expression of your gender! :>

The other day, I officially graduated from college! I now am arbitrarily qualified in the fields of Art and Art History. Hopefully I’ll find good uses for what I learned in these past few years at school, both on this blog and out in the real world. 

To celebrate, here is a very very relevant New Yorker cover illustration from one year ago by R. Kikuo Johnson. As a recent graduate, a cartoon like this should make me feel depressed, but I’m ready for the tough challenges of entering business-land. 

For anyone curious about my plans right now, this summer I’ll be teaching art to elementary schoolers at a day-camp type thing (I get a whole classroom and everything!), and then after that I’ll be hunting down graduate schools to get an MFA and hopefully someday become a professor IRL. Along the way I’m gonna keep making art and comics and hopefully will be doing more writing about art on this blog and in videos. 

I’ll share updates about how all this is going every now and again, and of course I’ll keep sharing cool art stuff on this blog on the regular. Thank you again to everybody who follows my ramblings, the past few years blogging for you all has been a blast and I’m looking forward to getting back into it even more this summer! 

@ those people who put those rlly sweet cutesy messages in the tags reminding ppl to take care of themselves: u are the angels that this world needs

Locked In (Part 5)

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Summary: Detective Winchester and reader are headed home for a relaxing evening after a long day at work…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Pairing: Detective!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,200ish

Warnings: language, violence

A/N: Maybe these two will finally catch a break…

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I really dont know how to put this and it's not really an ask, but your art has helped me so much by making me feel safe and happy in a really tough situation right now. So all I can say is thank you so much for sharing your art and ideas to the world. Have a great day!

oh no fam I hope things look up for you soon ;o; I’m glad I’m able to help even in a small way ;u;)/

I redid those dyscalculia tests with my family the other day since my math (in)abilities have really been on my mind, and like. Yep. I’ve definitely got it, or at least, something. What was more frustrating than not being able to answer an elementary level math question within 45 seconds was the fact that everyone could answer it almost immediately when posed the same thing. Like, it’s mental gymnastics for me to even comprehend the first section of “If you buy 3 dozen pencils at 30 cents a dozen, how much change should you get back from $1.00?“, let alone get to the actual answer. And then within five seconds Mom and Logan both go “Oh, it’s 10 cents.” I know it’s because I have a genuine brain problem, but like… fuck.

I haven’t had to think about math in ages because I haven’t really needed to do it, but it’s one of those weaknesses that I’m still, like… really insecure about. I didn’t actually know how to read analogue clocks until I was in 10th Grade because of the difficulties of 3rd Grade math. My 8th Grade math teacher laughed at me when my dad told him I’d thought “a quarter to” meant 25 minutes, not 15. I still don’t know my full multiplication and division tables, and I can’t do basic mental math easily if it’s subtraction or anything to do with the number 7 or 9. It just makes me feel like a huge idiot. People laugh at me when I tell them I can’t do basic math easily. And sometimes they pass it off and say they think it’s cute, but that still doesn’t make it any better, because it still makes me feel insecure and it still makes me feel like they’re belittling me, just in a different way. I can’t stand it. It isn’t cute. There’s nothing cute about me not being able to comprehend simple addition and subtraction.

That, combined with being so damn short, is just… difficult. It’s all very difficult.

Reasons why Garnet is the best of the Gems:

1.) She believes in Steven. Not once has she ever said he can’t do something, whereas Pearl is constantly shooting him down and basically saying he’s inept.

2.) “Small hands, my one weakness”. She and Steven both know how badass she is and yet she still acknowledges that Steven is in fact a kid and kids need to have play like this.

3.) She doesn’t upset his funky flow. When he has that crazy-ass idea of what she did for the day, she doesn’t shoot him down and call his idea stupid like Pearl would. She keeps Amethyst and Pearl from ruining his date with Connie (even though it turned out dangerous).

4.) “Oh Steven. We already love you.” Literally neither Pearl or Amethyst have said that to him. Pearl sort of resents him, and Amethyst just wants someone to play with. Garnet is the only Gem who has never once been thoroughly upset with him.

5.) She’s the product of lesbian rock love.

6.) She’s the one who had the idea of the fake onstacle course for Steven so he could believe in himself again.

7.) She sees him as STEVEN and not just a different version of Rose. Pearl focuses too hard on Rose and everything she did. I.e. when they find out about Lion, Pearl flips her shit but Garnet’s just like “aight”. Amethyst is still angry that Rose is gone and can’t get over it, i.e. she turns into Rose to hurt Greg’s feelings. Garnet rarely mentions Rose except when it would make Steven appreciate his mom more.

8.) She broke the duplicator wand. Pearl would have just hidden it again and Amethyst would have stolen it again probably. Garnet saw it for how dangerous it was and destroyed it.

9.) “It makes me feel important.” She’s big and stoic and tough but she still has her playful side. It’s not overly playful like Anethyst, but it’s a good level.

10.) She gives him her future vision power to let him make his own decision to actually teach him responsibility instead of just lecturing him.

11.) She didn’t go on the date with jaime out of obligation. She’s not stringing him along, not giving him false hope. She just said no. That’s not something women nowadays are good at doing.

So I worked for mail service in newspaper delivery few years ago. Then they sold the newspaper delivery section to the newspaper company itself. The newspaper company made working conditions worse and worse, until I eventually quit, fed up, at the start of this year.

Today I read in the newspaper that the newspaper delivery is going to go back to Posti.

I am so mad. I liked that job. It suited my life pretty well, biking around in the middle of the night was really chill, lots of headspace, listening to podcasts, getting paid to exercise. I sincerely liked it, and making it through the tough nights with snow and shit made me feel like superman. And if it had stayed with Posti without this bullshit I would have stayed in it.

Ah well. I have the city artist grant for the summer/early autumn now so I can’t work during it, and it’s a one-time only kind of grant, and I’m applying for a similar deal that will publish results in December, so… I think I’ll see in December if nothing else comes up, and maybe call the newspaper folks then and see if coming back would be an option.

But I’m mad as hell about it all. >:C 


OOTD: funhaus

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you are one of the lovliest people in my life and YOU are just lovely. i love you so much buddy. thanks for making me feel the slightest better through tough times

buddy, you deserve all the love in the world and none of the trouble that you’re experiencing. you’re also one of the loveliest people in my life bc you are the epitome of lovely. i love you very much and i’m glad i could help you feel even the slightest bit better 💛

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dad dad its not a lot but i did 120 squats and 80 pushups in 6 minutes and i was punching stuff but i wasnt using the protective gear so i fucked up my hand but only a little but i still got a bruise and bled a tiny bit but it makes me feel tough and good so its cool (eventually i wore the special hand mitts so dont worry)