makes me feel so happy for no reason whatsoever

BTS Reaction To Finding Out Their Girlfriend Wants To Wait With Sexy Time Until Marriage

This is about sexy time right? If not then well, seems like I’m a perv ^^’‘
Since you said ‘girlfriend / crush’ I will switch between the two!
And thank you so much! These types of compliments make me feel so happy~


“Oh… That’s ok, I support you if that’s what you want”


*You have been his crush for a long time and suddenly he felt more distant and like he has less chance for no reason whatsoever, also gets shy considering this came out of nowhere*
“Of course, this is understandable”


*He’d feel somewhat proud of you but also he would feel like he’s f***ed*
“What do I do with me then. Same old hand story, is that it?”


*He was over at your place and saw your diary, he was too interested so he took it and opened it on a random page before you came back and read about you wanting to wait*
“Oh… Well… It’s her body after all…”

Rap Monster

“Shit. Rap Mon hand-mode. UNLESS… No, no, that would be an ass move from me if I asked…”


“… Y/N, let’s get married?”
“Worth a try”


*Secretly read the messages between you and your best friend*
“That’s how she wants… Who would have guessed. I need to work on this fast!”

I hope you liked it~
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