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Hello ! I hope you had a good day! Can I ask you to tell us more about Riko Russian boyfriend and his cats <3

I love your blog and you’re starting to make me feel for Riko, even tough he is a complete ass. 

Answer: I was before but its even better now. I’m so invested in this au that it makes me really really happy. Ah! Yay! That is also one of my favorite things. I love encouraging feelings for characters that may not deserve them lol.There is a short answer and a long answer.

Short answer is that in this au Ichirou recognizes that Riko is a child acting under Tetsuji’s influence and kills Tetsuji instead. He also recognizes that Exy is like a cancer in Riko and that if he is allowed to stay in exy he will keep creating trouble so he shoots Riko in his dominant arm effectively killing his career and sends Riko away to the countryside that night. A place where Riko cannot cause trouble. Riko receives a well-staffed house with psychiatrists and medical assistants and maids in a place that could not care less about Exy.

The long answer is that Riko is exiled because he is a hazard to the Moriyama empire and Ichirou is not sure even if Riko will live for very long because for Riko exy is his purpose and without he is useless. Riko is on suicide watch for months. Most of his day is spent in therapy or staring outside. He does feel broken.

 Who is he supposed to be now? Why wouldn’t Ichirou kill him when that’s what Riko had been counting on? In comes Alexii, Russian by name and ancestry but he speaks with a slow southern accent that is calm as it is attractive. Like sun to flowers. He’s unaffected like a child’s blow-up toy always bouncing back despite Riko’s venomous tongue.

  Alexii is like Jeremy know if Jeremy had a whole lot less self-preservation and a love for dangerous things. Alexii is the medical assistant that waits for him outside of therapy sessions in case Riko needs to go talk a walk to calm down, He checks Riko’s bandaids and sits with him during meals and while he goes to bed. Alexii’s family went to the same course of private schools the stateside Moriyama’s always have. His family is well off but Alexii was simplicity, he wants helping people and doing it with his own two hands. Well, Ichirou thinks he’s perfect. Close enough to Riko in age to be a friend. A nice enough disposition to temper Riko but also strong enough not to let Riko get away with being an asshole. 

So Alexii inserts himself neatly into Riko’s life no matter how much Riko yells or ignores him. He gets Riko into gardening because it’s easy and calming and then he brings home a cat for Riko. Pets are good failsafe. 

Even if Riko gets the time to think about hurting himself he will have to think about the cat and how it will be alone if he’s not there. Riko pretends he doesn’t care but when he smashes a glass into the wall and the cat escapes out the back door into the night Riko hardly talks to anyone for three days.

 See Riko has a lot of abandonment issues. He craves company and he’s scared of people leaving and he fucking hates how everyone in that damn house thinks he’s going to magically be reformed into a good person. They know what he did to Jean. They know that he is as ugly and as mangled as Frankenstein’s monster and they still have the guts to talk to him about the future. He wants Alexii to be upset and hurt him because Riko really deserves it. If anyone should be hurt it’s him but Alexii cleans up the glass from the floor, bandages his hand and takes Riko to bed. “We don’t often get what we want Riko, I will never hurt you.” He never does, that’s true.

 The cat comes back after a week and he names it because, well, that’s what people do with pets. That’s what Alexii told him because Riko has never had a pet before so he wouldn’t know. That cat loves him to death. Following him outside all the time, gardening, trailing after him and Alexii when they go on walks, Sleeping on his bed. They find out she is a she and that the cat is pregnant and wouldn’t you know all the cats love him too. He names them all after flowers not because he cares or is very creative like that. He just opens a book on plants point to random names. The only reason he keeps their names straight is because Alexii does and he gets collars made for them. Alexii calls them their kids jokingly because they are standoffish to most people until they warm up to them like Riko and just like Alexii they are very calm. 

It’s gross and cute and Alexii takes Riko into to town when it approved by the head psychiatrist. He drags Riko early in the morning to farmers markets to sample maple glazed almonds, honeysuckle lotion, and  rhubarb jam. After doctors appointments, he bundles Riko into diners with sweet tea and dessert that Alexii always pretends is too much for him to eat alone. Thursdays at the drive-ins they play older children’s movies and Alexii packs a blanket and the cats into the SVU and they watch Dr.Doolittle because Riko has never seen it before. Alexii is a too soft that Riko at first thought he would always puncture and then discovers it’s more like elastic that always retains its shape.

  Alexii asks better of Riko, He challenges the shit morals that the Ravens beat into him. Alexii isn’t a saint. He’s better because he’s a real person and he tells Riko he wants a real relationship with feelings and going slow. That some of the shit Riko does hurts his feelings but mostly he tells Riko he wants to see who Riko can be as a person when he figures that and he’s willing to stick around for as long as that takes so see it and he does so holding Riko’s hand with the cats curled around them late at night so disgustingly domestic and sincere that Riko can’t say anything but keep on holding his hand.


protection chant

(since I wrote this for myself, it is semi-gendered and also uses the word “bitch”)

Do not fuck with this witch,
I am one badass bitch,
touch me and your hands will burn –
come near me and your stomach turns
as I say it, it shall be:
now stay the fuck away from me.

(when threatened whisper/chant quietly or repetitively think on this chant. This one makes me feel really strong and tough and I enjoy the colloquial language in it a LOT.)

Small reminder that I love u n believe in u n want u all to know I am proud of u and all ur efforts kissy kissy hug hug good vibes gn✨

@ those people who put those rlly sweet cutesy messages in the tags reminding ppl to take care of themselves: u are the angels that this world needs

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I'm honestly really glad that you draw such cute things with your big muscles because recently I've been feeling like my art style/subject matter isn't "masculine" enough and I keep getting misgendered bc of it so idk knowing that there's big tough dudes drawing sweet things out there makes me feel valid and idk. Thanks u.u

Hey, I think everyone should be able to draw based on their preference and not let their gender make the rules for what they should draw! 

You are so welcome, my friend! I’m glad you saw me as an example, your heart should always come before the desires of others because art is an expression of your heart, not an expression of your gender! :>

i love how Flamethrower Guy fits into Until Dawn. I love that he’s a literal self-insert of Larry Fessenden. I love that Larry loves the kids he created - even the ones who are considered hard to like by many people - so much that he wanted to be their guide in the game. I love that he’s been making movies and fucking documentaries about wendigos for years. I love that real-life Flamethrower Guy Larry Fessenden is obsessed with wendigos and loves all his bratty Until Dawn kids

Private concert! Apollo’s been taking guitar lessons from Klavier but it’s not going well :’) I really wanted to try another illustration in this colouring style since I’m still getting used to it and what better to draw than more fanart of my favourite AA game? 

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HEYY! omg i totally loved your recent 2jae analysis about the 5 secs interview and the subtle moments between 2jae. When i watched it i kept replaying the part where jb watches yj advance towards jackson after jackson implied that he was annoying and I KEPT NOTICING AND LOVING the way that jb subtly-not-so-subtly checks yj out?? like look where jb's gaze went to, he did like a half-body scan on yj and i just cant stop squealing SORRY I AM SUCH 2JAE TRASH

My lovely anon,

I AM FINALLY UP TO THIS ASK! (Not that I mean to sound as if I’m not excited and thrilled about all of the other ones! I love all my asks and get so excited about them!) I was just truly hoping someone would bring this up after I replied about the 5 Second Interview!!! I almost went on a whole tangent about this very thing in the original post, but then I decided that maybe I shouldn’t be such an uncalled for trash can because my thoughts on this moment are based much more on my own interpretation than on actual reality… but now you have called for it, so BLESS YOU, MY LOVELY ANON!! And I apologize for the ridiculously trashy theorizing found below!

Now yes, to address the moment that happened here:

As you pointed out, my lovely anon, there is certainly something going on with Jaebum during this exchange between JackJae! But let’s take a closer and slower look to better see what that something is…

Ahh! Just look at this complete lack of subtlety! It’s really quite difficult to explain this moment as anything other than checking him out! I mean, first of all, Jaebum’s gaze is already on Youngjae’s nicely dressed chest when the camera first cuts to him, but he manages to drag his eyes up when he opens his mouth like he’s going to speak… only to basically give him once over subtly??? what is that??? when Youngjae makes his own move. This is all very squeal worthy and not at all subtle, and I think we should just take a moment to appreciate Jaebum’s very valid and relateable appreciation for Youngjae’s beauty!

But we are not done, my lovely anon, and we need to go a little closer still…

Because take a very close look at this boy’s ridiculously blurry face during all of this!!! He starts off looking he’s about to say something to Jackson about offending Youngjae (like I talked about in my last post), but then look at the way his face changes when Youngjae turns and pushes Jackson away… My lovely anon. Please tell me. Am I the only one seeing the way he goes just a little blank for a fraction of a second, and almost seems to hold his breath?? And it’s after that when his gaze trails over Youngjae again before he catches himself and pulls his gaze away!? And can someone please explain to me the smile he has when he does so?? I mean, he starts fully grinning a moment later, but WHY DOES HIS SMILE LOOK SO SHY WHEN HE FIRST GLANCES AWAY, HMMM??? What are you thinking about, Im Jaebum?? You’re not fooling anyone!! 

I’ve actually been screaming about this moment for a lot of reasons because Jaebum getting caught on camera checking Youngjae out again is so important to me, and it’s absolutely precious and maybe a little ridiculous how impossible it is for him to keep from staring at and checking out his Sunshine! But also… Jaebum getting flustered by Youngjae pushing people around raises a lot of questions and thoughts in my mind that I think should be recognized… Because this fandom is all about tough and aggressive Jaebum and soft and fluffy Youngjae, but Jaebum’s face is suggesting an interesting twist to the story… Tough!Youngjae and flustered!Jaebum fic, anyone???

Upcoming stuff announcement!

So This blog is really here to make me feel better as times have been tough and we need to do things that make us happy. Well I’m changing up the format a little. This will have written sequences along with illustrations. The story will remain interactive and there will be answer imagery, but the main story bits will be written as it takes far less effort to produce written words rather than full illustrations. This story is still AU from the main Scruple story line! Nattar and I do plan to bring Scruple and the other main story blogs back once we have fully taken control of our lives and feel comfortable bringing our main projects back. Right now, there’s very little time and we’re too stressed to deal with main story stuff. However we are working on having things prepped for their return eventually. 

Now Scruple and Baby has a story line in the works! It’s not finished, but that’s the fun of interacting stories! It can change! 

The Dragon Pony/ Captain of the night guard is a VERY important character! 

His name is Aegis Asteria! 

Please put a few asks into that box to help with the story?

Here is the plot for the moment: Aegis Asteria, Captain of the Night Guard is tasked with a very important task by Princess Luna, to retrieve the son she never knew exist. Aegis is startled by the news, but is dedicated to his duty. However he has no idea that Scruple is a draconequus disguised as a pony, nor does he know that the poor draconequus is harboring a secret in his cave. A secret child, procured by a night he cannot remember. 

To Be Brave

Summary: In which you stand up for a friend, and have to deal with the consequences.

Type: Angst/Drama/Fluff Ending

Member: Jimin x Reader

Length: 3077 words

Warnings: Language, Bullying/Harrassment

The funny thing is, that the nickname for Jimin in this correlates to what I call him in real life. Especially recently, just looking at him lifts my mood and makes me feel better. I’ve been having a tough couple of days, so I hope this is up to par and that you genuinely like it. Because Park Jimin is my angel, and recently he has become my source of warmth in the coldness of nights when I’m alone. Wowowow I sound sad, I am very sorry! Enjoy my first ever Jimin scenario.


This made me happy to be able to write for my first Jimin scenario. He is my bias wrecker, and I have an INCREDIBLE soft spot for him, so I genuinely enjoyed how I portrayed him in this. Hopefully you’ll feel the same

-Admin Gray

Originally posted by eridanianada

“Park Jimin!” You hollered, waving your arms wildly even though his back was turned to you. You watched as he reacted quickly, looking over his shoulder in alarm before a beautiful smile lit up his features. Approaching quickly, you spot the book sprawled in his lap and his abandoned lunch messily thrown on the lunch table. “I see you love the school lunch today.”

Still smiling softly, he brushed off your words before reaching onto his tray and handing you his orange. Smiling as a thanks, you started peeling it as you watched him lost in the novel he was reading. By the time you were finished peeling the orange, he had finished the chapter he was reading and setting aside the book.

“What brings you to my lovely safe haven?” He questioned, unwrapping his untouched sandwich. Chewing slowly at your orange, you’re this close to teasing him for his supposed safe haven since he was tucked into the corner of the cafeteria, but decide against it as you think of your response.

“Am I not allowed to sit with my best friend?”

“Well yeah but… I don’t know, I would think you would want to sit with more people.” Jimin hid his disappointed tone, but you instantly caught on to the sadness in his expression before he wiped it off. Park Jimin was an angel sent to you in your life at a time where you needed someone the most. Things had been bad last year- with family and school, life was really roughing you up and you felt like you had no one to turn to for support. That was the essential moment that Jimin walked into your life, taking you by the hand and leading you out of all storms. His smile was so bright, it lit up every single dark room in the crevices of your mind, forbidding anything forlorn to overtake you. He showed you the untainted good in the world, the genuine smiles that couldn’t be brought down by anything. He was your true definition of beauty. Although you viewed him as your gift, no one else seemed to notice him.

And if they did notice him… well, apparently they viewed him as an easy target. Since he was a total sweetheart, he was easily taken advantage of if people chose to be sweet to him. And if that wasn’t the case, people wanted to damage him, to tear him down for his purity. It angered you to hear what people said about him, especially the guys. They called him weak, for being considerate. They called him dumb, for being selfless. It sickened you to know how people viewed the actual goodness in the world. Instead of spreading it, they wanted it to crash and burn. And so, if people couldn’t get to Jimin emotionally, they always tried to physically.

“Why would I want to sit with anyone else? You’re my favorite person, remember?” You grinned, nudging your shoulder into his, which in turn made the sadness wash away from his face. How could people view him as a threat, as something they needed to eliminate? We need more people like him in this world.  “So what are you reading?”

His gaze lit up, warming you up as he excitedly started to describe it. “It’s about this guy, you know the typical underdog, who is going through his life trying to figure out his purpose. Whoever he meets, he deems insignificant and just goes through everything without any emotion. He died thinking that he made no mark in the world, only to wake up in another time period. Until he figures out how he’s supposed to change the world, he’s stuck living over and over again in different generations. Sometimes it takes years, sometimes it’s the day after he died previously. It’s interesting stuff.”

Resting your head in your hand, you listened to him drone on and on about his book, pausing often to see if you had any questions. He was so beautiful to you, the most beautiful guy you had ever laid eyes on, and you felt lucky to call him your best friend. It was just hard to convince him of that; instead of a blessing, he saw himself as a burden. Although you viewed him as a miracle, he looked at himself as a curse. He never explained why.

Glancing down at his wristwatch, you watched as Jimin’s face fell in disappointment. “Our next class starts in three minutes.”

Sighing, you stood up and patted his shoulder affectionately. “Let’s head out then, Minnie.”

“I told you to quit calling me that Y/N! If anyone hears you, they’re going to think you nicknamed me after Minnie Mouse.”

“Maybe I did.”

“Stop.” Giggling, you both started on your way to your next class, mindlessly talking about whatever sprung into your mind. Everything was fine and peaceful- until someone slammed into Jimin from behind and sent him flying.

“Jimin! Are you okay?” You bent down, immediately grabbing onto his arm for support. His eyes trailed to behind you, his gaze darkening and his mouth screwing shut. Gently brushing off your hold, he stood to his feet and quietly uttered, “I’m fine, Y/N. Let’s just go-”

“Yeah, he’s fine, Y/N. Can’t you see that he’s only close to crying?” Spinning around, your eyes narrowed on the guy who was standing too close to you guys, cockiness written all over his features. If it wasn’t obvious before, it was now as he stared at Jimin with oozing confidence. This dick slammed into Jimin on purpose.

“Do you have a problem?” You snapped, eyeing the built dude in front of you. You felt your anger rising as he continued to stare at Jimin with a smirk on his face, as if this wasn’t the first time this has happened. Your eyes slowly trailed to Jimin’s quiet form, a lightbulb going off in your head. His eyes were casted to the floor, his body not at all in a threatening position. This was when you realized that this wasn’t the first time this douche had messed with Jimin.

You hadn’t realized people had slightly gathered around you, interested and curious about what was unfolding between you and the guy who obviously liked picking on your best friend. However, you didn’t seem to care as your mind became clouded with anger. Standing in front of Jimin to block the guy’s view, you repeat yourself.

“What did you say to me?” He asked, his expression wiping off any amusement now as his chilling eyes raked your body.

“Did I stutter, asshole?” You raised your eyebrows, people murmuring with excitement at your words. The guy clenched his fists at your words, taking a threatening step forward.

“Listen, bitch, this isn’t your fight. What, does he need his mommy to protect him from the dangers of the world?” People broke off into laughter, causing you to scoff. 

“In case you haven’t noticed,” You spoke in a sickly sweet voice, “That wasn’t a fight. It was you being a coward as you blindsided him and attacked him from behind. Because trust me,” you paused once again, looking him up and down, “If he wanted to, he could knock out a twig like you.”

Oooh, the people gathered called in unison, some even teasing the guy you were facing. His nostrils flared in irritation, his finger threateningly pointing at you the moment you started speaking. “I would watch who you were talking to like that. Maybe little Jimin here shouldn’t be my target.” You felt Jimin’s soft touch grab onto your shoulder, and his pleading whispers of trying to get you to leave the situation, but you couldn’t stop now. You were not going to back down from a pathetic punk who liked to intimidate people for fun.

“You think you’re scary? You should be a comedian because you’re making us laugh more than quiver in fear. You need a reality check; your pathetic stunts aren’t impressive. They make you look sad. So instead of messing with people who have better things to do than engage in conversation with you, why don’t you stomp your way out of here before you really get a reality check.” The crowd whooped and cheered, impressed by your smooth comebacks that seemed to piss off the unfamiliar guy who didn’t know how to respond. 

The crowd dispersed as the guy stormed off, glancing back to stare at you with a cold glare. Something unsettling filled you when your eyes met his from down the hall, but you brushed it off, glad that you were able to stick up for Jimin.

A few days later, Jimin had taken to avoiding you, because he was embarrassed for being seen as weak in front of you and for putting you in a compromising position. You tried to talk some sense into him, but he insisted he wanted space. So that’s exactly what you gave him.

One day after school, you had stayed late for some tutoring and barely started walking home as the sun started to go down. You got a strange feeling of being watched, so you picked up the pace, sticking your keys in between your fingers in case anyone tried to attack you. Sighing in relief when your neighborhood came into view, you eased up a bit. That was your exact mistake.

Suddenly, someone ambushed you from behind, wrapping a firm hold around your body and ultimately pinning you to them as they pulled you into the alleyway you happened to be passing. Immediately opening your mouth to scream, they shoved their other hand over your lips, effectively shutting you up. Struggling aggressively, you tossed your body around in his arms in hopes of breaking out of his grasp, but he was too strong. So you went with your next option: biting his hand. 

 Yelping in pain, he threw you hard into the ground, causing you to scrape your knees bad as you slammed into the floor. Groaning at the sensitivity in your knees, you tried processing the force of your fall as you held yourself up by your hands. Your next mistake was not reacting quickly enough, because next thing you knew your side was on fire as his foot swung straight at you, causing you to slam into the alley wall.

The wind was knocked out of you, so you tried gasping as you blinked rapidly at the pain. It hurt to take in a full breath, so you continued panting as you tried to reel in your thoughts, your mind trying to focus on your attacker. You felt your heartbeat falter as you recognized who was standing above you: the guy you had embarrassed in front of everyone, the guy who hurt Park Jimin. “What?”

“Get up.” Shaking your head, you tried to sit up, only to land on your back again for the pain shooting across your stomach. He must’ve really kicked me hard. “Did you not hear me? I said,” His anger was releasing off of him in waves, and you suddenly felt more fear in your life than you ever had as he raised his foot again to kick you. Stopping at the last moment, he reached down and roughly pulled you to your feet, allowing you to get a closer look at his face. “Did you honestly think I was going to let it go? How you mouthed off and embarrassed me in front of everyone? Huh?”

You didn’t answer him, afraid you would say the wrong thing. That was the wrong decision, because next thing you knew, you were being shoved roughly into the wall, your ears ringing from the pain. Gasping in pain, you doubled over to try and compose yourself, but he wasn’t having it. Holding you up against the wall, he said, “You will not get in my business anymore, got it? Whatever I do to your friend is none of your concern. And if you open your mouth one more time…” He smirked, lightly slapping your cheek and causing you to flinch. “Now get your ass out of here.”

Limping over to Jimin’s lunch table, you hesitated to even sit with him today. He had texted you last night, the same night you happened to be attacked, letting you know that he missed sitting with you at lunch and wanted you to be with him today. Composing your pained expression, you kept it together as you circled the table, sitting across from him.

Shooting you his brilliant and golden smile, you felt stinging at the back of your eyes as your mind replayed the events of last night. Was that what Jimin had to go through all the time with that guy? Just because he’s an easy target?

His smile fell once he noticed your exhausted features, and his face turned concerned. “Are you okay, Y/N? You’re not looking too good.”

Putting up a facade, you threw him a grin. “I’m fine. Got an orange for me today?” He obviously wasn’t buying it, but he decided to let it go since he had been avoiding you all week and didn’t want to give you a reason to be angry at him. But he knew something was up whenever you would shift in your seat and slightly grimace. And he noticed how stiff you were in your seat. He definitely caught onto how you sat across from him instead of next to him; you always sat next to him.

Halfway through lunch, you stood up slowly, throwing your bag over your shoulder. “I think I’m going to go to the nurse. I have a little headache that I don’t want to have next period.” His eyes narrowed, taking in your wobbly figure as you walked and noticing quickly how you were slightly limping. He was not going to let this go, deciding the next time he saw you was when he would demand to know what was going on.

Not making much of it, Jimin didn’t register how his ‘bully’ had walked out after you not even thirty seconds later, until Jimin’s mind started putting two and two together. Noticing how the guy had eased up on his actions, often smirking and winking at Jimin whenever they passed by each other in the hallway. And how you were in pain and avoiding meeting Jimin’s eyes. It all clicked in that exact moment, him scrambling to grab all of his stuff. 

Rushing out of the cafeteria, he started sprinting down the hall towards the nurse, his heart clenching painfully as his brain conjured up the worst. Y/N, where are you? Please be okay. Please…

Reaching the nurse, his heart dropped when he noticed you weren’t in there, and he stepped out into the hallway as his brain flew into panic mode. Maybe she’s just in the bathroom, he thought as he pulled at his hair, Maybe it was a coincidence he walked out right after she did. 

He would not believe that. He needed to know where she was at now. And like you had heard his thoughts, he heard the echo of your voice emanate down the hall, immediately springing into action as he followed your voice. It seemed to be coming from the stairway right around the corner at the end, and he licked his lips in anticipation as he prepared himself for what he might face. Turning the corner, his stomach churned drastically as he witnessed the sight.

There you were, a pained expression displayed across your face as he pressed you into the wall, his menacing voice threatening you as your eyes started to water. But Park Jimin couldn’t hear what he was saying, all his mind could register was your damaged form up against the wall, in pain and grimacing from his own attacker. He felt his heartbeat rise, his temper flare, and his fists clench as his mind went into overdrive. Right when he raised his hand to slap you, Jimin lost it.

It was all a blur after that. 

You froze upon seeing his bully raise his hand, but your mouth dropped when you spotted Jimin’s black hair and his hand immediately grab onto your attacker’s hand midair, effectively stopping the blow. You gasped, not recognizing the rage written all over Jimin as he spoke in a hoarse voice you’ve never heard from him, “You’re going to regret ever putting your hands on her.”

The beast was unleashed, and you can remember screaming for Jimin to stop, but it was no use. Once his rage was unraveled, he couldn’t reel it back up again. All Jimin could picture was your weakened state, and how it was not the first time. You were limping because of the guy underneath him.

 In the end, he needed to be pulled off by two teachers.

The guy was okay, his face was brutally damaged and he was unconscious by the time people heard the commotion. Registering the situation, Jimin’s anger completely dissipated as his mind became overwhelmed with concerns for you. Rushing to you, he cupped your face into his hands as he gasped out, “Are you okay? Where did he hurt you?”

Brushing off his words, you could only hold him in your arms as you shakily embraced him, thankful that he had been there to help you. You were grateful he wasn’t hurt, and as horrible as it was to know that the blood on his knuckles wasn’t his, it was a comfort to know that he wasn’t his own. Holding onto each other, you both felt the tension release from your bodies, seeking solace in each other’s embrace. 

There would be explaining to do, and a lot would have to be broken down in order for Jimin to stay out of trouble, but you had each other. And that was all that mattered.

That day held many lessons, most of what you both could do better in the future. Jimin did not get in trouble, and the guy had been expelled and charged for harassing multiple students- even more than Jimin and you.

And although there were lessons to keep in mind from the situation, you knew one thing for sure: Park Jimin proved to be your angel in the past, but he was now deemed your guardian angel for life. 

And together, you and your guardian angel could make it through anything.

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(Deirdre) The alarm had just gone off, scaring the crap out of her, even though she'd been waiting for it. She sneaked sound the gated area, just past the broken trains. Sidling by the wall, she looked around. Unintentionally, she let out a low groan finding that it was X who had appeared- accidentally catching his attention, "Shit--"

X hated having to go down first, absolutely hated it. Usually it’d be a flawless collection and he wouldn’t have to deal with little shitty fighters trying to challenge him, excluding one in particular that is.

He teleported to a random spot, immediately composing himself by bringing out his saber and spinning it around him as he hummed loudly and obnoxiously. Of course the tune he was humming too was something different from what he normally hummed along too. This is what happens when he allows a fighter to show him music they listen too.

“The way you make me feel when you’re around~~~ tough guy dies a little inside~~~~” he began to sing loudly as he approached the broken train area, a common area where the little shits hid behind to stalk them. He almost fell into the trance of the song when he heard a low groan not too far from him.

“Huh?” he growled as looked over to the area he swore he heard the sound come from when he saw a tuft of dark hair peeking above the hiding spot. “You mother fuck-” he snapped as he walked quickly towards the area, readying the saber in case if the person decided to move.